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Viagra price comparison The smoke from the Hall of Fame voting is still smoldering this morning as baseball fans are still venting outrage over the BBWAA sending none of the candidates to the induction day ceremony. Viagra price comparison There will be an induction day ceremony though as umpire Hank O’Day, viagra price comparison one time owner of the NY Highlanders, viagra price comparison Jacob Ruppert and Deadball Era player Deacon White were selected by the Veterans’ Committee for hall enshrinement. Viagra price comparison I sure hope those gentleman have big families who will show up at Cooperstown and spend some money so the shopkeeper, viagra price comparison restaurateurs , viagra price comparison and inn keepers can turn some kind of profit now that the BBWAA has ruined their big money making weekend.

Viagra price comparison My anger at the voting committee comes from a few different angles. Viagra price comparison  The use of speculation other than facts when declaring who is a PED user and who isn’t is some of the most absurd logic I’ve ever heard outside of the U.S. Viagra price comparison Congress. Viagra price comparison The same folks who sit in baseball press boxes playing Words with Friends and updating their Facebook status are now the moral compass of baseball. Viagra price comparison  Are you fucking kidding? I’d love to know how many of these scribes have ever padded their expense accounts. Viagra price comparison Oh sure none of them, viagra price comparison yeah right not a “cheater” in the bunch. Viagra price comparison  The BBWAA is the same body who voted Barry Bonds 7 MVP awards and Roger Clemens 7 Cy Young’s AND  an MVP but now have decided it’s time to punish them for using performance enhancing drugs?  Again, viagra price comparison are you fucking kidding me?

Viagra price comparison My position on the use of PED’s has chanced just a bit. Viagra price comparison I’ve gone from “who gives a shit attitude” to the game as it’s played today with drug testing or as best as can be expected drug testing, viagra price comparison is a much better game. Viagra price comparison I still stand by my claim that those who used PED’s when there were no rules in baseball against them are not cheaters. Viagra price comparison To me you’re a cheater if you break a rule or regulation and at the height of the Steroid Era there was nothing in the governing rules of baseballs that forbid the use of enhancing drugs, viagra price comparison  same as there were no rules about the use of Amphetamines or Lasik surgery both of which help in performance enhancement. 

Viagra price comparison As the years have gone on I found that I’m glad drug testing is in place, viagra price comparison even though it’s not foolproof and hasn’t stop some knuckleheads from using PED’s but the game is a better played game now than during the so called “Steroid Era”. Viagra price comparison MLB was coming off the abbreviated 1994 season due to a work stoppage that canceled the World Series and spilled over to the first month of the 1995 season; MLB had a real mess on their hands. Viagra price comparison So whether it was juicing the baseball or turning away from juicing players no one, viagra price comparison writers and media included turned a blind eye to the McGwire-Sosa home run battle of 1998 or to Bonds who demolished baseball records with ridiculous digits and won 4 straight MVP awards as he grew to the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Balloon.

Viagra price comparison As a Mets fan I’m totally pissed off because as most Mets fans, viagra price comparison I thought the organization was waiting for Piazza to make it to the HOF as to have a Mike Piazza Day at Citi Field. Viagra price comparison I was looking forward to seeing a number retirement ceremony along with induction into the Mets HOF and maybe a nice fan giveaway of a DVD of Mike Piazza’s Greatest Hits. Viagra price comparison If I’m the Mets (oh how I wish) I would still hold a day for Piazza this season complete with all the festivities I just mentioned plus a giveaway of a big foam hand with a middle finger sticking out and the letters BBWAA written on it from top to bottom. Viagra price comparison If Mets management wanted to have a day where Citi Field would be packed to the gills and be able to sell tickets at a high premium price, viagra price comparison then schedule a Mike Piazza Day this season.

