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Before I give my views on the All Star Game and the four day extravaganza  of the events, viagra competition I’d like for you to check out the Quaz Q & A I did with Jeff Pearlman and I’d like to thank Jeff for  including me in The Quaz.

The best part of the All Star Game and the baseball festival that comes with it is it put the NY Mets back on the baseball map. Viagra competition No longer do Mets fan have to hide their allegiance to the Orange and Blue (why would you?) nope, viagra competition time to show your colors as the organization, viagra competition the City of New York and Mets fans put on a great display for baseball fans all over the world to envy.

Matt Harvey was real and spectacular last night. Viagra competition Sure he was amped up in the first inning and his HBP of Robbie Cano was of course an accident, viagra competition don’t ya know. Viagra competition I’m sure NY Highlander fans are sweating profusely today, viagra competition not due to the heat wave or Cano’s bruised quad but because they have seen the future of NY Baseball  in Matt Harvey and the NY Mets .

I cannot believe the poor taste displayed by FOX last night by not showing the Canadian National Anthem cutting to a commercial, viagra competition really classless.

I have no idea who Candice Glover is but I know no one bought a ticket to last night’s game to hear her sing the Star Spangled Banner. Viagra competition That is a fact lost on many folks who sing the anthem like they are auditioning for American Idol or X Factor. Viagra competition   This man should have been tabbed to sing both Oh Canada and The Star Spangled Banner because no one does it better:

Viagra competition <>

For the life of me I don’t understand how directors of sporting events on TV think the viewer at home wants to see crowd shots of people clapping. Viagra competition When the starting lineups were announced we got a glimpse of David Wright emerging from the dugout then we got to look at the Schmohawks in the stands clapping. Viagra competition It wasn’t until Wright got to the last of the players lined up did we see the handshakes. Viagra competition Awful!

I know it’s all the rage to rag on Tim McCarver and at times it’s deserved especially when he’s reading the lyrics to Enter Sandman, viagra competition YOWZAA! But it’s his last season as a FOX analyst and I’d agree with those who say not a moment too soon but for those of us who watched him as a player know he was a terrific catcher who was the preferred receiver by two hall of fame pitchers in Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton. Viagra competition He was also a top of his game analyst for the Mets telecasts from 1983 to 1998 where he and Ralph Kiner had great rapport on the air. Viagra competition Sure he should have packed it in years ago but I’m just glad he (or a FOX Sports suit) realized times up.

Can someone explain to me why Erin Andrews   has a job as a sideline reporter?  Shouldn’t she should be teaching cheerleading in a middle school somewhere?

How great was it to see Tom Seaver come out on the Citi Field mound to throw out the first pitch. Viagra competition Seaver has had some health problems of late so I was very happy to see him at the game and looking great and throwing the first pitch to David Wright. Viagra competition Yeah I was teary eyed.

Mike Piazza was also part of the festivities the last few days here in NY and with the news that Piazza will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame I hope this means he and the Mets have straighten out any difference they had and he will be a part of the organization and around the team more often . Viagra competition I’m not his biggest fan but I like when former players especially of his caliber are around the club.

Can we get a law passed that Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline be banned from anymore MLB games. Viagra competition The song is all your Red Sox fans. Viagra competition  I know it was a salute to Boston but they really should have played Lazy Mary that’s OUR song!

I hope David Wright is staying in bed with the A/C on and just crashing for the day. Viagra competition Wright has been out in front of everything this All Star break and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the team as he has. Viagra competition With all the sanctimony and false idol worship the NY sports media heaps on Derek Jeter, viagra competition he doesn’t do half for the Highlanders that Wright does for the Mets. Viagra competition  

How could anyone, viagra competition that includes you Mets fans, viagra competition have a problem with the Mariano Rivera moment last night? That was one of the great baseball, viagra competition sports and New York moments we will ever see. Viagra competition If you criticize Jim Leyland for bringing Rivera in the game in the 8th inning then there is no use in explaining to you as you’re too dense to get it anyway.

By the way, viagra competition instead of having an All Star MVP why not just make it the All Star Player of the Game Award. Viagra competition I don’t have a problem with Rivera getting the award and in this game it would be tough to give a true MVP but Chris Sale and our Matt Harvey stood out more than any other players in the game.

