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Female ingestion of viagra Join Steve Keane and Joe McDonald tonight at 9PM ET for another edition of PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Female ingestion of viagra We will dissect the latest snubs by Bengi Molina and Joel Pineiro of the Mets and we will discuss which way the Mets will turn to solidify their starting pitching and a front line catcher. Female ingestion of viagra We will look at which Mets prospects could rise from a spring training to make the final 25 man roster and a host of other Mets and baseball news, female ingestion of viagra

Female ingestion of viagra You can join in as well with comments and question by calling in at (646) 595-4462.

Female ingestion of viagra If you can’t join us live you can download the podcast at The Eddie Kranepool Society, female ingestion of viagra BlogTalkRadio or at our PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL site.

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Discount viagra sales online As I was in the middle of my interview with Bill Reynolds last night on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL, discount viagra sales online Raul Ibanez hit Ken Takahashi’ pitch that was below his ankles out of the park Iw as ready to yell OH FUCK! But I kept my composure and concentrated on the interview but if you listen to the show you could tell after the Reynolds interview I tried to fill the last half hour of the show although I was shell shocked by the Mets again unable to hold a lead.

Discount viagra sales online I don’t know if it’s just frustration or that there is in power struggle between J-Man and Omar but some of Jerry Manuel’s moves have me puzzled. Discount viagra sales online His choice of Fernando Tatis as and everyday player and burying Daniel Murphy on the bench is ridiculous. Discount viagra sales online Tatis has been a great addition to the Mets but for Christ sake he ‘s not Lou Gehrig, discount viagra sales online he’s a very good utility guy who produces when used sparingly. Discount viagra sales online Please, discount viagra sales online FREE DANIEL MURPHY at put him at first base. Discount viagra sales online Same with Ryan Church can you leave the guy in RF? Let F-Mart platoon with Sheffield in LF because as great as Sheff has been he’s is 40 years old and can not play every day.

Discount viagra sales online So now John Maine joins the walking wounded with a “tired arm”. Discount viagra sales online How much you want to bet this is another line of happy horseshit from Flushing ?

Discount viagra sales online PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don’t tell me that Nelly Figs is coming up for Maine. Discount viagra sales online I don’t care what Jon Neise’ numbers are in Buffalo bring him up and let him pitch and stop burying this kid. Discount viagra sales online ENOUGH OF NELSON FIGUEROA already!

Discount viagra sales online You’ll read no more criticism of D-Wright or Carols Beltran here as both of these guys have stepped up and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Discount viagra sales online If I were managing a team against the Mets I’d never give either guy a pitch to hit I’d take my chances with the other six guys in the lineup.

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Maybe it’s that phenomena of the Mets playing down to the competition as they come off a 2-4 abbreviated road trip against the Bucs and Nats the suck and suck more teams of baseball and now the biggest three weeks of the Mets 2009 season starts tomorrow here in the Greatest City on the Planet against the Phucking Phillies in the biggest series of the season.


To start off this series I sat with an enemy correspondent , viagra on line Bill Bear of Crashburn Alley who has been a guest on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL and a guy I like to e mail back and forth during the season as I like to be an annoying ball breaker but even though Bill has a major character flaw being a Phucking Phillies fan he’s a good guy and is always great when he comes on PBC and I like his in depth stat work on Crashburn Alley so click here to read the Q & A I did with Bill .


Over at Jorge Says No they have a very good interview with Wally Backman who is now managing in the Northern League for the Joilet Jackhamers. Viagra on line Backman of course would love to get a shot at a big league managerial job and the hard work as a player and perseverance as a manager at the most obscure outposts of baseball only make his resolve stronger. Viagra on line Maybe some day he will be back in Flushing where his work ethic and passion for the game would be a boost for the organization and the fans.


