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Buy discount viagra online I had quite a busy Mets day yesterday as I resurrected my podcast with the help of Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal and then calling in as guest to the Rising Apple podcast.  In between podcasts, buy discount viagra online I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a Mets Bloggers conference call with Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

Buy discount viagra online Alderson has been gracious with his time to members of the Mets blogging community and has shown us great respect in regards to our questions and views pertaining to the New York Mets. Buy discount viagra online Alderson has stated to us a couple of occasions how he enjoys the passion we have for the team and time and effort we put in to write and talk about the Mets.  When the Mets and Alderson first started to have these blogger calls the session lasted about 25-40 minutes, buy discount viagra online last night Alderson stayed on the line with us for about an hour. Buy discount viagra online Name me another team or GM who does that? There aren’t any. Buy discount viagra online As you can see from the transcript, buy discount viagra online (a great big tip of the Mets cap to Eric Simon and Chris McShane of Amazin Avenue for putting together a transcript of the conference call and while you’re at AA check out Chris’ column on Paul DePodesta and how the team has turned around the player development side of the organization, buy discount viagra online it’s a great read)

Buy discount viagra online When my turn to speak to Alderson came up, buy discount viagra online I asked him about the turnover in the roster this past off season and the similarities in the position players he has added.   The players I looked at, buy discount viagra online Collin Cowgill, buy discount viagra online Andrew Brown, buy discount viagra online Brandon Hicks and Jamie Hoffman all poses good walk rates and isolated power percentages. Buy discount viagra online They also have in common the distinction of coming from solid organizations (Cowgill came up through the Oakland A’s system, buy discount viagra online Brown the Cardinals, buy discount viagra online Hicks the Braves, buy discount viagra online Hoffman the Dodgers) when it comes to teaching proper fundamentals in the lower levels of their farm systems. Buy discount viagra online This group also plays the game aggressively as well, buy discount viagra online on the base paths and on defense. Buy discount viagra online   Here is the Mets GM’s reply to my question:

Buy discount viagra online Well you listed off a lot of positive qualities. Buy discount viagra online And to the extent that the players you mentioned are aggressive defensively, buy discount viagra online aggressive on the bases, buy discount viagra online command the strike zone, buy discount viagra online have some power, buy discount viagra online can run the bases a little bit. Buy discount viagra online Yes, buy discount viagra online I would say that these are the kinds of players that we would like to have. Buy discount viagra online Offense plays. Buy discount viagra online You can be a great defender, buy discount viagra online if you can’t hit you probably can’t play anywhere. Buy discount viagra online I’m not talking about the Mets exclusively. Buy discount viagra online And also, buy discount viagra online it is possible that there are players that just don’t get an opportunity in certain organizations because they may be deeper at certain positions than they are at others. Buy discount viagra online The minor league free agent market, buy discount viagra online or the fringe 25 man roster guy, buy discount viagra online playing for a club with a strong roster, buy discount viagra online given the opportunity may turn into something valuable. Buy discount viagra online Mike Baxter is another example of this from previous years. Buy discount viagra online Not that Mike has great power, buy discount viagra online but he’s a very valuable piece and part of the team. Buy discount viagra online There’s no question that we value on base percentage, buy discount viagra online walk rates, buy discount viagra online isolated power is important, buy discount viagra online but as we’ve emphasized with a number of guys here in camp on base percentage, buy discount viagra online command of the strike zone is important. Buy discount viagra online And look, buy discount viagra online it’s important on offense, buy discount viagra online it’s important on the pitching side. Buy discount viagra online If you don’t walk anybody and keep the ball in the ballpark you can win games. Buy discount viagra online Today was a good example of what can happen when you walk seven and give up a number of home runs. Buy discount viagra online The same thing happened yesterday- we out hit the Marlins yesterday 9-5. Buy discount viagra online They beat us because they had 14 total bases on 5 hits and we had, buy discount viagra online I think, buy discount viagra online 9 on 9 hits. Buy discount viagra online So right, buy discount viagra online I think that these are the kinds of players were looking for, buy discount viagra online that we think can make a contribution at the major league level, buy discount viagra online and we’re going to find out given some opportunity here in the spring what we have. Buy discount viagra online And, buy discount viagra online of course, buy discount viagra online we should have most of them going into the season and so we’ll get a chance to look at them again. Buy discount viagra online You have to look for players wherever you can find them, buy discount viagra online particularly when you’re weak in that area in your own system.

