Trying hard to put up a post today as I replay a tough loss over and over in my mind, no not the All Star Game, I gave up on that at 10PM when RESCUE ME came on, no I’m talking about my Babe Ruth team losing 8-0 to the top seed last night.

Don’t let the score fool you it was a closer game than that. We had one bad inning (the 3rd) letting in 4 runs on a couple of errors and a some solid base hits. But the biggest obstacle was the pitcher we were facing a 13 year old with a big time yellow hammer that buckled my guys knees. We could only muster two hits on the night and three base runners total (my son accounting for two of the base runners with a walk, reaching first on a strike out/passed ball and two stolen bases) and now we face an elimination game on Sunday. Not much to say to the kids but “Hang with ‘em.

After the game we went home to watch the All Star Game and the first thing my son told me was “Dad, let’s get all the when I was a kid stuff out early so we can just watch the game” I guess like how the All Star Game was played during the day and how the two leagues played the game like it was a World Series game and how the NL had all the stars and always won and because of that the AL couldn’t draw fans so they sullied the sport with the DH, and how I miss Curt Gowdy calling the big games and that’s when I get the hand and “that’s enough old timer” and I quiet down.

I was listening to Joe (Bada Bing Bada Boom) Beningno and Evan Roberts yesterday and I agree with Joe that there is so much baseball available for us to watch that the All Star Game is no big deal, as it used to be a chance for fans to see players they never get to see much but with the Extra Innings package and ESPN and MLB Network and Mets and Highlander games on every night there isn’t a team or a player I haven’t seen add in that there is no more rivalry between the NL and AL with so much player movement and the fact that both leagues are not run as separate entities (remember when there were League Presidents ?) That has made the All Star Game hum drum.

Admit it you were hoping that President Obama would have brought Artie Lang with him to the game to hang with Doofus Joe Buck. Now that would have been riveting TV.

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Well I see the roller-coaster is still running strong. Win one, lose one. Last night was the same up and down ride. Petey started rocky then found the low strike zone and induced ground ball outs. That was good. D-Wright sucked in the field and on the base paths. Yeah that’s right I wrote D-Wright sucked last night, I’m allowed to. That doesn’t mean I’ve fallen out of my man crush on Sugar pants (My WRIGHT 5 jersey is on a hanger awaiting my appearance at Shea on Saturday night) but the facts are he made an awful error at third and an inexcusable base running mistake by not knowing how many outs there were. If Carlos Beltran did that there would have been an opening at WFAN as Joe (Bada Bing, Bada Boom) who have had an aneurism but for the Golden Boy we look away. Not right, right Wright?. If Warlord Jerry feels David needs a day off then just give him one. I admit that as the “team leader” it nice to defer to him but if J-Man feels he needs a mental health day then give him one this afternoon


The Mets should be embarrassed by the on going Ryan Church concussion episode as they really have failed Church from the first time he suffered a concussion in spring training to his second one in Atlanta. Just by doing a Google search of “concussion experts” I found a page to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine page where the deal in the treatment and study of brain trauma. Also I found a story on former SF Giants catcher Mike Matheny who suffered a concussion in a home plate collision and then suffered from more problems from taking fouls balls of his mask behind the plate. In the article Dr. Micky Collins has a quote that I feel sums up the Church case to a tee:


“With a single concussion, you’re going to recover“,  The problem is when you have a  concussion and undergo these chemical changes, you’re a lot more vulnerable if you have second  before the first is recovered”


Shame on the Mets for not doing their homework on this matter.


Daniel (Oh Danny Boy) Murphy is making his presences felt early in his call up to the point where he and Dan Evans will form a platoon in LF with Fernando Tatis playing RF it looks like and Endy Chavez doing what Endy Chavez is equip to do be a fourth outfielder and defensive specialist.


Thank God the Rockies signed Livan Hernandez because I’m sure Omar had him penciled in for Saturday nights start.


Speaking of which don’t give me Claudio Vargas or Brian Stokes or Nelly Figs. No give me Jon Neise  and let me see the future.


Word is Scott Schoeneweis and Dirty Duaner have both cleared waivers and that Brian Giles was claimed off the wire to a team with no name (M-E-T-S ?) I wouldn’t mind taking a flier on Giles for Schoeneweis.


Once I figure out what bag my camera is in I’ll post some picks from Fenway but now I intend to relax and watch Johan Santana try to salvage this series from the Pads.

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