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Order viagra air travel Dear Mets Diary, order viagra air travel

Order viagra air travel WOW, order viagra air travel it has been a while since I’ve written to you. Order viagra air travel How ya been? Me? I’ve been very busy with two kids graduating and going on to college and high school and moving my office from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn (just a 15 minute walk to the Barclay Center which if Walter O’Malley had his way would have been a fifteen minute walk to Ebetts Field II) then add in getting entrenched in the Celtics-Knicks playoff series (I hope the C’s didn’t leave all they had left on the court yesterday) and the NY Rangers getting ready to battle for the Stanley Cup (nice to see the Blueshirts in full “jam” mode but getting the hottest team in the NHL in the Caps and that prick with ears Ovechkin is going to be a rough series I know it) I’ve kind of neglected my duties of writing about the Mets. Order viagra air travel Problem is, order viagra air travel there’s not much to write about.

Order viagra air travel I’m not saying I’m not following my beloved Amazin’s but other than the days/night Matt Harvey starts (by the way Happy Matt Harvey Day) there really isn’t much to get overly excited about this team. Order viagra air travel In fact after a month of the season, order viagra air travel they are still as bad as they were the last half of last year and what’s worse I don’t see how they can improve?

Order viagra air travel With yesterday’s loss to the Phuck Phaces (4th loss in a row) the Mets will now have FIVE consecutive losing months since July of last season. Order viagra air travel  The bullpen has been beaten up this first month and though it looks bad on paper, order viagra air travel they reason the pen has been so ineffective is the Mets use about 4 relievers a game. Order viagra air travel Unless the pen consists of Mariano Rivera, order viagra air travel Goose Gossage, order viagra air travel Rollie Fingers  and the 1990 Cincinnati Reds Nasty Boys, order viagra air travel no bullpen can withstand that type of work load. Order viagra air travel Add in that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen have an awfully tough time knowing when and who to go to in relief situations, order viagra air travel you have the big time mess the Mets are in now. Order viagra air travel It would be nice if the Mets starting pitching could go more than 5-6 innings a start as well as it would take the pressure of the beleaguered  bullpen and also take the strategic thinking out of the minds of Collins and Warthen. Order viagra air travel   

Order viagra air travel The offense is pathetic too. Order viagra air travel I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with Ike Davis, order viagra air travel is he just in a slump or are the rumblings of him being uncoachable true?  Or is it too many people telling Ike what to do that he has a sensory overload on how to hit? The answer is probably a little bit of both. Order viagra air travel Right now the best move the Mets could make is to bring up Josh Satin to be Ike’s 1st base partner in a straight platoon. Order viagra air travel In 24 AB’s vs. Order viagra air travel LHP in Triple A Satin has a slash line of .333/.429/.583 sure it’s a very small sample size but ask yourself this, order viagra air travel would it be better to have Josh Satin on the big club roster or Marlon Byrd?

Order viagra air travel It seems that Juan Lagares is now the flavor of the week in centerfield as the Mets it seems haven’t a clue on how to put the outfield together. Order viagra air travel The only constant is Lucas Duda who has shown, order viagra air travel shall I say, order viagra air travel Confidence, order viagra air travel at the plate and has put together a very nice April, order viagra air travel although those 8 Rib Eye Steaks don’t look very meaty. Order viagra air travel Lagares can cover tons of turf in the centerfield which is a big help to The Big Lebowski in left and in right Mike Baxter has not looked too good in the outfield this season but he seems to have that Hawk Harrelson TWTW factor which I agree with Hawk you need and it’s something that sabermetrians can scoff at and ridicule but it is something that is sorely lacking in this team. Order viagra air travel The Will To Win. Order viagra air travel I see it in Baxter and most definitely in Matt Harvey and Captain David and #IMWITH 28 as well but collectively as a team I’m not feeling it. Order viagra air travel  

Order viagra air travel It doesn’t seem as if the fan base is feeling it either. Order viagra air travel The social media soap box known as #MetsTwitter has been abuzz the last few days with wonderment over not if Terry Collins will be relieved of his managerial duties but when it will happen and who will take over. Order viagra air travel  I would like to say this kind of talk is premature and that Collins can only work with the lousy hand he’s been dealt but I have to admit the last 48 hours has me thinking that change may do the Mets some good. Order viagra air travel  

