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Research on viagra Had a great time last night  at the World Financial Plaza enjoying the premiere of Knuckleball!, research on viagra at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Drive-In Theatre.  Before the movie there was plenty of activity on the plaza on what turned out to be a nice comfortable, research on viagra rain free evening downtown. Research on viagra There were tents set up with different activities and free popcorn for movie goers but the area that had the biggest swarm of folks was the make shit bullpen where fans could line up and enter and get free instruction on how to throw a knuckleball.

Research on viagra As we stood off to the side (I was joined by my son and Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest for the evening’s movie viewing we also met up with Tayrn Cooper and her husband Ed Leyro as well as having a fine chat with Shaun Clancy the proprietor of Foley’s NY) we were witness to a grand entrance by the Four Horseman of Knuckleballing, research on viagra Jim Bouton, research on viagra Charlie Hough, research on viagra Tim Wakefield and our own R.A. Research on viagra Dickey. Research on viagra The four headed to the make shift pen where a line snaked around the plaza for the opportunity to learn the secrets of throwing a knuckleball. Research on viagra Bouton, research on viagra Hough and Wakefield were going in and out of the pen but Dickey stayed there for the full hour showing kids and some adults, research on viagra the grip and release of the mysterious pitch, research on viagra and seemed to be having a great time doing so.

Research on viagra The movie itself was very, research on viagra very good. Research on viagra Even if you are not a baseball fan, research on viagra you could still appreciate the stories of these players who with the exception of Phil Neikro, research on viagra took on learning the knuckleball a last ditch effort to make it in the big leagues, research on viagra so you get all the baseball footage and story line to keep the baseball junkie like me interested but you also get the human interest story for the non-fan. Research on viagra That is great movie making.

Research on viagra Tim Wakefield and R.A. Research on viagra Dickey are feature most prominently in the film, research on viagra with great footage of Wakefield as a Pittsburgh Pirates as a minor league first baseman and R.A. Research on viagra Dickey as a Tennessee Volunteer but my favorite scene in the film was a golf outing with Niekro, research on viagra Dickey, research on viagra Wakefield and Hough and the sit down they have afterwards discussing how each pitcher was introduced to the knuckleball.

Research on viagra The film will be showing during the Tribeca Film Festival and it will be out in DVD form as well, research on viagra I know this because I was approached by someone from the film who was looking to get some material to add as extra footage for the DVD, research on viagra so I was filmed talking about the knuckleball and R.A. Research on viagra Dickey and what he has meant to the Mets (the film crew loved my Mr. Research on viagra Mets cap) so hopefully I’ll make the director’s cut of Knuckleball!

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There is a very interesting post on NY Baseball Digest today by Joseph Del Grippo on Johan Santana and his comeback from shoulder surgery. Online generic cialis 100 mg I find myself becoming obsessed with Santana’s comeback for many reasons, online generic cialis 100 mg his impact on the Mets winning baseball games by anchoring the starting pitching staff, online generic cialis 100 mg coming back from a surgery that takes a much longer time to rehab from and one that other pitchers have failed to comeback from and how does he prevent his arm/shoulder from being injured again.

Online generic cialis 100 mg DelGrippo touches on Santana’s mechanics and how from watching video he sees no change in the way Santana delivers a pitch, online generic cialis 100 mg thus his feeling is Santana’s injury problem comes from the way he delivers the ball and if he doesn’t tweak that he will hurt himself again . Online generic cialis 100 mg  Mechanics are the bedrock of pitching or I should say the ability to be consistent with repeating ones mechanic. Online generic cialis 100 mg     

Online generic cialis 100 mg What conflicts me with this is, online generic cialis 100 mg the way Santana delivers the ball has made him a huge success and even though DelGrippo may be right that by altering his pitching motion, online generic cialis 100 mg Santana could stay in good health but would he be effective plus at this stage of his career it may not be the easiest task for Johan to alter his delivery style.

Looks like MLB will add a second Wild Card team starting this coming season, online generic cialis 100 mg something I have no problem with especially since it gives the Mets a little more of a chance for a post season berth. Online generic cialis 100 mg For 2012, online generic cialis 100 mg it will still be a bit unfair as the inter-league schedule and unbalanced schedule tilts the scales in favor of some teams over others but it does validate and makes winning the division much more important and rewarding. Online generic cialis 100 mg With the Houston Astros going to the AL West next season it would make sense that a balance schedule will be implemented as with 15 teams in each league there will be an inter-league game every day. Online generic cialis 100 mg  As much as I’m not of fan of inter-league play, online generic cialis 100 mg I’ll live with it for an extra playoff spot.

