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Which is better viagra cialis Yesterday was a triple header day of baseball for me.  First my Babe Ruth League played a double header, which is better viagra cialis yes that’s right a DOUBLE HEADER during a heat wave. Which is better viagra cialis We started at 8:30 AM and we finished up at 1PM winning the first game 7-6 and playing the second game to a 4-4 tie that was called due the heat after 7 innings the regulation amount of innings for Babe Ruth baseball. Which is better viagra cialis After a nice cool shower and lounging in air conditioning while watching the Highlanders-A’s contest from the Bronx (I muted the TV as it was Michael Kay and Paul O’Neil  doing the game and radio for Highlander games is not a option and besides I think I have a pretty good handle on the game of baseball that I really don’t need to hear the commentators unless of course it’s our own GK & R) I headed to St George for the SI Highlanders v. Which is better viagra cialis Tri City Cats of the Houston Astro organization. Which is better viagra cialis It was Boy Scout night so this was more a social call than an actual sitting and critiquing a baseball game .

Which is better viagra cialis So even with that I still woke up early enough to watch a replay of last nights Mets-Fish game . Which is better viagra cialis I think it safe to say Terry Collins went a bit to far with Chris Capuano. Which is better viagra cialis It looks like once you get to the third time around the lineup for Capuano, which is better viagra cialis he falls apart. Which is better viagra cialis It will be interesting to see how Collins handles Cap in his next start as he he gets to the third at bats in the opposing line up.

Which is better viagra cialis Jason Bay looks like a boxer who looks toward his corner during a fight he knows he doesn’t want any more of. Which is better viagra cialis It’s like he wants Terry Collins to throw the towel on the field to end his season of futility. Which is better viagra cialis Making things worse for Bay is Lucas Duda is on fire and really needs to get into the lineup.

Which is better viagra cialis Maybe all this farewell to Beltran is a bit premature. Which is better viagra cialis What if Alderson doesn’t like the prospects offered to him for trade and says “Fuck it” and keeps Beltran for the rest of the season? Who you be surprised?

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Viagra uk purchase After coming home from a long weekend I found out that one of the people killed in that crash in New Jersey played baseball for me for two seasons and competed against me in  Staten Island Little League for eight years.

Viagra uk purchase Eric Colligan 15, viagra uk purchase was killed in the early morning of July 4th as he and his friends and his friends family were returning home from Atlantic City. Viagra uk purchase Eric played baseball and football for McKee/SI Tech. Viagra uk purchase He was also the ace pitcher/3rd baseman and cleanup hitter for my Babe Ruth League team up until this season. Viagra uk purchase The only reason he didn’t play for us this season is due to his football career was really taking off and he couldn’t commit to baseball due to football camp.

Viagra uk purchase I’m at a loss for words here, viagra uk purchase this was one terrific young man and to be taken at the age of 15 is just staggering to me. Viagra uk purchase As much as I wanted to write about some Mets stuff today especially about Jason Bay, viagra uk purchase it all means nothing to me right now.

Viagra uk purchase My heartfelt condolences to Eric’s family for their tragic loss

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Canada viagra generic Last night I had the privilege to be invited to a Mets bloggers conference call with New York Mets V.P. Canada viagra generic of Player Development and Amateur Scouting, canada viagra generic Paul DePodesta. Canada viagra generic The conference call was to start at 6:30PM and the problem I had was I had a game at that time with my Babe Ruth League team. Canada viagra generic Thankfully I have a great bench coach to run the dugout and make moves and one of the parents who is a coach as well helped out while I headed to the car to call in on the conference call, canada viagra generic by the way, canada viagra generic we won 5-4 to keep our first place lead at two games. Canada viagra generic  

Canada viagra generic When I do one of these calls I always like to write down about 5 or 6 questions just in case someone asks a similar question. Canada viagra generic For this call I had 8 questions for DePodesta, canada viagra generic but when it came to my turn I decided to go with this:

Canada viagra generic “Looking at the recent draft, canada viagra generic the breakdown of picks was nearly even between pitchers and position players. Canada viagra generic Was that the plan going into the draft? Looking at the complete draft, canada viagra generic it seemed like there were clusters of picks that went especially towards pitching. Canada viagra generic Was this done because they were the best pick available at that time, canada viagra generic or was this something that was planned ahead — targeting pitching especially towards the middle and late rounds of the draft?”

