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Female viagra response The “paid” attendance for last night’s Mets-Padres game was 39, female viagra response589. Female viagra response Many of those who paid to attend the game for one reason or another did not “attend” the game. Female viagra response In fact I’d say between 13, female viagra response 000 to 14, female viagra response000 of the paid folks found something to do other than attend a baseball game they “paid” to attend. Female viagra response If you are one of those paid attendees who didn’t bother showing up last night, female viagra response can you let me know what big event was so great that you passed on this game?

Female viagra response I knew this would not be a well-attended game since tickets were discounted 50%  but when I arrived at Citi Field parking lot that was so sparse I wondered if an inexperienced airline pilot might mistake the lot for a LaGuardia runway? This was a 6PM as well. Female viagra response There were no lines to enter the ball park and as I headed to the Promenade I saw many of the concession stands closed. Female viagra response That’s not good in September, female viagra response but it’s downright depressing to see in August. Female viagra response  The Shake Shack though still had a huge snaking line, female viagra response I get the feeling they could open Citi Field in the middle of a winter snowstorm and there would be a line at the Shake Shack.

Female viagra response I never tell people how to spend their money but if you’re a Mets fan and can afford the time and money (50 % off tickets has to be an incentive) why not go out to the ball park and watch this team?

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Index                                                             MEMORANDUM


Index Organizational Meeting

Index Location: Manager Manuel’ Office

Index Attendees: Jeff Wilpon, index Omar Minaya Jerry Manuel, index Dan Warthen, index Johan Santana, index

Index Time: ASAP

Index Subject– Time to get on the same fucking page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Index Sometimes I wish I weren’t a Mets fan so I could sit back like the rest of baseball get get a good laugh at this organization. Index Here we have arguably the best pitcher in baseball someone the Mets have a huge investment in monetarily and emotionally and everyone from the top of the Skill Sets to Omar to the coaches/manger to the players really need to get their shit together as it pertains his Santana’ left elbow.

Index Old School Wathern says no go for opening day. Index Santana says he still on track to pitch the opener in Cincy. Index The Mets are sending Santana to NYC for an MRI. Index The Mets are NOT sending Santana to NYC for an MRI. Index The only constant in this whole mess is the churning in Mets fans stomachs waiting for the report that Santana is headed to Birmingham to see Dr. Index Andrews.

Index How fucking hard is it to take Santana to a doctor in St. Index Lonesome or some where in the vicinity to get his elbow in an MRI machine? Sometimes I get the feeling that St Lonesome is a more remote area than any used on the TV show Survivor.

Index Stop letting Santana dictate what goes on around here, index if his elbow hurts get it checked out how god damn hard is this to do.

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