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Sildenafil citrate warnings Well, sildenafil citrate warnings instead of worrying about David Wright’s and R.A. Sildenafil citrate warnings Dickey’s contracts and how the Mets would put a contending team on the field for 2013, sildenafil citrate warnings me and every other person in the NY Metro area’s lives has been side tracked by the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought upon us.

Sildenafil citrate warnings As you see in the picture up top, sildenafil citrate warnings I lost the roof over the extension of my house. Sildenafil citrate warnings Underneath that roof is my living room that had rain coming through it on Monday night during the height of the storm. Sildenafil citrate warnings After grabbing some tarps from my basement and running to the yard to grab garbage cans, sildenafil citrate warnings hoping the tree in my yard did snap while I was out there, sildenafil citrate warnings we staved off a disaster.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Thankfully my contractor that I’ve used for renovations on my house, sildenafil citrate warnings sent his guys over Tuesday to fix my roof and tear down the ceiling in my living room and as I type this they are re-sheet rocking the ceiling they just put in a year ago. Sildenafil citrate warnings But I am a very lucky guy.

Sildenafil citrate warnings The Atlantic Ocean is a mile and a half from my house. Sildenafil citrate warnings In the summer it’s a nice walk straight down from my door to the fishing pier and boardwalk on Father Capadano Blvd. Sildenafil citrate warnings My daughter plays soccer on a beautiful Field Turf pitch by the pier and I’ve used the baseball fields next to it for many baseball practices, sildenafil citrate warnings from t-ball through high school. Sildenafil citrate warnings It’s one of the best spots in Staten Island. Sildenafil citrate warnings Today it is a Federal disaster area.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Never ever in my wildest imagination did I think the Atlantic Ocean would ever land on my doorstep. Sildenafil citrate warnings The ocean water came within two blocks of my house, sildenafil citrate warnings just think, sildenafil citrate warnings the ocean is a mile and half from my house and the surge just miss my front door.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Television doesn’t do justice to the devastation in the area of South Beach or the whole south coast of Staten Island. Sildenafil citrate warnings The death toll from this disaster has been under reported. Sildenafil citrate warnings Many cops and firemen have told us they are finding bodies under the ruins where homes used to stand. Sildenafil citrate warnings Yes, sildenafil citrate warnings the area is in Zone A and yes folks were given ample warning to leave but you have to remember the folks who live down there are veterans of hurricanes and severe Nor’easters and have toughed out many a storm. Sildenafil citrate warnings But there has never been a storm that hit like Hurricane Sandy.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Like I say myself and my family were spared in fact I never lost electricity so friends and family who needed to charge phones, sildenafil citrate warnings computers or needed a hot shower or a cup of coffee came over. Sildenafil citrate warnings In the wake of such a hearting breaking tragedy, sildenafil citrate warnings it was amazing having friends over for pot luck dinners and hearing kids laughing in my basement as they played games or watched TV.

Sildenafil citrate warnings It’ll get better here on Staten Island and in Breezy Point where my aunt and uncle had a home  for years when as a kid my father would tell us we were headed to visit relations on the “Irish Rivera” to have lots of food, sildenafil citrate warnings lots of drink and watch lots of Mets baseball. Sildenafil citrate warnings What is stunning is the two hardest hit areas of NYC, sildenafil citrate warnings Staten Island and Breezy Point, sildenafil citrate warnings are home to the largest concentration of the city’s first responders.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Give me a couple of more days and I’ll be back worrying about David Wright’s contract and whether it’s better to keep R.A. Sildenafil citrate warnings Dickey or trade him and which outfielders the Mets should be in hot pursuit of it’s just right now I got a few other things on  my mind.

and that’s the ceiling or what used to be the ceiling

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Viagra online pharmacy usa Lot’s of talk about the Mets giving the Highlanders the thumbs down on their proposal to bring the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Highlanders to Newark NJ for one season as the clubs stadium gets a much needed overhaul. Viagra online pharmacy usa  The Mets are being made out to be the villians here when they did nothing wrong. Viagra online pharmacy usa As per the agreement with MLB before either the Mets or Highlanders try to do something like this they issue of territorial rights has to be addressed. Viagra online pharmacy usa The Bronx Bastards did just that and the Mets said no.

Viagra online pharmacy usa The outcry you hear most is that the Mets are being petty and by not allowing the Highlanders to let their Triple A team play in Newark is not in best interests of the City of Newark or baseball fans. Viagra online pharmacy usa That is pure out and out bullshit. Viagra online pharmacy usa I’ve been in Newark many more times that the folks who are crying about this so called injustice and I can tell you no Highlanders fans from Basking Ridge, viagra online pharmacy usa or Bernardsville are coming into Brick City to see the Triple A Highlanders. Viagra online pharmacy usa  I’ve been to Riverfront Stadium in the past and found it to be a nice ballpark but in recent years the park has not been kept up and lacking in any positive atmosphere to the point I really have no desire to go from Staten Island to Newark (about a 20-30 min ride) to watch a ball game. Viagra online pharmacy usa In fact the same conditions can be found in the Ball Park at St. Viagra online pharmacy usa George where the SI Highlanders play. Viagra online pharmacy usa The Newark Bears have fallen on hard times and it has nothing to do with the city but with poor management and the fractured economy as well.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Throughout this whole Mets bashing argument there has been no mention of the fans of Scranton/Wilkes Barre, viagra online pharmacy usa who I doubt will make the trip to Newark to watch their team play. Viagra online pharmacy usa I would guess there are colleges that have baseball fields in the Scranton area that could be converted into a temporary home for the Triple A Highlanders like what was done back in 1999 for the SI Highlanders, viagra online pharmacy usa turning the College of Staten Island baseball field into a temporary home until the St. Viagra online pharmacy usa George park was built. Viagra online pharmacy usa  

Viagra online pharmacy usa As Mets fans, viagra online pharmacy usa we all know that is the shoe was on the other foot, viagra online pharmacy usa Highlander President Randy Levine would have to told Freddy Skill Sets to kiss his ass. Viagra online pharmacy usa That’s the Highlander way. Viagra online pharmacy usa So now that it’s Freddy who gives the Highlanders his ass to kiss, viagra online pharmacy usa he’s a bad guy. Viagra online pharmacy usa As much as I’ve killed the Skill Sets over the years here, viagra online pharmacy usa I’ve got their broke ass backs on this one.

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