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Viagra dose Mets news? What Mets news? This is what happens during the MLB post season as the Commissioner’s office like for it teams not participating in the post season to lay low on news of their own. Viagra dose Sure it looks like the Cleveland Indians get a pass by hiring Terry Francona as their manger and knowing the kinship the Skill Sets have with The Used Car Salesman they have carte blanch as well. Viagra dose But with the Skill Sets looking to re-finance their massive debt of the team via its 65 % share of SNY we will have to wait a while to see if David Wright will be a Met for at least then next 6 years and if R.A. Viagra dose Dickey will receive his Cy Young Award as a NY Met as well.

Viagra dose So until then here are some random observations:

Viagra dose After listening to Sandy Alderson on with Mike Francesa earlier this week, viagra dose it safe to say that Alderson is looking to add power, viagra dose power and more power to his lineup. Viagra dose I would love to see him swing a deal with Toronto to add C J.P. Viagra dose Arencibia and CF Colby Rasmus to the Mets. Viagra dose I bet the price wouldn’t be that prohibitive to get both. Viagra dose  You fill two big holes with both players and I bet it wouldn’t take Jon Niese to get them either. Viagra dose Maybe Mejia, viagra dose Familia and Duda ?

Viagra dose I’m pretty bummed that the two teams I’ve wanted to make it to the World Series, viagra dose the Oakland A’s and SF Giants are both in big time trouble in a 2-0 hole in both their series. Viagra dose  Got to tip your Mets cap to the Reds for bouncing back after their Ace Johnny Cueto came out of game one with back spasms after one hitter. Viagra dose  Reliever Sam LeCure stepped up big time with a 1.2 relief stint that allowed Matt Laos to get up and warmed up to go 4 solid innings as to not tax the Reds relief corps. Viagra dose This is what I mean about teams like the Mets who accept failure and teams like the Reds that do what it takes to win.

Viagra dose I can’t believe some folks are still talking about the infield fly rule call in the Braves-Cards knockout game. Viagra dose The Braves are using Sam Holbrook’s bad judgment as a crutch for dropping this game. Viagra dose Did Holbrook make the wrong call? No. Viagra dose Did he stretch the interpretation of the infield fly rule? Yes. Viagra dose The infield fly rule is all about the umpire’s judgment and in Holbrooks judgment as bad as it may have been, viagra dose Cards shortstop Pete Kozma was able to get in position to make a routine play on the fly ball hit by Anderlin Simons. Viagra dose The rule is in place to protect the runner from deception of a fielder dropping a routine fly ball in an attempt to get a double play, viagra dose as the rule states batter is out, viagra dose runners advance at their own risk. Viagra dose In the Braves case the runners Dan Uggla on 2nd and David Ross on 1st both advanced at that risk as the ball dropped between Kozma and LF’er Matt Holliday. Viagra dose So the Cardinals got the worst end of the play, viagra dose not the Braves. Viagra dose  By the way once the infield fly rule is called it doesn’t matter which fielder makes the catch so again it would have been a more favorable outcome for the Cardinals if Matt Holliday made the catch since he was coming in on the ball which would have prevented Uggla from advancing to 3rd base. Viagra dose I love baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra dose This kills me but I have to give the Highlanders and C.C. Viagra dose Sabathia their due this morning. Viagra dose Sabathia put on a clinic on how to pound the ball low in the strike zone.

Viagra dose  

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