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Viagra warnings Cap-gate just won’t go away, viagra warnings now that all parties involved are in full CYA(Cover Your Ass) mode. Viagra warnings Reports today claim Bud Selig is outraged, viagra warnings outraged I tell you, viagra warnings that MLB is being viewed as the villain here. Viagra warnings Selig feels he was betrayed by Mets management over this awful publicity claiming that LB told the Mets way in advance that the New Era $36.99 retail caps with the American flag sown in Taiwan must be worn as the game day cap. Viagra warnings Ooops someone forgot to tell the players that.

Viagra warnings Then we find out that Jeffey Skill Sets was on the horn with the Commissioner’s office ( I guess Freddy and Uncle Saul were playing in a Maj Jong tournament down at the beach club, viagra warnings leaving a boy to do a man’s job) and as all things involving Jeffey, viagra warnings a bit of a cluster fuck ensued. Viagra warnings My guess is Jeffey thought because Uncle Bud is tight with Daddy and Uncle Saul, viagra warnings he’d tell the players that the organization would be met with a heavy penalty if they wore the caps. Viagra warnings  But Uncle Bud claims “no way” that he would have taken action against the Mets via fines or any other punishment. Viagra warnings Well, viagra warnings Uncle Bud didn’t say it, viagra warnings his mouth piece , viagra warningsClueless Joe Torre did as he made the rounds on the radio to defend MLB but instead came off as a shill for the Commissioners office instead.

Viagra warnings Then we have the players, viagra warnings and my question is how is Josh Thole the Mets player rep? Here is a young guy just his first full year in the big leagues trying to adjust to big league life and has to be the union rep as well. Viagra warnings Not for anything but David Wright can you please step up in that clubhouse for once in your Mets life. Viagra warnings Wright does a lot of marvelous charity work and is to be commended but how about stepping up and not leaving tough team decisions to a kid who is trying to hang on to a big league job. Viagra warnings I feel for Thole as he is not in a position to take a stand as he can be sent back to the minors at any time but Wright, viagra warnings it would have been nice if he stood up and said “Fuck this, viagra warnings put the hats on fellas’ and let’s go” it would have gone down as one of the great moments in Mets history.

Viagra warnings Now we come to the manager who made be starting to show a little bit of wear and tear from a difficult season. Viagra warnings Seems he’s put the blame on Cap-gate as the reason the Mets were not focused last night against the Nats. Viagra warnings Last night’s starter, viagra warnings Old Reliable R.A. Viagra warnings Dickey said that as far as the players were concerned the cap controversy had nothing to do with the loss or team focus. Viagra warnings  I think the woeful play is more the fact that this was a game played by two teams that are playing out the string and are counting the days until they can go home and enjoy the fall and winter. Viagra warnings Collins using the cap controversy is a cop out and as much as I feel he has done a great job this season and deserves  an extra year on his contract, viagra warnings it’s situations like this that make me feel that his tenure as Mets manager could fall fast and furious.

Viagra warnings Hopefully this cap-a-skew is behind the team and they can get on finishing off the season on a high note and hopefully the manager can calm down a bit and not find excuses for losses.

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Viagra instructions Last night was one of those games that even the witty repartee of Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez couldn’t keep me interested. Viagra instructions  I read the paper and trolled Twitter while waiting for my favorite pawn shop owners to come on at 9PM. Viagra instructions  That doesn’t mean there isn’t meaningful Mets news (as opposed to meaningful games) to peruse.

Viagra instructions Ike Davis is running, viagra instructions hitting and fielding, viagra instructions not pain free but feeling much better than he has since what is still the most ridiculous Mets injury I’ve ever seen. Viagra instructions  Davis is trying very hard to stay away from the surgeon’s scalpel as he claims the ankle while not 100%, viagra instructions feels much better. Viagra instructions Ike will stay with the team in Miami and then return with them to NY to see team doctors, viagra instructions at which time the decision will be made on whether surgery is needed. Viagra instructions Again, viagra instructions how Davis has gone from what looked like a non-injury, viagra instructions to what now will be something that will affect Davis for the rest of his career is stunning.

Viagra instructions Even with or without surgery, viagra instructions Davis claims his ankle will never be the same. Viagra instructions He talked about it becoming arthritic but he feels it will not hurt his plate production. Viagra instructions That remains to be seen. Viagra instructions What about his defense? Davis was ready to blossom into a perennial Gold Glove first baseman who know how this affect his play around the bag, viagra instructions as first base is all about foot work. Viagra instructions From what looked like an innocent trip and tumble on an infield fly has turn out to be maybe a career changer for Ike.

Viagra instructions As much as my stomach churns watching Jason Bay’ at bats, viagra instructions I’m starting to really feel bad for him even with the knowledge that the team is on the hook for two more seasons and $35 mil. Viagra instructions Bay has played a better left field than we all thought; he hustles (last night he ran out a ball that was clearly going into the first base stands foul) and from the scuttlebutt around Citi Field, viagra instructions he works to the point of being obsessive compulsive in finding his hitting stroke. Viagra instructions You can see after every unproductive at bat, viagra instructions it is eating him up that he has not stepped up and provided the big veteran bat this team sorely needs. Viagra instructions It would be best for both Bay and the Mets to part company but the $35 mil price tag hanging his toe makes moving to a new team almost impossible. Viagra instructions ALMOST. Viagra instructions Maybe I have too much faith in the power of Sandy Alderson since the trade of Frankie Rodriguez and his unsightly option that no one thought the Mets could get out from under. Viagra instructions  Maybe there is a team out there (West Coast? SF, viagra instructions Seattle, viagra instructions Angels maybe) that sees Bay’s work ethic and thinks a change could do him good if the Mets eat half or little more of the deal? Never say never.

