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Buy viagra Remember back about a month ago when the Mets were proving the critics wrong by playing hard nose balls to the wall baseball that translated into winning games and had the beaten down fan base thinking of crisp cool evenings in October at Citi Field ? What happen?
It’s hard to pinpoint but this Mets team that looked to be tougher and more resilient that in the past has lost its mojo. Buy viagra Or has it? Are the Mets like water and have found their level?
The level of frustration with the Mets is not just relegated to the fan base. Buy viagra The more I see Ron Darling on SNY the more frustration with this team I see. Buy viagra Keith Hernandez is almost there but Darling, buy viagra he’s arrived. Buy viagra It started with watching the Mets relievers just kill the enthusiasm of the season with poor performance and poor performance. Buy viagra It intensified when Andres Torres with a chance to pay back Roger Bernadina for spiking Ruben Tejada bailed out, buy viagra a play Darling called Torres out on and a few days later was still pissed about the nonpayment by Torres.
My frustration is with Terry Collins and his nightly “we have to give Jason Bay at bats to get him going” Terry, buy viagra Please stop! My leg is full of piss! I don’t know whose call it is that Bay stays in the lineup, buy viagra but someone in authority has to say stop already, buy viagra and I’ll tell you this, buy viagra Bay has not gotten anything close to venom spewed on Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez by the Mets fan base. Buy viagra What he gets booed? Big deal! Yes, buy viagra I know Bay is a swell guy and is loved by all who meet him, buy viagra and I’m not advocating the fan base go all asshole on him but I’m just pointing out the criticism of Bay is tame to what other non-performers in Flushing have endured.
Ike Davis knocks three baseballs out of the park and the Mets still loses. Buy viagra I’m speechless!

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Viagra 50 mg I would think by now every player on the Mets has gotten the message, viagra 50 mg you can be replaced, viagra 50 mg to that I say, viagra 50 mg it’s about time.

Viagra 50 mg I know there is a segment of the fan base who get their balls in a uproar when they hear of their favorite player mentioned in trade rumors and we can see by the group whose pissed off that Jose Reyes is now a former Met, viagra 50 mg  who will miss Reyes by the way not for his baseball prowess but because they love his dreads or he helps them sell t-shirts and don’t have the capacity to look at it as solely the baseball move that it was. Viagra 50 mg It’s the same way some have reacted to the scuttlebutt that Ike Davis and Jon Niese have been dangled as trade bait. Viagra 50 mg I know it’s been awhile since the Mets have had a true general manager running their team but I’ll let you kids in on a secret this is how you run a baseball team.

Viagra 50 mg Now before you call me an asshole (if you haven’t already) let me make it clear that I am not advocating that Ike and Niese be dealt but as a Mets fan you should be encouraged that Sandy Alderson is doing his job in trying to build this wreck of a franchise into a contending team for the long haul.

Viagra 50 mg I get it that the Mets fan base is quite diverse but you can’t keep sucking year after year and keep players just because they were drafted by the organization or have nice dimples you need players who can actually step up and win some baseball games. Viagra 50 mg Give me a flat ass, viagra 50 mg pimple face baseball player who can get on base, viagra 50 mg knock in runs or pitch seven innings a start any day of the week.

Viagra 50 mg It’s quite obvious that Alderson feels there is not one player on his current roster he cannot live without and as a fan of the TEAM that should make you happy. Viagra 50 mg When Alderson was first introduced as Mets GM he was asked about relationships with players, viagra 50 mg he let it known from the jump that he’s not here to be their friend but he would do whatever he could to help them if they needed his assistance.

Viagra 50 mg I’m sure Alderson thinks David Wright is as fine a young man as he’s met in baseball but that won’t stop him for dealing him away for a front line pitching prospect or a top flight center fielder. Viagra 50 mg  It’s not personal its business.

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Ladies viagra I’m sure by now most of you have either heard or read the attack article by T.J. Ladies viagra Simmers of the LA Times about Marcus Thames. There have been a whole lot of opinions on how Simmers went after Thames with the nastiest of attitudes, ladies viagra basically calling Thames are no talent bum and also calling out Don Matingly as being clueless on how to manage a big league team. Ladies viagra If you have ever read Simmers columns before this one, ladies viagra you know he plays the Angry Old White Guy perfectly and he takes pride in being an asshole. Ladies viagra  As much of an asshole as Simmers may be, ladies viagra I have to give him credit for being an accountable asshole.

