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Cost of viagra Lucas Duda is one very large enigma to Mets fans. Cost of viagra We see a strapping young man who stands 6’4” 250+ lbs and wonder, cost of viagra when will it all come together for Duda, cost of viagra when will we see 30+ HR’s and 90+ RBI. Cost of viagra Well at 27 years old if it doesn’t come this year it mostly likely will never happen for Duda.

Cost of viagra 27 years of age is a great age to be unless you are an unproven big league baseball player. Cost of viagra It’s an age where you are hitting your playing prime, cost of viagra where if you are a quality baseball player, cost of viagra everything comes together, cost of viagra it all starts to click, cost of viagra you have a good read on the opposing pitching staffs, cost of viagra you have a good idea of your hitting zone, cost of viagra you know when to be aggressive and when to lay off the breaking balls you chased as a greenhorn. Cost of viagra It’s when the game starts to slow down just a bit for you to manage it effectively.  This is the season for all of this to come to Lucas Duda at the plate, cost of viagra if it doesn’t the Mets are in for a long season and Duda could be one in a long line of young Mets outfielders to be discarded on the side of the road.

Cost of viagra I’ve looked a few of the projections for Duda for the coming season and while there seems to be a bit of an uptick in his power numbers by some, cost of viagra is it enough t to keep him as a big league starter?:

Cost of viagra PECOTA .251/.333/.430  15 HR 54 RBI

Cost of viagra ZiPS  .248/.330/.418  18HR  74 RBI

Cost of viagra Bill James  .268/.356/.454   18HR  69 RBI

Cost of viagra  

Cost of viagra James projects Duda with a better on base and slugging percentage and I kind of agree with that. Cost of viagra Duda has improved his eye at the plate, cost of viagra swinging at fewer pitches outside the strike zone (30.1, cost of viagra 29.8 and 35.3 last season) and his base on balls rate has gone up each season as well. Cost of viagra But it’s the power numbers that give me pause on Duda as his Isolated Power Average dropped from .189 in 2011 to a pedestrian .150 last season. Cost of viagra Being that the Mets lineup is still in flux-I don’t think Terry Collins knows who will be his 1-2 in the lineup yet-where Duda bats will determine how many RBI opportunities he gets, cost of viagra I figure Duda to bat 6th so the opportunity to drive in runs will be there for him.

Cost of viagra Hitting just 15-18 home runs will not be acceptable this season from Duda, cost of viagra the Mets have to see an increase to at least mid-twenty’s if the team is going to make any noise this season and again at 27 years old, cost of viagra it’s time for Lucas to bust out.

Cost of viagra The dilemma is for Duda to stay in the lineup he has got to hit and be a run producer as his defense is, cost of viagra and there is no way to sugar coat it, cost of viagradreadful. Cost of viagra The Mets do not need Duda to be Barry Bonds-like in left field but he needs to be able to get a good initial jump on balls and just make the routine play. Cost of viagra In Duda’s defense (no pun intended) he is a first baseman by trade who is still learning a new position, cost of viagra so I have to cut him some slack.

Cost of viagra The intangible in the whole Lucas Duda equation is his mind set. Cost of viagra When Duda first came up to the Mets, cost of viagra it took a while for him to become comfortable in the major league/NYC setting. Cost of viagra Terry Collins has mentioned that Duda has to get a grasp of being a big leaguer and now as one of the young vets on this Mets team, cost of viagra he has to be a leader. Cost of viagra That doesn’t mean he has to be vocal or a rah-rah type, cost of viagra which is not his nature but Duda has to step up this season and be a difference maker so the club and Mets fans don’t have to suffer through another disappointing season.

Cost of viagra Let’s all hope that 2013 becomes The Summer of Duda.      

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Viagra overnight  

Viagra overnight When the Mets off season got under way one of the position I wanted to see an upgraded was center field. Viagra overnight I had seen enough of Angel Pagan and it seems Sandy Alderson felt the same way. Viagra overnight I was intrigued by Coco Crisp thinking he would be a nice cheap alternative to man the less spacious tundra of the center of the Citi Field outfield. Viagra overnight  Alderson felt the better man for the job was Andres Torres, viagra overnight a great glove less than potent bat outfielder who came with RHP Ramon Ramirez to the Mets from the Giants for Angel Pagan.

Viagra overnight After reading that Crisp re-signed with the A’s for 2yrs/$14 mil, viagra overnight a year and cash figure that quite frankly stunned me, viagra overnight I went over to Fan Graphs to look at a comparison of both players. 