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Super viagra As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, super viagra every year we cast our Hall of Fame ballot to compare our results with those of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Super viagra  I’m pretty sure my ballot is a lot different from many in the BBWAA who enjoy going on witch hunts rather doing real honest to goodness research on the candidates. Super viagra  Without further ado here is the ballot I just cast:

Super viagra Mike Piazza

Super viagra Only someone seeking attention would NOT cast a vote for Piazza, super viagra and this is coming from someone who is not overly found of the former Mets catcher. Super viagra But I won’t let that cloud my view that Piazza was not only the best hitting catcher of his era but he was one of the best right handed hitters as well. Super viagra The majority of BBWAA members who vow not to vote for Piazza because the suspect he was a PED user, super viagra even though they have no proof whatsoever except for their short attention minds, super viagra the same short attention minds that feel playing Words with Friends in a big league press box is more fun than actually watching the game they are being paid to cover, super viagra are just making ass’ of themselves.  Piazza is a without a doubt first ballot Hall of Famer.

Super viagra Jeff Bagwell

Super viagra Again no proof of being a juicer but the voters of the BBWAA get their rocks off snubbing him on the ballot. Super viagra  His lifetime slashes of .297/.408/.540/.948 is certainly Hall worthy and when you add in the power (449 HR), super viagra speed (202 SB and only 78 CS) and defense, super viagra Bagwell was the total package as a ballplayer.

Super viagra Craig Biggio

Super viagra The other half of the Astros Killer B’s his 3, super viagra060 hits makes him an automatic

Super viagra Barry Bonds

Super viagra All of the main streamers hate Bonds and will hold off voting for him due to PED’s even without proof (remember Bonds was guilty of perjury the only charge the government could get to stick and made sure the tax payers of California paid a lot of money that could have went to building schools or hospitals to convict Bonds) but they voted him the MVP 7 times including 4 times during the Era of Taint.

Super viagra Roger Clemens

Super viagra I’ve come from not giving a shit about who took PED’s to today where I feel the game is much better and more enjoyable than it was during the Steroid Era. Super viagra I still don’t feel the players who took PED’s were cheaters since my definition of a cheater is someone who breaks the rules and at the time there were no rules in MLB or in the CBA that said use of PED’s by players were against the rules. Super viagra Players have taken narcotics and stimulants since the beginning of baseball time to get an advantage same as when players corked bats or went for Lasik surgery to better their eye sight, super viagra every athlete looks for an edge. Super viagra Add in that the Steroid Era followed the cancelling of the second half of the 1994 season along with playoffs and World Series due to labor strife, super viagra the game needed something to bring back disgruntled paying customers and I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a juiced ball as much as juiced players . Super viagra Even before the Era of Taint, super viagra Clemens was a Hall of Famer and with 354 Wins, super viagra 4, super viagra672 K and 7 Cy Young Awards, super viagra even though I hate ya’ Roger I gotta respect ya!

Super viagra Tim Raines

Super viagra One of the most exciting and better players of his era Raines was right there with Andre Dawson and Gary Carter as the cog that ran the Montreal Expos of the 1980’s. Super viagra Raines stole an amazing 808 bases and was caught just 146 times in his 23 year career and was an on base machine.

Super viagra Allan Trammell

Super viagra Trammell could always find a way to get on base or hit you a Home Run or steal a base while playing a stellar shortstop.

Super viagra Jack Morris

Super viagra Hey Bill Madden I saw Jack Morris play and he was damn good. Super viagra If Morris were a Highlander for most of his career, super viagra Madden would have pleaded with his fellow BBWAA members to get him Hall of Fame enshrinement.

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Online doctor viagra One  of the great topics for debate when it comes to team sports is how much does team chemistry play in making a difference between a winning or losing team. Online doctor viagra  There are many who believe team chemistry is a bunch of bullshit and it’s mostly those in the sabermetric segment of baseball fans who take this position and feel that folks like me who believe in this part of the game are relics of the past and that whether you’re BFF’s with teammates or a big time snob, online doctor viagra as long as you produce on the field that’s what counts. Online doctor viagra In some ways they’re right, online doctor viagra Jeff Francouer had a million dollar smile and a ten cent approach at the plate while he was with the Mets.  Barry Bonds was one miserable prick in the Giants clubhouse but he is still considered one the best baseball players of all time (I’ll leave the PED discussion for another time) but there is still something about having a group of people who have the same goal, online doctor viagra winning and will do whatever has to be done to achieve that goal. Online doctor viagra When you have that collective mind set, online doctor viagra I feel you have a greater shot of being a winning team than if you have a team that is just a collection of talent who worry about their 2 for 4 day and their statistical resume than winning games.