Order viagra air travel This team needs some kind of a shakeup, order viagra air travel and by the way has anyone seen or heard from Sandy Alderson? Remember when Fab Freddy Skill Sets opened up his yap after Michael Bourn signed with the Tribe to proclaim that the team has the financial wherewithal to spend on players to make the club better?  If that’s the case then why is the GM bouncing players from Vegas to NY? How about some good ol’ fashion GM’ing by making a deal that will bolster not only the team on the field but the fans in the stands? Why should the Mets fan care about this team if management and ownership don’t seem to?

Order viagra air travel In a perverse way, order viagra air travel I hope the Marlins take 3 straight from the Mets (sorry Matt Harvey maybe you lose 1-0 in a complete game where you strike out 15 walk none and the only hit you give up is a Giancarlo Stanton HR) as then maybe Sandy Alderson will make some kind of move.

Order viagra air travel The Mets have been given a pass in the media so far as the New York Sports fan is in fully engulfed in the Knicks playoff run and the always entertaining sitcom, order viagra air travel The Jets of Florham Park, order viagra air travel but eventually Mets fans are going to start to rumble and the media is going to need something on an off day to write about and as we all know in NYC nothing sells papers and makes ratings rise like a catastrophe and the Mets are headed in a catastrophic direction.

Order viagra air travel Sometimes those Yogi-isms are so true and make a ton of sense. Order viagra air travel The Mets are headed for the fork in the road, order viagra air travel where will they take it? Also it does get late early and after five consecutive losing months the sun made be setting on the Mets.

Order viagra air travel So Mets diary I have bared my soul, order viagra air travel I hope I can write to you more frequently and in a more optimistic way as well. Order viagra air travel I have to confess the losing is getting to me. Order viagra air travel I’m so tired of blown late inning leads and multi game losing streaks God-awful at bats and 3 error games. Order viagra air travel Right I’m not confident there will be a positive turnaround for a while.

Order viagra air travel Lets Go Rangers!!!!

Order viagra air travel  

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Viagra alternative levitra  

Viagra alternative levitra I got to see 2011 15th round pick Phil Evans make his Brooklyn Cyclones debut last night and came away very much impressed by the soon to be 19 year old. Viagra alternative levitra  Evans went 1 for 5 at the plate but even his outs were well hit with two of them “hang with em’s” as they were great defensive plays on soild hit balls. Viagra alternative levitra In the field Evans and 2nd baseman Ismael Tijeina had a bit of communication breakdown as to who was to cover 2nd base if the runner on first was to attempt a steal, viagra alternative levitra but in the 9th inning Evans made two great leaping plays for the 2nd and 3rd outs of the inning to end the game.

Viagra alternative levitra I watched the end of the Mets-Nats game this morning and while I agree with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez on questioning walking Roger Bernadina to pitch to Ryan Zimmerman I feel if this were a game that really mattered Bobby Parmell would have been pulled as Bernadina came to the plate but Collins wants Parnell to show him why he should be the Mets closer in 2012. Viagra alternative levitra So far Parnell has been ineffective and I hate to say it, viagra alternative levitra looks scared in these pressure spots. Viagra alternative levitra His inability to command his slider has been his biggest downfall. Viagra alternative levitra He falls behind in counts and has to come in with his fastball that is all but telegraphed to the batter.

Viagra alternative levitra Josh Satin makes his Major League debut today at 1st base

Viagra alternative levitra I see that the Daily Lupica has put out a 50th Anniversay Mets book with their Phillies Beat Writer as a contributor. Viagra alternative levitra No way in hell will that book be a part of my library. Viagra alternative levitra If you want a book that details the history of the Mets in detail and with outstanding pictures you need to purchase  New York Mets 50 Amazin’ Seasons by a true Mets fan and historian, viagra alternative levitra Matthew Silverman.

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Sildenafil oral jelly After bailing out my basement of water, sildenafil oral jelly and trying to find  a place to rent an industrial size fan (after four attempts I finally found one) I thought this would be a good time to check on our beloved Mets.