Viagra overnight There isn’t that much of a difference offensively between the two players that would make one about $5 mil better than the other. Viagra overnight Crisp will make $7mil a year while Torres made $2.2 mil last year and is under team control for two more seasons.  So even with a raise to say, viagra overnight $3mil for Torres, viagra overnight having him over Crisp in the Mets outfield is major plus for the Mets.

Viagra overnight Crisp, viagra overnight 32 years old, viagra overnight has a lifetime .264/.314/.379 with an ISO of .115 in 583 plate appearances. Viagra overnight  Torres, viagra overnight 34 years old has a lifetime .221/.312/.330 with an ISO of .109 in 398 plate appearances. Viagra overnight We are not talking offensive juggernauts here. Viagra overnight Crisp is more the base stealer than Torres swiping 49 bags in his big league career to 19 for Torres. Viagra overnight Both players walks rates are close Crisp take a base on balls 7.0% of his plate appearances to Torres’ 10.6 % rate. Viagra overnight Torres K’s too much at 23.9 % while Crisp is more disciplined at 11.1 %. 

Viagra overnight Back in 2010, viagra overnight Torres had a fine season putting up a line of .268/.343/.479 with 16 HR 43 2B and 63 RBI for the World Champion San Francisco Giants. Viagra overnight The last real good offensive season that Crisp has had was back in 2005. Viagra overnight So the odds are much better of Torres giving the Mets a bounce back season than Crisp putting up big numbers.

Viagra overnight Crsip’ defense has been in decline the last couple of years whereas Torres has continued to play a stellar centerfielder.

Viagra overnight So for a difference of say $5mil, viagra overnight who made the better deal, viagra overnight Billy Beane by signing Crisp or Sandy Alderson dealing for Torres? It looks like advantage Alderson to me especially is Ramirez is a decent reliever then this deal could be a huge positive for the Mets.

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Counterfeit viagra Again it’s one of those days where the minutia in my head is overflowing so the floodgates are now open:

Counterfeit viagra As any Mets fan I am concerned for the health of Jose Reyes but I’m trying to get a handled on the hysteria over the revelation of Reyes having an overactive thyroid . Counterfeit viagra I guess it’s due to the fact that my wife has had problems with her thyroid for years and takes Synthroid for an under active thyroid and it hasn’t been a huge hindrance to her so that leads  me to think Reyes will be fine. Counterfeit viagra You want something to worry about, counterfeit viagra worry about the bullpen.

Counterfeit viagra I’m getting worried that the manger and the front office are going to screw up on Jenry Mejia big time. Counterfeit viagra Yesterday Mejia gave the team a dominant performance in relief and with the bunch of  JAG’s (just another guys) roaming the pen, counterfeit viagra how much temptation is there for Jerry Manuel, counterfeit viagra with April now a job/career saving month, counterfeit viagra  to put pressure on the front office to bring the 20 year neophyte north at the end of spring training ?

Counterfeit viagra Am I in the minority about this air traffic controller at Kennedy Airport letting his kid talk to the pilots? I know he just told the kid what to say and if this was little air field in the Midwest, counterfeit viagra I wouldn’t give a shit but to do this at one of the busiest airport in world, counterfeit viagra to me is the height of irresponsibility. Counterfeit viagra I don’t want to see the controller lose his job but a suspension and fine seems to be in order here and maybe a rule like NO KIDS IN THE FUCKING TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Counterfeit viagra Sometime Marty Noble can come off as big fat windbag but in his Noble Thoughts column today he has some good nuggets like Frenchy breaking Ike Davis’ balls over an error he made at 1st base and then turning the tables on himself by proclaiming he will take three base on balls today and maybe win the leadoff spot in the bullpen. Counterfeit viagra Also Frank Catalanotto and Jason Pridie are making heads turn early in camp.