Doug Branch at Mets Merized Online is getting drawn and quartered for a post that suggests that the Mets might look at being sellers and if they do maybe Carlos Beltran would be the guy to trade. Viagra on line Well if you read the comments Branch is called out for not only suggesting that the Mets become sellers but think about trading Beltran. Viagra on line I won’t speak for Branch but as for myself I’ll say I don’t want the Mets to be sellers and I don’t want to deal off Beltran but as I wrote in a post over the weekend maybe it’s time for the front office and ownership to take stock in what it is the team and what this franchise is looking to accomplish. Viagra on line The reason I think like this is that as much as I think Omar Minaya has done a pretty good job he could do much better and I never feel like there is a plan in place or a course of action for this team. Viagra on line Sure Omar went out and retooled the bullpen to the point it’s one of the best in baseball but he never addressed the need for a left fielder with power and seems to be more enthralled with finding players left on the side of the curb than being creative in making a deal for bona fide major league talent. Viagra on line


It is good though to see the Mets fan exuding passion like the commentators are doing on that site and of course here. Viagra on line Too bad that ownership is to inept to realize what a great fan base they have.



The Mets Police checked out the cuisine at Highlander Stadium and found it to be overpriced and bland just like its tenants.


After watching my kid’s soccer games yesterday I had to make a trip to the mall to buy a sports jacket (one that didn’t have METS or an NY on it but a sports jacket that adult men wear. Viagra on line The two that I own are way too big and my son is graduating from grammar school this Friday and I need to dress up like a grown up so hence the sports jacket. Viagra on line I guess it’s a shame that a soon to be 51 year old man owns just two pair of slacks but 12 pairs of jeans, viagra on line and has more than 200 t-shirts and maybe three dress shirts, viagra on line one pair of shoes but  2 pair of Cons’ 3 pair of running shoes, viagra on line 2 pair of basketball shoes, viagra on line and 2 pair of baseball cleats and the only neck ties I have are hand me downs from my brothers. Viagra on line I’d be more than happy to live everyday in shorts, viagra on line a t shirt, viagra on line flip flops and my Mets cap) when I returned home I relaxed by watching the Padres-D’Backs game that went to 18 innings. I picked the game up in the 10th inning and when it ended in the 18th I realized the D’Backs bullpen did not give up a hit from the 10th to the 18th inning an extra inning no hitter! The D’Backs blew a 6-0 lead and the Padres had shortstop Josh Wilson pitch the 18th and he almost got out of jam with two on and 0-2 count on Mark Reynolds before Reynolds put one just over the right field wall. Viagra on line Wilson by the way was a D’Back just a month ago before he was claimed by the Padres. Viagra on line Even stranger was of the 27, viagra on line000 plus who were in attendance for the beginning of the game morphed into empty seats by the 18th inning.


I’ll leave you with this from Henry Aaron on the release of Tom Glavine and the apology from John Schuerholz:


“I wouldn’t have said anything if I were John Schuerholz. Viagra on line I think that was a mistake, viagra on line because it was a no-win situation in his case, viagra on line as much as [Schuerholz] tried to patch up the differences, viagra on line” Aaron said. Viagra on line Then he laughed, viagra on line adding, viagra on line “This is the first time I’ve ever been on management’s side. Viagra on line I mean, viagra on line Glavine got paid very well through the years to play here, viagra on line and there’s never a good way to handle these situations. Viagra on line But if you’re the Braves, viagra on line you’ve got to throw those kids out there and let them pitch. Viagra on line If you’re Glavine, viagra on line you have to be gracious enough to step aside.”


Why don’t the Glavines of any sport do so? “The hardest thing for anybody — especially athletes — is to wake up in the morning and realize everything has stopped for them, viagra on line” Aaron said. Viagra on line “The cheering. Viagra on line The booing. Viagra on line The traveling. Viagra on line All the things that you used to be doing are no longer there, viagra on line and it’s hard for you to realize that, viagra on line along with the idea of losing all of the money that I made. Viagra on line It’s just not there any more.


