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Cheap pill viagra I thought I’d look at some of the Mets news of the day before I start reading more into the new CBA that seems to have those who follow amateur baseball and player development up in arms with how many restrictions there will be on clubs when it comes to drafting players from the June entry draft and players from the International player pool.

Cheap pill viagra It figures when the Mets have made it their mission statement to invest in the draft and in cultivating home grown talent that these new restrictive rules go into effect.

Cheap pill viagra If we see Adam Lowden roaming the outfield of Citi Field in 2012, cheap pill viagra it won’t be a good sign.

Cheap pill viagra Jose Reyes finished 11th in MVP voting, cheap pill viagra to me that does not translate into a 6yr/$120 mil player

Cheap pill viagra Jerry Seinfeld just got a dog and he named him Jose after Jose Reyes, cheap pill viagra he’s a cute little dog but he’s no Shamsky. Cheap pill viagra By the way why can’t celebrity Mets fans like Seinfeld, cheap pill viagra Jon Stewart, cheap pill viagra Matthew Broderick, cheap pill viagra Ray Romano, cheap pill viagra Kevin James, cheap pill viagra Chris Rock to name a few form a syndicate and buy out the Skill Sets?

Cheap pill viagra That’s it for today and until Friday unless Bernie Madoff sends Freddy Skill Sets a note from the big house on where he buried the missing millions he pilfered (I have a vision of the boardwalk at Brighton Beach as a starting point) and the Mets announce the signing of Reyes, cheap pill viagra  Albert Pujols , cheap pill viagra Mark Buehrle and C.J. Cheap pill viagra Wilson if not enjoy your Thanksgiving, cheap pill viagra put your worrying about the Mets on the back burner and look around the table at dinner and give thanks for those who are with you and remember those who aren’t.

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How to buy viagra The regurgitation of Jose Reyes’  free agent news   reminds me of Benjamin “Bubba” Blue in the movie Forest Gump when he talks about all the ways you can prepare shrimp, how to buy viagra you can fry ‘em, how to buy viagra bake ‘em, how to buy viagra sautee ‘em…………………..where only a simpleton like Gump would listen intently. 

How to buy viagra Speaking of simpletons, how to buy viagra the Phily Phboy of the Daily News had an in depth report on the Mets choices for center field in 2012. How to buy viagra Here we see with why he thinks Coco Crisp should be the club’s next CF’er:

How to buy viagra Coco Crisp

How to buy viagra Upside: Would be a fun name to write and say.

How to buy viagra Go back to your coloring books now Andy.

How to buy viagra I do agree with Martino on Pagan, how to buy viagra the rumblings around the team is Pagan and Ronnie Paulino have piss poor attitudes that both Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson want eradicated  from the clubhouse . How to buy viagra Omar would have given both players 5 year deals.

How to buy viagra No way do I want to see Rick Ankiel in CF in 2012, how to buy viagra I could live with Crisp and his shitty OBP for a year I guess but I’d much rather have B.J. How to buy viagra Upton and make him perform for a contract. How to buy viagra As I’ve written before make a big deal of Upton and Ben Zorbrist for Pelfrey, how to buy viagra Parnell, how to buy viagra Murphy and a low level minor leaguer. How to buy viagra If that can’t be worked out then get creative with Grady Sizemore.

How to buy viagra Joel Sherman and his one note band has more Reyes Reruns. How to buy viagra Lather Rinse Repeat.

How to buy viagra The Mets lost their Director of Amateur Scouting, how to buy viagra Chad MacDonald to the Padres where he will be new GM Josh Byrnes right hand man and as much as it’s sad that MacDonald, how to buy viagra a force behind last year’s Mets draft that got high marks from those who follow amateur baseball, how to buy viagra it is refreshing to see another team coveting a member of the Mets front office. How to buy viagra Really who ever wanted to steal Tony Bernazard away from the Mets? The UFC? The Mets will stay in house by promoting scout Tommy Tanous to MacDonald’s old post.

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