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Cialis for woman Another game, cialis for woman another great pitching performance by out starting pitcher and as of last night the Mets, cialis for woman Nats and Fish are tied for first place in the NL East. Cialis for woman Let that sink in while you drink your morning coffee. Cialis for woman  

Cialis for woman Last night Jon Niese kept the line moving with a 10K performance that was cut short due to Niese experiencing   a rapid heartbeat. Cialis for woman  Niese suffered a bout of this last year and was checked to be fine and doesn’t seem to concerned about this time either. Cialis for woman Maybe Niese should start taking a baby aspirin every morning, cialis for woman it works for me.

Cialis for woman I was at Citi Field last night as it was that annual extravaganza called Gary, cialis for woman Keith and Ron Day Night in support for the charity Pitch In For a Good Cause. Cialis for woman As always it was a wonderful event with all the raffles and auctions and getting to hang out and kibitz with Gary Cohen and Ron Darling. Cialis for woman After discussing the Johan No hitter with Gary I was able to spend time talking to Darling who is a resident of Brooklyn NY (Keith Hernandez never attends this event as much as Mets fans love Keith it’s a one way street) about the good old days of growing up in the Boro of Churches in the 1970’s when it was far from the hipster paradise it is now. Cialis for woman  If that wasn’t enough of a treat, cialis for woman the real star of the event were the Shake Shack cheeseburgers served buffet style and NO LINE!!!!!!

Cialis for woman Not only was it GKR Night but it was also the night that John Franco was to be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. Cialis for woman It was a nice ceremony complete with the Department of Sanitation Pipe Band. Cialis for woman Edgardo Alfonzo was in attendance for the night’s festivities and I still feel that this should have been his night but I don’t want piss in the punch as Franco gave a terrific speech and everyone in attendance got a bit misty as Franco talked about his mom and dad. Cialis for woman I understood exactly were Franco was coming from. Cialis for woman I guess the Mets gave Franco free reign on who could be invited to his special night as his co-GM Al Leiter and David Cone, cialis for woman who both looked like they would rather be someplace else than sitting in Citi Field and from the reaction of the fans in the stands the feeling was mutual, cialis for woman were given permission from the Highlanders to travel to Flushing. Cialis for woman  The topper of the ceremony though was when Jeff Innis and Brett Saberhagen were introduced to the crowd, cialis for woman that was my “Ok wrap this shit up start the game, cialis for woman I got work tomorrow” moment. Cialis for woman Brett Saberhagen? Are you fucking kidding me? Oh by the way, cialis for woman let that be the last we see of the black jersey’s PLEASE and why did the jersey have both the regular Mets skyline logo and the 50th Anniversary logo in the sleeves with the KID 8 patch moved to the front of the jersey?    

Cialis for woman Saw this in the team store last night I had to buy it even though it’s over priced but I’m still caught up in NO-HAN Mania.

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Express viagra delivery Following a Mets game on Twitter is a trip but following a Mets game on Twitter when it’s a Mike Pelfrey start is a trip on brown acid. Express viagra delivery With the absence of fan punching bags Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo, express viagra delivery Mets fans needed to find a new player to kick the shit out of and Big Pelf stepped into that role rather well this season.

Express viagra delivery What frustrates the living shit out of me with Pelf is he has the talent to be a dominant pitcher in the big leagues  along with the classic pitchers body but what he lacks is the cerebal “SKILL SETS” to combine the physical end of pitching with the most important part of pitching, express viagra delivery the mental part.

Express viagra delivery Let’s not dismiss the fact that Pelf lost his long time mentor with the passing of Harvey Dorfman, express viagra delivery the psychologist who not only wrote books on the mental part of baseball and one strictly on pitching but he also was a huge part of the careers of Al Leiter and John Smoltz.

Express viagra delivery Pelf would speak to Dorfman on a regular basis and this season was the first the big righty could not pick up the phone or fly Dorfman in for a skull session.

Express viagra delivery This situation is not lost on Sandy Alderson which is why I think these are the last three games of Dan Warthen’ reign as Mets pitching coach. Express viagra delivery  This just a gut feeling, express viagra delivery but I could definitely see Rick Peterson coming back as Mets pitching coach in 2012. Express viagra delivery Alderson and his staff have a history with Peterson who is cut from the same analytical cloth as the leaders of the Mets front office so it’s no pipe dream that this reunion could happen for 2012.

