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Purchase cialis overnight delivery What’s going on around here? When did the Mets become a resilient team? Is this a flash in the pan or have we reached a point in the season where we thought all was lost but now winning has been found with all are angst to the early part of the season, purchase cialis overnight delivery  were we too blind to see this (Amazin’ Mets how sweet the sound that saved a wretched fan like meeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..)

Purchase cialis overnight delivery I’m starting to feel a little bit of a 1968 mojo rising here with the Mets. Purchase cialis overnight delivery  6-4 in the last 10 games and winning the last two series against division foes AND bouncing back from late inning loses to win the next game. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Usually the walk off loses suffered in Atlanta and Philly would put the Mets in a downward spiral but  the opposite happened. Purchase cialis overnight delivery  Don’t tell anyone but that’s what good teams do.

Purchase cialis overnight delivery The ’68 vibe comes from the strong personality and even stronger right arm of Matt Harvey. Purchase cialis overnight delivery It’s not only the on field presences he has but the legend of Matt Harvey off the field is growing as well. Purchase cialis overnight delivery First was the declaration that he was not a fan of the 6 man starting rotation and the tactful way he said it. Purchase cialis overnight delivery It’s kind of like when I’m elected to feed our two cats I hate opening up cat food and I make sure everyone in the house knows it but hey, purchase cialis overnight delivery I still feed the little fur balls because they have to eat just like the rest of us. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Then there was the Jon Rauch story which was epic and now we have the, purchase cialis overnight delivery I hate the extra day rest and I love the Friday Night Lights of Citi Field   that Harvey let it be known he much rather take on the Nationals this Friday night than Saturday afternoon. Purchase cialis overnight delivery  

Purchase cialis overnight delivery The Harvey feistiness is starting to rub off on some of the other Mets as well. Purchase cialis overnight delivery We have Captain and leading vote getter at 3rd base for the All Star Game David Wright throwing out F-bombs to umpires. Purchase cialis overnight delivery We have Jon Niese staring down Terry Collins when he wants the ball to take him out of a game, purchase cialis overnight delivery Juan Lagares in the past week stepping up his game and of course Zack Wheeler turning on the light at the end of the tunnel. Purchase cialis overnight delivery    

Purchase cialis overnight delivery I really, purchase cialis overnight delivery really don’t like to compare Harvey with Seaver because it’s just not fair to Harvey so soon in his career but he has the same air of confidence that Seaver possessed from the first day he hit NY. Purchase cialis overnight delivery First pitch curve for a strike? No problem. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Crank a fast ball to triple digits? Watch it wiz by you? Date a super model? Come to #33 baby. Purchase cialis overnight delivery  

Purchase cialis overnight delivery The best gift Harvey has given Mets fans has been giving us our swagger back on days he pitches. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Think about it, purchase cialis overnight delivery the Mets, purchase cialis overnight delivery the lowly, purchase cialis overnight delivery broke ass, purchase cialis overnight delivery can’t get out their way New York Mets, purchase cialis overnight delivery on the day Matt Harvey pitches can compete as equals with or are better in every game that he starts. Purchase cialis overnight delivery You want match your Ace with ours, purchase cialis overnight delivery no problem bring it on. Purchase cialis overnight delivery You want to match your starter in the back of your rotation with Harvey and the Mets, purchase cialis overnight delivery as Mike Francesa would say “YA BRINGIN’ UH PEESHOOTAH TOA GUN FIGHT”     

Purchase cialis overnight delivery  

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Viagra info Dear New York Mets, viagra info

Viagra info Thanks for nothing or maybe I should say thank you for making me out to be a horse’s ass. Viagra info  Yes that’s sarcasm as I really need no help most days to be a horses ass but by you taking four games from the hated NY Highlanders, viagra info well in had me intoxicated in a way I haven’t been in a long time while overdosing on the euphoria of the four game sweep and not to mention the fabulous May 28th win against Mariano Rivera that had me go into work the next day draped in blue and orange  and enter the office like Ric Flair screaming out “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IF YA WANT TO BE THE MAN…….YOU GOT TO BEAT THE MAN……..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Viagra info From there I did my best Flair strut to my cubicle withstanding the cat calls of “Shut The Fuck Up” Oh but there was no shutting me up, viagra info oh no.

