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Viagra collection service The Marco Scutaro Fairy Tale continues as he is not only headed to the World Series with his NL Pennant winning SF Giants teammates but he’s bringing the NLCS MVP Trophy along with him. Viagra collection service WOW!! Simply WOW!!

Viagra collection service As I said yesterday I’ll be rooting for the Giants to beat the Tigers who as Greg Prince eloquently posted on Faith and Fear in Flushing will be meeting for the first time ever in a World Series which is astonishing since both teams have been around for well over 100 years. Viagra collection service  I could not help but sit and stare at the TV watching 45, viagra collection service000+ sing and dance in a monsoon of a rain storm with a smile on my face as I dreamed about the day when I can feel that exaltation again about the NY Mets. Viagra collection service  For those too young to have experienced the mid 80’s Mets and that championship season of 1986, viagra collection service that crowd at ATT Park was us back in the day but ramped up more than 1, viagra collection service000 decibels or more. Viagra collection service  We made enough of a racket and disruption to make Shea Stadium literally rock and roll and then add in the anarchist behavior of the 80’s as we ran rough shod on Pete Flynn’s landscaped lawn to grab a souvenir slice of sod hoping that the rent a cops didn’t yank me by my pony tail.

Viagra collection service When I watched the scene in San Francisco last night it just reinforced why I love baseball and of course the Mets, viagra collection service I’ve been in the middle of the celebratory scrum and I’d love to be in the middle of another one al least I won’t have to worry about getting pulled by the pony tail.

Viagra collection service I have no problem what so ever about the club bring back Mike Pelfrey on an incentive laden contract for 2013. Viagra collection service I know many Mets fans have jump off the Big Pelf bandwagon but I think he can be a contributor out of the pen if not the 5th starter on the team next season.

Viagra collection service As for Andres Torres, viagra collection service what’s the decision he has got to go. Viagra collection service If Torres is retained for 2013 I will be highly pissed off. Viagra collection service Even if a deal can’t made for a center fielder, viagra collection service either Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt den Dekker would be a solid upgrade over Torres. Viagra collection service I can’t believe this even a discussion amongst the Mets decision makers.


This is a picture of the NY Giants of 1888 who defeated the St. Viagra collection service Louis Browns of the American Association in the exhibiton known as the World Series. Viagra collection service The man in the middle is Giants manager Big Jim Murrite. Viagra collection service When you’re named Big Jim odds are you don’t tolorate too much bullshit!   

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One day delivery cialis After bailing out my basement of water, one day delivery cialis and trying to find  a place to rent an industrial size fan (after four attempts I finally found one) I thought this would be a good time to check on our beloved Mets.

One day delivery cialis The Amazin’s have lost 5 in a row and 12 of the last 20 games as the wheels are falling of the Mets bandwagon. One day delivery cialis The last month has not been pretty. One day delivery cialis Jose Reyes making his second trip to the DL , one day delivery cialis Ike Davis waiting for clearance to have surgery that he probably should have had more than a month ago, one day delivery cialis a bullpen that is of expansion quality and a lineup that strikes fear in the hearts of teams in the Can-Am League but not the Majors. One day delivery cialis With all that, one day delivery cialis Terry Collins still has that carrot out in front of his players that they are playing for job security, one day delivery cialis all of them.

One day delivery cialis Gary Cohen and Ron Darling had an interesting conversation during the game (as did Howie Rose and Wanye  Hagin as Howie compared yesterday’s game as eating a turkey dinner and the Tryptophan kicking in and making you sleepy) about how many players on the current 25 man roster would you say will be with this team in 2012. One day delivery cialis Cohen and Darling named Wright, one day delivery cialis Niese, one day delivery cialis Duda and Dickey, one day delivery cialis everyone else is on notice.  Now that’s not counting Reyes, one day delivery cialis Ike or Johan but if you do that is just 7 players who could say they could be Mets next season and out of all 7, one day delivery cialis the only lock on that list is Niese.

One day delivery cialis Last off season was a getting to know period for the front office, one day delivery cialis this up coming off season there could be a lot of exit interviews.

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Buy viagra pill About last night:

Buy viagra pill So how many folks suffered a sprain or broken leg jumping back on the Johan Santana bandwagon?  I guess he’s back to being the Ace of the staff eh?

Buy viagra pill Funny I’m hearing any of the Carlos Beltran’ range is shot talk either ?

Buy viagra pill And how about Angel Pagan playing a mean right field? Let me help you with those bags Mr. Buy viagra pill Francoeur!

