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Generic viagra in uk Maine is now in Florida

Generic viagra in uk The former Mets pitcher that is. Generic viagra in uk John Maine signed a minor league deal with the Marlins and will be invited to Spring Training, generic viagra in uk the Marlins said in an email.

Generic viagra in uk He last pitched in the Majors on May 20, generic viagra in uk 2010 for the Mets before having season ending surgery on his right throwing shoulder.

Generic viagra in uk In five seasons with in New York, generic viagra in uk Maine went 39-32 with a 4.17 ERA and 467 strikeouts over 542 innings. Generic viagra in uk He battled a number of injuries with the Mets including a strained right rotator cuff, generic viagra in uk a bone spur in the shoulder and arm fatigue. Generic viagra in uk He didn’t have many sports gambling options.

Generic viagra in uk In 2011 he pitched with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, generic viagra in uk the Triple-A affiliate of the Rockies and last year he was with the Yankees organization going 8-5 with a 4.97 ERA in 16 games with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, generic viagra in uk also a Triple-A club.

Generic viagra in uk Maine pitched for two seasons with the Baltimore Orioles prior to joining the Mets. Generic viagra in uk He was part of the Jorge Julio/Kris Benson trade that brought him to New York.

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Viagra viagra nude Nik Kolidas and Gene Anthony sat down with former Mets pitching coach and current Baltimore Orioles Director of Pitching Development Rick Peterson who gave his views on pitching today, viagra viagra nude his work with the Orioles and his days with the Mets. Viagra viagra nude As usual when it comes to the Kult of Mets Personalities there is always a bombshell or two from our guests and Rick Peterson is no exception. Viagra viagra nude Enjoy!

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Viagra 50 mg tablets Have you been watching MLB Networks Baseball IQ quiz show? I watched the first couple of shows and for the most part it’s a pretty good show. Viagra 50 mg tablets It would be even better if Matt Vasgersian, viagra 50 mg tablets who just oozes douchebagness were not a part of it (I hope to see you one day at Citi Field Vasgersian as I have a gift for your ass, viagra 50 mg tablets a size 11 Nike) and if the participants had just a smidge of personality. Viagra 50 mg tablets Mets representative, viagra 50 mg tablets Ben Baumer , viagra 50 mg tabletswho has been the clubs Statistical Analyst for years has finally been seen in public but before he was free to be seen the Mets PR staff should have given him a primer in how to smile and not act like he’s being held by Al-Qaeda for questioning, viagra 50 mg tablets Ben, viagra 50 mg tablets sweetheart, viagra 50 mg tablets lighten up!

Viagra 50 mg tablets I will give the contestants this, viagra 50 mg tablets it is very tough to answer question on TV than when your ass in in a chair at home stuffing Cheez Doodles in your mouth. Viagra 50 mg tablets Some of the questions do take a bit of thinking like name the top 15 players Colorado Rockies history in games played, viagra 50 mg tablets but if you work for the Baltimore Orioles, viagra 50 mg tablets like their rep Jay Moskowitz does and not know Brooks Robinson (tied with Carl Yastrzemski) played   the most seasons for one team, viagra 50 mg tablets that’s disgraceful.

Viagra 50 mg tablets Most of the questions on the show are about listing the top 10 or 15 in a bunch of categories. Viagra 50 mg tablets One question that intrigued me was when the contestants had to name the teams with the most World Series championships. Viagra 50 mg tablets We all know the New York Highlanders and St. Viagra 50 mg tablets Louis Cardinals rank 1st and 2nd  but if I asked you off the top of your head who was 3rd and 4th would the Athletics and Red Sox come to mind right away? For all the Curse of the Bambino bullshit, viagra 50 mg tablets the Red Sox have the 4th most World Series titles in history at seven the A’s are third with nine, viagra 50 mg tablets again not easy answers to come with under hot studio lights.

Viagra 50 mg tablets The questions on the show got me to thinking, viagra 50 mg tablets if I were asked to name the top ten Mets in different categories, viagra 50 mg tablets how well would you do? So I took out my NY Mets 2011 Media Guide and opened it to the All Time Mets Record holders list to see and I found more than a few surprises.