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Cialis women What’s going on around here? When did the Mets become a resilient team? Is this a flash in the pan or have we reached a point in the season where we thought all was lost but now winning has been found with all are angst to the early part of the season, cialis women  were we too blind to see this (Amazin’ Mets how sweet the sound that saved a wretched fan like meeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..)

Cialis women I’m starting to feel a little bit of a 1968 mojo rising here with the Mets. Cialis women  6-4 in the last 10 games and winning the last two series against division foes AND bouncing back from late inning loses to win the next game. Cialis women Usually the walk off loses suffered in Atlanta and Philly would put the Mets in a downward spiral but  the opposite happened. Cialis women  Don’t tell anyone but that’s what good teams do.

Cialis women The ’68 vibe comes from the strong personality and even stronger right arm of Matt Harvey. Cialis women It’s not only the on field presences he has but the legend of Matt Harvey off the field is growing as well. Cialis women First was the declaration that he was not a fan of the 6 man starting rotation and the tactful way he said it. Cialis women It’s kind of like when I’m elected to feed our two cats I hate opening up cat food and I make sure everyone in the house knows it but hey, cialis women I still feed the little fur balls because they have to eat just like the rest of us. Cialis women Then there was the Jon Rauch story which was epic and now we have the, cialis women I hate the extra day rest and I love the Friday Night Lights of Citi Field   that Harvey let it be known he much rather take on the Nationals this Friday night than Saturday afternoon. Cialis women  

Cialis women The Harvey feistiness is starting to rub off on some of the other Mets as well. Cialis women We have Captain and leading vote getter at 3rd base for the All Star Game David Wright throwing out F-bombs to umpires. Cialis women We have Jon Niese staring down Terry Collins when he wants the ball to take him out of a game, cialis women Juan Lagares in the past week stepping up his game and of course Zack Wheeler turning on the light at the end of the tunnel. Cialis women    

Cialis women I really, cialis women really don’t like to compare Harvey with Seaver because it’s just not fair to Harvey so soon in his career but he has the same air of confidence that Seaver possessed from the first day he hit NY. Cialis women First pitch curve for a strike? No problem. Cialis women Crank a fast ball to triple digits? Watch it wiz by you? Date a super model? Come to #33 baby. Cialis women  

Cialis women The best gift Harvey has given Mets fans has been giving us our swagger back on days he pitches. Cialis women Think about it, cialis women the Mets, cialis women the lowly, cialis women broke ass, cialis women can’t get out their way New York Mets, cialis women on the day Matt Harvey pitches can compete as equals with or are better in every game that he starts. Cialis women You want match your Ace with ours, cialis women no problem bring it on. Cialis women You want to match your starter in the back of your rotation with Harvey and the Mets, cialis women as Mike Francesa would say “YA BRINGIN’ UH PEESHOOTAH TOA GUN FIGHT”     

Cialis women  

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Try viagra for free

It’s bad enough that the Mets embarrass David Wright by surrounding him with seven Schmohawks every game they now decide that wasn’t enough so they go and embarrass him off the field as well.

Some deep thinker in the marketing department thought it was a good idea to contact a dating site that caters to middle aged women looking to hook up with much younger men to help get David Wright voted in to the starting third base spot for the All-Star Game.  Thankfully an adult in the Mets marketing office got wind of this and put the kibosh on it. Try viagra for free In fact Wright himself has told the club to cease and desist with the Vote Wright over done campaign. Try viagra for free  What started out as a fun thing to get Mets fans to vote Wright in as an All-Star starter has turned into an embarrassment. Try viagra for free That’s so Mets.

The Mets have a bad case of SF Giants envy. Try viagra for free They can’t understand how Giants fans turn out the vote for Pablo “Panda” Sandoval. Try viagra for free Well, try viagra for free first it helps to have won a couple of World Series Championships In the last few years, try viagra for free especially last year. Try viagra for free It helps to play in a ball park that’s full  of fans and a gameday staff that wants you to  have the best time ever and it helps to have a very bright an progressive marketing staff that knows its fan base and its community.

The Giants were first major league sports team to make a It Gets Better video to help gay lesbian and transgender teens know that life is worth living and not to give in to bullies and haters. Try viagra for free The Mets gave lip service to the idea of making a similar video, try viagra for free its two years now and still no video.

The Giants also put out some of the best TV commercial to sell their team and tickets as well   

When you have a team that is underperforming on the field and not drawing anyone to your ballpark you need to get creative and find ways to make it worth someone’s while to come to Citi Field. Try viagra for free Catering to middle aged women looking for a boy toy is not the way to go about it.