Counterfeit viagra Victor Rojas has been named as the TV play by play man for the Angels thus his leaving MLB Network. On his blog, counterfeit viagra Rojas details his taking the Angels job, counterfeit viagra it’s a great read and I wish Victor all the best with the Angels. Counterfeit viagra Oh and a Happy Brithday to Victor’s dad Cookie

Counterfeit viagra It’s hard to imagine how corrupt and out of control the sate government of New York is right now. Counterfeit viagra It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat an Upstater or Downstater as tax payers and residents of the state, counterfeit viagra the way we are treated by these bunch of bungling assholes in Albany is fucking disgrace. Counterfeit viagra Should Governor Patterson resign? No, counterfeit viagra he should thrown in jail! along with every fucking member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Counterfeit viagra I am a fan of Bill Simmons and have been from as far back as his days at AOL as the Boston Sports Guy but his take on Tiger Woods coming back to golf and comparing it to Muhammad Ali’s comeback after being banned from boxing for not joining the military is so ridiculous that there is no way in hell you could defend that opinion. Counterfeit viagra But of course Keith Olberman not only has to make the point that Simmons’ opinion is so off base but he has to attack him personally. Counterfeit viagra That’s what Olberman does. Counterfeit viagra I know first hand. Counterfeit viagra When I started doing Kranepool Society, counterfeit viagra I had e mailed Olberman a few of my posts (I got his e-ail address for the SABR members list as I’m a member as well) just to see what he thought of my work. Counterfeit viagra All I got back was a nasty e-mail from him stating how dare I send him these post and then commanded to never send him anything again. Counterfeit viagra To say the least I was a bit upset. Counterfeit viagra As time went on and I saw that Olberman has a problem in work and social settings so I didn’t feel so bad. Counterfeit viagra So now that he ripped Simmons a new asshole, counterfeit viagra I feel like a little camaraderie with The Sports Guy. Counterfeit viagra Olberman is not the Worst Person in the World just the biggest douche bag.

Counterfeit viagra Ooops I’m late for my anger management class!

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Viagra 50 mg tablets Oh those gritty, viagra 50 mg tablets gutsy Mets. Viagra 50 mg tablets Did you ever think those words would be used to describe our favorite baseball team? Me either but yesterday’s 3-2 win over Cardinals a game Tony LaRussa managed the 8th inning like it was Game 7 of the NLCS (but it paid off for the stinking genius) was close to baseball as it ought to be. Viagra 50 mg tablets A few observations from the day at $iti Field:

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets Johan Santana had a very difficult time in the first three innings finding the strike zone as he had neither command of his fastball or change up in the first three innings whether this was due to his mechanics or the ineptitude of home plate ump Ron Kulpa  I’m not sure but after giving up a walk to Chris Carpenter in the 4th Santana all of a sudden got locked in and took control of the game. Viagra 50 mg tablets The mark of a great pitcher is when he can’t get his best pitches over for strikes he still finds a way to stay on top of his game and work his way through until he figures out how to get those pitches working or has a plan B and gets that to work. Viagra 50 mg tablets No panic, viagra 50 mg tablets no fear that’s Johan Santana.

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets Ryan Church is lucky J-Man didn’t take out his blade and cut his ass after yesterday’s game. Viagra 50 mg tablets Manuel has put the challenge to Church by putting him the clean up spot while Sheffield recoups from his cortisone shot to his knee. Viagra 50 mg tablets So far the challenge not met by Church. Viagra 50 mg tablets With Daniel Murphy on second and Luis Castillo on first, viagra 50 mg tablets D-Wright had an outstanding at bat. Viagra 50 mg tablets After looking at two called strikes, viagra 50 mg tablets Wright bared down and then let two balls go out of the strike zone to even the count 2-2, viagra 50 mg tablets the next pitch Wright just missed (a fastball I believe from Kyle McClellan) and then took the two more pitches for a base on balls. Viagra 50 mg tablets Outstanding at bat. Viagra 50 mg tablets Of course after that Tony LaRussa made yet another trip to the bullpen (and had me make a mess out of my score card) lefty Trever Miller to face Church.

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets Now here was Church’s time for redemption in the game as he misplayed a ball hit by Rick Ankiel in 6th as he broke in the tried to get back and the ball sailed over his head for a double and Ankiel eventually scored the Cards second run so with the bags drunk it was Ryan Church in the spotlight (“Church bells may ring, viagra 50 mg tablets ding –dong-ding, viagra 50 mg tablets church bells may ring, viagra 50 mg tablets ding-dong-ding”)  time to show the manager, viagra 50 mg tablets the fans and his teammates the he is ready to step up.

