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Alternate to viagra Sometimes I just don’t get the anger that spews from what I hope is a minority of the Mets fan base. Alternate to viagra Yes it sucked to lose three in the South Bronx this past weekend and yes the defense and the bullpen along with zero production from Ike Davis and Jason Bay when he’s healthy have led to a nasty slide, alternate to viagra but has it gotten to the point where some of our Mets brethren have lost their ever lovin’ minds?

Alternate to viagra If you took to Twitter yesterday and you are a follower of Jon Rauch you got to see the worst and thankfully the best in Mets fans. Alternate to viagra  Some of the angry mob attacked Rauch in such a way that it made me blush, alternate to viagra not an easy thing to do. Alternate to viagra There were calls for Rauch to just go on the DL and never be heard from again and others who feel if it weren’t for him the Mets would be 1st place by a wide margin and there were some you called Rauch names in a screen that never in a million years would ever say to his face. Alternate to viagra In fact I tweeted to Rauch that the same “fans” who say you suck and that you’re a big pussy are the same ones who hang out by the player’s entrance at Citi Field begging for your autograph. Alternate to viagra  I know the club has lost a lot of games of late but have we all lost our minds as well?

Alternate to viagra Jon Rauch will be the first to tell you he’s “pitching like horseshit” as he said after giving up the game winning HR to Russell Martin. Alternate to viagra He gave no excuses and stood at his locker and showed his emotions on how it sucked for the team and him to give up that shot. Alternate to viagra That kind of accountably had been lost in the Mets clubhouse but not anymore. Alternate to viagra That’s a big step forward. Alternate to viagra No one on this team hides in the trainer’s room after a loss, alternate to viagra no one  says “no comment” to any question, alternate to viagra which is why this is an easy Mets team to root for, alternate to viagra they’re stand up guys.

Alternate to viagra I’ve been called a sellout, alternate to viagra a stooge and an apologist because the Mets have been gracious in allowing me and my fellow bloggers access to the players, alternate to viagra if that’s what you think that’s fine by me. Alternate to viagra I will gladly admit I have not posted many negative posts here as I’ve done in the past, alternate to viagra that’s because I really like this team, alternate to viagra the manager and the front office. Alternate to viagra Before I was invited to such events at Citi Field, alternate to viagra I advocated hiring Sandy Alderson to run the organization and when the Mets not only hired Alderson but got Paul DePodesta and J.P. Alternate to viagra Riccardi on board it was in my opinion, alternate to viagra one of the best days in Mets history. Alternate to viagra I still feel that way.

Alternate to viagra The only people who mock and can’t see the future of the Mets is on the upswing are the ignorant. Alternate to viagra Those who refuse to see the good work that is going on in the minor league system and in the front office. Alternate to viagra Of course there is plenty of work to be done, alternate to viagra this team not only has to pitch and catch the ball better and they have to play smarter baseball as well, alternate to viagra we know that, alternate to viagra the team knows that.

Alternate to viagra Believe me there have been Mets teams in the past like the Jeff Torborg and Art Howe led teams, alternate to viagra and the end of the Willie Randolph era teams and the Jerry Manuel teams that I have despised. Alternate to viagra  This team is the opposite of any of those lazy ass teams that embarrassed me as a Mets fans. Alternate to viagra This year’s team has me rooting harder for the Mets than I have in a long time.

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Generic viagra free shipping Tomorrow at Citi Field there will be a press conference to announce plans for the New York Mets 50th Anniversary celebration. Generic viagra free shipping There will be special days to commemorate past Mets players and moments in Mets history. Generic viagra free shipping The big news however is the 2012 Mets will look like Mets, generic viagra free shipping dressed predominantly in blue and orange.

Generic viagra free shipping Of course this is a blue and orange letter day for The Mets Police who has fought the good fight for a years to bring back the traditional Mets home and road unis , generic viagra free shipping even going as far to concede the use of the dreaded black tops on a limited basis to get the organization to stay strictly blue and orange. Generic viagra free shipping  

Generic viagra free shipping The Mets have gotten the message as the black tops and hopefully the black and the garish black and blue caps will be relics of the past.

Generic viagra free shipping More about this tomorrow as I’ve been invited along with other Mets bloggers to attend the presser to get a firsthand look at the new/old uni’s. Generic viagra free shipping    

Generic viagra free shipping I have been called a “Sandy Alderson apologist” by some but I have to hang my Mets cap on to something positive and Alderson’ track record says he can be successful with limited funding and his way of doing business, generic viagra free shipping building the farm system and implementing a regiment throughout the Mets minor league system is exactly what I believe in. Generic viagra free shipping Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus writes about the Alderson honeymoon today at The Real Dirty Mets and how some Mets fans want a miracle but what is needed is patience.

Generic viagra free shipping If the balmy temperature’s here in NYC don’t have you thinking baseball, generic viagra free shipping how about the release of the Mets 2012 spring training schedule then. Generic viagra free shipping  There is a bit of a twist for next spring as the Mets and Bronx Bastards will meet at the end of the exhibition season. Generic viagra free shipping The Mets and Highlanders used to meet regularly during spring but once Dave Kingman blasted two home runs off Catfish Hunter in a televised game back to NYC in March of 1975 (big build up for this one as it was Tom Seaver vs. Generic viagra free shipping Hunter who had signed the biggest free agent contract in baseball over the winter, generic viagra free shipping New Years Day to be exact) Big Baby George said he had enough of the Mets. Generic viagra free shipping See the Mets used to rule the NYC baseball world.

Generic viagra free shipping Oh, generic viagra free shipping and mark Wednesday March 7th on your calendar as that’s the day the Mets face ex-teammate Jose Reyes and his Flamboyant Fish for the first time in Jupiter.

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