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Viagra message board My pessimism for the upcoming season of my beloved Mets intensified a bit because one of our cats woke me up before I wanted to rise and shine for a bit of breakfast. Viagra message board  So after filling the bowls with leftover grilled chicken breast, viagra message board I went to the living room with the intent of browsing Netflix for a movie. Viagra message board But first I took a tour of the 1763 channels on my FiOS system and lo and behold I stumble on to The Last Play at Shea on The Movie Channel. Viagra message board  I was going to turn the channel quick so as not get involved in this film but then the face of an old friend, viagra message board the late Dana Brand came on my screen and that made me sit up straight with a touch of sadness. Viagra message board Then another blogger buddy was present on the TV, viagra message board Greg Prince sitting in a seat at the our old house, viagra message board Shea Stadium talking about all the great times we had at that place and more sadness fell over me. Viagra message board I started to think out loud and staring at Mittens our cat and shouting to him “Where did we go wrong”???? Mittens looked up for a second and went back to cleaning himself off after his satisfying breakfast.

Viagra message board Where did we go wrong? When did this organization make the turn from Ya Gotta Believe Boulevard to Embarrassment Lane?   I’m watching the film and seeing the Mets of the 80’s I just stared and drifted off into the Way Back Machine of my mind. Viagra message board Everyone hated us back then. Viagra message board  As a Met fan of that era we all had a “Do you know who the fuck we are” attitude that rubbed off on the fan base from our beloved team.  Keith Hernandez was that guy who rolled the cigarette pack in his sleeve, viagra message board Darryl Strawberry was a physical specimen who hit baseballs liked they owed him money, viagra message board  Ray Knight would smack the shit out you because he could, viagra message board  Gary Carter was the definition of don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Viagra message board  Dwight Gooden had guys coming down with the flu on days he took the mound and they were led by the chip on his shoulder skipper Davey Johnson. Viagra message board The New York Mets were MLB’s Bad Ass’s

Viagra message board Today the Mets are the kick ass’s as in they have been on the receiving end of the ass kicking they use to hand out. Viagra message board Not to mention a team that plays in a tidy baseball McMansion, viagra message board Citi Field as the old Mets with bad attitudes played in a tenement called William Shea Housing Project. Viagra message board  As much as I try to accept Citi as the new home of the Mets and try hard to let the past of Shea go, viagra message board when I see movies like Last Play at Shea, viagra message board I wonder if we are cursed. Viagra message board Is there a Curse of Shea Stadium?

Viagra message board Think about it the Mets haven’t been the same since the move to Citi. Viagra message board The owners were taken in by a flim flam man named Madoff, viagra message board real fans have been moved out to outfield stands while the areas around 1st base, viagra message board 3rd base and home plate have been surrounded by cement and security guards stationed to make sure no real fans try to sneak into the plethora of empty padded seats vacated by the swells who would rather sit in air conditioned luxury of a club while drinking expensive wine and eating gourmet foods. Viagra message board  Back at Shea the food sucked but the baseball was good, viagra message board I’ll take winning baseball with an over cooked hot dog, viagra message board half thawed pretzel washed down with watered down Bud any day.

Viagra message board There is hope, viagra message board hope that the tide is turning. Viagra message board Where the everyday eight are not much to look at, viagra message board the pitching staff has some talent and charisma. Viagra message board Matt Harvey looks like he could have anchored a staff in the 70’s or 80’s. Viagra message board Zack Wheeler and Travis d”Arnud should make a solid contribution once they are freed from Super Two purgatory.  Other than that and few wet behind the ears minor leaguers, viagra message board there is much to be optimistic about with this 2013 edition of the NY Mets.

Viagra message board I hope I’m wrong. Viagra message board  I hope Lucas Duda visits the Wizzard of Baseball Oz to  get some baseball confidence. Viagra message board I hope I’m right about Colin Cowgill that he is the surprise of the season. Viagra message board I hope Ike Davis has the breakout season he and Mets fans have been waiting for. Viagra message board I hope David Wright finds some support in the lineup, viagra message board I hope Freddy Skill Sets is not pissing on our legs and does have money to allow Sandy Alderson to bring in a big league bat with power. Viagra message board I hope the bullpen doesn’t suck like last year. Viagra message board I hope Citi Field is full of METS FANS in September making noise and rooting for a team that plays hard and wins baseball games. Viagra message board I hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment.

Viagra message board  

Viagra message board  

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Get viagra drug online I’m amazed how much some folks have their balls in an uproar over Gary Sheffield joining the team. Get viagra drug online Some are worried about team chemistry, get viagra drug online how did that chemistry hold up the last two seasons? This team needs a bad ass even if it’s an over the hill one. Get viagra drug online The chemistry issued should be moot now that it’s known Sheff signed here because the “face of the franchise”, get viagra drug online D-Wright called him and said that the Mets were the team for him.

Get viagra drug online What are you all afraid of? If Sheffield falls on his face he’ll be gone by the All Star break, get viagra drug online if he produces, get viagra drug online guess what? Your favorite team just might win the NL East

Get viagra drug online For all of you concerned with the psyche of Ryan Church think about this. Get viagra drug online Maybe Church needs a kick in the ass to get motivated. Get viagra drug online No, get viagra drug online I’m not drunk, get viagra drug online think about it. Get viagra drug online In spring training J-Man said the Dan Murphy was a better hitter and that Fernando Tatis would be Church’s partner in RF an now they bring in Sheffield as a way to put a carrot in front of Church to produce. Get viagra drug online I guess we won’t read about this from the scribes who have access to the team on a daily basis as they are too busy stuffing their faces at the Shake Shack concession at $iti.

Get viagra drug online Which brings me to Ollie Perez and it’s good thing it was cold and shity and $iti since most fans were busy trying eat their way from left field to right. Get viagra drug online You know what the season didn‘t start yet but I’m already fed up with how good he food is at $iti Field if it’s a choice of great food or a championship baseball team, get viagra drug online I’ll eat a fucking bowl of Alpo okay!

Get viagra drug online Perez had no feel for the ball today he claimed as he not only lacked command but a clue as well but then again that’s Ollie Being Ollie.

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