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Canadian viagra Last week at our monthly Met Bloggers night at Citi Field the friendly face I always look for was right there in the conference room where you see Terry Collins before and after every game. Canadian viagra Shannon Forde, canadian viagra the Mets Senior Director of Media Relations came over to give me and the other bloggers a big welcome.

Canadian viagra Shannon and Danielle Parilleo the Mets Director of Communications are the Mets bloggers den mothers. Canadian viagra They take us into the places we’ve all dreamed about being in, canadian viagra the managers press conference, canadian viagra on the field for batting practice, canadian viagra arranging players for us to interview and assuring Jay Horowitz that we are not bad people. Canadian viagra It’s people in the organization like Shannon and Danielle that make me root harder for this team to win because they work so hard they deserve a World Series ring as much as any player.

Canadian viagra While watching BP last week at Citi Field myself and Ed Marcus went over to say hi to Shannon and tell her how much we missed her at the last bloggers meet up. Canadian viagra Shannon has that personality that just makes you want to hang out with her to the point where she is much more interesting to talk to than any of the players, canadian viagra the same players by the way who seem to have much love and admiration for her since they know firsthand how hard she works at her craft. Canadian viagra Her work at Citi Field is just a part of what she does as she is a mom and a wife and handles all those responsibility flawlessly and with her trademark smile.

Canadian viagra It was while we were hanging out by the Mets dugout that Shannon told Ed and me that she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. Canadian viagra At that point both of our knees kind of buckled. Canadian viagra But leave it to Shannon to stay positive and tell us she’s going to fight this and beat it and with the great support group she has both with the Mets and within her family, canadian viagra I have no doubt that she will beat this insidious disease and continue to be one of the best and most important members of the NY Mets and continue to lead a bunch of nomad bloggers around Citi Field.

Canadian viagra To support and give back to Shannon for all she has done for so many, canadian viagra her friends have organized a fund raiser for her at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park NJ on Thursday night November 1st for 7PM to 11PM. Canadian viagra Tickets for the dinner are $100 and that includes dinner dancing a cocktail hour and open bar. Canadian viagra From 7:30PM to 9:00PM that evening, canadian viagra there will be an autograph session featuring Darryl Strawberry, canadian viagra Dwight Gooden, canadian viagra John Franco, canadian viagra Bobby Ojeda, canadian viagra Edgardo Alfonzo, canadian viagra Al Leiter, canadian viagra Ed Charles and Eddie Kranepool. Canadian viagra For $250 you get to meet with these members of Mets Royalty and get an autograph as well.

Canadian viagra If you cannot make it to the dinner you can still make a donation. Canadian viagra All the information is at Hope Shines For Shannon. Canadian viagra  

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Overseas viagra Of all the things that have happened to me since I started blogging about my beloved NY Mets, overseas viagra the club reaching out to myself and fellow bloggers, overseas viagra granting us access to the team and front office folks has to be the best and most rewarding part of covering the team. Overseas viagra If you’ve read my posts from the times I’ve been out to Citi or to any other baseball event where I’ve had the honor of speaking to R.A. Overseas viagra Dickey, overseas viagra you know my respect and awe for the man, overseas viagra well if the excerpts of his new book “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, overseas viagra Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball are any indication how the rest of the book will read, overseas viagra my admiration for Dickey will be off the charts.

Overseas viagra It takes a certain kind of courage to come out and bare your soul to the masses as Dickey has done in the excerpts he read yesterday.  If a positive comes out of Dickey’s revelation of sexual abuse as a child and thoughts of suicide as an adult, overseas viagra is the Mets follow through with the promise they made last year of coming out with a PSA on bullying and teen aged suicides. Overseas viagra No team in sports has a better spokesperson than R.A. Overseas viagra Dickey, overseas viagra the organization shouldn’t pass up this great opportunity to educate the masses.

Overseas viagra The blogger-ratzi was invited to Citi Field this past Monday night for a noshing on the newest food offerings at the ball park this season ( I was invited but had to decline the invite since this nasty head cold I have has now made its way to my chest making me more miserable than a normal day, overseas viagra a trip to the doctor is on tap for this afternoon) you can read the reviews from Faith and Fear in Flushing, overseas viagra Mets Police, overseas viagra On The Black, overseas viagra Optimistic Mets Fan  and top Mets foodie Ted Berg .