Ladies viagra Everything Simmers said about Thames and Matingly he said to their faces and both knew it doesn’t pay to argue with and asshole, ladies viagra especially an Angry Old White Asshole but again he wrote what he wrote and walked into the Dodger Clubhouse the next day to face the men he besmirched. Ladies viagra Got give him credit for that.

Ladies viagra Yesterday on Twitter, ladies viagra I got into a bit of a “Tweet debate” with Evan Roberts of WFAN. Ladies viagra Roberts sent out this Tweet that I felt made him look like an ignoramus:

Ladies viagra “ I’m certainly not a booer, ladies viagra but the guy I will be first to get on if he doesn’t perform would be Jason Bay…”

Ladies viagra My response to Roberts was:

Ladies viagra “why would you boo Bay? by the way have you ever been in a pro clubhouse or locker room to interview players?”

Ladies viagra The reason for the second part of my question was, ladies viagra Roberts and his partner Joe Benigno love to rip players, ladies viagra managers/coaches , ladies viagra GM’s and owners on the air, ladies viagra which is fine but I never remember either of them ever saying they have been in a locker room or clubhouse of the area teams to confront the folks they’ve blasted. Ladies viagra I felt the statement that Roberts made was unbelievably stupid.

Ladies viagra The Tweets went back and forth with Roberts refusing to answer my question of facing the guys he criticizes but when he finally answered, ladies viagra I felt bad for him:

Ladies viagra   @kranepool You think higher of me and my co workers then I do…most of these players don’t know or care who I am.. Ladies viagra   

Ladies viagra My Tweet before that was about Roberts doing a mid morning show on a 50K watt NYC radio station, ladies viagra and doesn’t think the players know who he is? I call bullshit. Ladies viagra I think Roberts is either scared or intimidated by the folks he goes after. Ladies viagra  Roberts loves to tell listeners that he buys his own tickets to Mets and Nets games and would rather watch the game in the stands than in a press box. Ladies viagra Nothing wrong with that. Ladies viagra But why not go into the clubhouse after a game and talk to the players or manager/coaches about the game or team’s performance? If Roberts put as much time and effort into his craft as he did in his Twitter baseball games, ladies viagra maybe the players would know who he is.

Ladies viagra I think the reason I was so stunned by Roberts’ comments is the fact that the Mets have been gracious in granting Mets bloggers access to players, ladies viagra Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and I’m not going to lie any time I can talk to someone affiliated with the Mets, ladies viagra I jump at it.

Ladies viagra I’m very critical of the ownership of the Mets but believe me I would love to sit down with Fred, ladies viagra Jeff and Dave Howard for an interview. Ladies viagra  If they wanted to rip me for sucky writing and poor grammar that would be fine with me, ladies viagra hell they could tell me to hit the gym and drop a few pounds, ladies viagra I’d be glad to take it because if you dish it out, ladies viagra you have to take it, ladies viagra but seriously a sit down between myself and management would allow them to see where I’m coming from as a long time Mets fan who just wants to see the team he roots for given more respect, ladies viagra  work on building a winner, ladies viagra and treating the Mets fans better that they do. Ladies viagra  No screaming or yelling just conversation and debate. Ladies viagra  I can act like adult when I have to.

Ladies viagra I all come back to accountability, ladies viagra I stand by whatever I write and I have no problem going into the clubhouse and talking to whoever I have a beef with.

Ladies viagra How the media tide has turned, ladies viagra it’s the bloggers now who are now the most responsible reporters of news.

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Viagra use I’m sitting today out and not because the NY Football Giants offered up one of the great choke jobs of all time, viagra use no it’s due to a head cold that has inflamed my sinus to the point I feel like I got cracked in the face with a Louisville Slugger.

Viagra use I have never been a Tom Coughlin fan and even if the Giants win another Super Bowl with him as HC I still won’t be a fan, viagra use the guy just comes off as a hard ass jerk. Viagra use That was evident after he berated punter Matt Dodge after Dodge didn’t follow orders and punt the ball out of bounds. Viagra use  Look, viagra use I’d cut Dodge today as he’s very inconsistent and he suffers from the yips too many times to be a pro athlete and if Coughlin wants to rip him a new asshole that’s fine by me, viagra use but do it in the clubhouse and don’t show up at your post game presser and take all the blame and then throw your punter under the bus. Viagra use  How about alerting your kick off team to the possibility of an on side kick? How about not dropping Justin Tuck into coverage? How about not abandoning the aggressive defensive style that had you dominating the game by going into a turtle defense (a/k/a Prevent D)

Viagra use As bad as that loss was, viagra use it couldn’t ruin my evening as I had a great dinner and saw a tremendous show last night. My kids claim that from singing and dancing in the aisles is why I’m sick today, viagra use as I’ve heard all morning that “I’m not a kid anymore” Thanks but I know what my birth certificate says, viagra use but in my heart I’m still 17 years old.