Online doctor viagra I bring this up because of four teams I’ve watched over the last month or so, online doctor viagra two teams that have that “team chemistry” one that doesn’t and one I think will have it.

Online doctor viagra I’m a Boston Celtics fan and if there is a team that thrives on chemistry and is the best case study on the subject it’s the C’s. Online doctor viagra For the bulk of his career, online doctor viagra Paul Pierce was the best the Celtics had to offer but as the losses piled up with exception of a trip to the NBA Finals in 2001, online doctor viagra Pierce was ready to bolt Boston until GM Danny Ainge made two deals that put the Celtics back into the forefront of the NBA, online doctor viagra  obtaining Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Online doctor viagra All three players were All-Stars and future Hall of Famers as well; this melding of talent would either be a big success or a major failure. Online doctor viagra It’s been a rousing success. Online doctor viagra All three superstars under the direction of Head Coach Doc Rivers have checked their egos at the locker room door and preached the value of teamwork to their teammates. Online doctor viagra Ainge also added a great supporting cast who all have the same team first mind set. Online doctor viagra Garnett uses the term “Ubuntu” which loosely translated from African culture means a sense of community. Online doctor viagra Yes it helps greatly that the team employs four players who are all time greats and one in Rajon Rando who will be in that same group when his career is over. Online doctor viagra When you watch the C’s play you know right away what the mission statement is, online doctor viagra to win Banner 18 and to do it by any means necessary.

Online doctor viagra A team that is nowhere near having Ubuntu are the NY Knicks. Online doctor viagra Here is a team that is just a red hot mess. Online doctor viagra  The best guy in the entire Knicks organization is the GM Donny Walsh, online doctor viagra who took over a disaster of a team, online doctor viagra got them below the salary cap for the first since the inception of the cap, online doctor viagra who then went out an acquired two superstar players and has made The Garden the mecca of basketball once again. Online doctor viagra For his hard work and dedication what did Walsh get in return, online doctor viagra a knife in his back wielded by the clueless owner of the team Jim Dolan. Online doctor viagra The head coach Mike D’Antoni preaches offense, online doctor viagra offense and more offense with his “7 seconds or less” fast break style. Online doctor viagra A style that will never win without the player’s ability to play even plausible defense, online doctor viagra which the Knicks don’t do. Online doctor viagra  But the biggest problem with the Knicks is they have two superstars who don’t seem to know how to mesh. Online doctor viagra Amare Stoudemire was THE show for the bulk of the season with the Knicks. Online doctor viagra He was the focal point of everything from merchandising to promotion of the team, online doctor viagra he was anointed the next great Knickerbocker. Online doctor viagra As the team had early success the chant of M-V-P cascaded from the fans at MSG, online doctor viagra they loved their Amare. Online doctor viagra But wait, online doctor viagra all of a sudden another superstar joined the team, online doctor viagra this player was born in Red Hook Brooklyn but raised in Baltimore MD and won a National Championship with Syracuse and did everything in his power to be a Knick. Online doctor viagra Move over Amare make way for Carmelo Anthony.