Sildenafil oral jelly The Amazin’s have lost 5 in a row and 12 of the last 20 games as the wheels are falling of the Mets bandwagon. Sildenafil oral jelly The last month has not been pretty. Sildenafil oral jelly Jose Reyes making his second trip to the DL , sildenafil oral jelly Ike Davis waiting for clearance to have surgery that he probably should have had more than a month ago, sildenafil oral jelly a bullpen that is of expansion quality and a lineup that strikes fear in the hearts of teams in the Can-Am League but not the Majors. Sildenafil oral jelly With all that, sildenafil oral jelly Terry Collins still has that carrot out in front of his players that they are playing for job security, sildenafil oral jelly all of them.

Sildenafil oral jelly Gary Cohen and Ron Darling had an interesting conversation during the game (as did Howie Rose and Wanye  Hagin as Howie compared yesterday’s game as eating a turkey dinner and the Tryptophan kicking in and making you sleepy) about how many players on the current 25 man roster would you say will be with this team in 2012. Sildenafil oral jelly Cohen and Darling named Wright, sildenafil oral jelly Niese, sildenafil oral jelly Duda and Dickey, sildenafil oral jelly everyone else is on notice.  Now that’s not counting Reyes, sildenafil oral jelly Ike or Johan but if you do that is just 7 players who could say they could be Mets next season and out of all 7, sildenafil oral jelly the only lock on that list is Niese.

Sildenafil oral jelly Last off season was a getting to know period for the front office, sildenafil oral jelly this up coming off season there could be a lot of exit interviews.

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Viagra good morning I don’t blame him. Viagra good morning We all know as does Beltran that he will not be a Met much longer.  The rest of MLB seems to know the same. Viagra good morning The Giants gave him and Jose Reyes a lift to Phoenix for tonight’s All Star Game, viagra good morning a round about way of collusion I guess and Beltran being a vet of being wooed in the last year of a deal, viagra good morning is enjoying the dating process.

Viagra good morning Not only are the Giants  interested in a relationship with Beltran but the Red Sox seem to want to pitch some woo too.

Viagra good morning It will interesting to see where Beltran lands and what Sandy Alderson gets back in return. Viagra good morning As Mets fans we should enjoy the last days of Carlos Beltran becuse we will miss him when he’s gone.

Viagra good morning Now the Frankie Rodriguez has signed his soul away by joining forces with Scott Boras, viagra good morning Sandy Alderson should allow Boras to to be his broker in dealing K-Rod out of  Flushing.  Now when he’s dealt no tears will be shed.

Viagra good morning What’s wrong with Mets fans not tuning in to SNY to watch Mets games? Seems the eyeballs that tune into to watch the Amazin’s have dropped off significantly and that is puzzling to me. Viagra good morning This team is not only winning more than we thought they would but they a very easy to root for. Viagra good morning I know it’s not the troika of Gary, viagra good morning Keith and Ron who are the best in the business.  I’d blame Chris Carlin, viagra good morning I think he scares kids when they see him on TV.

Viagra good morning It’s hot as hell upstate  so the scout masters lodge is full to capacity as we bask in the air conditioning. Viagra good morning Yes, viagra good morning we are a bunch of candy asses I admit but there ain’t a breeze to be had out here and after cooking a breakfast of bacon and eggs I feel I deserve a little me time. Viagra good morning Besides all the kids are at merit badge classes so we have no one to yell  at.

Viagra good morning Go NL Go

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Buy cialis without a prescription A Friday spew:

Buy cialis without a prescription Got to hand it to the Amazin’s they find more exotic ways to lose baseball games than any team ever has. Buy cialis without a prescription Last night’s “twitch” by D.J. Buy cialis without a prescription Stirrups was a first for me. Buy cialis without a prescription I’ve seen HBP force the winning run home and of course a walk off walk (fuck you Kenny Rogers) but a walk off balk? Never! The balk was so blatant that Terry Collins never argued nor did Stirrups, buy cialis without a prescription he knew what he did and just walked off the field with a “what can you do” look on his face. Buy cialis without a prescription The only way left for the Mets to lose a game is for an outfielder to throw his glove at a fly ball for a ground rule triple. Buy cialis without a prescription Maybe will see that this weekend?