Viagra 50 mg tablets I’m sure if I asked you who played the most games in Mets history, viagra 50 mg tablets you’d come up with (bow your head) Ed Kranepool. Viagra 50 mg tablets If I asked you was second, viagra 50 mg tablets would you know it was Bud Harrelson? Yes, viagra 50 mg tablets Bud played in 1, viagra 50 mg tablets322 games to Krane’s 1, viagra 50 mg tablets853. Viagra 50 mg tablets The only current Met on the list is David Wright who comes in 8th place at 1, viagra 50 mg tablets004. Viagra 50 mg tablets With the way baseball is today, viagra 50 mg tablets I wonder if Kranepool’s record for game played as a Met will ever be topped.

Viagra 50 mg tablets As I looked over the twenty categories listed in the Mets media guide in the all-time leaders section, viagra 50 mg tablets the name Edgardo Alfonzo popped up on fifteen of the twenty categories, viagra 50 mg tablets that put Alfonzo second just behind Darryl Strawberry for most top ten categories. Viagra 50 mg tablets (Straw is top ten in seventeen of the twenty failing to crack the top ten in  batting average, viagra 50 mg tablets pinch hits and pinch hit home runs. Viagra 50 mg tablets I think we should be clamoring for number 18 to be retire don’t you think?)

Viagra 50 mg tablets Here is a list of the fifteen categories and his rank all time as a Met for Fonzi:

Viagra 50 mg tablets 8th in HR w/ 172

Viagra 50 mg tablets 10th in RBI w/456

Viagra 50 mg tablets 6th in Total Bases w/1736

Viagra 50 mg tablets 7th in batting avg. Viagra 50 mg tablets w/.292

Viagra 50 mg tablets 7th in games played w/1086

Viagra 50 mg tablets 8th in at bats w/3887

Viagra 50 mg tablets 5th in runs scored w/614

Viagra 50 mg tablets 4th in hits w/1136

Viagra 50 mg tablets 4th in 2B hits w/212

Viagra 50 mg tablets 6th in OBA w/.367

Viagra 50 mg tablets 7th in HBP w/29

Viagra 50 mg tablets 5th in Sac Fly w/40

Viagra 50 mg tablets 7th in BB w/458

Viagra 50 mg tablets 5th in Multi-hit games w/314

Viagra 50 mg tablets The only offensive categories Fozi failed to make the top ten in were stolen bases, viagra 50 mg tablets triples, viagra 50 mg tablets SLG (just missing w/.445 avg) and two he’d never qualify for pinch hits and pinch hit home runs.

Viagra 50 mg tablets Which brings me to this conclusion, viagra 50 mg tablets Edgardo Alfonzo is a much more worthy inductee to the Mets Hall of Fame than John Franco. Viagra 50 mg tablets  Talk about underrated versus overrated. Viagra 50 mg tablets After looking over this all-time list it’s somewhat embarrassing that Fonzi is not in the Mets hall, viagra 50 mg tablets sure Franco is an ownership favorite but if you polled Mets fans I bet they vote for Fonz over Franco for Hall of Fame honors, viagra 50 mg tablets oh I forgot who cares what the fans think.

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

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Problems with viagra As I mentioned yesterday, problems with viagra I took a trip to the South Bronx to watch the Highlanders-Indians game which was my first visit to the new Highlander Stadium, problems with viagra so I’d figure I’d give you  some of my observations of the ball park.

Problems with viagra It’s big, problems with viagra very big much bigger than Citi Field and because of that you are much further away from the field than at Citi.

Problems with viagra As soon as you head down the stairs of the 4 train you know you’re at HIGHLANDER STADIUM because the Highlander brand just suffocates you. Problems with viagra Maybe suffocates is too strong or maybe as a Mets fan I wish Citi Field was as Mets-centric as Highlander Stadium. Problems with viagra Hell, problems with viagra even the hot dog stand is named Highlander hot dogs. Problems with viagra Every single inch of the place is decorated in Highlander colors and there is no mention of the old Baltimore Orioles , problems with viagra who became the Highlanders and then the Yankees. Problems with viagra No its’ Yankees, problems with viagra Yankees and more Yankees.

Problems with viagra They sell t-shirts for just about every member of the team and of course all the retired stars. Problems with viagra I was very, problems with viagra very tempted to buy a MARTIN 1 t-shirt as I always admired Bill Martin and his style of managing. Problems with viagra His off the field way left a lot to be desired for sure but as a manager Martin was as good if not better than anyone who ever ran a baseball team.