Online generic cialis 100 mg Howard Megdal touches on the Mets catching situation and his hope that the Mets would bring back Ramon Castro with the extra fins that Freddy Skill Sets has in his shallow pockets. Online generic cialis 100 mg I always like Shriek when he was here and he would be an improvement over Mike Nickeas, online generic cialis 100 mg who it seems Mets fans are trying hard to convince themselves can contribute as Josh Thole’ backup, online generic cialis 100 mg but the truth of the matter is Sandy Alderson doesn’t have much faith in Thole/Nickeas or any backstop in the Mets system. Online generic cialis 100 mg That’s why names like Castro and Pudge keep coming up.

Online generic cialis 100 mg I’m starting to lose faith in Reese Havens

Online generic cialis 100 mg October 4th 2012 Cincinnati Reds @ NY Mets in the Wild Card Knock Out Game at Citi Field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s with me?     

Online generic cialis 100 mg  

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Viagra effects on the penis I will be a guest on Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest Live radio show tonight on Blogtalk Radio, viagra effects on the penis talking Mets and John Franco’s Mets Hall of Fame induction.

Viagra effects on the penis  

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Generic name for viagra Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has an outstanding piece on his site this morning on Carlos Beltran and his time as a Met and his comments on Mets fans needing to “get over 2006”.

Generic name for viagra I have to say it took me a while to appreciate Beltran and his contribution during his tenure. Generic name for viagra I think the turning point in the relationship came when Beltran went to Colorado to have surgery on his knee after the club, generic name for viagra namely Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazzard handled his medical care piss poorly. Generic name for viagra  Beltran was furious when the club made it seem he went rogue and receive an unauthorized procedure on his knee. Generic name for viagra When the truth came out it was Minaya and the team who were disingenuous.

Generic name for viagra What soured me with Beltran at the beginning of his Mets career was the double dealing he did behind the Mets back by offering himself to the Highlanders at a discount after the Mets made their substantial offer. Generic name for viagra It pissed me off because I saw Bobby Bonilla all over again. Generic name for viagra Bonilla, generic name for viagra after getting the best offer out there from the Mets during his first free agent foray, generic name for viagra took that offer to the Phillies to see if they would match it or go higher. Generic name for viagra By all rights, generic name for viagra Bonilla was within his right to find the best deal possible and it was in my right as a Mets fan to call him a greedy prick.

Generic name for viagra The other problem Beltran had was not wanting to be the out front guy in the clubhouse. Generic name for viagra Some guys thrive in that spot, generic name for viagra some guys, generic name for viagra it’s just not their personality. Generic name for viagra  Beltran to his credit produce as well or better than any position player the Mets ever employed but his personality as seen through the media left something to be desired. Generic name for viagra But in listening to players in the clubhouse, generic name for viagra where the opinions count, generic name for viagra Beltran was not just respected but revered.

Generic name for viagra As for Beltran telling Mets fans to move on from 2006, generic name for viagra it shows the major difference in how fans are more of the fabric of a team than the players. Generic name for viagra  Can I get over Beltran watching a wicked curveball break over home plate for strike three thus curtailing the Mets from getting to the World Series?  No, generic name for viagra and I shouldn’t. Generic name for viagra  I’m a Mets fan, generic name for viagra I can’t be traded or released or designated for assignment. Generic name for viagra I could leave as a free agent but the thought never entered my mind. Generic name for viagra I’m here for life. Generic name for viagra Players come and players go but fans are here forever. Generic name for viagra I still hold a grudge against Yogi Berra for not using George Stone properly in the 1973 World Series, generic name for viagra costing the Mets a  championship, generic name for viagra what makes Carlos Beltran think he’s  so special to escape my scorn?

