Viagra en gel A quick post for today as I’m heading out to Citi Field for another Mets bloggers event.

Viagra en gel Former Mets cleanup hitter (still can’t believe this guy was the opening day cleanup hitter last season) Mike Jacobs has become the first professional baseball player to be suspended for HGH usage. Viagra en gel Jacobs took the banned substance to help with rejuvenating his body from series of knee and back injuries he suffered as a member of the Colorado Sky Sox . Viagra en gel I feel bad for Jacobs as here was a guy who played in the big leagues, viagra en gel drawing a big league paycheck but flopped to the point he headed back to the bushes.

Viagra en gel Jacobs was worried that he’d become just another guy and be forgotten by MLB GM’s even with his 23 HR and 97 RBI so desperate times call for desperate actions it seems.

Viagra en gel To his credit, viagra en gel Jacobs has taken full responsibility for his actions:

Viagra en gel “A few weeks ago, viagra en gel in an attempt to overcome knee and back problems, viagra en gel I made the terrible decision to take H.G.H., viagra en gel” Jacobs said in the statement, viagra en gel a rare confession of doping in a sport where many players who have tested positive denied ever knowingly using a drug. Viagra en gel “I immediately stopped a couple of days later after being tested. Viagra en gel Taking it was one of the worst decisions I could have ever made, viagra en gel one for which I take full responsibility.”

Viagra en gel 50 games is a serious sentence and most likely Jacobs’  done as a big leaguer. Viagra en gel Sad

Viagra en gel The Mets have suffered from a Humpty Dumpty defense this season (All the mangers horses and all the mangers coaches, viagra en gel couldn’t put the Mets defense back together again, viagra en gel or something like that) Manager Terry Collins to his credit has gotten the team to participate in taking infield before games, viagra en gel which no other teams do, viagra en gel but as Andy MuCullough lays out nicely in this piece in the Star-Ledger, viagra en gel it hasn’t help much as the Mets are statistically one of the defensive bottom feeders in baseball. Viagra en gel Add the lousy bullpen and shaky starting pitching it’s quite shocking the club is near the breakeven point in wins and losses.

Viagra en gel Welcome back K-Rod, viagra en gel the trade the worked out well for both sides. Viagra en gel Again, viagra en gel well played Mr. Viagra en gel Alderson

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