Buy cialis without a prescription It’s no secret that most of the MSM who cover sports pull most of their stories out of their ass and no one does it better than Jon Heyman (Joel “The Plagiarist” Sherman is a close second) who sent out this Tweet this morning about what a “competing baseball exc “ told him about how much money Jose Reyes can expect to get on the open market. Buy cialis without a prescription There is no way to know if this is true or bullshit but since it’s Heyman I lean toward bullshit. Buy cialis without a prescription In fact, buy cialis without a prescription another competing GM told me that Reyes will re-sign with the Mets by the All-Star break for a lifetime deal that includes VIP seating to David Einhorn’s new seminar “How To Fleece Clueless Sports Team Owners of Their Majority Share of Their Franchise”

Buy cialis without a prescription If Brian Gordon was signed by the Mets the sports media in this town would be calling the Mets front office all the derogatory names their small minds could think of but since it was the desperate for pitching Highlanders who signed him, buy cialis without a prescription well…I’m sure he will the next subject on Yankeeography  on YUCK. Buy cialis without a prescription I’m not saying Gordon’ story is not a good one and I wish him all the success in the world as the guy has definitely paid his dues but I’m sure the Highlander media cheer leaders will overdose on this story.

Buy cialis without a prescription As I watched the Mets come back from down 6-2 and take an 8-6 lead then have Frankie Rodriguez give up two runs in the 9th to tie the game all I could think of was July 4th 1985 and who was going to be the next Rick Camp for the Braves and who would be the next Danny Heep for the Mets

Buy cialis without a prescription The Brooklyn Cyclones open the NY-Penn League season tonight on Staten Island (the only time the SI Highlanders get a crowd is when they play Brooklyn) then open up their home schedule tomorrow night on Coney Island. Buy cialis without a prescription I will be spending Father’s Day on the Poor Man’s Riviera and taking in the Cyclones-Highlanders game at 5PM.

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Generic viagra pay pal ……..Your New York Mets were winning 13 of their last 20 games. Generic viagra pay pal While you were worrying about what will happen in July, generic viagra pay pal the Mets have a winning record on the road so far this year going 10-9 and so far on this current road trip they are 3-1.

Generic viagra pay pal The Mets pitching staff has posted a team ERA under 3 (2.86) for the month so far, generic viagra pay pal led by a light’s out bullpen that is a baseball best 4-1 with a miniscule .052 ERA.

Generic viagra pay pal Frankie Rodriguez has converted his last 11 save opportunities  and Jason Isringhausen has been outstanding as the 8th inning set up man. Generic viagra pay pal With Pedro Beato, generic viagra pay pal the best reliever in the pen before he was injured and Bobby Parnell on the DL, generic viagra pay pal Taylor Buchholz and Ryota Igarashi have stepped up to fill the void. Generic viagra pay pal Spaceman Byrdak when allowed by Terry Collins, generic viagra pay pal has been doing his LOOGY thing holding left handed batters to a .231 average.

Generic viagra pay pal We know that Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have been carrying the offense of late (even before hi s injury Ike was slumping a bit) and that D-Wright and J-Bay have been in deep slumps (could last night ignite their bats ?) but look at the records of all the teams in MLB, generic viagra pay pal with the exception of the Phuck Phaces (I’m loving the resurgence of the Tribe but I’m not ready to put them on a level of the Phuck Phaces yet) there is no great team in baseball, generic viagra pay pal hell, generic viagra pay pal the overrated Highlanders are but 4 games over mediocrity.

Generic viagra pay pal So instead of obsessing on where to trade Jose Reyes, generic viagra pay pal Calros Beltran and David Wright, generic viagra pay pal maybe you should shut down Twitter for a night and enjoy your NY Mets. Generic viagra pay pal  I’m taking the pledge to stay off Twitter during Mets games as I’m starting to see the light that Josh Thole saw, generic viagra pay pal some of you folks make rooting for the Mets a fucking chore. Generic viagra pay pal The constant doom and gloom over every at bat is really tiring. Generic viagra pay pal Yes D-Wright has not been productive but  I urge you to read this post by James Kannengieser at Amazin’ Ave on Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) postion by position, generic viagra pay pal as tough a season as DW has had he still ranks 3rd in wOBA  among all 3rd basemen in MLB.