Problems with viagra For me to get to Highlander Stadium is a breeze. Problems with viagra I took the 10:30 AM ferry out of Staten Island, problems with viagra then walked up to Bowling Green to get the 4 train and I was in front of the ball park by 11:45. Problems with viagra It takes me that long to get from my house to the Gowanus /BQE merge going to Citi Field.

Problems with viagra There are no ushers at Highlander Stadium. Problems with viagra There are security people and the Highlanders post a number you can text to report a problem in your section. Problems with viagra I sat in Section 420B yesterday and while everything was fine there was this one young lady who kept getting up looking for friends of hers and blocked the view of some fans. Problems with viagra One of the blocked fans must have texted the number given as a security guard with ear piece came to the section and went right to the row where this gal was and asked if everything was ok here. Problems with viagra Pretty impressive.

Problems with viagra The Stadium itself (it’s not a ballpark it’s a STADIUM) has no charm. Problems with viagra As you walk in the concourse level is just like entering a high end shopping mall. Problems with viagra There are many, problems with viagra many workers who hold up signs “How May I Help You” and whatever you’re looking for at the Stadium they can tell you where it is. Problems with viagra Unfortunately that doesn’t happen at Citi Field. Problems with viagra     

Problems with viagra The food choices were ok I guess, problems with viagra there wasn’t a concession that I said I have to have that. Problems with viagra The garlic fires looked enticing but the smell of the garlic was so overpowering I passed. Problems with viagra There was a Boar’s Head deli which I guess is very good but I can have a Boar’s Head deli sandwich any time I want. Problems with viagra Johnny Rocket’s? There’s one in the SI Mall. Problems with viagra Brother Jimmy’s BBQ? I have that before NY Rangers games. Problems with viagra Hard Rock Café? If there was ever an organization that was the antithesis of Rock n Roll it’s the Highlanders   So I settled for my favorite sausage and peppers hero.

Problems with viagra As for the fans, problems with viagra I guess because it was a Sunday there were a lot of families mostly from NJ, problems with viagra Rockland and Orange County and beyond. Problems with viagra Listening to some of the conversations, problems with viagra many were of the casual fan variety but the fan of the day had to be the woman in back of me decked out in here Rivera jersey, problems with viagra cap who cheered and cheered for Jeter and A-Rod who upon seeing a man walking down from the upper rows of the section with a Highlander jersey with the number 5 on it asked her the guy who was with her, problems with viagra “Who’s number 5” to make it worse the guy who was with her didn’t know. Problems with viagra My son who was with me just stared ahead watching the action, problems with viagra shaking his head back and forth. Problems with viagra That was the best part of the day.

Problems with viagra Citi Field has a lot of warts, problems with viagra most of them brought on by ownership but the atmosphere at Citi is much better and more of a festive block party, problems with viagra hanging out in the back yard BALLPARK whereas Highlander STADIUM is a massive high rise apartment building  where no one knows your name and they like it that way.

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Mail order viagra I had the pleasure of appearing on Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Talk show last night on Blog Talk Radio where we discussed the disconnect that some Mets have with reality.

Mail order viagra The fact that I know who Boof Bonser is has impressed my friends. Mail order viagra  Hey, mail order viagra we can’t neglect our Bisons now, mail order viagra can we?

Mail order viagra The Mets selected 2B Brad Emaus from the Toronto Blue Jays (JP must know something here) and RHP Pedro Beato (FINALLY A MET!!!!) from the Baltimore Orioles in the Rule V draft. Mail order viagra Emaus has some power and is built like Dan Uggla, mail order viagra so I guess throw Emaus name in the 2B competition this spring. Mail order viagra Beato was drafted by the Mets in 2007 as a draft and follow and tried to sign him for $1mil in 2008 but the Commissioner’s office advised against spending that money on a 15th round pick. Mail order viagra Beato went back into the draft was taken by the O’s and given the same $1mil the Mets were willing to give out. Mail order viagra Oh well, mail order viagra Beato born in the DR was is a Brooklyn boy as he excelled at Xaverian H.S. Mail order viagra in beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Mail order viagra Looks like Ken Oberkfell will be rewarded with the position as Terry Collins consigliere, mail order viagra good to have Obie on board.

Mail order viagra Word on the street is Johan Santana won’t be ready to pitch for the Mets until June. Mail order viagra No problem. Mail order viagra What I’m curious about is how the manager and GM handle the everyday questions about Santana. Mail order viagra I’m hoping they address it in spring and inform the MSM that the next time you hear about Johan is when he’s ready to join the big league. Mail order viagra Let’s concentrate on the living.

