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How does viagra work He used to be a “baby face” but after he turned in Andres Torres for missing 1st base, how does viagra work Beltran is now a “heel”

How does viagra work The story today would have been much bigger if the Mets were fighting for a post season berth, how does viagra work but still the appeal at first base yesterday that Andres Torres missed the bag on his way to lead off double putting the tying run on 2nd base was an absolute joke on a number of ends.

How does viagra work From the replay, how does viagra work it looks as if Torres heel hit the bag which is why first base umpire David Rackley, how does viagra work a rookie umpire by the way, how does viagra work call was puzzling to begin with. How does viagra work I wonder if the game was at Citi Field would have made the same call, how does viagra work and how about Carlos Beltran making the call on the appeal????  

How does viagra work The reaction or non-reaction by Torres and first base coach Tom Goodwin was more troublesome to me than the call by Rackley, how does viagra work Torres didn’t flip out and neither did Goodwin, how does viagra work even if he did miss the bag, how does viagra work that was a crucial moment in the game, how does viagra work a game that Colin McHugh struggled in  and a game, how does viagra work the play out the string Mets, how does viagra work showed some fight in coming back from a 4-0 deficit on home runs from Kelly Shoppach and Daniel Murphy , how does viagra work you would think either player or coach would have gone ballistic? At least Terry Collins came out to fight the call.

How does viagra work I hope Terry Collins has seen the light and lets Kelly Shoppach catch every non-R.A. How does viagra work Dickey start.

How does viagra work Welcome back Wally Backman. How does viagra work Backman along with seven of his Bison (OF’er Fred Lewis, how does viagra work LHP Justin Hampson, how does viagra work RHP Elvin Rameirz , how does viagra work RHP Jenrry Mejia, how does viagra work RHP Jeury’s Familia, how does viagra work pain in the ass Jordany Valdespin, how does viagra work and last and least C Mike Nickeas) have been added to the Mets roster for the last month of the season .

How does viagra work I was out at MCU Park last night, how does viagra work sitting in the intermittent drizzle to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones get within one win of making the NY-Penn League post season as the Wild Card team. How does viagra work  A few observations:

How does viagra work RHP Luis Cessa pitched a fantastic game, how does viagra work he game within one out of a complete game victory, how does viagra work something quite rare in low A. How does viagra work Cesa only K’d two batters but he got a lot of ground ball outs.

How does viagra work MCU Park has to be one of tougher parks to hit home runs out of. How does viagra work Yesterday the wind was blowing in briskly from the Atlantic Ocean, how does viagra work so anything up in the air wasn’t going out of the park. How does viagra work In fact there was a ball hit high in the air that Lowell 3rd baseman called for at his position but ended up running down the line and making the play at home plate. How does viagra work That’s brisk baby.

How does viagra work RF Miakis De La Cruz made a sensational throw from the right field corner to nail a Lowell runner at the plate. How does viagra work By the way Kevin Plawecki did a great job blocking the plate.

How does viagra work Speaking of Plawecki, how does viagra work he had 3 hits and a Rib Eye Steak in the game, how does viagra work not that there is much competition but Plawecki has to be the best catcher in the Mets org not named Kelly Shoppach.

How does viagra work Brandon Nimo had a hit and looked very smooth in CF on the night that his poster was the Cyclone giveaway.

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Online url viagra For as bad as the NY Football Giants season has been, online url viagra yesterday took some of the sting out of the painful failure, online url viagra as team owner John Mara, online url viagra stepped up big time by calling out his coaches and players for a lack of mental and physical toughness and lack of effort. Online url viagra WOW, online url viagra how strong are those words? Sure the cynic in me says, online url viagra “John Mara needs to sell his Private Seat Licenses, online url viagra so this is all a business move” but the Mara family have owned this team since it’s inception in 1925 and Giants have been one of the top teams in the NFL this decade and watching and listening to him he looked legitimately pissed off. 

Online url viagra The way John Mara handled the day after the season is the way an owner of a team that not only disappoints but embarrasses themselves by quitting, online url viagra and make no mistake the NY Football Giants quit, online url viagra should. Online url viagra He stood up like a man and articulated that, online url viagra yes his team suffered injuries but they were not an excuse for not showing up the last half of the season. Online url viagra He acted swiftly by axing way over his head offensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and put every player and coach on notice that if you don’t or  you can’t give him what he wants, online url viagra then he will go out and find personnel that will. Online url viagra As a Giants fan, online url viagra I appreciate Mara’s words and action very much.

Online url viagra Contrast John Mara’s words and actions to the stumbling, online url viagra fumbling, online url viagra mumble-oid of an owner like Jeffey Skill Sets who acted mealy mouthed and clueless in his season post-mortem of the season to forget. Online url viagra There is a reason why the Mets brand is laughed at through out baseball and it starts at the top.

Online url viagra Speaking of our favorite baseball team, online url viagra I brought out my pinstripe uni top for toady’s Bay Day celebration. Online url viagra In fact my co-workers have wished me happy Bay Day when I reported for duty. Online url viagra I’ve become a charity case, online url viagra as even the Highlander fans have stop teasing me and feel sorry for me. Online url viagra I hate being a charity case or a baby face, online url viagra I’d rather be a heel.

Online url viagra There are rumors that the Mets could trade Rogers Castillo for Mike Lowell. Online url viagra What would the Bosox want with Rogers Castillo when they have Dustin Pedroia and Marco Scutaro? Lowell would be a nice fit for the Mets, online url viagra as he’s a respected vet with 2 World Series rings ( as you know I’m a major proponent of bringing in winners to this team)  I just wonder if he can play some 1st base and spell David Wright sat 3rd base.

Online url viagra From reading some of the stories, online url viagra if Carlos Delgado can stand up straight, online url viagra the Mets would love to bring him back for a 1 year incentive laden deal. Online url viagra That’s why it seems the Mike Lowell talk is interesting as a platoon of Lowell/ Delgado could be what the Mets are looking at for 1st base in 2010.

Online url viagra The details of the Jason Bay contract are as follows:

Online url viagra $8.5 mil bonus and $6.5 mil salary for 2010

Online url viagra $16mil for the next 3 years + 4th yr option

Online url viagra Full No Trade Clause.

Online url viagra Not a killer contract, online url viagra now the question is this. Online url viagra I have a MILLEDGE 44 pro uni top. Online url viagra Do I go and have the MILLEDGE taken off and add BAY? Your thoughts please?

Online url viagra Waiting on the Bay presser. Online url viagra I’ll be commenting on Twitter during the presser.

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