Buy discount viagra online The players I mentioned are very good complimentary pieces that you need to have on a winning team and as Alderson stated and as we’ve seen firsthand, buy discount viagra online the skill sets that the players I mention have, buy discount viagra online are lacking in the organization and as we see Alderson and his baseball ops guys went out looking for this prototype player from different organizations. Buy discount viagra online I think it is also very telling the organization they signed these players from, buy discount viagra online teams who have rock solid foundation in teaching the right way to play in their minor league systems.

Buy discount viagra online  

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Generic cialis canadian If you’re going to lose three straight in the South Bronx, generic cialis canadian at least get blown out in all three so it doesn’t hurt Mets fans so much. Generic cialis canadian Friday night was easier to take than the last two losses as we can expect Johan Santana to bounce back and pitch well but in the Saturday and Sunday losses to the Highlanders the two big deficiencies of this Mets team were highlighted for all to see, generic cialis canadian the inability to execute the fundamentals of baseball and a bullpen that doesn’t know how to pitch.

Generic cialis canadian The lack of “fundi’s” were on full display yesterday. Generic cialis canadian I know Andy Pettite has been gone for a year but everyone knows he has one of the greatest move to first base in the history of baseball. Generic cialis canadian The Mets who are now a station to station base running team decide yesterday was the day to get aggressive on the base paths and it bit them in the ass as David Wright and Scott Hariston were picked off, generic cialis canadian with Hairston looking like deer on back road upset in the dead of winter look as Petitte ran right at him to get him out.

Generic cialis canadian Then there were the errors. Generic cialis canadian Wright was charged with a throwing error which was followed by the first Russell Martin homer to cut the Mets lead to 3-2 and before that Omar Quintanilla’s error allowed Jeter to go to second and that opened the flood gates for Bobby Parnell because no one in that Mets bullpen ever picks up a teammate. Generic cialis canadian  So from a 3-0 lead the Mets are now down 4-3 heading to the 9th inning. Generic cialis canadian Lucas Duda and Ike (That’s Right) Davis hits a game tying double and the Met tie the game at 4. Generic cialis canadian Now’s the time to get that go ahead run over to 3rd base with Quintanilla with a sac bunt but of course he doesn’t execute the bunt because just like last year no one on the Mets can lay down a bunt, generic cialis canadian Q then hits a bullshit roller to short and Jayson Nix throws to 3rd to get Ike who runs like he’s pulling a frost free refrigerator, generic cialis canadian again poor execution. Generic cialis canadian  Murph hits for Valdespin and gets a base hit with would have scored Ike had he stayed a 2nd base, generic cialis canadian so now it’s Q on 3rd 1 out and contact hitter Josh Thole up. Generic cialis canadian A base hit would be great but fly ball to one of those noodle armed Highlander outfielders would suffice. Generic cialis canadian  Thole works the count to 3-2 and leaves the bat on his shoulder to take a called third strike, generic cialis canadian then has the balls to argue the call with home plate Mike Muchlinski, generic cialis canadian are you kidding? SWING THE BAT!!!!!

Generic cialis canadian So the Mets fight back to tie the score at 4 and in comes Jon Rau………………………game over 5-4 Highlanders on a Russell Martin home run.

Generic cialis canadian Off to Tampa. Generic cialis canadian Ya Gotta Believe!!!

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Cialis women So the doctors said David Wright could resume baseball activity in six weeks. Cialis women The Mets thought that meant six weeks from the time the injury occurred. Cialis women But the doctors say no, cialis women six weeks from the time of the diagnosis. Cialis women What we have here is a breakdown of  communication  (just like in season’s past which was supposed to end with Sandy Alderson as boss) or Alderson was using Abbot and Costello math.

Cialis women Either way when the worst news of the night isn’t the fact that  the team has become the first team in the history of MLB to lose six games at home while having a lead after seven innings but that your nice kid somewhat of a superstar third baseman has suffered the first major injury of his career and won’t be back until maybe after the All-Star break well, cialis women “you’re snake bitten baby”

Cialis women Gary Cohen said last night, cialis women there are reasons the Mets blow these leads late in the game and it’s the difference between good teams and bad teams. Cialis women It may be a cliché but it’s true the little mistakes add up to turn wins into losses. Cialis women Whether it’s Daniel Murphy’ lack of instinct on the base paths, cialis women or Izzy coming in a game with two outs and walking a struggling Dan Uggla, cialis women Josh Thole unable to stop a pitch in the dirt (again) and Jose Reyes picking the worst time ever to make an error, cialis women it all adds up to failure.

