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Can viagra be used by women Who remembers this game when The Cobra took on The Dude and was not only out at the plate but suffered a broken cheekbone too! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can viagra be used by women  

Can viagra be used by women I know the Mets need a catcher, can viagra be used by women Mets Fan Rich knows the Mets need a catcher, can viagra be used by women Sandy Alderson knows the Mets need a catcher and Terry Collins in the privacy of his mind knows the Mets need a catcher, can viagra be used by women so what are the Mets going to do about it?

Can viagra be used by women Alderson when asked about the catching position not just at the big league level but throughout the organization gave me an exasperated response “that it is clearly the position that need the most upgrading” So when does he start upgrading?

Can viagra be used by women In my way of baseball thinking catcher is a defensive position and offense I get from my backstop is a plus, can viagra be used by women so what happens when I have two catchers in Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas who not only can’t hit, can viagra be used by women they’re terrible defensibly as well? Who try to get a catcher who can at least execute the position defensively and hope he can hit a little bit to sustain a spot in the lineup. Can viagra be used by women Can Rob Johnson do that? I’d like to find out.

Can viagra be used by women Johnson was brought up with Matt Harvey as Harvey has given Johnson a ton of credit for his rise from Triple A to the big leagues. Can viagra be used by women Johnson caught Harvey’s major league debut which we all know was the best pitching debut in the club history, can viagra be used by women so you’d think Johnson would be behind the plate in Harvey’s next start right? Wrong. Can viagra be used by women Terry Collins had Thole behind the plate so Thole could get uses to catching Harvey. Can viagra be used by women Why? As we saw last night and throughout this season, can viagra be used by women Josh Thole is not the answer to the Mets problems at catcher.

Can viagra be used by women I don’t know what Alderson is waiting for to bring in a top defensive catcher. Can viagra be used by women The reasoning behind not trading for Ramon Hernandez was a smoke screen of we don’t want to disrupt the relationship between our catchers and pitchers in mid-season. Can viagra be used by women After watching Thole butcher the play at the plate that allowed Carlos Quentin to score I wonder how many of the Mets pitchers would sign on to that statement.

Can viagra be used by women We all know that finding an everyday catcher who fits the bill for the Mets needs-defensively strong with a decent bat-is near impossible to obtain but this off season it Alderson has to secure a catcher……….and a centerfielder……..and a left fielder…………and a right fielder…………and bullpen help…….and move Jason Bay’s contract……………..I think I’m gonna be sick………….

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Drug viagra Was yesterday’s blow up between Tim Brydak, drug viagra Josh Thole and Dan Warthen a shock or surprise to anyone? I didn’t think so. Drug viagra This situation has been simmering for a few weeks  and as the losses pile up the finger pointing stars to sprout and in the words of Dan Reeves, drug viagra “when you point a finger, drug viagra remember there are four fingers pointing back at you”. Drug viagra Terry Collins said something similar after the game about guys needing to take on accountability for their actions, drug viagra which was directed at Tim Brydak, drug viagra but is Brydak the villain here? Not to me he isn’t.

Drug viagra For most of this collapsible second half, drug viagra the bullpen has been held as public enemy #1 but there is so much more to the ineffectiveness of the Mets relievers than lack of talent, drug viagra it’s more of lack of direction.

Drug viagra Most Mets fans were puzzled when Dan Warthen was retained at the end of last season and many are pointing the fickle finger at him for the suckitude of the pen. Drug viagra I would put myself in the group questioning why Warthen was retained, drug viagra but the one part of the pitching game that has been as much a problem as blown saves and three run late inning jacks is the lack of a veteran backstop.

Drug viagra Let’s face facts, drug viagra if Josh Thole were in any other organization he’d be the Sunday catcher or the starter at Triple A, drug viagra what earned him the job was his ability to hit for a decent average and get on base. Drug viagra  His work on defense is not very good and since he’s so green around the grills as a receiver, drug viagra he’s left to relaying signs given to him by Warthen to the pitcher on the mound and as we witnessed yesterday, drug viagra Brydak is tired of it.

Drug viagra Warthen and Terry Collins put Thole in a bad situation as he’s being told by Warthen on what fingers to throw down only to have Brydak shake him off. Drug viagra Warthen I guess being adamant on what pitch he wants thrown, drug viagra flashes the sign to Thole again for a fastball , drug viagra Brydak shakes him off again as he wants to throw a breaking ball which to me his his perogitive since he is, drug viagra you know, drug viagra the guy responsible for what happens when that ball leaves his hand, drug viagra but Brydak gives in an releases a heater and Adam LaRoche turned on it for a home run. Drug viagra After giving Thole a stare down, drug viagra Brydak comes out of the game is hotter than the Roosevelt Ave asphalt.