Generic viagra pay pal So instead of going  “you suck “ to “your great”  from one tweet to the next, generic viagra pay pal just sit back and enjoy this team and see how it plays out on the field instead of on Twitter.

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Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra Tonight my guest on This Call To The Bullpen Podcast on Blog Talk Radio is Matthew Silverman, problems with viagra author of “NEW YORK METS 50 AMAZIN’ SEASONS: The Complete Illustrated History (MVP Books) as well as the editor of Maple Street Press 2011 Mets Annual

Problems with viagra If you can’t join us live tonight, problems with viagra you can always hear the podcast right here at Kranepool Society (see ride side bar) at the showpage on Blog Talk Radio or download the podcast on iTunes

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Alternative doctor viagra I saw none of last nights Mets-Phillies game as I had a much better evening enjoying a night at the theater taking in the play LOMBARDI. Alternative doctor viagra If you are a football fan this is a must see show. Alternative doctor viagra If you are a fan of the theater this is a must see show. Alternative doctor viagra Dan Lauria looks like a clone of the great coach and Judith Light is outstanding as Marie Lombardi. Alternative doctor viagra Both should be up for Tony Awards for their performance.

Alternative doctor viagra After the show, alternative doctor viagra we strolled around 8th and 9th Avenue has it such a warm night and the bar’s and restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen were jam packed. Alternative doctor viagra Every joint has big screen TV’s and I swear every place we passed had the Highlanders-Red Sox game on. Alternative doctor viagra So the only word I had on the Mets-Philies game was that the Amazin’s bit the dust again for the sixth straight via a mobile phone alert, alternative doctor viagra so it wasn’t until this morning that I found out there was a bit of controversy in the game concerning Chase Utley aggressive/dirty slid into Ruben Tejada to try to break up a double play. Alternative doctor viagra Of course the Mets did a lot od staring and yapping from the dugout and after the game David Wright talk very softly on how that slide just wasn’t cricket and maybe the Mets should re-think their approach when it comes to sliding into the bases. Alternative doctor viagra Gee David ya think?

Alternative doctor viagra The Phillies love picking on the Mets for a couple of reasons, alternative doctor viagra they know that the Mets never retaliate and they know it drives the fan base nuts.

Alternative doctor viagra Was Utley’ slide dirty? It was late that’s for sure but there is always a thin line between hard aggressive base running and dirty base running, alternative doctor viagra it’s all in the eyes of the team getting run at.

Alternative doctor viagra It should make for an interesting game tonight as Jerry Manuel has kind of put his team on notice that they have to take it into their own hands on how they want to respond to Utley (as he is a short timer here) and Wright has stated the team needs to send a message.

Alternative doctor viagra The Mets have the right pitcher on the mound if they wish to rumble with the Phuck Phaces as Dillon Gee has proven he has his teammates backs in Buffalo.

Alternative doctor viagra So let’s see if this is just the Mets clucking and waving their feathers or if there really are a pair of cojones in those athletic supporters

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Herbal alternatives to viagra Jeff Francoeur, herbal alternatives to viagra “Frenchy” to his fans and teammates has always portrayed  himself as a man of the people, herbal alternatives to viagra a guy the MSM loves as he fills a notebook with great quotes, herbal alternatives to viagra and a teammate to die for. Herbal alternatives to viagra But in reality, herbal alternatives to viagra Francoeur is just another selfish guy whose true colors come out when times are tough.

Herbal alternatives to viagra Francoeur has made it known that if he is not going to play everyday as a Met then it would be best to have his fan mail forwarded to a new address. What a guy. Herbal alternatives to viagra Just as the team is reeling in a horrendous hitting slump and watching the season slip away, herbal alternatives to viagra “Frenchy” acts like a rat and wants to jump the sinking ship.

Herbal alternatives to viagra What makes this more of a story is the fact that some fans of the Amazin’s have killed Carlos Beltran for having the unmitigated gall to work his way back from a catastrophic knee injury and don a knee brace that reminds one of Joe Namath circa 1970 to make a contribution to the team with his bat an hopefully with his Gold Glove defense. Herbal alternatives to viagra The bat is still there but the range in center field is rusty, herbal alternatives to viagra no doubt but there are still some fans and a guy who gets paid to be on the radio who think that Beltran is the reason the Mets are losing because the precious team chemistry has been altered. Herbal alternatives to viagra The only one altering the chemistry here is their beloved Francoeur who is living up to his nickname by retreating when times are tough.