Overseas viagra Great news by the Mets that the family of Gary Carter will be throwing out the first pitch next Thursday at opening day. Overseas viagra Shannon of Mets Police has an interesting thought on a surprise that could happen on Thursday.

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Viagra best buy Two injuries yesterday will bring two major decisions for Sandy Alderson this off season. Viagra best buy  There are still 49 games left in the 2011 season, viagra best buy but the injuries to Jose Reyes and the season ender for Daniel Murphy will have Alderson and his staff busy trying to decide what to do with both players.

Viagra best buy While we Mets fans have overdosed on Jose Reyes’ coming out season, viagra best buy we have seen twice now in the last month why a long term deal for the charismatic shortstop may be what the fans want but front office may have, viagra best buy with good reason point to the caveat of Reyes is Reyes, viagra best buy when he’s of sound mind and hammy. Viagra best buy Right now, viagra best buy the hammy is not so fine and for each time it’s tweaked, viagra best buy Reyes’ bargaining position takes a hit. Viagra best buy Before this small outbreak of hamstring aliments, viagra best buy it looked like a longshot that the Mets would go 7 years on a deal for Jose. Viagra best buy Now, viagra best buy I doubt the Mets would go over a 5 year deal, viagra best buy nor should they.  If Reyes were to sign with the Mets for 5/$110 mil, viagra best buy I feel it would be a win for both sides, viagra best buy if there is a team out there willing to get into a bidding war where a contract of 6-7 years for $132-$154 million becomes the bid price, viagra best buy then I’m sure Alderson will step aside and wish Jose well. Viagra best buy If that happens there will be a huge outcry from Mets fans against the organization and that anger will be short sided.

Viagra best buy As for Daniel Murphy, viagra best buy My love and admiration of Murph has never been disguised at this site. Viagra best buy  Given an everyday spot in the lineup has proven that Murph is not just a big league hitter but he is a batting crown contender. Viagra best buy His work ethic is second to none and he never is insubordinate which believe me is a big deal to a manager, viagra best buy as he plays wherever the manager places him. Viagra best buy Is he a complete player? No and his baseball instinct has been rightly questioned but the positives with Murphy greatly outweighs the negatives. Viagra best buy He not only hit for average but he hits doubles and he is a very productive hitter with runners in scoring position (.364) and with RISP 2/out (.355). Viagra best buy With all that, viagra best buy we may have seen the last of Daniel Murphy in a Mets uniform. 

Viagra best buy The only reason I come to this conclusion is the only two position that fit Murph are 1st base and 3rd base, viagra best buy which are positions that are not open now or next year or the year after. Viagra best buy I’ve heard some rumblings by Mets fans of having D-Wright move to LF next year and shift Jason Bay (if Alderson can’t pull a disappearing act on Bay this off season) to RF, viagra best buy and then you could place Murph at 3rd. Viagra best buy That is a lot of player movement and I’m sure Wright will not be happy about being asked to move and I don’t see Bay as a RF’er.

Viagra best buy Murph has proven he is an everyday player and he’s proven that if he plays 2nd base anymore he might  get killed, viagra best buy so with no corner to go to, viagra best buy Murph may be a valuable trade chip this winter. Viagra best buy A solid hitter like Murph has American League written all over him. Viagra best buy I’m sure the A’s, viagra best buy Rays, viagra best buy Tigers or White Sox would love to get their hands on a player like Murphy.  I’d hate to see it happen but there may be no choice, viagra best buy as much as Murph has a potent bat, viagra best buy the Mets just don’t have a place to put him when it comes to defense.

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Female viagra pills Sandy Alderson could not care less what you think.  He knows if it were up to Mets fans, female viagra pills not only would Wally Backman be the manger of the team but everyone associated with the 1986 Mets, female viagra pills with the exception of Tim McCarver and Steve Zabriskie, female viagra pills would have some kind of meaningful job in the organization. Female viagra pills Alderson knows how much we all worship our last conquering heroes and he couldn’t give a rats ass. Female viagra pills That’s what I like about Sandy Alderson and it’s clear he’s the right man to run the Mets.

Female viagra pills There is no other fan base in this town that is as sentimental about their past than Mets fan. Female viagra pills  We savor and love to reminisce about seasons past, female viagra pills not just the good but the bad as well. Female viagra pills As the years go by, female viagra pills the great seasons become immortalized and the bad seasons start to have redeeming qualities, female viagra pills it’s just how we are; we can’t help it, female viagra pills we’re an emotional bunch. Female viagra pills That’s why we are in no position to say who the next manager of the Mets should be.