Online doctor viagra Both these star players said all the right things at the ‘Melo presser (the same cannot be said of Dopey Dolan) and the first few games, online doctor viagra the duo had Knick fans thinking it was 1970 all over again. Online doctor viagra But as the season has gone on, online doctor viagra we see that both players are still trying to figure out who gets the ball when the game is on the line and how to get the rest of the roster to raise their game and guts to do what it takes to win games. Online doctor viagra We have seen ‘Melo glare at teammates who haven’t gotten the ball to him in crunch time and we’ve seen Stoudemire wonder what happened to the team he was the leader of and the coach trying to figure out how to appease two big egos. Online doctor viagra I guess you could say the Knicks lack “team chemistry”

Online doctor viagra Now the other tenant of MSG , online doctor viagra is the exact opposite of their basketball cohabitants. Online doctor viagra  For long time NY Rangers fans like myself , online doctor viagra the best trait of this Ranger team is they never quit and even in losses, online doctor viagra it’s hard to get mad as they  are what hockey folks like to say a “lunch pail team” . Online doctor viagra Not only are they a hard working bunch but for the most part the Rangers roster is mostly home grown. Online doctor viagra  Ryan Callahan is the captain in waiting along with Brandon Dubinsky, online doctor viagra Mark Stahl, online doctor viagra Dan Girardi, online doctor viagra Derek Stepan  and King Henrik Lundquist  are all setting the tone for big run to the playoffs. Online doctor viagra No matter what happens in the playoffs, online doctor viagra as Ranger fans we have to be pleased that the foundation of the team that will be a Cup contender for awhile has been set.  There is a very good blend of veteran and young players on this Ranger team. Online doctor viagra When you see teams like the Rangers play as hard as they do, online doctor viagra as a fan your proud to say you root for that team. Online doctor viagra With the NY Rangers you have team and fan chemistry.

Online doctor viagra That brings me to the NY Mets. Online doctor viagra If your sole knowledge of the Mets was obtained through the NY beat writers, online doctor viagra sports columnists and Twitter, online doctor viagra you’d get the impression that this was the worst team in baseball. Online doctor viagra But if you watch the games and possess an open mind , online doctor viagrayou’d come to the realization that the Mets are a pretty good ball club. Online doctor viagra Are they a World Series contender? Not this year. Online doctor viagra Will they be better than last year? No question in my mind they will.

Online doctor viagra There is a lot of familiarity with the players on the roster, online doctor viagra most have played together either in the big leagues or in the Mets minor league system. Online doctor viagra R.A. Online doctor viagra Dickey had mentioned this during the off season that many of the guys on this team know each other very well. Online doctor viagra Dickey also mentioned that a baseball clubhouse is just like any work place, online doctor viagra some of guys you’re close with and other guys not as close but when you put the same uniform you have that in common and that’s what’s important.

Online doctor viagra One of the biggest failures of the past front office staff was they let the clubhouse become fractured. Online doctor viagra The last two mangers seemed to polarize the clubhouse and that led to cliques forming between the players. Online doctor viagra  You can see this spring that the new regime realizes this has been a problem with the Mets as Terry Collins instituted the Sunday night bowling parties to try to form a bond within the team.

Online doctor viagra Don’t get me wrong here, online doctor viagra I’m not saying if the whole team sat around singing Kumbaya  it will make the Mets a World Series winner, online doctor viagra but if the TC and Sandy Alderson can change the climate of that clubhouse and Collins can get the team to buy into a team first mentality, online doctor viagra that will be half the battle in getting the Mets winning games. Online doctor viagra I feel the seeds of that way of thinking have been planted. Online doctor viagra If the players realize that no matter how much money or how much time you’ve spent as a Met , online doctor viagra means nothing  if you don’t produce something positive to the club, online doctor viagra you’ll be gone.

Online doctor viagra Think about it, online doctor viagra the past administration went out and brought in talented players at big money contracts and what do they have to show for it? A division championship and two players calling out their teammates for not stepping up and talking to the media (the infamous “they speak English you know” from Bill Wagner and Red Ass LoDuca towards their Latino teammates)   I think this will be a much better clubhouse and a much better Met team than most think. Online doctor viagra I can’t wait until a week from tomorrow and I really am excited for April 8th and the home opener. Online doctor viagra Forget about the mess the owners are in, online doctor viagra forget about the nay sayers in media worrying about who the Mets fans are going to boo next. Online doctor viagra I’m not saying we should become a bunch of Pollyanna’s , online doctor viagra but this Mets team looks like one we should be rooting for.

