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Cialis profesional

Cialis profesional I guess congratulations are in order to Andre Dawson for his election into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cialis profesional The Hawk was a solid baseball player and from what you read, cialis profesional was a very nice guy and it seems as long as you’re a very nice guy to the media, cialis profesional you eventually get in the Hall. Cialis profesional That would explain why Albert Belle is no longer on the ballot. Cialis profesional Belle was an unbelievable offensive player putting up big numbers and one of the great run producers of his time, cialis profesional but the guy made Ron Artest look stable. Cialis profesional It’s not just that Belle was a nasty sumnabitch, cialis profesional I honestly think the reporters covering the teams he played for and the out of town media we’re scared shit of him. Cialis profesional The only way for payback is to not just keep in out of the HOF but knock him off the ballot altogether.

Cialis profesional The only segment of baseball fans that doesn’t have bad feeling for Robbie Alomar not getting in the HOF, cialis profesional are Mets fans. Cialis profesional During the reign of the Alomar disaster in Queens, cialis profesional I was dining in one of my favorite spots, cialis profesional the RF food pavilion at Shea Stadum, cialis profesional when I encounter a guy wearing an ALOMAR 12 uni top. Cialis profesional When I mentioned that he was one brave Mets fan to wear that jersey, cialis profesional he told me his was a cousin of Alomar’s. Cialis profesional We spoke for while and I ask Robbie’s cuz, cialis profesional “what’s the problem with your cousin” he told me the whole family was stumped. Cialis profesional He said Alomar was so happy to be in NYC as there was a lot of family there to keep him happy but the cuz then said “he feels like he can’t do it anymore”  The problem that Mets fan had with Alomar was he was coming here off a strong year in Cleveland .336/.415/.541/.956 20HR 100 RBI 30SB so when the deal was made to come to the Mets, cialis profesional we were farting through silk WHAT AN ACQUISTION!!! But what followed was one of the classic crash and burns of a player in baseball history. Cialis profesional All said in done, cialis profesional Alomar should have gone in as a first ballot HOF’er his Mets years aside, cialis profesional he is one of the greatest 2nd basemen of all time.

Cialis profesional Supposedly 5 voters sent back blank ballots, cialis profesional two of which are Jay Mariotti and Lisa Olson of AOL. Cialis profesional Mind-boggling!.  I know it’s in vogue to call Mariotti a douche bag but a few years ago, cialis profesional Mariotti did a radio show on the defunct One On One Radio Network (620 AM here in NYC) along with Jim Lytke of the AP. Cialis profesional It was one of the better sports radio shows I’ve listened to. Cialis profesional Mariotti was not the dickhead he has evolved into today. Cialis profesional As for Olson, cialis profesional she has always sent in a blank ballot since becoming eligible to vote. Cialis profesional I don’t know what to say about that but why even be a member of the BBWA?   The Hall of Fame would be better off letting bloggers pick the Hall members; at least we’d take it seriously.

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So there was J-Man looking more CEO than Gangsta’ last night on Daily News Live when the first question asked of him was “Wadda bout Manny, cialis cheap would you have a problem managing him”? and the Mets Warlord pulled no punches:


“I don’t think so.  I don’t have a problem with people that produce in the form and fashion that Manny Ramirez produces.  We shouldn’t spend that much time in the locker room anyway, cialis cheap our job is to be on the field – and Manny Ramirez has proven that he is probably one of the best right-handed hitters of our generation.  To have a shot at managing him would be exciting for me.  I’ve had Albert Belle, cialis cheap Frank Thomas, cialis cheap tremendous right-handed hitters.  I would love to have the opportunity to watch Manny hit every day.”


