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Recreational viagra use When Sandy Alderson was hired to run the Mets baseball operations, recreational viagra use the phrase we heard over and over again was “Now there are adults running the show”. Recreational viagra use When Terry Collins was hired as manager it was not the most popular choice to make since the bulk of the fan base wanted Wally Backman to get the job because if there is one thing that Mets fans love it’s former Mets players with World Series rings (that should be an incentive to present and future Mets, recreational viagra use if you win a World Series as a Met your set for life. Recreational viagra use Meals will be free, recreational viagra use endorsements plentiful; no matter if you are the star or 25th man you’re revered) but so far this early in spring, recreational viagra use it’s safe to say, recreational viagra use the on the field Mets are doing much better than the off the field Mets.

Recreational viagra use Before camp even started, recreational viagra use Collins showed strong leadership by naming Big Pelf the opening day starter and the first seven spots in his lineup. Recreational viagra use He also made it known that the question of who will be the centerfielder will be answered quickly and decisively. Recreational viagra use  

Recreational viagra use Alderson and Collins showed Carlos Beltran the veteran respect he has earned and deserved. Recreational viagra use They laid out the centerfield scenario; Beltran will be given every chance to prove that he and his knee are up to the task of covering the vast canyon that centerfield in Citi Field is. Recreational viagra use If he can’t, recreational viagra use then the move to right field will be made and Angel Pagan, recreational viagra use who has proven to be a terrific centerfielder, recreational viagra use will take over the job. Recreational viagra use The key in this plan was, recreational viagra use once the decision was made, recreational viagra use it will be final, recreational viagra use no yo-yoing back and forth. Recreational viagra use  

Recreational viagra use I guess with that information and the fact that he has been treated with respect for the first time in his Mets career and knowing that his knee will be a problem for as long as he plays baseball, recreational viagra use Carlos Beltran got to camp early yesterday, recreational viagra use asked to meet with Collins and Pagan to let them know it’s time for him to shift over the right field and let Pagan take the helm of center field. Recreational viagra use It was a crowning moment for Beltran, recreational viagra use Collins and Pagan.

Recreational viagra use Beltran has gotten a bad rap by the segment of Mets fans. Recreational viagra use It seems that called third strike he took from Adam Wainright in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has followed him his whole Mets career. Recreational viagra use I’ve said before, recreational viagra use the folks who criticize Beltran for taking that pitch obviously has never played baseball beyond Little League. Recreational viagra use The reason a curveball is such a potent pitch is when you’re standing in that batter’s box, recreational viagra use pitchers who can throw a hook like Wainright, recreational viagra use can throw the pitch with such a big break, recreational viagra use that the pitch looks like it’s coming straight at you but then breaks over the plate. Recreational viagra use It’s the pitch that separates all stars from journeymen but I digress.

Recreational viagra use His first year as a Met was not as good as hoped and his last two seasons have been injury riddled but from 2006 to 2008 he was the best player on the Mets and one of the best in all of baseball. Recreational viagra use Hopefully the move to right field works for Beltran and helps keep the stress off his arthritic knee. Recreational viagra use This will be his last season as a Met but hopefully he goes out on the same high note as he has started this spring.

Recreational viagra use Who knows, recreational viagra use maybe this is something Mets fans will look back on in September as a galvanizing moment for a club that might just be figuring out that if they stick together and block out the noise from ownership and the media barbs that this team is not worthy of having New York in its name, recreational viagra use they can do something special. Recreational viagra use So far this early spring it’s been all positives coming from camp even when Ollie Perez pitches the team puts a positive spin like” no children or animals were harmed during Perez’ performance.”   Who knows? One thing is for sure I can’t wait for a month from today.

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