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Viagra price list The “paid” attendance for last night’s Mets-Padres game was 39, viagra price list589. Viagra price list Many of those who paid to attend the game for one reason or another did not “attend” the game. Viagra price list In fact I’d say between 13, viagra price list 000 to 14, viagra price list000 of the paid folks found something to do other than attend a baseball game they “paid” to attend. Viagra price list If you are one of those paid attendees who didn’t bother showing up last night, viagra price list can you let me know what big event was so great that you passed on this game?

Viagra price list I knew this would not be a well-attended game since tickets were discounted 50%  but when I arrived at Citi Field parking lot that was so sparse I wondered if an inexperienced airline pilot might mistake the lot for a LaGuardia runway? This was a 6PM as well. Viagra price list There were no lines to enter the ball park and as I headed to the Promenade I saw many of the concession stands closed. Viagra price list That’s not good in September, viagra price list but it’s downright depressing to see in August. Viagra price list  The Shake Shack though still had a huge snaking line, viagra price list I get the feeling they could open Citi Field in the middle of a winter snowstorm and there would be a line at the Shake Shack.

Viagra price list I never tell people how to spend their money but if you’re a Mets fan and can afford the time and money (50 % off tickets has to be an incentive) why not go out to the ball park and watch this team?

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The one bright spot in Daniel Murphy’s error yesterday was it verified my rant to every Little Leaguer I’ve ever coached “CATCH THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!


Murphy the outfielder is a work in progress and if you just read the headline you’d think Johan Santana was looking to jack up Murphy for costing him and the Mets a win but after you read the quotes, canadian generic cialis Santana came off showing leadership qualities instead of being a finger pointer:


 “It’s one mistake that he made. Canadian generic cialis It cost us the whole ballgame, canadian generic cialis but its part of the game, canadian generic cialis” Santana said of Murphy’s gaffe. Canadian generic cialis “I know he’s in a learning process. Canadian generic cialis This is not going to be the first time. Canadian generic cialis I don’t think it’s going to be the last one, canadian generic cialis either. Canadian generic cialis The only thing is we learn from our mistakes. Canadian generic cialis That’s all I can say. Canadian generic cialis I’m pretty sure he’ll be back and try to do better.”


“We cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes, canadian generic cialis” he continued. Canadian generic cialis “We were out by one game last year. Canadian generic cialis Every game is very important. Canadian generic cialis We have to do the routine plays, canadian generic cialis and I’m pretty sure (Murphy) was trying his best there and it didn’t work out.”


I have no problem with want Santana said as it’s true. Canadian generic cialis Its basic baseball, canadian generic cialis don’t give the opposition more than 3 outs. Canadian generic cialis When you do, canadian generic cialis you lose and Murphy’s error was negligence. Canadian generic cialis I still love you Danny Boy but next time “TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you get the feeling that if J-Man could have one wish it would be to have someone other than Gimp Castillo playing 2nd base?


How about this, canadian generic cialis on this day in 1962 the New York Mets had their inaugural home opener at the Polo Grounds losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3. Canadian generic cialis The “crowd” that day was 12, canadian generic cialis 447 which will be the same amount standing in the cue at the Shake Shack concession stand tonight at the Grand Opening of $iti Field.


Wouldn’t have been a nice idea to incorporate the first ever home game for the Mets with the first game at the Shea and $iti? You could introduce the starting lineups from each Mets team (or a surviving member of the players family) and how about this, canadian generic cialis Shea opened on April 17th 1964 also against the Pirates and the Pirates won that one 4-3 as well. Canadian generic cialis If MLB had used their heads and made the Pirates the Mets opponent in this first series then maybe Opening Day at $iti would have been in the day time?


Check out Adam Rubin’s Mets-Padres preview and to all you are headed to $ti tonight, canadian generic cialis ENJOY!!!!!!!  






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