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Viagra cheap canada Sometimes I just don’t get the anger that spews from what I hope is a minority of the Mets fan base. Viagra cheap canada Yes it sucked to lose three in the South Bronx this past weekend and yes the defense and the bullpen along with zero production from Ike Davis and Jason Bay when he’s healthy have led to a nasty slide, viagra cheap canada but has it gotten to the point where some of our Mets brethren have lost their ever lovin’ minds?

Viagra cheap canada If you took to Twitter yesterday and you are a follower of Jon Rauch you got to see the worst and thankfully the best in Mets fans. Viagra cheap canada  Some of the angry mob attacked Rauch in such a way that it made me blush, viagra cheap canada not an easy thing to do. Viagra cheap canada There were calls for Rauch to just go on the DL and never be heard from again and others who feel if it weren’t for him the Mets would be 1st place by a wide margin and there were some you called Rauch names in a screen that never in a million years would ever say to his face. Viagra cheap canada In fact I tweeted to Rauch that the same “fans” who say you suck and that you’re a big pussy are the same ones who hang out by the player’s entrance at Citi Field begging for your autograph. Viagra cheap canada  I know the club has lost a lot of games of late but have we all lost our minds as well?

Viagra cheap canada Jon Rauch will be the first to tell you he’s “pitching like horseshit” as he said after giving up the game winning HR to Russell Martin. Viagra cheap canada He gave no excuses and stood at his locker and showed his emotions on how it sucked for the team and him to give up that shot. Viagra cheap canada That kind of accountably had been lost in the Mets clubhouse but not anymore. Viagra cheap canada That’s a big step forward. Viagra cheap canada No one on this team hides in the trainer’s room after a loss, viagra cheap canada no one  says “no comment” to any question, viagra cheap canada which is why this is an easy Mets team to root for, viagra cheap canada they’re stand up guys.

Viagra cheap canada I’ve been called a sellout, viagra cheap canada a stooge and an apologist because the Mets have been gracious in allowing me and my fellow bloggers access to the players, viagra cheap canada if that’s what you think that’s fine by me. Viagra cheap canada I will gladly admit I have not posted many negative posts here as I’ve done in the past, viagra cheap canada that’s because I really like this team, viagra cheap canada the manager and the front office. Viagra cheap canada Before I was invited to such events at Citi Field, viagra cheap canada I advocated hiring Sandy Alderson to run the organization and when the Mets not only hired Alderson but got Paul DePodesta and J.P. Viagra cheap canada Riccardi on board it was in my opinion, viagra cheap canada one of the best days in Mets history. Viagra cheap canada I still feel that way.

Viagra cheap canada The only people who mock and can’t see the future of the Mets is on the upswing are the ignorant. Viagra cheap canada Those who refuse to see the good work that is going on in the minor league system and in the front office. Viagra cheap canada Of course there is plenty of work to be done, viagra cheap canada this team not only has to pitch and catch the ball better and they have to play smarter baseball as well, viagra cheap canada we know that, viagra cheap canada the team knows that.

Viagra cheap canada Believe me there have been Mets teams in the past like the Jeff Torborg and Art Howe led teams, viagra cheap canada and the end of the Willie Randolph era teams and the Jerry Manuel teams that I have despised. Viagra cheap canada  This team is the opposite of any of those lazy ass teams that embarrassed me as a Mets fans. Viagra cheap canada This year’s team has me rooting harder for the Mets than I have in a long time.

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Viagra without a prescription Has there ever been two groups so closely aligned but such poplar opposites like Mets fans and Mets management? The one thing both groups have in common is they both root for the Mets to win (as inept as ownership is they want to win, viagra without a prescription they don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish that but they want to win) and that’s where the similarities end.

Viagra without a prescription Mets fans are furious with the way this team has gone into the shitter on this past road trip. Viagra without a prescription If your fans are going to stay up until 1AM then goddamnit we want a win. Viagra without a prescription But with the anemic offense and the bumbling managerial tactics, viagra without a prescription this was one of the worst west cost trips ever for the Mets.

Viagra without a prescription When the team left Flushing after losing four of six games to the Reds and Braves, viagra without a prescription we figured the All-Star break would be a good tonic for the club to recharge and get rested for the second half before the start of an 11 game West Coast road trip. Viagra without a prescription I think we all felt if the Mets could go 6-5 on this trip that would be great. Viagra without a prescription The road has been a house of horrors for the team all year but this would be a test for the team and a good trip would solidify the Mets as a true contender in the NL. Viagra without a prescription Who knew that the 11 game trip would turn into Armageddon!  

Viagra without a prescription So from optimism, viagra without a prescription we Mets fans have turned into an angry mob, viagra without a prescription something we’ve gotten very good at the last couple of seasons, viagra without a prescription and we want a body. Viagra without a prescription Someone has to be sacrificed, viagra without a prescription but who?