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets Miller seems to have a bit of the yips as he can’t find the strike zone and falls behind 3-0 to Church. Viagra 50 mg tablets Ok now Ryan take a strike here, viagra 50 mg tablets atta boy. Viagra 50 mg tablets Ok now it’s on a platter for you 3-1 and the pitch………..A CALLED STRIKE!!!!!!!!! Ryan, viagra 50 mg tablets you are batting in the coveted clean up spot, viagra 50 mg tablets the bases are loaded, viagra 50 mg tablets it’s the bot of the 8th and a 1 run game WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TAKING ON 3 AND 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets Now realizing he’s not up there to leave it up to Tatis, viagra 50 mg tablets Church swings at the next pitch and fouls it off. Viagra 50 mg tablets Now Church is digging that back foot in the batters box determined to get a hit here but Miller just rears back and blows one by Church who took a huge swing and missed but at that point it didn’t matter this at bat was done at 3 balls 1 strike. Viagra 50 mg tablets Want to bet that Church sits tonight against Sabathia ? If he got a hit there lefty or no lefty he would have earned the start but after that at bat and the play in the 6th inning Church will sit tonight and it’s deserved.

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets The more I go to $iti Field the more I love the place (don’t worry we old timers will always have Shea in our hearts) how can you not. Viagra 50 mg tablets I know it has its faults (see Mets Police for those as he is the Elliot Ness of Mets fandom) and management (are you ready for this) seems to be listening to it’s fan base (S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G I know!) First thing I saw walking in I looked at the scoreboard in right/center and guess what? The lineups were posted ! YA-HOO!. Viagra 50 mg tablets Then in the 8th inning no Sweet Caroline (HURAYY!!) but Meet The Mets (HURRAH!) now I do have a little bone to pick, viagra 50 mg tablets how about playing the whole Meet The Mets song? Why do the butcher and the baker and the people on the street always get the short end of the stick all the time?

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets I was no fan of Michael Jackson’ when he was alive so I’m not mourning his death today but I was shocked that he died just for the fact that he is the same age as me. Viagra 50 mg tablets I know it’s not polite to speak ill of the dead but the guy was a walking freak show which was not the worst of his sins, viagra 50 mg tablets those he will pay for it he hasn’t already. Viagra 50 mg tablets I do feel sorry for him in that he didn’t really have much of a life which again proves my mother theory that even if you have a lot of money that doesn’t mean you’re rich and if that’s the case Jackson died broke in more ways than one.

Viagra 50 mg tablets  

Viagra 50 mg tablets Now someone I was a fan of was Farrah Fawsett as were many young men back in the 70’s. Viagra 50 mg tablets Show of hands how many of you fella’s had this poster in your room (my hand is up) and how many of us looked to date girls with that blonde hair in a flip (hand still up)

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Sure it sucked seeing Scott Kazmir on the mound for the Famous Rays last night but to be honest, cialis prices  as much as I’m a Kazmir fanboy I thought he stunk last night. Cialis prices How the hell do you walk Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz for God sake you have to let those two swing the bat CHALLENGE THEM DAMIT! Kaz was lucky that Upton made a strong throw to nail the little prick Victorino at the plate for an inning ending DP as that at least let the Rays stay in the game.


I though the 3rd inning was the turning point in the game as the Rays had a chance to make Cole Hamels life difficult with the bases juiced and 1 out with hot hitting BJ Upton at bat. Cialis prices Upton this past season hit a robust .353 in a bases loaded situation, cialis prices so the odds looked good that even a fly ball would at least get the Rays on the board but Upton hit into an inning ending DP something he did only 13 times all season. 


Add that to Kazmir having runners on base every inning he pitched four of them via the base on balls and this game wasn’t as close as the score board showed. Cialis prices It’s up to James Shields to get the Pizza Guys even in the series. Cialis prices In my mind Game 2 is a must win for the Rays.


Who knew Wee Willie Randolph was such a catch? The Rockies and Nats want him to be a   bench coach and the Brewski’s are looking at him as a skipper. Cialis prices I still think Randolph best position is as an infield coach/instructor as a bench coach you’re involved in strategy which we know too well is not Willie’s strong suit.


With the economic climate in this country and newspapers facing extinction why in the world did the NY Daily News waste money by sending Bill Madden to the World Series to write about how all the team in the NL East hate the Mets. Cialis prices Not exactly ground breaking there Billy Pinstripes. Cialis prices You almost nailed a good column as you wrote about Pat Gillick turning around the Phillies and the Mariners but you missed the boat on the big story as Gillick was the Skill Sets choice to take over the Mets after the Steve Phillips disaster era but turned them down due to Jeffey Skill Sets meddling ways.



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