Viagra info As I mention I was intoxicated with Mets success, viagra info it’s not that I ask for championships, viagra info although they are fantastic and give me not better feeling as a fan, viagra info no all I want is for the Mets to be competitive. Viagra info All I ask is for a summer of following the Mets and watching the rest of the division as well. Viagra info How does a Nationals, viagra info Braves, viagra info Phillies, viagra info Marlins loss effect my Amazin’ Mets. Viagra info I thought after the final win at The Shopping Mall of the South Bronx, viagra info there would be a kick start to the season, viagra info a season where if Matt Harvey is not on the list of probable pitchers for the day, viagra info it’s well, viagra info just another day. Viagra info  

Viagra info So with the momentum of a 5 game win streak and the schedule saying the Mets must go to Miami and collect 3 more wins all I thought about was an 8 game win streak headed to Washington and an underachieving Nats team, viagra info could this be? Could the Mets now be the “uh-oh” team?

Viagra info This is where me being a horses ass comes in, viagra info what the hell was I thinking?  The Mets are not a good team nor are they a team that builds off positive momentum. Viagra info How stupid was I?   

Viagra info I’ve learned my lesson and learned it the hard way. Viagra info Now I slink into work and to the local bagel store and even to church where yesterday I made sure to stand under the statue of Mary when Highlander  fans I know wanted to ridicule and make fun of me and the baseball team I love but couldn’t as I pointed above my shoulder and said “When I find myself in times of trouble, viagra info Mother Mary comes to me, viagra info speaking words of wisdom, viagra info Let it Be”  

Viagra info I’m making a vow not to get all excited again this year, viagra info not even when Zack Wheeler arrives (I don’t know if you know but Wheeler’s call up could happen at any time, viagra info it’s all over the internet I tell ya) I’m just going to suppress my enthusiasm until next year, viagra info 2014:The Resurrection of the NY Mets. Viagra info  At least that’s what I heard.

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Mexico pharmacy generic viagra

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra

Are we looking at a Mets Renascence ? 

I’ve been quite lax in posting on the site for the last week or so. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra It’s been tough to fine time to sit and write as I’ve been visiting colleges that my son has been admitted to and getting ready to move the office I work at to Downtown Brooklyn. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra In between that I’ve been doing my Kranepool Society podcast, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast and of course The Sports Media Watchdog podcast.

But since I think I’m done visiting college campuses up and down the east coast and all I have to pack now is the crap in my desk, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I figure let me take some time out and look at what’s going on with our Amazin’ Mets:

Matt Harvey is no longer a secret. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  Each Harvey start has now become an event and there is much anticipation of a Friday night match up of Harvey v. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Stephen Strasburg. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Harvey just over powered the Twins line up going mainly with fastball after fastball, mexico pharmacy generic viagra getting ahead in counts and then using his slider to keep Twins batters off balance. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Fooling hitters. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Pitching 101.

The Friday night game at Target Field was uncomfortable to watch on television so I can imagine how tough it was to play in those lousy conditions which of course didn’t hurt the Mets offense. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Still, mexico pharmacy generic viagra  playing baseball in ski hats and thermal underwear just out right sucks.

It gets no better as the Mets head to Denver where it supposed to be colder and just as snowy as it was in Minneapolis. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  You wonder how and why MLB would send the Mets to two cities Minneapolis and Denver, mexico pharmacy generic viagra so early in the season when you know it’s the only time this season the will visit and knowing the unpredictable weather both cities are known for in early spring? Phyllis Merhige the Sr. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra VP of MLB gets very defensive when she’s questioned about the ridiculous scheduling saying it’s very difficult to schedule 30 teams for a 162 game season. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra No one is questioning the effort in putting the scheduling together, mexico pharmacy generic viagra what I question is the common sense that goes into making up the scheduling.

By the way, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Happy Jackie Robinson Day, mexico pharmacy generic viagra of course the Mets are on the road and not at Citi Field to celebrate the day Robinson made his big league debut, mexico pharmacy generic viagra yeah, mexico pharmacy generic viagra yeah I know it’s difficult to schedule 30 teams yada, mexico pharmacy generic viagra yada, mexico pharmacy generic viagra yada……………

I haven’t had time to go see “42”, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I hope to go Wednesday to see it, mexico pharmacy generic viagra but from what I’ve read and heard from those you have seen the film it’s quite informative and entertaining. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  Can’t wait to see it.

Zach Wheeler pitched again yesterday and it was his best outing of the season. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra His last two starts Wheeler has been hampered by blister on the index finger of his pitching hand so yesterday’s start with 0 BB and 8 K’s was quite encouraging. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I hope the Mets will promote Wheeler on merit and not leave him in Triple A just to keep his “Super 2” status in check. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra The days ofnickel and diming are over. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Management should be bowing to Matt Harvey for rejuvenating the fan base and the thought of a Harvey-Wheeler-Niese top three in the rotation is the first ray of hope we’ve seen in a long time.  I hope the Skill Sets are aware that as soon as Matt Harvey finishes a start, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Mets fan are going to the schedule counting off 4 days of rest to be ready for his next start. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Harvey is now approaching Seaver/Gooden status. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra The same will happen with Wheeler as well. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra This is how you fill a ball park.