Canada viagra generic DePo’s response was:

Canada viagra generic “To answer the first question about the 50/50 split — to be honest I didn’t even know that, canada viagra generic so that wasn’t necessarily our plan going in. Canada viagra generic I think that’s generally how it falls, canada viagra generic even with our rosters. Canada viagra generic Most of our minor league clubs are going to be about 50/50 between pitchers and position players. Canada viagra generic In terms of clustering some of the picks around a certain position or around pitching, canada viagra generic that certainly was planned. Canada viagra generic We felt there was a particular depth – an unusual depth – of pitching in this year’s draft. Canada viagra generic There were some moments where we wanted to take position players, canada viagra generic where we felt like if we were going to get the position player we wanted we needed to take them now. Canada viagra generic And after that we felt there was going to be a pool of pitching to choose from. Canada viagra generic We attacked that pool aggressively and when that pool was exhausted we re-evaluated where we were and went back to some position players. Canada viagra generic One of the things you’ll probably see is that rounds two through five were all college pitching. Canada viagra generic Once we got to round ten it was mainly high school pitching. Canada viagra generic That was certainly a calculated decision made before the draft.”

Canada viagra generic The one thing you read about this past entry draft was it that it was deep in pitching and the Mets took advantage of that depth.

Canada viagra generic I was going to ask about how the negotiations were going with Brandon Nimmo and if we will see Michael Fulmer, canada viagra generic Cory Mazzoni or Jack Leathersich on the MCU Park mound this summer. Canada viagra generic I really wanted to ask if the team has thought about hiring Rick Peterson as a system wide pitching czar using Peterson’s expertise in the physics of pitching and his working relationship with Dr. Canada viagra generic Glenn Fleisig of American Sports Medicine Institute. Canada viagra generic To me this is a perfect match since Peterson, canada viagra generic Sandy Alderson and DePodesta all have a working relationship going back to their Oakland days.

Canada viagra generic I’m pretty sure I can speak for all the Mets bloggers who have been invited to these conference calls and to the events at Citi Field that we have gotten more insight into how this organization operates and are thank full for the opportunities the Mets have given us. Canada viagra generic The new front office has a great deal of respect for us and for the Mets fans and they seem to enjoy these conference calls as much as we do.

Canada viagra generic A big thank you to Shannon Forde and Danielle Parillo of the Mets for arranging the calls and events at Citi Field.

Canada viagra generic Thanks also to Michael Baron of Mets Blog and James Kannengieser and Alex Nelson of Amazin’ Avenue for putting together transcripts of the conference call.

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Cialis online canada No blogging yesterday as it was a full day of practice for my Babe Ruth league team. Cialis online canada The league had told me during the winter that our season would not start until mid-May, cialis online canada as many of the kids play High School baseball but last week they switched it up and said we are starting right away. Cialis online canada Our first game is Monday so it’s been a scramble of sorts to get my pitching in order and all the administrative stuff like uniforms and contacting parents with schedules and location sot pick up uniforms.

Cialis online canada Then with that I have two podcasts to do this week. Cialis online canada The first will be on Tuesday night at 11PM ET as me and Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham will host the Baseball Bloggers Alliance show BBA Baseball Talk.

Cialis online canada Then on Wednesday night at 10PM ET I will be hosting my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show on Blogtalk Radio and one of my guest will be the founder of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and Cardinal blogger at C70 At The Bat, cialis online canada Daniel Shoptaw, cialis online canada we will discuss the weekend series between the Mets and Cardinals in St. Cialis online canada Louis.

Cialis online canada Now today as much as I would love to write some Mets stuff, cialis online canada I’m heading to a birthday party for my 1year old Great niece in 10 minutes, cialis online canada if I’m not totally exhausted by this evening I mat have a Mets write up tonight, cialis online canada if not tomorrow for sure.

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Cialis prescription All-Stars, cialis prescription Shmall Stars to day is Game 1 of the 13 year old division of our Babe Ruth League and my team takes on the top team in the division in a best 2 of 3. Cialis prescription We have won 4 of our last 6 and have been tabbed as the team “no one wants to play” this is the most excited I’ve been about a baseball game all year so much so I can’t even concentrate on work. Cialis prescription I’ve gone over my line up for about two hours and finally settled on one after about four drafts so pardon me today for being distracted as I watch the clock waiting for 3 PM so I can get out of work and get to the field.

Cialis prescription  

Cialis prescription What’s the big deal about Johan Santana pitching in the All Star Game? I know he threw 114 pitches on Saturday but com’on if he gets in the game he’ll only toss one inning anyway which is maybe 17-20 pitches tops. Cialis prescription Nolan Ryan shakes his head in disgust.

Cialis prescription  

Cialis prescription I’m piss at Petey for the fact that he is signing with the Phillies. Cialis prescription If he signed any place else even the South Bronx I would be as pissed. Cialis prescription I defend Petey here as I’ve been a fan since his Expo days and looked at his signing as a big jump in creditability. Cialis prescription Petey for the most part never lived up to his contract with the Mets but was always received like a King by the fans. Cialis prescription But the Phillies?  Petey you disgust me!!!!!