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Real viagra online Just like Henry Hill, real viagra online Bud Selig needs to turn his back on the Skill Sets   

Real viagra online At what point does Bud Selig say “enough” to the Skill Sets when it comes to giving permission to keep drowning the Mets in debt. Real viagra online The Skill Sets have turned into baseball’s panhandlers with their running nose’s and tattered Brooks Brother suits, real viagra online running the NY National League’s franchise from hand to mouth.  Selig it seems, real viagra online needs another trip to Washington to get an understanding that when you keep adding up debt you’re headed for disaster. Real viagra online Maybe it’s time Mets fans get some tents, real viagra online sleeping bags and drums and head to 245 Park Avenue to Occupy The Commissioner’s Office and order him to stop being the chief enabler to the Skill Sets. Real viagra online  

Real viagra online How do the other owners not get their suspenders in a bunch over not just the special treatment that Freddy and Uncle Saul get but question on how do they get such a sweetheart deal? If I was Stu Sternberg I’d be looking for my welfare money. Real viagra online If I were Bob Nutting of the Pirates I’d ask for an increase in my revenue share money. Real viagra online If I were Frank McCourt I’d beat the living shit out of Selig. Real viagra online How is it the Skill Sets get such preferential treatment?

Real viagra online According to the report in Forbes, real viagra online the Mets are over $400 mil in debt which in most cases would have MLB taking over the operations of a franchise but with Fred and Saul being FOB (friends of Bud) not only won’t that happen but Selig has given his blessing on this new scheme of infusing revenue into the team of selling minority shares of the club for a 3 % return on your investment each year for six years or you can keep your shares and brag to your friends and family that no matter how insignificant you are, real viagra online you are an owner of the Mets. Real viagra online  Beach front property on Antarctica seems like a better investment.

Real viagra online Last night I was a guest on Mike Sliva’s NY Baseball Digest radio show, real viagra online you can listen to the show by clicking on this link.

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Purchase viagra Later tonight, purchase viagra I will be a guest on Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest radio show on WGBB 1240AM at 10:30PM ET to discuss all that’s happening  with the NY Mets.

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China viagra Back in 1983, china viagra Tony LaRussa led a band of Chicago White Sox to the AL West Division title that were so disrespected, china viagra many opponents said of them they were Winning Ugly, china viagra  many of the East Coast sports writers felt if they played in the AL East they’d be a 2nd division club. China viagra In 2011, china viagra LaRussa is still managing and still winning and in taking the NL Pennant last night in Milwaukee, china viagra he still has his team Winning Ugly. China viagra  I’m not a fan of LaRussa as he comes off as believing the baseball Hall of Fame should have been built in his hometown of Tampa FL since it was he who invented baseball, china viagra but last night for the first time I really felt bad for him during this ugly Game 6. China viagra You could see the frustration on his face as he watched Edwin Jackson piss away a 5-1 lead in the second inning, china viagra and he had to go to his bullpen much sooner than he had hoped. China viagra If we learn anything from this post season it’s even the top echelon teams in baseball have woeful starting pitching so in order to win you need a well-stocked bullpen, china viagra something that Sandy Alderson has alluded to in his state of the Mets press conference at the end of this season.       

China viagra One more note on that 1983 White Sox team, china viagra Jerry Koosman was a stalwart of that pitching staff winning 11 games and saving 2. China viagra Many around that team felt the season turned around when GM Roland Hemond sent 2B Tony Bernazard (Yes THAT Tony Bernazard) to Seattle for 2B Julio Cruz.

China viagra Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest as he has an interview he conducted with Bobby Valentine who is plugging a movie he was an executive producer on called “Peltotero” which follows tow Dominican teen agers as they pursue a career in the big leagues. China viagra  By the way, china viagra I agree with Mike’s thinking on Jose Reyes, china viagra and I bet that’s the path Alderson will take with Reyes’ contract negotiations as well. China viagra He will not get in a bidding war for the shortstop.

China viagra WOW now I know why I had such a great night sleep, china viagra Wally Backman has decided to stay in the Mets organization. China viagra A Festivius miracle I tell ya!

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Viagra As first reported by Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest, viagra LOOGY Deluxe Tim Byrdak has signed a contract extension with the Mets for next season. Viagra Seems Sandy Alderson would like to keep two lefties in the pen and so far Little LOOGY Danny (Give me a LOOGY with Hair, viagra long beautiful Hair, viagra shining, viagra gleaming…..)Herrera is making his bid to be Byrdak’s stablemate.

Viagra Between having John Franco babysit Bobby Parnell and now having Terry Collins breakdown of Dillion Gee’s pitch selection and approach, viagra it seems like Dan Warthen is on shaky ground when it comes to his job security for next season, viagra I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a return of The Jacket to Flushing.