Viagra without a prescription There’s talk of Howard Johnson getting either fired or reassigned in the organization. Viagra without a prescription HoJo is a Mets lifer but quite frankly firing HoJo is just window dressing. Viagra without a prescription In fact firing any of the coaches makes no sense as it’s not coaches’ fault this team can’t hit. Viagra without a prescription So that leaves the manager.

Viagra without a prescription If any coach gets the boot, viagra without a prescription and Jerry Manuel gets to stay on then that is just an insult to Mets fans and a good reason for them to keep their credit cards in their pocket and to stay off Mets.com to but tickets. Viagra without a prescription The news I would like to see today is Ken Oberkfell named as interim manager, viagra without a prescription then reassign HoJo to manage Buffalo and leave the rest of the staff intact.

Viagra without a prescription After the season, viagra without a prescription then it will be time for an organization wide colonic. Viagra without a prescription Reassign Omar Minaya to head of scouting, viagra without a prescription in fact give his a fancy title like Czar of Player Development and Scouting and make it like it’s a real important high fluent position that will shape the feature of the franchise and then go out find a GM who is not locked in the dark ages. Viagra without a prescription A guy who understands that statistical analysis is a must for success but can also meld that in with good old fashion boots on the ground scouting. Viagra without a prescription    

Viagra without a prescription Seems to me, viagra without a prescription Bobby Valentine is kind of forcing the Mets hand to make some sort of move by throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Lou Pinella in Chicago.  Most Mets fans are split between Bobby V and Wally Backman as to who they’d like see manage the Mets and with BV open politicking for the Cubs job he’s let it be known he’s more than ready for a high profile managing position.

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I still don’t know what to make of the sslllllllllowwwwwww cooking hot stove but all this idle time has me making up deals in my head. Generic viagra pay pal Some of course are ridiculous like how about Aaron Heilman for Luis Puljos? Or Gimp Castillo and prospects for Roy Halliday (I came up with those after I ate some odd looking mushrooms) but one I came up could fly at least in my simple mind:


Gimp Castillo, generic viagra pay pal Aaron Heilman, generic viagra pay pal Brian Schneider a prospect and money (half of Castillo’s ill gotten gains) to the San Fransisco Giants for Bengi Molina and Randy Winn. Generic viagra pay pal The Giants get a second baseman for half price, generic viagra pay pal plus a back end of rotation pitcher in Heilman and choice of a B level prospect (from a list the Mets provide) and they get relived of close to $15 mil in salary relief. Generic viagra pay pal  The Mets get a big upgrade at catcher plus a switch hitting bat for RF which in turn makes Ryan Church a bargaining chip for pitching.


Go ahead and flame away!


Saw these pics on Dom’ D’s Mets info laden site of Bailout Park. Generic viagra pay pal There is one shot of the bullpen that I hope is still under construction because I don’t see the Kevlar roof that will be needed to protect the relievers from the angry mob of Mets fans.


Mike Silva has a great post on his site on the 2nd base black hole and the lack of leadership that is needed on the Mets. Generic viagra pay pal When we think of leaders we always go with fiery types like guys Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter but sometimes leaders are guys like Eli Manning who is far from being a spitfire in the personality department but he has stepped up and become the leader of the New York Football Giants by stepping up his game and remaining clam when tough and tense times occur. Generic viagra pay pal It also helped him immensely that two of his biggest critics and the biggest wash women on the team Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey were gone from the team and in turn Manning flourished. Generic viagra pay pal That’s why I would have loved to see Omar deal off Carlos Delgado to get not only max return off his stellar half season but them maybe David Wright would feel more comfortable to exert his leadership to the team. Generic viagra pay pal There is a part of that feels a team with mostly younger players would be more beneficial to the Mets winning than having older players. Generic viagra pay pal Maybe it’s still the hangover from the Famous Rays season but I like watching young guys bust their ass day after day than old ones drag their saggy butts around all season.


The Angels look like they are gearing up to offer C C Sabathia a Johan Santana like contract. Generic viagra pay pal I really don’t care where Sabathia goes but as long as he doesn’t end up in the Bronx just watching Mike Francesa look like more of a horse’s ass than usual will be a great holiday gift.


How come no one talks about Nick Evans? Talk about a forgotten man. Generic viagra pay pal Another reason why I’d move Delgado as a platoon of Dan Murphy and Evans at first would be more than adequate and then if the Mets made my Giants deal you could keep Church and Winn together with Endy Chavez and Fernando Tatis leading a strong bench (Omar go get Willie Bloomquist please)


Check out Toby Hyde’s Mets Minor League Blog as he has a post on Tigers catcher James Skelton who could be available as a Rule 5 draftee. Generic viagra pay pal Skelton is very slight in built especially for a catcher (5’11” 165lbs) but he has a good batting eye and could be converted to a 2nd baseman a la Craig Biggio. Generic viagra pay pal It never ceases to amaze me how progressive thinking the Mets bloggers are compared to the organization which sometimes is stuck in the old time baseball mentality.


Do you think the message has sunk in to the Mets brain trust’ heads that there is no way on earth Mets fans want to see Gimp Castillo at 2nd base on opening day 2009?




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