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If you saw the back page of the Daily News this morning you’d think “oh shit” but then when you read the story you say “what’s the big deal”?:


And asked if he could be certain that he’ll return to the Mets at some point during the 2009 season, viagra alternative Delgado said: “I can’t guarantee that. Viagra alternative But it looks that that’s going to be the case. Viagra alternative The most important thing is to get better, viagra alternative get healthy, viagra alternative that you can perform effectively, viagra alternative and that’s our goal. Viagra alternative


“I think that’s going to happen sometime this year, viagra alternative but I can’t guarantee nothing.”



So he feels he can get back this year but who knows what set backs he could endure during his rehab. Viagra alternative Makes sense no?


Joe Janish hits a home run in his post at Mets Today on Fernando Martinez and the lazy ass culture of the Mets. Viagra alternative I went over this last night with Joe McDonald on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Viagra alternative Larry Brooks in a story in yesterday Post said the same thing that the Mets are known for non-hustle and I agree. Viagra alternative Delgado has been a culprit as has Beltran at times, viagra alternative Reyes has not hustled on numerous occasions and the fan fav Mike Piazza dogged it regularly (Yeah Joe Mac Piazza dogged it!!) Now most of this non ass busting is not to maligners but down right laziness. Viagra alternative The more I think of young Martinez not busting it the other day the more pissed off I am at him and at J-Man for not taking him off the field. Viagra alternative As I said last night, viagra alternative I’m trying not to rush to judgment on F-Mart as it’s just two games but do far I don’t see what the big fuss is about this kid and maybe it would have been more beneficial to him to leave him in Buffalo for the whole season.


Mets Grrl in her continuing endeavor to make $iti Field a better place for Mets fans and to help straighten out this clueless ownership has a third installment of her letter writing campaign this time to have the Skill Sets acknowledge the history of the NY Mets in $iti Field. Viagra alternative This prove how pathetic the Skill Sets are when it comes to knowing it’s fan base that you actually have to pressure them to celebrate the franchise history.


You may have read the Tyler Kepner piece in the Times the other day where he reports on Nolan Ryan and Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux are going back to old school tactics with the Rangers pitchers throughout the organization to go deeper into games and not be a slave to pitch counts. Viagra alternative All I can say is HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!!!!!! I would hope the Mets would get in on this retro trend as well. Viagra alternative It has to start in the low minors as it’s time pitchers learned how to pitch and how to pitch out of trouble. Viagra alternative Too many guys stand on that mound when they are in a jam ready to shit themselves while looking toward the bullpen for help. Viagra alternative I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the minor league teams records and winning the fucking Sally League Championship, viagra alternative how about teaching not only pitchers but all players in the organization the proper way to play baseball. Viagra alternative You can shove the NY-PENN League Championship Banners up Jeffey’s ass.


For a much calmer look at pitch counts check out Mike Silva’s NYBD and his thoughts on this.



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Viagra in canada  

Viagra in canada

Viagra in canada Join us tonight for Pro Baseball Central at 9PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio We will talk Mets Yankees and all the news and views around MLB Our guest tonight will be Ben Kabak of the Yankee blog River Ave Blues

Viagra in canada Click here to listen live

Viagra in canada or click on the link to the right for the podcast

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Purchase cialis cheap I’ve been running tons of errands this morning (got to get to Shop Rite before them blue haired ladies clog the aisles) and I’m running baseball practice this afternoon so I’m putting my plan together but I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow night is Pro Baseball Central on Blog Talk Radio and Joe Mc Donald and I will preview the upcoming 2009 season with a look at the divisions and pennant and World Series predictions and as always your call are encouraged so join in the conversation at (646) 595-4462

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Discount phentermine viagra  

Discount phentermine viagra

Discount phentermine viagra Join Steve Keane and Joe McDonald tonight on a WEDNESDAY edition of Pro Baseball Central as we look at how the 25 man rosters for the Mets and Yankees are shaping up and some WBC talk as well, discount phentermine viagra  plus a look around the baseball training camps. Discount phentermine viagra You can join in the converstation on our call in line (646) 595-4462 at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio 