Cialis women Terry Collins was quite calm after the game. Cialis women Maybe he’s come to the realization there are some things a manger can’t dictate, cialis women  like instinct .

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Discount canadian cialis Give the Skill Sets some credit here as they are going full bore in the interview process for a new GM. Discount canadian cialis There doesn’t seem to be a bad choice here as the caliber of candidates are quite impressive. Discount canadian cialis As much as I’ve taken a seat on the Sandy Alderson bandwagon, discount canadian cialis I could just as easily hop of and get on the cross-town  Rick Hahn Express as well. Discount canadian cialis  You also have to feel good as a Mets fan that they are talking to Logan White of the Dodgers, discount canadian cialis who supposedly has a deal in place with LA but with the Feuding McCourt’s tearing apart the franchise, discount canadian cialis the Mets, discount canadian cialis amazingly enough, discount canadian cialis look like the more stable organization and quite possibly White would join the team as an executive in charge of scouting and player development which along with a hire of either Alderson or Hahn, discount canadian cialis would push the respect meter to a point we haven’t seen in Flushing since the Frank Cashen days.

Discount canadian cialis Seems an Alderson run team would allow the Skill Sets to hire Wally Backman as long as Backman realizes he’s there to carry out the Alderson Plan. Discount canadian cialis As we’ve seen with Alderson’ run with the A’s and Padres, discount canadian cialis the manager is more like a shift supervisor who enforces company policy.

Discount canadian cialis No matter who is hired as the new man in charge of baseball ops, discount canadian cialis it will be no longer be business as usual in Queens.

Discount canadian cialis Adam Rubin has a great preview of Mets farmhands now competing in the Arizona Fall League. Brad Holt who I thought  was going to be a big time pitcher for the Mets when I saw him pitch in Brooklyn a few years back, discount canadian cialis is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of the organization and CF’er Kirk Nieuwenhuis are two of the players for Mets fans to keep an eye on.

Discount canadian cialis A lot of talk before last night’s Rays-Rangers Game 5 was about the looseness of the Rays players seems the Rangers took advantage of that attitude by going all out aggressive on the base paths against Tampa.

Discount canadian cialis So we have the Highlanders v. Discount canadian cialis Rangers and Phuck Phaces v. Discount canadian cialis Fuck Yeahs in the LCS. Discount canadian cialis The Highlanders own the Rangers so it is with a great sense of urgency, discount canadian cialis that the Rangers play the same aggressive style in Game 1 against CC and his battery mate the defensively challenged Dumbo Posada. Discount canadian cialis A Game 1 loss will send Highlander fans into a pure panic, discount canadian cialis and isn’t that we haters of Bronx Bastards live for?

Discount canadian cialis I am going all out to root for the Giants as I’m thinking of making a little shrine with my Jim Ray Hart bat, discount canadian cialis Will Clark baseball cards, discount canadian cialis and my photos of John McGraw. Discount canadian cialis Game 1 Saturday is a must watch for all baseball fans with Halliday and The Freak hooking up.

Discount canadian cialis Taryn Cooper has her last post of the season up at her My Summer Family site and she is also stepping away from the everyday grind of Mets blogging, discount canadian cialis which is a major loss to Metsfandom. Discount canadian cialis  Hopefully we can meet up at MSG Coop, discount canadian cialis to root for our Broadway Blueshirts.

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Ladies viagra

Ladies viagra It’s been a very busy morning so this will be a short post. Ladies viagra I hate weather like today as we have a 5:30 game and it’s either going to rain this afternoon or this evening and I have to plan to go home early or stay at work so I’m very indecisive on what to do kind of like the Mets on the base paths.

Ladies viagra Big Pelf was the pitcher we all thought we’d grow up to be yesterday. Ladies viagra He got ahead with his sinker and used an effective spilt as well. Ladies viagra It also helps it have a craftsman behind the plate like Henry Blanco. Ladies viagra What we need now is consistency from Big Mike.

