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Soft gel viagra WHEW!!!!!  Yesterday’s Mets-Rockies game is like trying to eat a Carnegie Deli sandwich, soft gel viagra where do you begin?

Soft gel viagra I’ll start with Johan Santana who has topped everyone’s expectations so far this season. Soft gel viagra  Santana relied on fastball/change up combo and I hate using this word, soft gel viagra battled. Soft gel viagra If you want to take Johan to task (I don’t know why you would) his walk rate 4.13 BB/9IP is high but as he progress through the season that should drop. Soft gel viagra  The main thing that separates Santana from Mark Prior and Chen Ming Wang, soft gel viagra the two pitchers who have had the same surgery as Santana, soft gel viagra is he is a superior pitcher than either two. Soft gel viagra Prior was more a thrower than a pitcher and Wang is a back of the rotation guy, soft gel viagra Santana is an anchor. Soft gel viagra Since his 1.1 IP performance in Atlanta on April 17 th, soft gel viagra his last two starts have been outstanding, soft gel viagra having  pitched 12.2 innings and given up 1 earned run dropping  his season ERA from 3.97 to 2.25. Soft gel viagra See how easy life is with a solid #1 pitcher.

Soft gel viagra Well somewhat easy I guess. Soft gel viagra I have no problem with Terry Collins pulling Santana after 6 innings in a start where Johan had thrown 105 pitches in his last start with an extra day rest. Soft gel viagra  So far the program the Mets have put together for Santana has been working so why get greedy, soft gel viagra besides with the exception of Frank Frisco, soft gel viagra the back end of the bullpen has been good. Soft gel viagra Now would I have gone with Miguel Batista in the 7th inning? No, soft gel viagra I’d have gone with Bobby Parnell, soft gel viagra but when I thought about why TC would go with Batista in that spot, soft gel viagra I thought it would be to show confidence in Batista after that awful start last Monday, soft gel viagra putting him a spot to succeed. Soft gel viagra Collins is the anti-Joe Girardi, soft gel viagra he’s more a feel and from the gut kind of manager, soft gel viagra he knows when a player needs a confidence boost and when a guy needs a day of reflection from the bench. Soft gel viagra Binders? Terry Collins doesn’t need no stinkin’ binders. Soft gel viagra Batista pitched a fine 7th inning and things were moving along nicely until………………

Soft gel viagra We could scream and yell about home plate ump Paul Emmel squeezing the strike zone on Jon Rauch especially on the Michael Cuddyer at bat (as per pitch f/x, soft gel viagra Rauch only hit the strike zone with a pitch once but look at the 4th and 5th pitch of the AB, soft gel viagra can we have some consistency please !)But the Carlos Gonzalez at bat was the at bat to look at. Soft gel viagra Rauch’ first pitch was a strike that was called a ball after that Rauch lost all control of the strike zone. Soft gel viagra Getting Cargo there would have left Fowler on first with 2 out but instead it’s 1 out runners on first and second with Troy Tulowitzki up. Soft gel viagra Rauch starts off with two straight strikes and then gets Tulo to hit the next pitch back to him for a 1-3 put out and it looked like Rauch was getting out of this jam until of course the Cuddyer base on balls and out goes an irate Jon Rauch and in comes Tim Byrdak to face Todd Helton with the bases loaded.

Soft gel viagra Just like that, soft gel viagra a slider that was middle in took away a stellar start by Santana, soft gel viagra a breakout game for Ike Davis, soft gel viagra the continued wonderment of Kirk Nieuwhenhuis, soft gel viagra the continued rejuvenation of David Wright and of course a 4 run lead, soft gel viagra went for naught as the ball of Helton’s climbed to the upper reaches of right field for a Grand Salami. Soft gel viagra Heads of Mets fans were hung, soft gel viagra obscenities were screamed, soft gel viagra scapegoats were being named, soft gel viagra jobs had to be terminated, soft gel viagra but this Mets team laughs at your lack of faith, soft gel viagra you think they packed all those cowboy clothes to wear to Houston for a loss, soft gel viagra HELL NO!!! This Mets team does not go quietly.

Soft gel viagra I guess it’s due to the Mets having had some bad managers the last few years from Art Howe, soft gel viagra the Admiral James Stockdale of baseball managers (Who am I ? Why am I here?) The insecure and overmatched Willie Randolph and the “is it payday”?  skipper Jerry Manuel , soft gel viagra we are still getting used to the passion of Terry Collins.

Soft gel viagra TC has learned a hard lesson in baseball, soft gel viagra his last three managerial stints ended very badly and he had to go back to baseball purgatory as a minor league coordinator to rebuild his resume. Soft gel viagra Give the man credit, soft gel viagra he could have left baseball, soft gel viagra gone to a 9 to 5 job and just be another working stiff, soft gel viagra instead he went back to the bushes and rebuilt his reputation as baseball man and worked on what were his short comings. Soft gel viagra  If it weren’t for the financial fallout from the Madoff mess, soft gel viagra Collins wouldn’t have gotten this shot. Soft gel viagra He got the job because he came cheap and this cheap investment is paying dividends.

Soft gel viagra Collins holds players accountable, soft gel viagra you know Ike Davis was mad to be pinch hit for and I’m sure he was livid to be out the lineup but he wasn’t producing and as TC said I have faith in my players but it’s about the team and it’s about winning. Soft gel viagra Since that time of his benching and with some work with hitting coach Dave Hudgins, soft gel viagra Ike has picked up his hands and maybe using his anger as a positive, soft gel viagra has started to look like the Ike we love. Soft gel viagra Give tons of credit to Ike for his two run single in the top of the 11th that proved to be the game winner but don’t forget the manager for instilling a mindset into this team that they are a good baseball team and to the other 24 players who refuse to give up.

Soft gel viagra  

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