Cialis prescription  

Cialis prescription So the question is, cialis prescription have we seen the best of A-Rod? Welcome to the post PED Baseball Era. Cialis prescription This is why sure I’d love Roy Halliday on my team but I’m not giving him a new contract and Halliday is last player the Mets need. Cialis prescription Your seeing the shift already with younger, cialis prescription faster players taking center stage in baseball hopefully Omar takes notice.

Cialis prescription  

Cialis prescription “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea”……….. Cialis prescription Maybe Spongebob Square Pants could buy the Mets?

Cialis prescription  

Cialis prescription The Mets Police has a clip from NEWSDAY on the Mets making adjustment to $iti Field like a video board in RF, cialis prescription more Mets-centric memorabilia throughout the park and getting the thumbs up from MLB to show the game live on the video scream to help those with obstructed views. Cialis prescription Now if they can find a way to mange the line at the Shake Shack where you don’t have to get into a fist fight when some asshole tries to cut the line I’ll be happy.

Cialis prescription  

Cialis prescription I watched the Home Run Derby last night and here are some thoughts that ran through my head:

  • It’s too bad Michael Jackson is dead as he could have put the Home Run Derby on a continuous loop to help him with his sleeping problems. Cialis prescription In fact next year I’m going to take drugs before watching the HRD again

Cialis prescription  

  • Can someone get Erin Andrews a meal? Christ, cialis prescription she is so gaunt she could star in her own After School Special. Cialis prescription I don’t get the fascination with Andrews, cialis prescription I can walk out right now on West Broadway and find 20 women way hotter than her, cialis prescription guys who need to put on pants and get out of Moms basement.
  • I had this awful nightmare, cialis prescription Steve Phillips, cialis prescription Joe Morgan, cialis prescription and Chris Berman were announcing the Home Run Derby, cialis prescription then Doofus Joe Buck showed up and all the did was talk about Doofus Joe’s dead father. Cialis prescription Then Berman kept using these tired old nicknames and calls and he was sitting in this huge container that was collecting the cascade of sweat that was pouring off him that was used like generated the electricity back to Bristol. Cialis prescription Then Joe Morgan started speaking in tongues and all kinds of snakes and serpents were flying out of his ears, cialis prescription and Steve Phillips was having sex with a midget who was toweling off Albert Pujols. Cialis prescription WHOA that was scary…….what that wasn’t a dream? It was real? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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Buy discount viagra online And people around baseball want to know why Mets fans are on the lunatic fringe? One day we’re reaching for the anti depressants the next day it’s an Irish wake this Mets team will drain all the emotion out of your of your soul. Buy discount viagra online After the last two games I’m looking to get my spot on Broadway for the Championship parade but I know by this time next week I may be wondering what we’ll do with the first pick in the 2010 free agent draft.

Buy discount viagra online Dave Singer does it again with a great clip of Jonathan Papelpon going ape shit over D-Wright’ throw from closer to left field than third base to Luis Castillo with the big ssstttrrreeeccchhhh for a force of Youkilis.

Buy discount viagra online O-MIR SAN-TOS, buy discount viagra online…. Buy discount viagra online O-MIR SAN-TOS, buy discount viagra online…. Buy discount viagra online O-MIR SAN-TOS….Good luck getting your job back Brian Schneider. Buy discount viagra online This will be on to watch as no way J-Man wants Santos going to Buffalo and with all the injuries the team has suffered look for three catchers on the 25 man roster. Buy discount viagra online If I’m Jeremy Reed I’m a little nervous right now.

Buy discount viagra online Another strong start by Big Pelf as that ERA drops again after every start. Buy discount viagra online Good job by the sports shrink he visited as well as he was yip free last night.

Buy discount viagra online Man I thought I was a Highlander Hater but Gary Cohen has us all beat

Buy discount viagra online My Babe Ruth League team won for just the second time this season as my top pitcher K’d 10 and we played flawless defense. Buy discount viagra online Maybe the message will finally get through to them throw strikes, buy discount viagra online limit walks and play solid D wins games. Buy discount viagra online Right Jerry?

Buy discount viagra online I’m off to Englishtown Flea Market today with my radio and headphones to listen to the game. Buy discount viagra online We need this trip because you can almost see there is this spot in my garage that is vacant so I need some crap to fill it. Buy discount viagra online Never have enough crap. Buy discount viagra online Plus I’m looking for another catchers mask and a first baseman’s glove.

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So where do we begin with the First Night of $iti Field?