I really feel that there are discussions between the Mets Gang of Four (Omar, cialis cheap John Rico, cialis cheap Tony B and Sandy Johnson) on the Manny situation going on, cialis cheap maybe it’s just wishful thinking or maybe it’s the Omar modus operendi of laying in the weeds to swoop in. Cialis cheap As we approach February, cialis cheap the Dodgers offer of 2yr/$45 mil is still on the table with Manny/Boras still holding out for 4-5 yrs for $100-$125mil. Cialis cheap No one is paying that for Manny. Cialis cheap But why can’t the Mets stoke this negotiation with a 2yr/$50 with an attainable third year option? Worse case scenario, cialis cheap Manny/Boras turn it down Best case, cialis cheap they accept and we get Manny or they turn it down but you send the message to your fan base that you are willing to go the extra mile to sign an impact player like Manny.


Believe me it’s not like I want the Mets to throw money away . Cialis cheap I wouldn’t even think of signing Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn for anything more than a 1yr ML vet minimum same with Ollie Perez (3yr) and Ben Sheets (2 yr), cialis cheap I’d love to sign either guy but not at their price but Manny is a living breathing Hall of Fame player who has played on nothing but winning teams plus he brings a real swagger to the team and brings respect to the Mets which this team has lost in the last two season.


In part two of Mike Steffano’s interview with Joe Janish of Mets Today, cialis cheap Joe sums up the biggest problem with the disconnect between the Mets fans and management:


  If you could change just one thing about how the Mets franchise is run, cialis cheap what would it be?

Easy. Cialis cheap I’d make a commitment to building the franchise for the long-term, cialis cheap emulating the Braves and the Twins. Cialis cheap I’m not on board with the idea that New York fans don’t have the patience for rebuilding — that’s nonsense. Cialis cheap YANKEE fans may not have patience, cialis cheap but the large majority of loyal Mets fans would be fine with struggling for a few years IF they saw that there was a plan in place, cialis cheap and there was commitment to the plan. Cialis cheap We toughed it through the early 1980s, cialis cheap and were rewarded with some of the most exciting seasons in the team’s history from 1984 to 1990 — with teams built around a core of players that we as fans could easily root for, cialis cheap and felt more attached to because of continuity and because we felt we “watched them grow up”. Cialis cheap


Under my watch, cialis cheap the long-term plan would start at the very bottom of the organization, cialis cheap with the scouts and the low levels of the minors — where the focus would be on instilling fundamentals and developing consistent execution in all phases of the game. Cialis cheap Teenage phenoms would not be rushed through the system because they have a great bat or a live fastball — they’d have to develop their entire game in a ball before moving up to the next level. Cialis cheap That’s where the current regime frustrates me — they say they’re committed to a “win now” mentality, cialis cheap but then they stop short of acquiring the final pieces and start talking about the farm system. Cialis cheap A lot of mixed signals.


I agree 1, cialis cheap000 % with Joe. Cialis cheap If the front office said they were committed to building with youth especially young pitching and a defense over offense no one would be happier than me. Cialis cheap I would be singing the praises of Omar and the Skill Sets. Cialis cheap But as Joe says, cialis cheap the Mets tell us they are a “Now” team so if you are a “Now” team then sign the two “Now” guys that are out there Manny and Ben Sheets.  If you’re building a team for the future then give Randy Wolf and Jon Garland 1 yr deals and let Jon Niese, cialis cheap and Bobby Parnell work on their craft in Buffalo. Cialis cheap Whatever, cialis cheap the Mets need to decide which direction you want to go and stick with it.


Frankie Maniscalco is getting ready to launch a Fantasy Baseball League over at NYBD. Cialis cheap

With President Obama looking to close the Guantanamo Bay camp maybe the government could keep it open for a little while longer and give Kirk Radamski, cialis cheap Brain McNamee, cialis cheap Jay McGwire and Greg Anderson permanent housing there.


Speaking of Radamski, cialis cheap Doc Gooden vehemently denies the accusation that Radamski was his personal Wizzanator. On a lighter note, cialis cheap it seems Gooden is still glowing from the reception he received from Mets fans on the Last Day of Shea:


    “I want to set the record straight, cialis cheap” Gooden said. Cialis cheap “When I went back to Shea last year it really hit me how much the fans care for me, cialis cheap it still gives me goose bumps. Cialis cheap I want to do the right thing for them and my family. Cialis cheap I love the fans and I appreciate how much they care for me.”


Welcome back Doc.



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