Try viagra for free <><>

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H h order script viagra Thankfully Mets baseball is back tonight after what seems like an interminable break with the club headed to Atlanta for three days with an off day and then three in DC, h h order script viagra six big games to start the second half push for the Pennant (why not, h h order script viagra a guy can dream can’t he?)

H h order script viagra Seems all the Mets news is just rehashed Matt Harvey speculation (another reason to be thankful the action on the field is back) and from reading story after story it looks like the Mets are hoping beyond hope that Miguel Batista can pitch to at least league average so as to not force the front office to promote Harvey. H h order script viagra It looks as though the competition for Dillon Gee’s (and we wish Gee all the best and a speedy recovery as he undergoes surgery today to repair the artery in his shoulder. H h order script viagra The surgery is being performed by Dr. H h order script viagra Robert Thompson who has expertise in this type of procedure) spot in the rotation is a two man race between Batista and Harvey , h h order script viagra may the best command of pitches win!

H h order script viagra This years All Star Game was the first one I’ve watched in six years. H h order script viagra Usually this week in July I’m out in the woods at the Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp but since my son has achieved his Eagle rank and has no need for merit badges anymore, h h order script viagra he decided to go to New Mexico for a two week camping and hiking trip, h h order script viagra so that spared me a week of listening to howling coyotes and drinking gallons of Goop (a form of Kool-Aid) and let me enjoy the All Star Game in the air conditioned comfort of home. H h order script viagra I was really looking forward to watching the game.

H h order script viagra WOW, h h order script viagra what a letdown. H h order script viagra Of course Tony La Douchebag put me in sour mood by not starting R.A. H h order script viagra Dickey, h h order script viagra then Justin Verlander decided to catch an early dinner and a movie by giving up five runs in the first inning and gets lifted from the game. H h order script viagra  Then I had to put up with Fox’s coverage. H h order script viagra If I were a Fox Sports exec, h h order script viagra I would really have to think about pulling Tim McFullofshit off the Game of the Week and World Series not just because he is so bad at analyzing games but he because he is entering that “old guys say crazy shit” part of his life. H h order script viagra He’s done this in stages, h h order script viagra first he stopped dying his hair, h h order script viagra then he stopped caring about pronouncing players names correctly , h h order script viagrahe’s getting close to the piss stains on your pants stage of life. H h order script viagra I’m telling you he’s a scandal waiting to happen, h h order script viagra when you hear McFullofshit call a player an asshole on the air or start rambling about topics that have nothing to do with what’s going on in the game, h h order script viagra don’t say I didn’t warn you.

H h order script viagra How in the name of Coco Channel did Erin Andrews allow herself to wear whatever the fuck that was she was wearing on national television?    

H h order script viagra It’s sad to see this game turn into an event where fans just bash away at or are apathetic about because the game used to be a real big deal. H h order script viagra Back when the leagues were ruled by League presidents, h h order script viagra the stories abounded on how Joe Cronin the AL President and Hall of Fame player and Chub Feeney the NL President would give impassioned speeches before the game and the players really wanted to win for League pride. H h order script viagra Now with the abolition of League Presidents and inter-league play and so many player’s changing not just teams but leagues, h h order script viagra the game has lost a ton of its luster. H h order script viagra  It’s gone from being the Mid-Summer Classic to an outdated annoyance. H h order script viagra Sad.

H h order script viagra  

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Viagra sales I got myself in a bit of a Twitter pissing match today over the news that R.A. Viagra sales Dickey was not picked by Tony LaRussa to start the All Star Game tomorrow night. Viagra sales I, viagra sales like the majority of Mets fans, viagra sales are totally piss off that Dickey is not starting the game. Viagra sales I made it known on Twitter how pissed I am and how wrong it is that Dickley will not be on the bump for the bottom of the first inning tomorrow night.

Viagra sales I’m not a fan of Tony LaRussa who I’ve always felt is a self-important prick and his decision to start Matt Cain over Dickey just solidified that opinion of the so called genius. Viagra sales I have many reasons why I feel so strongly about Dickey starting the game tomorrow night, viagra sales he’s earned it with a tremendous first half, viagra sales his story is one of the most compelling in sports and is a lesson in perseverance and verifying that hard work pays off and he plays for the NY Mets.