Discount phentermine viagra Yes I still hate the WBC but I did watch the end of that Dominican-Holland games last night and yes it was a classic baseball game and the look on the players and manager Felipe Alou of Team D R was that of devistation but I’m just happy that Jose Reyes and Fernando Tatis are on the way back to St Lonesome

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Sildenafil citrate 50mg

Sildenafil citrate 50mg  

Sildenafil citrate 50mg A  special Wednesday night edition of Pro Baseball Central is on deck for 9PM EST tonight so join Joe McDonald and yours truly for 90 minutes of Mets, sildenafil citrate 50mg Highlanders, sildenafil citrate 50mg A-Rod, sildenafil citrate 50mg Manny and what ever else is going on in baseball talk and we want you to join us by calling in at (646) 595-4462

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Before I get into this post I have to remind you that it’s Thursday and of course that means Pro Baseball Central so join me tonight at 9PM EST for Mets talk and a look around MLB. Best natural viagra To join in on the show you can call in at (646) 595-4462.


I have to agree with Joel Sherman as he points out that we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in spring training results. I know how tough it is though as just seeing the images on line and on TV shows plus the calendar ready to turn to March just makes us giddy knowing that the witch’s tit weather is almost behind us. Best natural viagra


Sherman also touches a subject that if you say you didn’t think about, best natural viagra you’re full of shit.


And with all that what did I do yesterday afternoon? I watched the Giants-Indians on TV. Best natural viagra I saw on the channel guide that the game was going to be on MLB Network at 3PM. Best natural viagra So I turn to channel 213 on my DirecTV and instead of seeing Tim Linceum and Grady Sizemore I get a tape of guys in flannel uniforms running the bases. Best natural viagra Now even though I’m not getting excited about the results of spring training doesn’t mean I won’t watch the games so now I’m in a fit screaming “Ah what the fuck” about 10 times until through the magic of DirecTV Sports Package I go to Sports Time Ohio and there it is, best natural viagra Cactus League baseball. Best natural viagra Now remember what I said, best natural viagra don’t get to involved with spring training games<must go to lunch at 1:30 at Mudville 9 on Chambers St to watch Mets-Marlins today on TV> Oh and check out that link to Awful Announcing as they have a list of all the spring training games the MLB Network will show, best natural viagra which is like a game every day just about, best natural viagra but yeah don’t get wrap up in ………………….. Best natural viagra


Yes it’s great that Gimp was hitting and the President of Big Apple Tours (Ryan Church) has as well but let’s not stake out a spot on Broadway for the parade just yet. Best natural viagra I will say this though, best natural viagra there were a lot of hits that were to the opposite field which vindicates J-Man’s 80 pitches in 5 minute drill to the point Billy Mays will be pimping the video soon on an infomercial near you.    


Mets Geek has a great post on Nick Evans with all the facts and figures you need to say “why no love for Nicky E”


Just when I was coming to grips that Manny won’t be a Met and sipping on a large glass of “we have enough offense” Kool Aid, best natural viagra I’m getting palpitations just reading how Manny and Scott Boras are begging the Dodgers to sign him and if he does sign for 1yr or 1 yr with an option it may take me few days to calm down. Best natural viagra I’m talking sitting in a closet with no contact with human life kind of sulking. Best natural viagra Yeah I agree I got to get out more.


Don’t forget PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL tonight 9PM EST tune in and call in (646) 595-4462.






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Cialis and levitra Just a reminder, cialis and levitra that this Thursday night on Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EST we will have as our guests Paul Coutinho of 1050 ESPN Radio from Pt St. Cialis and levitra Lucie and Martin Gandy of the Atlanta Braves blog Talking Chop. Cialis and levitra So join us and join in by calling in at (646) 595-4462 on Pro Baseball Central. Cialis and levitra  

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