Female viagra pills It looks as though Wally Backman will not be considered for the Mets manager’s job. Female viagra pills There will be outrage about this in the Land of Orange and Blue as how dare Sandy Alderson not give us the man we want. Female viagra pills  Make no mistake I love Wally as much as you and that’s the problem.

Female viagra pills Last year going to Brooklyn Cyclones game was better than any of the previous seasons going to the ball park on Coney Island because I was so pumped up about Backman being the manager. Female viagra pills I bored my son to tears with stories about Wally and how he and Lenny Dykstra were the one-two punch at the top of the order that set up a kick ass middle of the lineup of Hernandez-Carter-Strawberry and how Backman never had a clean uniform and would anything on the field to win. Female viagra pills It’s this kind fanboy admiration that makes me recues myself on picking the next Mets manager. Female viagra pills  Of course my heart says Wally Backman but my head says let a guy with no ties to the organization and a guy who has succeed in this job before pick the manager that he sees will fit to carry out his plan.

Female viagra pills There are some in the younger demographics of Mets fans who are anti-Backman and who are tired of hearing about the 86’ers. Female viagra pills I can see their point. Female viagra pills It’s similar to my late mother who one day when friends of hers and my father had come to visit and part of the conversation swung to the “good old days”. Female viagra pills Nothing got my mother’ ire up when the “old biddies” pined for the ‘good old days” when bread was three cents and milk was a nickel.  My mother would tell them “yeah and when you got the flu it killed you” which was followed with an eye roll and then a lecture later that those biddies were horse’s arse’s.  But  while the those Mets teams of the mid 80’s should have won more than they did, female viagra pills I can’t forget that going to Shea Stadium back in the day was like celebrating New Years Eve, female viagra pills Spring Break and Madi Grais every night , female viagra pills it was THE place to be. Female viagra pills Maybe $iti Field will be that way someday instead of being the catering hall/shopping mall it is now. Female viagra pills But I digress……

Female viagra pills Whoever Sandy Alderson and his All Star Band of front office folks pick to manage the Mets there will be outrage by this passionate of all passionate fan bases. Female viagra pills  If it were up to the fans, female viagra pills Backman would be manager, female viagra pills Doc Gooden the pitching coach, female viagra pills Darryl Strawberry the hitting coach and Lenny Dykstra the 3rd base coach and Mazz as Wally’s bench coach. Female viagra pills That’s thinking with your heart and with unbridled emotion. Female viagra pills Alderson is thinking with his head and is taking his time to make his decision because (a) it doesn’t look like any other manager hires are in the works (if you want to count the Pirates job fine) and (b) the manager right now is not important because the Mets will not be signing any big ticket free agents  this off season.

Female viagra pills All I can say is let’s put some faith in Alderson, female viagra pills a man with a winning track record that he’ll make the right choice of manager . Female viagra pills Of course the first time the Mets go on a five game losing streak all bets are off.

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Viagra mail order uk  

Viagra mail order uk I don’t give a rats ass about the numbers and Hall of Fame credentials Pepsodent smile and all that, viagra mail order uk my favorite Mets catcher of all time is was and may forever be Jerry Grote. Viagra mail order uk Not even close. Viagra mail order uk Go ahead flame my ass about this I don’t give a fuck you hear me all you Piazza and Carter fans.  My guy Grote was the original Captain Red Ass.  Nobody fired a ball back to a pitcher (including The Franchise) with purpose like Grote did.  Add in the fact that he wore a wool baseballall cap with the bill turned up (no protective helmet for him) that my young whipper snappers readers was a man’s catcher.

Viagra mail order uk So why the “Get off my lawn” diatribe you wonder? Well the good folks at The Hardball Time have an outstanding post on the comparison between Mike Piazza, viagra mail order uk Pudge Rodriguez and <head bowed> Johnny Bench that fired my middle aged ass up this morning

Viagra mail order uk For all my love of Grote I also have a deep respect and admiration for JB. Viagra mail order uk In fact last time I was up in Cooperstown I bought a Reds t-shirt with BENCH 5 on the back. Viagra mail order uk Check out the posting as it breaks down all three’s offensive and defensive numbers   

Viagra mail order uk Still, viagra mail order uk the guy I want behinf the plate for my team is Jerry Grote.  Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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