Viagra sales Part of the nastiness of my Twit fit was being called out for getting too emotional about Dickey not getting the start and then I was hit with the always clever “who gives a shit who starts the game” I do. Viagra sales I care for the reasons I mention and the fact that he is a NY Met, viagra sales the baseball team I live and die with. Viagra sales I don’t give a rats ass about any other player who was snubed by not being named to the team or the fact that Matt Cain has pitched well this season, viagra sales all I care about is a guy writing one of the best rags to riches story is not in the spotlight because of a retired manager who had to have his final “look at me moment” didn’t do the right thing by giving the All Star Game, viagra sales  a game most baseball fans have grown tired of, viagra sales a reason to tune in to see the best that the American League has to offer try to hit that mysterious of pitches, viagra sales the knuckleball and not just any knuckleball but an Angry Knuckleball.

Viagra sales The same folks who took me to task about my “emotional outburst” over Dickey not getting the start are folks I’ve had a bit of trouble understanding most recently. Viagra sales   I’ve tried to explain that the word fan comes from fanatic and when it comes to the teams I root for especially the NY Mets I am proud to say I’m a fanatic, viagra sales and when I feel the Mets or a Mets player is unjustly treated I react and I’ll never apologize for that.

Viagra sales What’s makes the, viagra sales I don’t want to say attack as that’s a bit strong but the nasty tone of the tweets is one of the tweeters who claims to be a big NY Rangers fan but felt it would be a shame if Martin Broduer left the NJ Devils. Viagra sales I tweeted back” fuck Marty Broduer, viagra sales the Devils and Newark NJ”. Viagra sales I mean if you are a true Blue Rangers fan why would you give a rat’s ass if Broduer left Newark for say Toronto or Montreal? Fuck ‘em. Viagra sales Henrik Lundqvist is better any way.

Viagra sales This would be like saying it would be a shame if Jimmy Rollins went to an American League team, viagra sales are you fucking kidding?

Viagra sales R.A. Viagra sales Dickey is too classy to rip the Genius for not starting him and he doesn’t have to , viagra sales as R.A. Viagra sales has enough Mets fanatics to handle this injustice for him.

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Viagra stamina posting will be sporadic this week  as I’m up at Ten Mile River Boy Scout camp for the 7th consecutive year, viagra stamina which means I’ll miss the All Star Game for the 7th consecutive year. Viagra stamina No big deal.

Viagra stamina I hope to get back later with a post  but I have kids to yell at  and a campsite to set up maybe  I can get back on this antiquated  computer system with the worst internet connection ever.

Viagra stamina  

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Viagra message board Take a bow Mets fans, viagra message board you did it. Viagra message board You voted and voted until you couldn’t make up any more e mail address and got Jose Reyes the starting job at short stop in the All Star Game. Viagra message board

Viagra message board In years past I’d be totally pissed off after the Mets lost 2 of 3 to the Highlanders at home, viagra message board but yesterday’s comeback win and the way it unfolded makes this years’ series  loss a little easier to take. Viagra message board This is not the same old Mets anymore.

Viagra message board Besides the fact that you can see this team actually hates to lose and I can write every clichés about toughness, viagra message board the one thing that is clear is the reputation of the Mets being a bunch of losers has all been erased. Viagra message board Sure, viagra message board they are not a championship team yet but they are creeping into “team we hate to play” status. Viagra message board Have you noticed there are no more “Replace-Met” stories or writing on and on about when the injured stars will be back? It sucks big time to lose 2 of 3 at home to the Highlanders but if the Bronx Bastards (along with the Phuck Phaces and the Sawx) are the gold standard of baseball, viagra message board the Mets a close to silver status which is a pretty good jump from last year’s given up status.

Viagra message board The biggest fallacy written about Jose Reyes is that he is injury prone. Viagra message board In 2009 the organization was much to blame for his injuries as they tried to change his running style was bad but the inept strength and conditioning staff made it worse. Viagra message board Last season he missed the start of the season due to illness more than injury  but that doesn’t stop hacks like Joel Sherman to play up to the ignorance of his readership that Reyes is injury prone. Viagra message board   Here is the breakdown of games played by Reyes since 2005 which is when he took over as the everyday shortstop after the other great idea of converting him to 2nd base so the great bust of Tokyo Kaz Matsui could be the starting shortstop:

Viagra message board 2005 161 g

Viagra message board 2006 153 g

Viagra message board 2007 160 g

Viagra message board 2008 159 g

Viagra message board Even with the illness and injury from trying to come back to soon last season, viagra message board Reyes played in 133 games. Viagra message board So far this year he’s played 80 games. Viagra message board He took off yesterday due to the tweak of his hammy (a grade 1 strain) and he may take the next few games off before the All-Star Game as well.