Viagra How much does the stellar play of Ruben Tejeda play into the Mets maybe not going all out to re-sign Jose Reyes?  I’m sure he will never admit it but I’d bet Sandy Alderson is praying that some dumb owner offers Reyes a ridiculous contract that he can’t match so he can use the $18-$20 mil on pitching.

Viagra What a schizo team we root for. Viagra They lose four games at home to the Nats and look like they packed it in for the year. Viagra The manager calls his team out saying they “folded up” and says “the fans are right to be angry”  So they go into Atlanta, viagra usually a house of horrors for the Mets and take 2 of 3 from a Braves team that needed to win these three games to keep the Cardinals and Giants off their heels. Viagra Amazing Mets indeed.

Viagra This is beyond disturbing!

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Herbal viagra reviews “Perception is reality in our game and the perception I have right now is we’ve folded it up, herbal viagra reviews” Collins said in a passionate postgame news conference. Herbal viagra reviews “You want to see intenseness? You want to see me be intense? You guys are going to see it. Herbal viagra reviews I won’t play that game. Herbal viagra reviews You come and play the game right. Herbal viagra reviews I don’t care what the situation is. Herbal viagra reviews I don’t care about anything but playing the game correctly. Herbal viagra reviews That’s all I care about. Herbal viagra reviews Our fans should be upset. Herbal viagra reviews I don’t blame them one bit.”

Herbal viagra reviews Those are the words of Mets manager Terry Collins, herbal viagra reviews who kind of erupted after the Mets latest loss yesterday. Herbal viagra reviews The Washington Nationals, herbal viagra reviews a team that could become a big thorn in the Mets side the next few years, herbal viagra reviews came into Citi Field with nothing to play for except that they are a professional baseball team that gets paid a lot of money to compete and they are managed by Davey Johnson, herbal viagra reviews who actually won a championship in blue and orange clothing and was raised in Baltimore under Earl Weaver during the halcyon days of the Orioles of the 1970’s

Herbal viagra reviews As I was getting ready to do this post I read Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest and he hits on all the same points I was ready to lay out here so thank you Mike you’ve saved me from another 1, herbal viagra reviews000 post on the demise of the Mets. Herbal viagra reviews Silva’s analysis of David Wright is 100 % spot on:

Herbal viagra reviews “Although David wants to win and tries hard, herbal viagra reviews he continues to allow his surroundings to get the better of him. Herbal viagra reviews When the team goes bad he doesn’t rise above it; he becomes part of the problem instead of the solution. Herbal viagra reviews He needs to realize that behavior gets him the same treatment as the other 24 players; $14 million dollar salary and All Star resume be damned. Herbal viagra reviews I wouldn’t trade Wright coming off this type of season, herbal viagra reviews but he needs to be told that 2012 is his last chance to turn his Mets career around and show the organization he is closer to the player we saw from 2005-2008.”

Herbal viagra reviews You know, herbal viagra reviews we all killed Freddy Skill Sets when he said that Wright was a good kid and a good ballplayer but not a guy who carries the team, herbal viagra reviews and guess what? Freddy was on target. Herbal viagra reviews Wright is a good baseball player who would thrive on a team that has outstanding players. Herbal viagra reviews He’s more a supporting actor than a leading man. Herbal viagra reviews Quite frankly, herbal viagra reviews I don’t know what value he has in the trade market over the winter but I would think Sandy Alderson will find out.

Herbal viagra reviews Speaking of the GM, herbal viagra reviews he’s been mighty quiet during this tailspin, herbal viagra reviews is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is he sitting back taking notes of who has “folded up” to decide who stays and who goes?  Most likely.

Herbal viagra reviews So tonight let’s see if the manager is serious or just giving lip service. Herbal viagra reviews  I’d sit Wright and Pagan and if Bay can’t go please, herbal viagra reviews enough of Willie Harris all he’s good at is preparing whip cream pies, herbal viagra reviews put Nick Evans in LF and let Josh Satin play 1B. Herbal viagra reviews I know there isn’t much to choose from but the mangers best friend is the bench when he wants to get his message across.

Herbal viagra reviews  

Herbal viagra reviews  

Herbal viagra reviews  

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Viagra online 50mgs On Friday the Mets invited some Mets bloggers back to Citi Field to participate in Terry Collins’ pre and post game press conference and to watch the game between the Mets and Brewers from the press box. Viagra online 50mgs  I want to thank Danielle Parillo Director, viagra online 50mgs Communication and Shannon Forde Director, viagra online 50mgs Media Relations for the hospitality they’ve shown us and for the invitations to these events and the Mets management for trying and so far succeeding in changing the atmosphere around the club and bringing transparency and communication back to the fan base via the voice of the fans, viagra online 50mgs the Mets bloggers.