Viagra instructions Welcome back to the big leagues Val Pascucci. Viagra instructions Pascuicci’ 21 HR and 91 RBI at Buffalo earned him a promotion, viagra instructions perhaps for the last time, viagra instructions to the big leagues. Viagra instructions Don’t think the promotion of Passcuicci will go unnoticed in the Mets clubhouse and throughout the Mets minor league system along with the call up of RHP Chris Schwinden, viagra instructions it shows that this front office will promote and reward players who produce. Viagra instructions Not only that, viagra instructions with all the talk about the Mets money woes, viagra instructions all the players the Mets have added to the list of call ups have to be paid on a pro rated basis on the ML minimum. Viagra instructions Schwinden looks like he will get to start one of the games of Thursday’s DH vs. Viagra instructions the Braves, viagra instructions I bet Valentino gets a start in one of those games as well.

Viagra instructions Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest mentioned that the Highlanders Triple A team in Scranton/Wilkes Barre will need a place to play in 2012 as the ball park will be undergoing a big renovation project. Viagra instructions One of the spots they are looking at is Staten Island, viagra instructions home of the Baby Highlanders. Viagra instructions The move to SI makes sense as the Bronx Bastards own the stadium in St. Viagra instructions George and the team, viagra instructions as well as owning the Wilkes/Barre team. Viagra instructions The problem they will have besides getting the Mets to allow them to do this (like a scene out of Goodfella’s I can see Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul listening to Randy Levine’s pitch for this project and Uncle Saul interrupting “Yeah, viagra instructions Yeah, viagra instructions Yeah, viagra instructions Fuck you pay me”) is finding a better management team to run the stadium that will have two tenants.

Viagra instructions The SI Highlanders are very poorly run. Viagra instructions The team has no sponsors and the majority of their tickets are sold to groups with the added attraction of all you can eat concessions. Viagra instructions My wife bought tickets for every game SI played Brooklyn as a Fathers Day gift for me and those games draw the most fans, viagra instructions the majority rooting for the Cyclones. Viagra instructions I’ve noticed that the fans that attend games on SI are there for social reasons, viagra instructions not many people pay attention to the game they are more involved in the all you can eat buffet and how unfair it is that they cannot grab a burger, viagra instructions hot dog and chicken sandwich all at the same time. Viagra instructions  Staten Islanders are not fond of walking and taking stairs so to take just one item and then go back again is a huge crimp in their lifestyle.

Viagra instructions There are ushers and security people employed by the team and it is a great job as you get to see a ball game, viagra instructions do absolutely nothing and get paid. Viagra instructions  No one sits in his or her assigned seat. Viagra instructions If there is a seat open behind home plate you can mosey on down and sit in it. Viagra instructions If you see friend or neighbor at the game just go a sit in the seat next to them, viagra instructions no problem. Viagra instructions “Oh wait, viagra instructions this is your seat? And what you wanna sit here?” “Uhh yeah” with that you get the eye roll and the nasty look.

Viagra instructions If the SWB Highlanders were to call SI home for 2012 I would definitely  go to their games, viagra instructions especially when they play Buffalo but I don’t know how many Highlander fans would support the team, viagra instructions in fact I don’t think many Highlander fans know who the Triple A team is. Viagra instructions If they do play here and want to draw fans just make sure you have an all you can eat plan and add delivery to your seat as an option, viagra instructions you’ll sell the place out every game.

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Zocor alternative viagra Seems to me Mets land is spilt on the non-signing of Derek Lowe by the Mets and Lowe going to our rival the Atlanta Braves. Zocor alternative viagra As much as I wanted Lowe I feel Omar did the right thing here as I like Lowe but not enough to over pay like Frank Wren did. Zocor alternative viagra I love pizza but if I go into a pizzeria and the mook behind the counter tells me a slice is 10 bucks well then I’m not eating pizza that day. Zocor alternative viagra Now say the Chinese take out next door has a special of General Tso Chicken/Fried Rice/Egg Roll and sweet iced tea for 7 bucks, zocor alternative viagra I’m not only getting a full meal but I also have 3 dollars left to by a Lotto ticket. 

Zocor alternative viagra Derek Lowe is the 10 dollar slice and Ollie Perez is the General Tso’s chicken.

Zocor alternative viagra If it took 4yrs/$60 mil for Lowe to sign with the Braves how far would you have wanted the Mets to go? 5yrs? $65 mil? That’s outrageous?

Zocor alternative viagra Same thing goes for OP, zocor alternative viagra he better not have a shit eating grin on his face like he has the Mets over a barrel. Zocor alternative viagra Some people think the Mets should panic and over pay OP that is exactly what the shouldn’t do.

Zocor alternative viagra With all due respect to Oliver Perez until there is some other offer from some other team the 3yr/$30 mil offer still stands. Zocor alternative viagra Show me where OP has a better offer than that?  No way you give Perez 4yrs or more that $10 mil a year, zocor alternative viagra alright maybe I go $11 mil but no way to I go up in years.

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