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Female version viagra Adam Wainwright looks to be headed for Tommy John surgery so now would be the time for Sandy Alderson to put the hard sell on Cardinals GM John Mozeliak taking Oliver Perez off the Mets hands. Female version viagra Think about it, female version viagra Alderson just has gush about having the Genius and the greatest pitching coach in the history of baseball take on the biggest bust in baseball. Female version viagra Who but the great Dave Duncan could rehabilitate the wayward Ollie and turn him in a serviceable ML arm.

Female version viagra Say the Mets eat half of Perez’ $12 million ransom you would think with Wainwright (before you folks kill me more in no way am I saying Perez is a replacement of Wainwright as the only thing they have in common is they are both dues paying members of the MLBPA) out and Alderson having a past relationship with The Genius and the world’s greatest pitching coach, female version viagra he could pursued  them to talk Mozeliak into taking OP on as a their greatest reclamation project ever, female version viagra their very own Billy Ray Valentine.

Female version viagra If Alderson pulls this off I will forever refer to him as Jesus Alderson

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Buy cheap viagra Livan Hernandez pitched like shit again last night but after the game GM Omar Minaya said he is not swayed by Hernandez awful second half, buy cheap viagra in fact he is in the process of signing Livan to a three year extension. Buy cheap viagra Minaya said “Look, buy cheap viagra right now Livan is struggling, buy cheap viagra I know that, buy cheap viagra you know that, buy cheap viagra Adam Rubin knows that, buy cheap viagra but he has a track record, buy cheap viagra so at the end of the day, buy cheap viagra you know what I mean, buy cheap viagra he has value for us as an organization plus his wife makes a mean paella”

Buy cheap viagra In the Mets world of ugly, buy cheap viagra Frenchy Francouer is starting to look beautiful to some Mets fans but be warned, buy cheap viagra it’s the lighting that makes him handsome when you get him home you will regret it. Buy cheap viagra Don’t be swayed by Frenchy, buy cheap viagra it’s just lust in your heart, buy cheap viagra he is not the answer.

Buy cheap viagra Hummmm let’s see mow the lawn during the hottest part of the day or watch the Mets and Oliver Perez pitch ? I think I’ll mow the lawn and take my mother in law shopping !

Buy cheap viagra I watched the Red Sox-Tigers game last night and yes I was very happy to see Youk charge the mound and even go extreme and throw his helmet at Jersey Rick Porcello ( I was waiting for the cage and ladder the come down on Fenway for an old time ECW throwdown) as it was not just the fact that Victor Martinez was hit by a pitch (in retaliation for Miguel Cabreara getting plunked on the hand) but this was the second game in a row Youk was HBP and add in the fact that the Sawx have been struggling lately it gave his team a lift. Buy cheap viagra Yeah, buy cheap viagra that’s right bench clearers have a way of lifting the team same as a good beat down in hockey does. Buy cheap viagra I know a lot you folks love to watch sports while knitting a sweater and like it when the fella’s play nice-nice but the truth is a big part of competition is intimidation. Buy cheap viagra That’s why our favorite baseball team is so disrespected because they are intimidated and need to grow some balls not just physically but mentally as well. Buy cheap viagra This team, buy cheap viagra since that Adam Wainwright curveball to Carlos Beltran in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has been neutered. Buy cheap viagra From the owner to the front office to the players this is one passive bunch that has a disconnected with it’s fan base and this city because we don’t tolerate passiveness and excuse makers which is what the New York Mets are now.

Buy cheap viagra Word to Jerry Manuel: Neither you or Gary Sheffield are coming back to the Mets next year. Buy cheap viagra In fact if Sheff is re-signed I won’t be coming back to $iti Field next year same goes if Carlos Delgado is re-signed as well.

Buy cheap viagra Word is that Billy Wags will be activated to the big league roster this Sunday and now the speculation begins, buy cheap viagra is it better to trade Wags before the 31st ? Or keep him and let him file for free agency and get a supplemental draft pick for him? I’d take the draft pick. Buy cheap viagra Sorry Billy but it’s a business decision.

Buy cheap viagra Keep a good thought for Scott Schoenwiese as he tries to deal with his life’s tragedy.

Buy cheap viagra I’d say by the next two weeks most of the newspapers in this town will stop covering the Mets with more than one writer and in fact don’t be surprised by the next road trip all you get is the AP game story. Buy cheap viagra With the financial crunch and the fact that the NFL pre-season is starting the big stories in this town will be The Highlanders, buy cheap viagra The Giants, buy cheap viagra The Jets and The Highlanders. Buy cheap viagra Unless something Bernazard like happens the Mets will be a fart in the wind to the fish wraps..

Buy cheap viagra  Most stories in sports don’t shock me anymore but I have to admit this story shocked the shit out me. Buy cheap viagra I admired this guy but now he is just a no good scumbag

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