Ladies viagra This whole Reyes in the third spot is just Jerry Manuel standing on a trap door waiting for it to open. Ladies viagra I love how J-Man tells the press he advised Reyes to stay with his game when the move is made and not try to be a power hitter. Ladies viagra What the hell is your 3 hitter anyway? He’s your best bat and one of your best power bats which is why D-Wright is the best option at the 3 spot. Ladies viagra The problem with the lineup is both Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis suck and Ike Davis is playing for Buffalo. Ladies viagra I know there are some who think Davis needs more time at Triple A but when you take into account his fine spring plus he went to one of the finest baseball schools-Arizona St.-in the country and his dad was a major leaguer so he knows the life better than most, ladies viagra that baseball pedigree tells me the risk of bringing up and under cooked Davis is better than a burnt Mike Jacobs or Fernando Tatis.

Ladies viagra The Wee-Fellow at the Daily News has for the most part become an irrelevant writer in this town but he is still the house organ for the Skill Sets which leads me to believe the Skill Sets some how collaborated with him on this Bobby Valentine homecoming story to reclaim the Mets managers office.

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  Give credit to Tim Redding last night, real viagra pharmacy prescription with most of management and Mets Fans looking to send his ass packing he rebounded with a strong performance. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Sure it was against the lowly Nats  but with his job on the line he stepped up.

Of all the injuries the one that hurts the least (no pun intended) is losing J J Putz. Real viagra pharmacy prescription With Bobby Parnell, real viagra pharmacy prescription a rejuvenated Sean Green, real viagra pharmacy prescription Brain Stokes and Pedro Feliciano to go with Frankie Rodriguez the bullpen is robust and is a big reason not to give up the ship.

With all the injuries the Mets will have to reinvent themselves into a team of strong pitching and they must play stellar defense and keep the mistakes at a minimum especially on the base paths. Real viagra pharmacy prescription  There are good aggressive plays that sometimes bite you in the ass like David Wright taking a chance on going to third on the botched pickoff play in the 6th that took a solid throw by A-Hern to get him. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Then there are just bad base running plays like Carlos Beltran in the 1st trying to get to third with no outs on a hit and Wright trying to steal 3rd with no outs in the 10 th.  You can get away with mistakes against the awful Nats but with the schedule that is coming up against the top teams in baseball it helps best if your head is not up your ass.

So Adam LaRoche thinks it was “classless” of Carlos Beltran to say the Pirates are not a good team and the Mets should be embarrassed to lose three straight to them. Real viagra pharmacy prescription  When your organization has not had a winning record in 17 seasons and you trade away an outfield of Jason Bay, real viagra pharmacy prescription Nate McClouth and Xavier Nady and get next to nothing of substance in return, real viagra pharmacy prescription I think your anger should be toward the management of your team and not the opposition who is just echoing what all of baseball knows that the Pittsburgh Pirates are a joke.

LaRoche may get a chance to tell Beltran what he thinks as he may get lucky and get traded to the Mets. Real viagra pharmacy prescription I wouldn’t mind getting LaRoche and Jack Wilson to play first and short for the Mets and I bet it wouldn’t cost much either.

I’m a fan of Daniel Murphy but let’s face facts the Mets are dire need of a power bat and if Murphy who has looked great at first base isn’t going to hit then he needs to go to Buffalo so Omar can add a power bat at that possession. Real viagra pharmacy prescription It’s not personal Danny Boy its business.

Watching and listening to Tom Glavine bitch and moan about his release by the Braves is more embarrassing than annoying although I find myself yelling “grows some balls” at the TV when MLB Network shows Glavine’ presser. Real viagra pharmacy prescription

There is nothing better than MLB Extra Innings. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Not only do you get to see every baseball game but when the Dodgers are home or west of the Mississippi River you get to hear Vin Scully. Real viagra pharmacy prescription I’ve forgiven Scully for his bias against the Mets in the 1986 World Series and as I watched last night as the Phillies and Pedro Feliz gave the Dodgers a win it was this from Scully that made the game worth watching:


It’s about quarter of nine in Los Angeles. Real viagra pharmacy prescription That makes it about quarter of six on the beaches at Normandy, real viagra pharmacy prescription in France. Real viagra pharmacy prescription And 1944, real viagra pharmacy prescription June the sixth, real viagra pharmacy prescription tomorrow, real viagra pharmacy prescription that was the invasion of Europe. Real viagra pharmacy prescription