The opening was very nice I hear (I Tivo’d the pre game and I’ll watch it tonight as I ran a practice for my Babe Ruth League team last night that I wanted to do an hour and lasted two hours instead ) as The Franchise and Mike Piazza staged a sequel to the closing of Shea with the first pitch at $iti. Viagra without prescription At least The Franchise stayed for the game as Piazza I guess scared of having to answer any questions about PED’s took a powder after the ceremony. Viagra without prescription Should have brought Jerry Grote in instead, viagra without prescription he never ducked anything.


You know what’s missing from $iti Field? Signage  Not enough advertising signs <eye’s rolling>


Okay yes I get it the food is wonderful at the new ballpark. Viagra without prescription The team can’t catch and has pitching question marks and clutch hitting is still a foreign substance but the food is really good <both eyes rolling> Maybe the team will perform as good as the Shake Shack or Box Frites some day.


I guess Big Pelf couldn’t build off his last start where he started like shit but finished strong. Viagra without prescription I wasn’t concerned until I heard J-Man on the post game saying he was concerned about Big Pelf so now I’m concerned and I guess you should be too.


Like a lot of Mets bloggers I was a Heath Bell fan and thought the Mets handled him badly but you know what Heath? Time to shut the fuck up! You too Duaner, viagra without prescription especially you Duaner. Viagra without prescription If you put half the energy into to training that you do in running your mouth you might still be here. Viagra without prescription Sanchez has questioned why he had to prove himself in spring training as he is clueless that he never stepped up when counted on last year. Viagra without prescription Enjoy San Diego fellas’ and the dog days of August when you’re in last place.


I know with the novelty of the new stadium (I’m going Saturday and I’m leaving my scorebook home as I know I’ll be spending more time out of my seat than in it) and everyone is milling about but the site of ass-less seats behind home plate can not make the Skill Sets happy.


I love the cat running on the field last night. Viagra without prescription I didn’t get a good look at the fleet feline until this morning when I picked up the Daily News and I did a double take as the cat looks just like one of our cats (Sandy) I have to frame that back cover.



I hope Omar read the game summary of the Dodgers-Giants game last night.




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Isn’t this great?. Herbal alternatives to viagra The first day of Vernal Equinox and it is snowing like a mutha’ here in NYC. Herbal alternatives to viagra Thankfully, herbal alternatives to viagra it’s not sticking and the forecast tomorrow is for sunny skies and 50 degrees which is fine to conduct my first practice of the baseball season with my 13 year old Babe Ruth League team and to show that I’m more Gansta’ than Jerry Manuel I’m holding practice at a park next to the Berry Projects on SI. Herbal alternatives to viagra I might even wear my sweatpants down to my knees.


Last night on Pro Baseball Central we talked about the Mets roster, herbal alternatives to viagra the Mets announcer’s tournament at Amazin’ Avenue, herbal alternatives to viagra St Patrick’s Day, herbal alternatives to viagra Kilts, herbal alternatives to viagra what’s under the kilt, herbal alternatives to viagra booze and rubber ducky’s. Herbal alternatives to viagra To hear what you missed check out the podcast at Pro Baseball Central web site.


Jon Niese was sent to minor league camp today and that sucks for the kid who had visions of making the team as the 5th starter. Herbal alternatives to viagra So now it’s just about in stone that Livan Hernandez will get that spot but you can be sure we will see Niese sooner rather than later this season.


Ollie P makes his first spring start for the Mets and from what David Lennon says his mechanics while with Team Mexico were so messed up that Old School Dan Warthen had to deconstruct Ollie through video, herbal alternatives to viagra instruction and a good old fashion ass kicking (ok I made that one up) just another reason for teams to get together and abolish the WBC.


Brain Costa at the Star Ledger has a nice piece on Bobby Parnell and his quest to make the Mets in the bullpen. Herbal alternatives to viagra What will be interesting to watch as the cuts come down is how much influence J-Man has on whom goes and who stays. Herbal alternatives to viagra Manuel has talked up Parnell and Nick Evans as two kids he adores and wants on his squad but money and player options may determine who comes North and  who keeps going further North to Buffalo.


It’s hard serving to masters isn’t David?  But not to worry as help is on the way for Team USA as Evan Longoria is headed to LA to fortify the Team of the Land of the Corporate Bailout. Herbal alternatives to viagra Craig Calcaterra of the fabulous Shyster Ball site explains with some kind of fantasy mumbo-jumbo. Herbal alternatives to viagra I could never get into that si-fi stuff all that make believe crap as I live in the here and now in real life, herbal alternatives to viagra oh shit is tonight my fantasy baseball draft? Yikes! Got to go prepare!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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