Viagra message board We do see that Sandy Alderson may be won over by Jose Reyes and from meeting him myself it’s hard not to be. Viagra message board Alderson seems ready to make a very competitive offer to Reyes (I think we can forget all the Don’t Trade Reyes angst he’s not getting dealt) as he sees the contribution Reyes makes on and off the field.

Viagra message board If this weekend becomes the turning point where the Mets gain respect throughout baseball for being a team to avoid and Sandy Alderson decides that Jose Reyes is worth fighting to keep, viagra message board then losing 2 of 3 to the Highlanders ain’t to tough to take.

Viagra message board Last up certainly not least, viagra message board I want to wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July. Viagra message board I have a couple of more days here in the Pocono Mountains, viagra message board surrounded by Phuckadelphians in there Phuck Phace shirts and jerseys. Viagra message board Makes me sick.

Viagra message board  

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Viagra mail order uk Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky because I couldn’t care less if Jose Reyes is the starting shortstop for the NL in this year’s All-Star came. Viagra mail order uk I really don’t get all the angst coming from Mets fans over Troy Tulowitzki leading the popularity vote that is the All Star starters. Viagra mail order uk In fact do you really give a shit about the All Star game anymore? As a kid, viagra mail order uk I loved the All Star game because it was a big deal. Viagra mail order uk Both leagues and league presidents made it more than an exhibition game is was a game for the winning league to brag about its superiority but now it just a bullshit exhibition game, viagra mail order uk that the players find any way they can to avoid playing in or if they are bound to play, viagra mail order uk leave as soon as they get an at bat or a pitching appearance. Viagra mail order uk The TV ratings are piss poor as well so forgive me if I don’t get all bent out of shape if Jose Reyes is not the starting short stop for the NL , viagra mail order uk he’ll make the team as the Mets rep so Mets fans find something else to scream about.

Viagra mail order uk Staying with Reyes, viagra mail order uk as great a season as he’s having  and the overwhelming support that he has from Mets fans who want him to be a Mets 4 Life, viagra mail order uk let’s be honest with one another, viagra mail order uk long term contracts hardly ever (maybe never) work out in favor of the team. Viagra mail order uk As a Mets fan and especially if you are a t-shirt wearing, viagra mail order uk Don’t Trade Reyes protestor who will be miserable if the Mets either trade Reyes or not re-sign him, viagra mail order uk please tell me what the point of no return is? Do you keep Reyes at any price or do you have a ceiling on years and or money? Knowing that the ownership is swimming in the Red Sea of debt with a major civil suit hanging over their head at what point does it make sense to part with Reyes.

Viagra mail order uk Reports are that now that the Entry Draft is done, viagra mail order uk Sandy Alderson wants to touch base with Reyes’ reps to see what they are looking for in years and money. Viagra mail order uk The answer they give Alderson will determine if Jose is dealt or kept. Viagra mail order uk Do I want to see him shipped out? No. Viagra mail order uk Do I want him signed to a new deal by the All Star Game? Yes. Viagra mail order uk But if the success of the season and the vision of an eye popping deal in his feature prices Reyes out then Alderson will have no choice but to trade him.

Viagra mail order uk There comes a point where the fan base has to realize that this franchise has money problems and as much as we all wish the Skill Sets would sell and get out of our hair, viagra mail order uk we have no idea if or when that will happen. Viagra mail order uk Sure most of the media who follow the team and have looked in depth at the Madoff-Piccard mess that has hurt the organization badly feel the Skill Sets are on borrowed time but we also have to come to grips that the team will not give Reyes anything close to a 7yr/$140+ contract. Viagra mail order uk If Reyes’ agent goes in that direction, viagra mail order uk Alderson will excuse himself and call Brian Sabean and work out a deal. Viagra mail order uk How can you blame him? If the Reyes camp works with Alderson and they can get creative with options and bonuses and deferred money then there is a much better chance of Reyes staying with the Mets.