Viagra use I’m out time for sinus meds and a nap

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Cheap generic overnight viagra I for one, cheap generic overnight viagra can not get enough of reading about Gil Hodges and after reading Taryn Cooper’ (a/k/a The COOP) posting on Mets Merized Online, cheap generic overnight viagra It gave me time to reflect on this great player, cheap generic overnight viagra manager and man.

Cheap generic overnight viagra   I always point to the death of Hodges on April 2, cheap generic overnight viagra  1972 as one of the two darkest days (the other was June 15, cheap generic overnight viagra 1977 and is you don’t know what happened on that date you are reading the wrong blog asshole) and the day the promise of the Mets organization died.

Cheap generic overnight viagra I also remember as an 8 year old Mets fan/Brooklyn gutter snipe, cheap generic overnight viagra going to Hodges wake with my firends and our dads. Cheap generic overnight viagra We wore our baseball uniforms and walked past the resting Hodges and just cried like it was a family member, cheap generic overnight viagra HELL he was a family member.

Cheap generic overnight viagra As Mets fans we bask in the fact that Hodges was not just the man that led the Mets from misfits to champions but he was also one of us, cheap generic overnight viagra as he lived with his born and bred  Brooklynite wife Joan in Mill Basin, cheap generic overnight viagra It’s a shame that Mets ownership doesn’t put together a campaign to get Gil Hodges into Cooperstown where he belongs.

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Cialis and diarrhea I work in a satellite office of the Agency I work for so when the big brass come for a visit it’s not to see if we have enough Deer Park for our water cooler no, cialis and diarrhea it’s usually for something we fucked up because when you do something right, cialis and diarrhea it never gets acknowledged, cialis and diarrhea but when they do come a callin’ they always bring coffee and donuts. Cialis and diarrhea It kind of softens the blow of getting our ass reamed out. Cialis and diarrhea Yesterday the Mets Brass led by the biggest Ass decided to go to Atlanta to tear the manger, cialis and diarrhea coaches and players a new asshole but not only did those folks mentioned leave with their rectums intact, cialis and diarrhea the cheap fuck Jeffey didn’t even bring donuts.

Cialis and diarrhea Speculation ran rampant through the Land of Blue and Orange that Jerry Manuel, cialis and diarrhea HoJo and Old School Werthen were ready to get pink slipped because why else would the Little Shithead make a trip down South right. Cialis and diarrhea Well, cialis and diarrhea not only did no one lose their job, cialis and diarrhea the manager displayed what he thinks of the owner and baseball ops when he came out of his office after the 90 minute meeting and was as asked if he still had a job by replying “I still got my uniform on right” and then gave that laugh that only J-Man can. Cialis and diarrhea Right there an owner with balls would have said to take the fucking uni off and go home.

Cialis and diarrhea Not only that, cialis and diarrhea Jeffey Skill Sets didn’t even address the team. Cialis and diarrhea It seem most players either didn’t know or care that the owner, cialis and diarrhea the GM and Asst’ GM (John Rico) were in the house. Cialis and diarrhea It would have made a huge statement if Jeffey called Oliver Perez out in the clubhouse and handed him his unconditional release and then look a GMJ and tell him “Oh and here is one for you too” and then give Jeff Francouer a look and say “you’re lucky that F-Mart kid is made of paper mache or I’d have one for you too” but again that would take a man with balls, cialis and diarrhea with conviction, cialis and diarrhea with leadership three things non-existent in the Mets organization. Cialis and diarrhea By the way, cialis and diarrhea good seats still available for this weekends Subway Series at $iti Field

Cialis and diarrhea One good thing came out the pow-wow was sending Jenry Mejia down to the minors to stretch out his arm to join the starting rotation sometime this summer. Cialis and diarrhea Another experiment gone wrong.