Viagra online 50mgs During the evening I sat with Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest and Mike mentioned to me a post he was writing dealing with Mike Pelfrey and how the Mets should explore making Pelf the closer for 2012. Viagra online 50mgs We tossed the subject around with the pros and cons and mostly if Pelf can handle the day to day pressure of closing and if he could get a strikeout when he needs it. Viagra online 50mgs All in all it was a subject that stirred a debate and was great conversation. Viagra online 50mgs That being said, viagra online 50mgs I was shocked to see the lightweight Mets beat reporter for the NY Daily News write the same exact story that Silva posted on Saturday in today’s paper. Viagra online 50mgs I won’t link the News story but if you see someone using a Daily News to pick up after their dog in the street ask if you can have the sports section to read the ripped off story.

Viagra online 50mgs I still feel a bit intimidated when I go to these Mets bloggers events. Viagra online 50mgs Before the press conference, viagra online 50mgs Danielle informed the blogggers that we could ask Terry Collins a question but she warned, viagra online 50mgs he wasn’t in a very good mood. Viagra online 50mgs Now I had a question for the manager as I wanted to know if in the Mets minor league system, viagra online 50mgs of which Collins was the Minor League coordinator, viagra online 50mgs do the coaches and managers have classroom sessions, viagra online 50mgs kind of like they do in other sports, viagra online 50mgs where they go over video of a game and correct mistakes in base running or on defense like throwing to the wrong base or being out of position and to go over the rules of the game?  

Viagra online 50mgs When Collins entered the room the first thing he said to Jay Horowitz was “I’m out of here at 4:05” it was 3:55 when he said that. Viagra online 50mgs The media in the room that I recognized were Adam Rubin, viagra online 50mgs Howie Rose, viagra online 50mgs Gary Cohen, viagra online 50mgs George Vesey and Ed Coleman. Viagra online 50mgs  The bulk of the questions were about Jose Reyes and his sore hammy. Viagra online 50mgs It seems Reyes was able to run on a track at a training facility in Long Island and I guess the manager wanted to see him run the bases at Citi but whatever, viagra online 50mgs the look and mannerism of the manager gave me the impression the last thing he wanted to do was answer a questions from the media much less from bloggers. Viagra online 50mgs  

Viagra online 50mgs When Shannon approached me with the microphone to ask a question, viagra online 50mgs something in my mind told me, viagra online 50mgs “ehhhh you better pass here. Viagra online 50mgs It’s a pretty good question but maybe save it if you meet the manager in the off season when it’s a little calmer” So I passed my turn to the next blogger, viagra online 50mgs who passed to the next blogger who passed to…..Well, viagra online 50mgs I guess you see my point, viagra online 50mgs none of us wanted to raise the skipper ire.

Viagra online 50mgs One of the pleasures of watching the Mets warm up and take BP is interacting with Jose Reyes. Viagra online 50mgs Reyes was taking some ground balls and playing catch with Justin Turner, viagra online 50mgs then hit the cage for BP. Viagra online 50mgs When he was done he headed to the clubhouse and as he got close to me I asked him how he was feeling and how the hamstring was and he answered. Viagra online 50mgs “I’m feeling good Papi, viagra online 50mgs I’ll be ready soon” This was the second time I’ve spoken to Reyes (the other was during an event in the offseason)    and both times he called me Papi and you know what, viagra online 50mgs it made my day both times.

Viagra online 50mgs Yesterday I posted the audio from the bloggers sit down with R.A. Viagra online 50mgs Dickey. Viagra online 50mgs Before R.A. Viagra online 50mgs came out we were hanging out in the Mets dugout. Viagra online 50mgs I put my bag down and hopped up on the wall in back of the benches to sit down. Viagra online 50mgs As R.A. Viagra online 50mgs came out he sat right next to me. Viagra online 50mgs Luck of the Irish eh? We all introduced ourselves and of course I had to add that I’m @kranepool on Twitter to which Dickey gave me a laugh and said “ahhhh ok pleasure to meet you in person” No R.A. Viagra online 50mgs the pleasure was all mine.

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