We heard the names: Sword, real viagra pharmacy prescription Gold, real viagra pharmacy prescription Juno, real viagra pharmacy prescription Utah and Omaha. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Those were the names of the beaches as the British, real viagra pharmacy prescription Canadians and the United States invaded Europe. Real viagra pharmacy prescription

 Let’s go back to this one. Real viagra pharmacy prescription

 At quarter of six on the beaches of Normandy sixty-five years ago, real viagra pharmacy prescription something like forty thousand fell in the invasion that was called Operation Overlord. Real viagra pharmacy prescription The bloodiest beach was Omaha. Real viagra pharmacy prescription

And then of course there was that area called Pointe du Hoc. Real viagra pharmacy prescription You probably saw that in the movie The Guns of Navarone, real viagra pharmacy prescription where the GIs had to try and climb thirty-foot cliffs and the Germans were on top of the cliffs shooting down at them

So, real viagra pharmacy prescription do us older guys a favor. Real viagra pharmacy prescription If you have children, real viagra pharmacy prescription would you please take time out tomorrow and tell them the sacrifice that was made sixty-five years ago?

 Freedom is not free. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Boy, real viagra pharmacy prescription a lot of fellas gave their lives so that we could be sitting here watching a baseball game.

Please don’t forget it.


Thanks to Sons of Steve Garvey to this  



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Viagra reviews Well I see the roller-coaster is still running strong. Viagra reviews Win one, viagra reviews lose one. Viagra reviews Last night was the same up and down ride. Viagra reviews Petey started rocky then found the low strike zone and induced ground ball outs. Viagra reviews That was good. Viagra reviews D-Wright sucked in the field and on the base paths. Viagra reviews Yeah that’s right I wrote D-Wright sucked last night, viagra reviews I’m allowed to. Viagra reviews That doesn’t mean I’ve fallen out of my man crush on Sugar pants (My WRIGHT 5 jersey is on a hanger awaiting my appearance at Shea on Saturday night) but the facts are he made an awful error at third and an inexcusable base running mistake by not knowing how many outs there were. Viagra reviews If Carlos Beltran did that there would have been an opening at WFAN as Joe (Bada Bing, viagra reviews Bada Boom) who have had an aneurism but for the Golden Boy we look away. Viagra reviews Not right, viagra reviews right Wright?. Viagra reviews If Warlord Jerry feels David needs a day off then just give him one. Viagra reviews I admit that as the “team leader” it nice to defer to him but if J-Man feels he needs a mental health day then give him one this afternoon

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews The Mets should be embarrassed by the on going Ryan Church concussion episode as they really have failed Church from the first time he suffered a concussion in spring training to his second one in Atlanta. Viagra reviews Just by doing a Google search of “concussion experts” I found a page to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine page where the deal in the treatment and study of brain trauma. Viagra reviews Also I found a story on former SF Giants catcher Mike Matheny who suffered a concussion in a home plate collision and then suffered from more problems from taking fouls balls of his mask behind the plate. Viagra reviews In the article Dr. Viagra reviews Micky Collins has a quote that I feel sums up the Church case to a tee:

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews “With a single concussion, viagra reviews you’re going to recover“, viagra reviews  The problem is when you have a  concussion and undergo these chemical changes, viagra reviews you’re a lot more vulnerable if you have second  before the first is recovered”

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews Shame on the Mets for not doing their homework on this matter.

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews Daniel (Oh Danny Boy) Murphy is making his presences felt early in his call up to the point where he and Dan Evans will form a platoon in LF with Fernando Tatis playing RF it looks like and Endy Chavez doing what Endy Chavez is equip to do be a fourth outfielder and defensive specialist.

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews Thank God the Rockies signed Livan Hernandez because I’m sure Omar had him penciled in for Saturday nights start.

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews Speaking of which don’t give me Claudio Vargas or Brian Stokes or Nelly Figs. Viagra reviews No give me Jon Neise  and let me see the future.

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews Word is Scott Schoeneweis and Dirty Duaner have both cleared waivers and that Brian Giles was claimed off the wire to a team with no name (M-E-T-S ?) I wouldn’t mind taking a flier on Giles for Schoeneweis.

Viagra reviews  

Viagra reviews Once I figure out what bag my camera is in I’ll post some picks from Fenway but now I intend to relax and watch Johan Santana try to salvage this series from the Pads.

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