So far so good with the bullpen for the Mets. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra 30 K’s and just 8 BB in 27.2 IP and along with a 75 % inherited runners stranded percentage is outstanding.

Oh by the way, mexico pharmacy generic viagra there is no way in hell I’d trade Wheeler and Travis D’arunad for Giancarlo Stanton .



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Cialis tablets I think I’m just about making my final landing from my Giants Super Bowl high to where I’m ready to concentrate on baseball. Cialis tablets  In fact I have to go to a meeting tonight to place my Babe Ruth team in a league for this coming season. Cialis tablets What has me excited about the league we are about to join is we will play some of our games at the College of Staten Island field that was once home to the Staten Island Highlanders and we will play games in Brooklyn at the field at Bay 8th St where many of my childhood sports highs (ROCKNE football league championship as a 12 year old) and lows (getting a tooth knocked out with a forearm playing same league as a 13 year old).

Cialis tablets As for our Amazin’ Mets well there finally is some Mets news to talk about so let’s take a look see shall we:

Cialis tablets Story in today’s NY Times tells us something we all know, cialis tablets the Mets are under that old Sicilian curse  “Fundsalow” thus Sandy Alderson and his troops have had to be creative with the nickels and dimes that are at their disposal. Cialis tablets  The real trick to see if Alderson can truly turn water into a microbrew when one or two of the starting pitchers go down with injury and he has to find help from outside. Cialis tablets With his options limited and desire to leave the crown jewel arms on the farm we as Mets fans should start to follow the Atlantic League and some of the other Independent baseball leagues around the country as I wouldn’t be shocked it a Long Island Duck or two pitch in Flushing this season.

Cialis tablets Dear Mayor Bloomberg, cialis tablets

Cialis tablets In regard to you buying the New York Mets and your response of “Who would want to own a sports team”?  Let’s me just say “I WOULD! I WOULD!” problem is a lack of dead presidents to accomplish this. Cialis tablets  Now you sir are a man of considerable financial means of many billions of dollars, cialis tablets all you would have to do is donate about $1 or $1.2 billion of those tens of billions to me so I can buy the NY Mets, cialis tablets with all due respect your honor, cialis tablets Bill Gates and warren Buffet are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of you when it comes to philanthropic ventures, cialis tablets a move of this magnitude would most definitely raise your charitable profile. Cialis tablets    

Cialis tablets Big Pelf is looking to get the sinking feeling again on the mound in 2012

Cialis tablets What in the name of Joe Verbanic is going on in with the Bronx Bastards? First, cialis tablets Pee Wee Cashman’ wayward ways seemed to get out of hand as the trollop he has been stepping out on Mrs. Cialis tablets Pee Wee  with has gone into full fatal attraction mode and now we find out that the face of the YUCK network, cialis tablets Bob Lorenz, cialis tablets was sippin’ too much Old Grand Dad, cialis tablets got behind the wheel of his fine automobile and was pulled over by Connecticut’s Finest. Cialis tablets  Is this just the being of the end of the Highlander reign of terror?

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Viagra plant

Viagra plant Even me, viagra plant the Mets fan Prince of Darkness, viagra plant has to take a step back sometimes to remember when the Mets ruled the baseball roost in these parts and one way to put a smile on a Mets fan’ face is to say “1969”

Viagra plant Ahhhhhhh yes, viagra plant The Amazin’ Mets of 1969. Viagra plant Last summer the lone bright spot at $iti Field was the celebration of the World Champion Mets of that year and just to see all those players back together again was thrilling and exhilarating, viagra plant but as I looked around at the faces of some of the fans in attendance that night, viagra plant I saw a lot Mets fans who really have no connection to this team because (gasp!!!) they were to young to witness this great accomplishment.

Viagra plant There were 30 year old Mets fans with their children there who like their kids, viagra plant  had no real attachment to this team. Viagra plant They never saw the black cat run by the Cubs dugout and look right at Leo Durcocher as if to say, viagra plant “it’s all over Leo, viagra plant surrender is near”, viagra plant or cried themselves to sleep after watching Tom Seaver lose his Perfect game to a Jimmy Qualis single in the 9th inning. Viagra plant No cable TV, viagra plant no 24-HR sports talk radio just the Daily News, viagra plant NY Post (the essential newspaper for the West Cost scores as the Post was an afternoon paper in those days) and of course WOR  to find all our Mets information.