Express viagra delivery It’s also not to say that the Peterson approach will work with Big Pelf although Pelfrey had a fine season under Peterson’s tutelage in 2007, express viagra delivery his first full year with the Mets and seeing that the Alderson plan is go younger and cheaper with pitching talent it could be the missing piece to getting the most out of Pelf, express viagra delivery Dillon Gee and Jon Niese by having them work with Rick Peterson.

Express viagra delivery And don’t discount that fact the SNY would be sitting on a ratting bonanza by having Peterson and R.A. Express viagra delivery Dickey host a show discussing not just baseball but their views on life and the world around us. Express viagra delivery Talk about must see TV.

Express viagra delivery Even with Pelf having the representation of the Agent of Darkness, express viagra delivery how much does he think he is going to get in arbitration; in fact you’d have to think he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with presenting his case to an arbitrator no matter what the Agent of Darkness thinks. Express viagra delivery Pelf made a shade under $4 mil this season and in his Mets career he’s cashed checks of close to $9mil so I’d say he owes the club and should sign for a modest (though underserved ) raise of maybe $4.5 for 2012 with some incentives.

Express viagra delivery It’s easy to say “dump his ass” but where do you find a guy with the physical tools and plow horse endurance of a Mike Pelfrey. Express viagra delivery Hire The Jacket and send Pelf to the lab and let’s see if this is a talent really worth saving.

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Wholesale viagra So now that our weekend of fun (no Highlanders or Phuck Phaces in the World Series) and we await what I think will be a terrific World Series, wholesale viagra it’s time to look at what is taking so long for the Skill Sets to figure out who will be the next leader of the baseball operations.

Wholesale viagra On Mets Minor League Blog, wholesale viagra they feel it’s up to Uncle Saul as to who will get the GM job. Wholesale viagra Freddy Skill Sets is in the pro-Alderson camp, wholesale viagra while Jeffey is leaning towards Josh Byrnes due to both of them being similar age. Wholesale viagra It’s this kind of bullshit that brings out the nastiness in me when it comes to Jeffey, wholesale viagra he’s done this with players (Al Leiter, wholesale viagra John Franco and Tom Glavine) he did it with Omar and with John Ricco as well. Wholesale viagra Doesn’t this little shit have friends of his own? But then again who would want to be friends with this dolt? So the third and final vote comes down to Uncle Saul Katz. Wholesale viagra Whoever Uncle Saul picks most likely will be the next American Idol Mets GM. Wholesale viagra Why do I have the feeling the Skill Sets will fuck this up?

Wholesale viagra If Jeffey Skill Sets sent me e-mails like Metstadaums has on his site, wholesale viagra I would be waiting with heighten anticipation to receive them.  

Wholesale viagra Metszilla has a link to a 2008 interview that Sandy Alderson did with the site Ducksnorts when he was in charge of the Padres. Wholesale viagra It is a fascinating read.

Wholesale viagra Sometimes I just can’t figure out our fan base. Wholesale viagra Daniel Murphy is back playing after a devastating knee injury. Wholesale viagra He’s playing 2nd bas in the Dominican League and from some of the stuff I read on Twitter you’d think that Murphy is solely responsible for the suckitude of the franchise. Wholesale viagra Am I saying that Murph is the answer at 2nd base ? No. Wholesale viagra But I see no reason why he and Nick Evans can’t be viable bench pieces next season. Wholesale viagra What I can’t understand is, wholesale viagra Murphy is the kind of player most Mets fans feel the team needs. Wholesale viagra He shows up to spring training with the pitchers and catcher. Wholesale viagra He will play any place the manager asks him. Wholesale viagra He plays that balls to wall hustle that it seems the majority of the fan base is clamoring for, wholesale viagra so tell me all you Murphy haters out there, wholesale viagra what is it that bothers you about him? I know he’s a player without a position but as a sub or spot starter, wholesale viagra I feel Murphy would make a solid contribution to this team. Wholesale viagra The comments section is now open for all of you to let me know how much of an asshole I am over this.

Wholesale viagra Tomorrow night on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO my guest will be Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr of The Real Dirty Mets blog. Wholesale viagra Ed and I will discuss the hunt of a new Mets GM and all things Mets. Wholesale viagra That’s tomorrow Tuesday October 26th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Wholesale viagra   

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