Buy viagra pill Even though Jerry Manuel was tossed from the game in the second inning, buy viagra pill we still were treated to some “Jerry Ball” in the 8th inning. Buy viagra pill With the Mets up 2-1, buy viagra pill Jose Reyes leads off with a walk off Vicente (Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka look a like) Padillia. Buy viagra pill Reyes procedes to steal 2nd base. Buy viagra pill Luis Castillo then walks as well, buy viagra pill so maybe the Mets are getting set for that elusive big inning we al have been waiting for. Buy viagra pill But hold on there you Earl Waever devotees, buy viagra pill J-Man will have none of that big inning stuff, buy viagra pill no way. Buy viagra pill From the bowels of Dodger Stadium, buy viagra pill the Gansta’ sends word to Dave Jauss the pretend manager, buy viagra pill to have Angel Pagan sacrifice the runners over. Buy viagra pill Pagan by the way has a .940 OPS with runners on base and an even more impressive 1.072 OPS with runners in scoring position. Buy viagra pill Some where in a retirement home in Florida, buy viagra pill Earl Weaver lit up a Raleigh and muttered, buy viagra pill “what a fuckin’ moron”

Buy viagra pill Not to be outdone, buy viagra pill St Joseph of Torre decided to go reliever for batter in the inning helping the Mets and the struggling Jason Bay break the game open via Bay’s three run double. Buy viagra pill My eyes were bleeding after that inning.

Buy viagra pill Darryl Strawberry wants this current Mets team to turn back the clock and play like the 86ers. It’s a nice thought but it’ll never happen. Buy viagra pill This group is too fragile psychologically. Buy viagra pill When the going is good, buy viagra pill they are all smiles and back slaps, buy viagra pill but as soon as adversity rears it’s ugly head, buy viagra pill they dive under the bed instead of meeting it head on. Buy viagra pill Part of it is the makeup of the team and part of it is the manager who plays not to lose (as we saw in last nights 8th inning) Players are too cautious especially the relievers as the slightest slip could cost you a job. Buy viagra pill The front office takes a big brunt of this as well by telling the world that the team is solvent but still won’t pay off  or trade off non productive players. Buy viagra pill A big move for this organization is to DFA Fernando Nieve and bring up Manny Acosta. Buy viagra pill Then when Nieve clears waivers, buy viagra pill they will resign him and send him to Buffalo and bring him back up sometime in August. Buy viagra pill So predictable.  The team mirrors it’s owner, buy viagra pill it talks a good fight but lacks the balls to back it up.

Buy viagra pill Let’s hope Big Pelf fixed whatever was broken and pitches a gem today in LA LA Land

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Women does viagra work I don’t know about you but I had a very strange feeling watching the 4thinning of last nights Mets-Braves game. Women does viagra work Here were the Mets putting an ass whipping on Derek Lowe and the hated Atlanta Braves and I should have been doing the Snoopy dance but it had no real big effect on me. Women does viagra work  Sure, women does viagra work it was a pleasure watching hit after hit (although I shook my head as Daniel Murphy made two of the three outs in the inning) but instead of being thrilled at the site of pinstriped Mets (have you noticed it has been a while since the Mets have worn the funeral black shirts? Has someone threaten Charlie Samuels with an ass kicking if they see black again? I sure hope so) crossing home plate eight times. Women does viagra work I was more stunned that this expansion like lineup was even competitive.

Women does viagra work A few years ago, women does viagra work Braves-Mets at Flushing would be a night of passion, women does viagra work now, women does viagra work eh I didn’t even want a cigarette when the inning ended.

Women does viagra work Please, women does viagra work please Bobby Ojeda stop I’m begging you TO STOP with the happy horseshit recaps after games. Women does viagra work Stop acting like the Mets should be given some Medal of Honor for playing hard and trying to compete. Women does viagra work All you are doing is embarrassing yourself by drinking the Skill Sets Kool-Aid. Women does viagra work I know you desperately want to be the team pitching coach but don’t lower yourself to be a court jester.

Women does viagra work Soon to be GM of the Mets, women does viagra work John Ricco is accompanying Jeffey Skill Sets on his tour of the farm system. Women does viagra work The last stop was in Bingo and Matt Cerrone has a link to a storywhere Ricco talks of the big teams injuries effecting the farmers. Women does viagra work If I’m Omar I’d take my dry cleaning to a one-hour martinizer.

Women does viagra work The Los Angles Angels Who Really Play in Anaheim had NINE .300 or better hitters in their lineup last night. Women does viagra work Oh yeah, women does viagra work I’m on that Angels bandwagon baby!!!!!

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Viagra online pharmacy usa I’m off to $iti Field today for the Mets-Reds and a seat in the Pepsi Porch section and I was all fired up for the trip until I read Adam Rubin’s State of the Mets story and I nealry choked on my everything bagel.

Viagra online pharmacy usa After reading the article it looks like a few people need to get a pink slip and I am ever so closely looking at the seating availability on the FIRE OMAR bandwagon. Viagra online pharmacy usa I’m not ready to but a ticket on the band waggon just yet but it’s clear there needs to be a purge of some front office employees in this organization.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Also in the aarticle Rubin shines some light on the medical issues that plague this team and it seems our anger toward the doctors is misguided as it should be pointed at the Omar, viagra online pharmacy usa Tony B and the trainers.

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