Viagra plant When I’m asked about that ’69 season I remember those events I’ve mentioned plus things like Opening Day, viagra plant a game that featured the Mets against the brand spanking new Montreal Expos team staring Mack Jones, viagra plant Adolfo Philips and a young Le Grande Orange and the Mets losing 11-10, viagra plant a  9th inning rally falling short.

Viagra plant Now I know there are some of you who also remember that year as vividly as I do and would love to relive that season and then there are a good number of you who wish you could find out more of what it was like that season. Viagra plant That’s why the book The Miracle Has Landed is an essential book to add to your Mets and baseball book collection.

Viagra plant Matthew Silverman and Ken Samelson have done a fabulous job of getting a collection of writers together to compile essay’s on the players of the ’69 Mets, viagra plant the front office, viagra plant the broadcasters, viagra plant the owner (bow your heads)  Mrs. Viagra plant Joan Payson and Manager Gil Hodges and his coaching staff (Where have you gone Rube Walker ? Mets pitchers turn their lonely pitching arms to you) and my favorite chapter on Mets scout Red Murff, viagra plant who should be in the Mets Hall of Fame (if they ever build one)  Murff was the scout who signed Jerry Koosman, viagra plant Jerry Grote, viagra plant Ken Boswell and a kid out of Alvin Texas named Nolan Ryan (to name a few)

Viagra plant Do yourself a favor, viagra plant don’t wait for someone to get you this book for Hanukah, viagra plant Christmas, viagra plant Festivus or whatever holiday you celebrate buy this for yourself as a Mets fan you will cherish this book and read it from cover to cover and in these dire uninspiring times as a Mets fans, viagra plant The Miracle Has Landed will make you proud to be a Mets fan again.

Viagra plant The Miracle Has Landed is published by Maple Street Press in conjunction with The Society of American Baseball Research

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Cialis Dose

Buy cialis viagra Mark your calender on Wednesday February 4th @1PM  when the New York’s World Champions will be honored at Gallaghers Steak House (228 W 52 St Manhattan) Here is the press release for the event:

Gallagher’s Steak House will host a benefit luncheon for the American Heart Association on Wednesday, buy cialis viagra February 4, buy cialis viagra 2009 featuring members of the 1969 World Champion New York Mets and Super Bowl Champion New York Jets, buy cialis viagra celebrating the 40th anniversary of their championship seasons. Buy cialis viagra Right fielders Ron Swoboda and Art Shamsky, buy cialis viagra first baseman Eddie Kranepool and short stop Buddy Harrelson will be joined by Joan Hodges, buy cialis viagra the widow of manager Gil Hodges, buy cialis viagra and Maxene Agee, buy cialis viagra the widow of centerfielder Tommie Agee. Buy cialis viagra Jets Super Bowl players, buy cialis viagra running back Emerson Boozer and guard Dave Herman, buy cialis viagra as well as Knicks World Champion Dr. Buy cialis viagra Dick Barnett will also be on hand. Buy cialis viagra The $75 package will include a three course Power Lunch, buy cialis viagra an autographed copy of Shamsky’s book “The Magnificent Seasons, buy cialis viagra” an autographed color photograph of Swoboda, buy cialis viagra and a donation to the American Heart Association. Buy cialis viagra For tickets and information call Gallagher’s Steak House at 212 245 5336. Buy cialis viagra Reservations are recommended. Buy cialis viagra Gallagher’s Steak House is located at 228 West 52nd Street in New York City. Buy cialis viagra He luncheon will feature the unveiling of a permanent photo gallery featuring the Mets, buy cialis viagra Jets and Knicks from the 1969 world championship seasons for the three teams.

Also on February 4th:


Buy cialis viagra

In 1969, buy cialis viagra yes, buy cialis viagra it was 40 years ago, buy cialis viagra man landed and walked on the moon, buy cialis viagra and the Amazin’ Mets shocked the baseball world when they went from basement to penthouse and defeated the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles in the World Series to become baseball’s World Champions. Buy cialis viagra Two members of the “Miracle Mets, buy cialis viagra” Ron Swoboda, buy cialis viagra who made one of the greatest catches in World Series lore when he robbed Brooks Robinson in Game 4, buy cialis viagra and Art Shamsky, buy cialis viagra who had seven hits in the National League Championship Series to pace the Mets in their victory over the Atlanta Braves, buy cialis viagra will share their memories when Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway presents “Amazin’ Outfielders” on Wednesday night, buy cialis viagra February 4, buy cialis viagra from 7:00-9:00 PM. Buy cialis viagra  The two right fielders will reminisce on the amazing season, buy cialis viagra meet and greet fans and sign autographs in Empire City’s Gotham Palace at the Entertainment Lounge. Buy cialis viagra Admission is free.


Buy cialis viagra

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