Herbal alternatives to viagra I wonder if the other General Patton on the team, herbal alternatives to viagra Alex Cora yelled at Jerry Manuel after his stand up act yesterday before the Mets-Dodgers game when Omar Minaya made his way into the Mets dugout to speak to the press:

Herbal alternatives to viagra Jerry Manuel sat on the bench in the visitors’ dugout at Dodger Stadium for five hot minutes Thursday afternoon, herbal alternatives to viagra when Omar Minaya entered from the stands. Herbal alternatives to viagra With cameras, herbal alternatives to viagra tape recorders and sun in his face, herbal alternatives to viagra the manager once again faced questions about job security.

Herbal alternatives to viagra Manuel flashed a broad grin and employed his favorite coping strategy, herbal alternatives to viagra humor.

Herbal alternatives to viagra “O, herbal alternatives to viagra what’s going on?” he yelled to the GM. Herbal alternatives to viagra “Did you say two-year extension?”

Herbal alternatives to viagra I’m pretty sure Fernando Nieve and Manny Acosta are the same person

Herbal alternatives to viagra My baseball season ended last night as my Babe Ruth team was eliminated from the play offs a win shy of reaching this weekends Championship Game. Herbal alternatives to viagra Last year we made to the Championship Game and came up short so this season not making it back to the final game is a disappointment. Herbal alternatives to viagra I have one more season with this team so hopefully next year we can take the title. Herbal alternatives to viagra So now it’s time to ice my old tired left arm that has thrown a lot of bating practice and put my fungo bat on the shelf for a few months. Herbal alternatives to viagra Now this frees me up for more trips to $iti Field and to clean out my garage. Herbal alternatives to viagra I don’t know which is worse.

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Buy viagra online It seems Highlander fans have selective memory. Buy viagra online Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Cyclones-Little Highlanders game at the Richmond County Bank Ball Park in the Land That Urban Development forgot A/K/A Downtown Staten Island. Buy viagra online Of course I was decked out in my Brooklyn attire because (a) the Cyclones are of course a Mets farm team and (b) I still consider myself from Brooklyn, buy viagra online I just happen to have a home in Staten Island and to tell you the truth I don’t know who Staten Islanders despise more Brooklynites who moved to the Island or Muslims but I digress. Buy viagra online As I went into the ball park the Highlanders were leading the Mets 4-0 after a Mark Teixeira Granny against the suddenly ordinary Johan Santana. Buy viagra online When the game ended the public address announcer comes on and asks for everyone’s attention. Buy viagra online Now I’m thinking that since it was getting very dark and windy, buy viagra online looking as if a huge thunderstorm was on the way he’ll anounnce that  all the folks out in the open seating area should prepare to go to the concourse in case of severe weather, buy viagra online no that wasn’t the announcement. Buy viagra online The big announcement was the Bronx Bastards beat the Mets 4-0 thus taking 2 of 3 from the Amazin’s.

Buy viagra online Now a Highlander fan next me looks over and says “Well, buy viagra online now we know who the best team in NY is” so I say “We do? The season series  is now tied at 3 wins apiece” Mr.  Doodle Dandy (in his JETER 2 shirt of course. Buy viagra online I swear to God, buy viagra online you can always tell the dumbest Highlander fan by what shirt the wear and it just seems like the biggest assholes wear JETER 2 shirts) looks at me and says “this is the only time they played each other this year” of course I say “Au contraire my simple minded friend, buy viagra online the Mets took 2 of 3 at Citi Field back in May” Then Mr. Buy viagra online Doodle Dandy gave me the line of the day, buy viagra online week, buy viagra online month, buy viagra online year, buy viagra online decade and I’d add the century:

Buy viagra online “I don’t pay that much attention to the team until October”    

Buy viagra online STUNNING!!!!!  

Buy viagra online By the way the SI Highlanders beat Backman’s Boys for the first time in this first three game series.

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