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Cialis for sale Last week at this time, cialis for sale it was Armageddon outside my house with rain and wind. Cialis for sale Today, cialis for sale the sun is shining and the temperature’s soring to the mid-70’s today so this will be a real quickie post as  I’m going out to play, cialis for sale I may even break out the shorts, cialis for sale but before I head out a few items:

Cialis for sale Looks like Mike Jacobs is the in line for the 25th spot on the roster as he not only will give Daniel Murphy a run at first base bit he is valuable and an emergency catcher. Cialis for sale Jacobs has no problem stepping in if asked to catch, cialis for sale in fact he has order a catchers mitt and is working down in the bullpen to hone his skills. Cialis for sale Carlos Delgado was a catcher at one time but he made it known under no circumstances would he go behind the plate. Cialis for sale  One more reason why I’m glad Delgado’s gone.

Cialis for sale Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has a must read column on the shakedown artists at the World Anti-Doping Association who keep trying to embarrass MLB to the point it sends more cash it’s way for the witch hunt of chasing athletes for PED use. Cialis for sale  I know the Congress and the President  have a lot on their plate these days but someone needs to reign in the FBI agents wasting money and man power chasing down Barry Bonds, cialis for sale Roger  Clemens and other athletes about their use of PED’s. Cialis for sale  You want to say Bonds and Clemens are assholes ? You get no argument from me but if you’re going to start putting people in jail for that then Glen Beck needs to be on Death Row.

Cialis for sale Jenry Mejia pitched yesterday and is slated to go again today. Cialis for sale Not a good sign if you ask me. Cialis for sale Looks like Manuel is pushing for Mejia to join the Mets bullpen when the right move would be to let him start in Buffalo. Cialis for sale Also John Maine goes today against the Cardinals, cialis for sale time to step up Johnny.

Cialis for sale The Nationals have sent Jesus Strasbug  to their minor league camp. Cialis for sale  Look for Jesus to be resurrected sometime in May, cialis for sale as it will buy the Nats an extra year of control over the Savior.

Cialis for sale Johan Santana BELIEVES!!!!! Someone has to I guess.

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Whoever came up this World Baseball Classic bullshit tournament needs a punch in the face. Buy cheap viagra online uk You want to play a trumped up fantasy type game like this do it on a computer or X-Box. Buy cheap viagra online uk When it comes defending my country, buy cheap viagra online uk I’m all in but when it comes to baseball my heart is Blue and Orange. Buy cheap viagra online uk All I care about are the New York Mets and what spring training is for is to evaluate my team to see if we’re ready for the upcoming season and with this WBC, buy cheap viagra online uk that goal is taking a back seat and that pisses me off.


The Pudge to the Mets rumors are back and hotter and heavier as the team may be trying to give Shrek a prod in the ass or maybe they are just sick and tired of his underachieving.


As per Mike Silva NYBD, buy cheap viagra online uk the Philadelphia Inquirer is running a poll on which Mets collapse was the best the 2007, buy cheap viagra online uk 2008 or the on this upcoming season. Buy cheap viagra online uk Silva does a great job taking the paper to the wood shed but I’d say to Mike and all Mets fans just let these Philly Phuck heads be. Buy cheap viagra online uk It will be fun watching them embarrass themselves as they have no idea how to handle success. Buy cheap viagra online uk The whole town is like trailer trash winning the Mega Millions Lottery, buy cheap viagra online uk they will self-destruct soon. Buy cheap viagra online uk


You get the feeling at some point the U.S Dept of Justice will throw in the towel on trying to prosecute Barry Bonds. All this is a waste of Federal Agent manpower, buy cheap viagra online uk clogging the courts and a big waste of money. Buy cheap viagra online uk Just blame it all on the Bush Administration we’ll all understand.


I would pay money to watch Lou Pinella beat Steve Philips’ ass.


Just the thought of D-Wright lockering next to Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter makes me want to heave

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