Mail order viagra So the Highlanders look ready to shit their pants and offer Cliff Lee a 7 year deal. Mail order viagra The kicker will be if the Rangers make a play of 6yrs and sweeten the dough, mail order viagra what will Lee do? Now that Carl Crawford will be grazing in the left field of Fenway Park , mail order viagra the Red Sox have to be favored to win the AL East with that potent lineup and terrific pitching, mail order viagra Lee has the Boss’s Boys by the balls. Mail order viagra Yes, mail order viagra I fuckin’ love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Mail order viagra We will now have a moment of silence to mourn the death of #Frenchtober

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Viagra in philippines Yesterday at the Marriott Marquis in the heart of Times Square, viagra in philippines Howard Megdal launched his run to become the General Manager of the NY Mets. Viagra in philippines Do not be fooled by the recent love letter written in the daily fish wraps, viagra in philippines it’s time for old ideas and ways of doing business in Flushing to come to a halt and time for a young man with vision and vigor to take over the regins of the Mets baseball operation, viagra in philippines as far as I’m concerned, viagra in philippines Howard Megdal is the man to lead us to that goal.

Viagra in philippines Sure things are all sunshine and seashells but don’t fool yourself Mets fans, viagra in philippines the Baltimore Orioles don’t come up on the Mets schedule again for a few years. Viagra in philippines But isn’t winning grand? Wouldn’t you like to have the feeling of being a Victor every year? Well, viagra in philippines then there is only one man who can do that for this organization and that’s Howard Megdal.

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Cheep viagra Mark your calender on Wednesday February 4th @1PM  when the New York’s World Champions will be honored at Gallaghers Steak House (228 W 52 St Manhattan) Here is the press release for the event:

Gallagher’s Steak House will host a benefit luncheon for the American Heart Association on Wednesday, cheep viagra February 4, cheep viagra 2009 featuring members of the 1969 World Champion New York Mets and Super Bowl Champion New York Jets, cheep viagra celebrating the 40th anniversary of their championship seasons. Cheep viagra Right fielders Ron Swoboda and Art Shamsky, cheep viagra first baseman Eddie Kranepool and short stop Buddy Harrelson will be joined by Joan Hodges, cheep viagra the widow of manager Gil Hodges, cheep viagra and Maxene Agee, cheep viagra the widow of centerfielder Tommie Agee. Cheep viagra Jets Super Bowl players, cheep viagra running back Emerson Boozer and guard Dave Herman, cheep viagra as well as Knicks World Champion Dr. Cheep viagra Dick Barnett will also be on hand. Cheep viagra The $75 package will include a three course Power Lunch, cheep viagra an autographed copy of Shamsky’s book “The Magnificent Seasons, cheep viagra” an autographed color photograph of Swoboda, cheep viagra and a donation to the American Heart Association. Cheep viagra For tickets and information call Gallagher’s Steak House at 212 245 5336. Cheep viagra Reservations are recommended. Cheep viagra Gallagher’s Steak House is located at 228 West 52nd Street in New York City. Cheep viagra He luncheon will feature the unveiling of a permanent photo gallery featuring the Mets, cheep viagra Jets and Knicks from the 1969 world championship seasons for the three teams.

Also on February 4th:


Cheep viagra

In 1969, cheep viagra yes, cheep viagra it was 40 years ago, cheep viagra man landed and walked on the moon, cheep viagra and the Amazin’ Mets shocked the baseball world when they went from basement to penthouse and defeated the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles in the World Series to become baseball’s World Champions. Cheep viagra Two members of the “Miracle Mets, cheep viagra” Ron Swoboda, cheep viagra who made one of the greatest catches in World Series lore when he robbed Brooks Robinson in Game 4, cheep viagra and Art Shamsky, cheep viagra who had seven hits in the National League Championship Series to pace the Mets in their victory over the Atlanta Braves, cheep viagra will share their memories when Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway presents “Amazin’ Outfielders” on Wednesday night, cheep viagra February 4, cheep viagra from 7:00-9:00 PM. Cheep viagra  The two right fielders will reminisce on the amazing season, cheep viagra meet and greet fans and sign autographs in Empire City’s Gotham Palace at the Entertainment Lounge. Cheep viagra Admission is free.


Cheep viagra

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