Drug viagra What Thole should have done before the pitch to LaRoche was call time, drug viagra motion to Warthen to come to the mound and then address both the pitching coach and Brydak by saying “can you two fucktards get on the same page”. Drug viagra There’s no way in hell Thole would ever do this but I’m sure Jerry Grote would have punched both of them is the jaw.

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Viagra online uk So Jose Reyes is nominated for the Hank Aaron Award which honors the best offensive player in both leagues. To vote for Reyes go here and remember if Reyes wins it means more leverage in his contract talk with the Mets. Viagra online uk You’ve been warned!

Viagra online uk MLB Trade Rumors has a list of players slated for free agency due to injury or plain old ineffectiveness. Viagra online uk Two names on the list have future Mets written all over them, viagra online uk RHP Jonathan (Guns Of) Broxton  and RHP Joel Zumaya.

Viagra online uk Toby Hyde has a detailed look at the Catcher position in the Mets farm system and as you can see, viagra online uk it’s slim pickins’ not only at the minor league level but with the big team as well. Viagra online uk Josh Thole may be pretty good with a bat but his quite inadequate behind the plate. Viagra online uk Ronnie Paulino I think looks better defensively than he really is because of how bad Thole is. Viagra online uk So what to do? Trying to find a good receiving backstop is very tough and trading for one will be difficult, viagra online uk a guy like Chris Iannetta would look nice in a Mets retro 50th Anniversary uniform but are the Rockies willing to deal him away? Hell I’d even go for Braves backup David Ross at this point. Viagra online uk Omar Santos anyone?

Viagra online uk The more I watch these post season games the more I side with letting Jose Reyes go elsewhere and invest in pitching, viagra online uk pitching and even more pitching.

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Viagra generic canada So now Josh Thole is the apple of Mets fans eye as his call up last September was love at first sight. Viagra generic canada Because of the lack of any Mets news of substance, viagra generic canada Mets fans and bloggers are left to play GM and try to find ways to improve a team that not only is short on talent but lacking in brains and brawn as well, viagra generic canada so a young buck like Thole is the baseball equivalent to Megan Fox. Viagra generic canada At one time Daniel Murphy was the hottest piece of tail to hit Flushing in awhile but now Mets fans treat him like he’s a used up Swedish nanny.  You folks are real love ‘em and leave ‘em types.

Viagra generic canada Of all the talk of who should be the Mets catcher for 2010 until Thole morphs into Jerry Grote/Johnny Bench, viagra generic canada the names of Bengi Molina, viagra generic canada Rod Barajas and Jason Vartiek make Mets fans react like they found out Jeffey Skill Sets has a long lost twin brother.

Viagra generic canada Everything I ‘ve read focuses on the offensive production of the catching position when that’s the last aspect of the position I look at. Viagra generic canada Give me a guy who can call a game in concert with the pitcher, viagra generic canada block balls in the dirt, viagra generic canada and throw runners out to the point they think twice about running on them and I’ll say “name your price man”

Viagra generic canada I’m not saying that young Thole is not a blue ribbon farm hand but let’s let the kid learn the trade of the tools of ignorance first. Viagra generic canada Let him play as much as possible in Buffalo and as we all know you never get through a whole season with just two catchers, viagra generic canada so you will see him at $iti Field in 2010. Viagra generic canada But the best thing to do for the Mets is go after a vet backstop to match up with Omir Santos to start the 2010 season.

Viagra generic canada With $6.25 mil due him in 2010, viagra generic canada the White Sox AJ Pierzynski could be had for a song or Eddie Kunz, viagra generic canada let Kenny Williams choose. Viagra generic canada Pierzynski, viagra generic canada just for the entertainment factor alone is worth bringing here but he also brings a decent bat with some pop, viagra generic canada he is an above average defender and he’s bat shit crazy with just one year left on his deal, viagra generic canada what’s not to like?

Viagra generic canada Bengi Molina wants at least 2 years so that sends up a red flag right there. Viagra generic canada Same for Rod Barajas. Viagra generic canada If you can get either guy for a year or a year plus an option, viagra generic canada I’m fine with that. Viagra generic canada Jason Varitek for a one year deal? I think I’d rather bring back Paul LoDuca for a year, viagra generic canada that is if he can get away from hanging with the cast of High School Musical. Viagra generic canada Henry Blanco anyone? Anyone? No one? Oh well, viagra generic canada he can still throw out runners at a single bound and sure he’s 38 years old (which is 25 in Omar years) and he is Venezuelan and I believe on page 147, viagra generic canada Section 2, viagra generic canada  paragraph 4, viagra generic canada Line 7 of Johan Santana’s contract it states that when a Venezuelan catcher is available the Mets are obligated to sign him.

Viagra generic canada So you see there are options out there for a catcher while young Thole grazes on the farm for awhile long until he’s ready for slaughter, viagra generic canada errrrr…………. Viagra generic canada I mean Flushing.

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