Viagra mail order uk I believe deep down, viagra mail order uk Jose wants to stay here, viagra mail order uk he lives here, viagra mail order uk and his kids go to school here and he has grown up as a Met. Viagra mail order uk It’s all he knows. Viagra mail order uk So I’m hoping what happens is both sides find some common ground and the team has the funds to make Reyes and Mets fans happy. Viagra mail order uk        

Viagra mail order uk I would stay firm on the length of contract if I were the Mets GM, viagra mail order uk at 5years. Viagra mail order uk The money, viagra mail order uk as I said I would get creative but no more than $100-$110 million. Viagra mail order uk Anything more than that in contract length and money would leave me no choice but to deal Reyes as miserable and heartbreaking that would be.

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Cialis buy I ‘m getting ready to head for the hills A/K/A my annual week long camping trip with my sons Boy Scout Troop. Cialis buy Our camp may resemble the prison scene in Godfella’s as we’ve decided to cook all our meals this year. Cialis buy So we’ve packed up cans of crushed tomatoes, cialis buy tomato paste, cialis buy garlic, cialis buy onions, cialis buy peppers, cialis buy chop meat and sauseeeege (Italian sausage to you out of towners.) so as the boys go off to earn their merit badges, cialis buy the dads will be over a hot burner “makin’ the gravy”

Cialis buy The leaders office has computers and internet access so I should be able to put up a post or two during the week when I get a little time off from cooking, cialis buy cutting wood and yelling at kids plus it’s the All-Star break so I won’t be missing much as I don’t revere the All Star game like I did when I was a kid so it might be a good time to go into the woods.

Cialis buy I haven’t read any game stories last from last night as I have a lot of last minute things to do before we leave so I’m still a little foggy on why Jose Reyes hit second last night and is schedule to hit in that spot again today. Cialis buy I’ve heard a theory that he is seeing a lot of sliders in the lead off spot so by flip floping Pagan and Reyes he may see more fastballs as Jose is still plagued by the sore oblique. Cialis buy  After watching Reyes slide back into second last night and coming up sore, cialis buy I would think management would order him to forgo the All Star game and take the three days to rest his injury.

Cialis buy Hard to kill R A Dickey for last night as he continues to pitch great. Cialis buy If anything, cialis buy the Mets half of the 6th inning is what did the team in. Cialis buy With Ike Davis on second and Jason Bay on first, cialis buy no one out, cialis buy up steps Josh Thole. Cialis buy Ike is not exactly fleet of foot in fact, cialis buy and I say this will all due respect, cialis buy Ike has Ed Kranepool speed, cialis buy and Thole, cialis buy a contact hitter up, cialis buy how about a hit and run? Nope, cialis buy Jerry Manuel decides to go with the bunt, cialis buy and Bobby Cox, cialis buy being the Hall of Fame manager that he is, cialis buy smelled it from a mile away so he put on the wheel play (a Bobby Valentine favorite play as well) where 3rd baseman Omar Infante and 1st baseman Troy Glauss charge in and mentally challenged short stop Yunel Escobar covers 3rd and 2nd baseman mar-TEEEN Prado covering first. Cialis buy The play worked for the Braves beautifully. Cialis buy If Thole was a little bit more experienced he would have pull back the bunt and swung away. Cialis buy As Keith Hernandez said, cialis buy “Thole might have been afraid of his manager yelling at him” if he did that. Cialis buy If Manuel chastised Thole for a heads up play like that, cialis buy then he’d be a more clueless strategist  than I make him out to be.

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Natural viagra The Mets wrapped up a fine weekend in Baltimore with a three game sweep in front of a friendly crowd of Mets fans who made the trip down I-95 to Camden Yards, natural viagra I’d love to get on the Orioles but I feel for ex-Met Juan Samuel and recently axed manager Dave Trembley because my youth baseball team is having an Oriole-like season so I just want to say misery lovers company fellas’

Natural viagra It’s games like today that show the huge step that Big Pelf has made this season. Natural viagra Last yer he would have fell apart as his command was off and he just did not look very comfortable on the mound but Pelfrey proved how important the mental side of pitching is. Natural viagra There are days when your physical tools are on auto-pilot and then there are days like to day where you physically misfire but you have enough savvy to make adjustments and keep yourself and your team afloat. Natural viagra Sure we all love those 3 hit 10K shutouts but sometimes watching a guy keep his team in a game on brains is a real museum piece as well.

Natural viagra I’m usually not one to vote for the All-Star Game but after the surge that David Wright is on I feel it’s my duty as a Mets fan to stuff the ballot box. David Wright deserves to be the starting 3rd baseman for the National League in Anaheim.

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