Cialis and diarrhea Want a job at WFAN ? Requirments are you must have absolutely no knowledge of sports. Cialis and diarrhea Last night on Twitter, cialis and diarrhea Sal Licatta, cialis and diarrhea who’s job it is to fetch Mike Francesa his Diet Cokes, cialis and diarrhea Tweeted that the Mets and Highlanders should make a deal, cialis and diarrhea the Mets send Vitamin Pedro to the Bronx for Ramiro Pena. Cialis and diarrhea This caused quite the shitstorm as Mets fans gave Licatta a verbal beat down, cialis and diarrhea and unlike his Pompus Ass Boss, cialis and diarrhea Licatta could not hand wave them away. Cialis and diarrhea Stick to being Francesa’ toady Sal.

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Cialis dosage Larry Jones needs to shut the fuck up, cialis dosage Beltran was safe at 3rd. Finally the Mets get a call in their favor from these inept umpires, cialis dosage and I don’t give a rats ass what Larry thinks of $iti Field and how he misses Shea what I’d like to see is a Mets pitcher nail him in the ribs with a fastball. Cialis dosage I am so sick and tired of the fawning over of Larry Jones.

Cialis dosage Can we just put Carlos Delgado on the DL already? what are the Mets waiting for? They’ve played three games now with a short bench, cialis dosage Delgado’s hip is still sore and won’t get better without rest. Cialis dosage Please let’s not make him fly cross country and then DL him.

Cialis dosage Great not only are the Mets wearing there miserable black unit tops but the Braves have decided to wear their Midnight Blue tops. Cialis dosage Fucking stupid!

Cialis dosage I guess Jose Reyes admitting that me made an awful base running blunder last night is progress.

Cialis dosage Can’t kill J-Man on taking Big Pelf out in the 7th. He was in a zone and pitching great but the Mets have to be careful of over using him.

Cialis dosage I don’t know what is higher on the douchebag meter the streaker or the asshole taking the video screaming “that’s my boy, cialis dosage that’s my boy” I will say nothing is as funny as over weight security guards risking a heart attack chasing a guy on the field

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Buy viagra online Due to a rap concert after the game Saturday, buy viagra online the Marlins decided for some reason to start that nights game at 6PM instead of 7PM why? Beats the shit out of me as I’m sure the Gang Bangers that want to hear Flo-Rida rap out “LOW” (luv them Apple Bottom Jeans girlfriend) don’t mind staying up a little later on a Saturday night so if I’m going rip anyone a new asshole over this it’s has to be the Florida Marlins  and that little stooge David Samson.

Buy viagra online I won’t let the Skill Sets off easy either as they should be using their muscle in getting the Used Car Salesman to force the Fish into changing the time of the game.

Buy viagra online I’d kill FOX but that’s a lost cause as any company that thinks having Doofus Joe Buck and Tim Mc Fullofshit as it’s lead team is beyond help

Buy viagra online You know what makes this even worse, buy viagra online and you all know I’m right, buy viagra online this would never ever happen to the team in the Bronx. Buy viagra online I’m no fan of the Bronx Robber Baron but he would have put a foot up someones ass over this.

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Generic viagra in mexico While the Phil-A-Nista’s are busy (thank God I had some old VHS ofThe Mike Douglas Show) They are still waiting for Jeffy Skill Sets to call back. Generic viagra in mexico I heard them say he laughed at them about the demand and muttered something that sounded like “good for that asshole” but he said he’d speak to his Uncle Saul who is a big fan of mine (thank you Uncle Saul Katz!) What the fuck is that smell? Oh dear God they’re cooking scrapple.

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Professional cialis online  

Professional cialis online

Professional cialis online  

Professional cialis online If  you’ve been a reader of this site for awhile you know there are not many words that bother me, professional cialis online I mean com’on there just words, professional cialis online what the fuck? right. Professional cialis online But for some reason when someone calls another person a “cancer” it sends my blood pressure to the god damn roof. Professional cialis online So when I saw the story today that Johnathon Papelbon said that Manny Ramirez was a “cancer that had to be cut out”  I just found it so offensive. Professional cialis online Believe me I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but to me you have got to have a lot of hate for someone to call them a cancer.

Professional cialis online I know what Manny did to the Red Sox last year was awful and yes he did quit on them and that is reprehensible. Professional cialis online But if you’re going to attack a guy why use the term cancer when a a simple asshole will do.

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