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Viagra side effects for a copy of the 2012 Bill James Handbook check out ACTA Sports  

Viagra side effects My must have book of the baseball off season is the Bill James Handbook (ACTA publishing) and this off season is no exception. Viagra side effects I just got my hands on the 2012 edition of the Handbook and as usual it is filled with stats and essay’s that help any baseball fan make informed thoughts when looking at your teams needs for the coming season.

Viagra side effects One of my favorite features in the Handbook is The Fielding Bible Awards.  John Dewan puts this section together and enlists some of the great baseball minds to vote on the awards. Viagra side effects This year the voters are:

Viagra side effects Bill James

Viagra side effects Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) Video Scouts

Viagra side effects Hal Richman creator of Strat-O-Matic  Baseball

Viagra side effects Joe Posnanski

Viagra side effects John Dewan

Viagra side effects Peter Gammons

Viagra side effects Doug Glanville

Viagra side effects Rob Neyer

Viagra side effects Todd Radcliffe Lead Video Scout for BIS

Viagra side effects Tom Tango Fan Poll

Viagra side effects These ten voters rank players at all nine positions using a 1-10 voting system, viagra side effects the votes are tallied and the top 10 players are listed. Viagra side effects For our purposes let’s look at how the Mets defenders faired

Viagra side effects At first base Daniel Murphy (yes Daniel Murphy) graded out at #10 with 18 total points.  Bill James voted Murph 5th, viagra side effects BIS Video Scouts voted him 10th, viagra side effects Joe Posnanski voted him 5th and John Dewan listed him 6th on his ballot. Viagra side effects This is why I won’t be shocked when Murphy is dealt this winter  to play 1st or even 3rd base where he grades out positive as well in exchange for one of the many needs the Mets have this off season. Viagra side effects It’s at 2nd base where Murphy is a -2 in the Runs Saved (RS) category and why the Mets need to think of defense first at second. Viagra side effects By the way Justin Turner grades out at a woeful -11 RS at 2nd base.

Viagra side effects So you can see neither Murph nor Ginger Turner rated in the top 10 (Ruben Tejeda by the way was a +1 in RS at 2nd base) my favorite non-Mets player Dustin Pedroia finished #1 with 97 pts

Viagra side effects A big surprise was at shortstop where Mets icon, viagra side effects Jose Reyes didn’t come close to a top ten finish with a lowly 6 pts to his name.

Viagra side effects I don’t know if this is a surprise or not (I’ll leave it up to you) but at 3rd base David Wright did not garner a single vote. Viagra side effects The Wreck of Miguel Tejada received votes from Glanville, viagra side effects Posnanski and Dewan . Viagra side effects MIGUEL TEJADA!!!!!! If that doesn’t motivate D-Wright to get his leather groove on, viagra side effects I don’t know what would?

Viagra side effects Jason Bay finished out of the money in 15th but at least he was ahead of the 500 lb left fielder a/k/a Carlos Lee

Viagra side effects In the section dealing with centerfielder’s I’ve stared at the page for hours, viagra side effects held it up to the light then to a mirror and still not a sign of Angel Pagan, viagra side effects in fact if the Handbook was released on vinyl and you played it backwards you would hear Pagan is dead. Viagra side effects Could Sandy Alderson give us a shiny new centerfielder for Christmas?  Can he find a way to get Peter Bourjos or Adam Jones ? Hell, viagra side effects I’d settle for Coco Crsip.

Viagra side effects In the right field category there isn’t a Mets representative and I have a strong feeling there won’t be one in the 2013 Handbook either.

Viagra side effects 24 catchers received Fielding Bible Award votes, viagra side effects none were named Josh Thole. Viagra side effects Kelly Shoppach received 12 votes and would a perfect tag team partner for Thole who in all fairness is still learning the tools of ignorance trade on the Major League Level.

Viagra side effects The highest rated Mets defender is none other than Robert Allen Dickey, viagra side effects R.A. Viagra side effects to you and me. Viagra side effects  I wonder if Dickster can play 2nd base or centerfield on his four days off?

Viagra side effects That’s just some of the great features in the 2012 Bill James Handbook and it’s also a very useful reference as we play amateur GM of the Mets this off season.

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Viagra prescription drug Ladies and Gentlemen, viagra prescription drug I have seen the future and it is covered in numbers, viagra prescription drug charts and trending lines and it will change the way we follow the game of baseball.

Viagra prescription drug Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited to a presentation by Bloomberg Sports in conjunction with of their new baseball statistical analytical tool. Viagra prescription drug This new technology will not only change how fantasy baseball aficionados compete in Fantasy Baseball Leagues but it will change the way you follow your favorite team.

Viagra prescription drug Bloomberg Sports has two different applications, viagra prescription drug one for fantasy baseball and the other that gives MLB front offices more information on players than you  could possibly imagine, viagra prescription drug  we were given a preview to both.

Viagra prescription drug Fantasy Baseball Kit

Viagra prescription drug Former NYC Deputy Mayor and now President of Bloomberg LP, viagra prescription drug Dan Doctoroff, viagra prescription drug  lead off the impressive presentation of this product by comparing what Bloomberg has done for the way folks in the financial industry receive data that’s how baseball fans and fantasy players will get all the info they need about every player in MLB to field the strongest fantasy team they can. Viagra prescription drug Now I’m not a hard core fantasy player but even if I didn’t play, viagra prescription drug as someone who craves as much baseball info I can get, viagra prescription drug this site will do that and more.

Viagra prescription drug The stats are easy to look up and with the ability to find just about every statistic you need to make your draft choice is just a click, viagra prescription drug click, viagra prescription drug click away. Viagra prescription drug Say your in Round 9 of your draft (by the way this tool works with just about every on-line sports sites that run Fantasy leagues, viagra prescription drug Yahoo, viagra prescription drug ESPN, viagra prescription drug CBSports etc. Viagra prescription drug with a pull down tab for easy access) and you want to find a decent utility man who has a good OBA some power and can play some outfield as well as infield, viagra prescription drug you can customize the Draft Kit to give you a list of players who meet that criteria.

Viagra prescription drug The players are displayed on the screen like baseball cards, viagra prescription drug as you click on the player, viagra prescription drug his whole baseball life is at your fingertips. Viagra prescription drug Not just statistics but any news item that mentions that player. Viagra prescription drug All news and stats come to in real-time.

Viagra prescription drug Not only is this site a fountain of baseball information, viagra prescription drug it is ascetically appealing. Viagra prescription drug Easy to read color charts and player trending graphs are so vibrant and easy to follow.

Viagra prescription drug Along with The Draft Kit there is also an In-Season Tool that is sold separately that gives you real-time news, viagra prescription drug content, viagra prescription drug and scores from all MLB teams as well as content written by the Bloomberg Sports staff of which Jonah Kerri is the lead writer, viagra prescription drug with more top quality baseball writers coming on board soon. Viagra prescription drug You can follow every player on your team in real-time as stats are updated after every at bat. Viagra prescription drug As Mike Silva said to me as we watched the presentation, viagra prescription drug “It’s like day trading for fantasy baseball fans” Well said.

Viagra prescription drug If you purchase just the Draft Tool Kit is will cost you $19.95. Viagra prescription drug If you buy the In-Season Tools that will cost you $24.95 but if you buy both the both Bloomberg Sports is bundling both for a cost of $24.95. Viagra prescription drug Not only do you get the Draft-Kit and In-Season Tools but you also get the Premium content for the Bloomberg Sports writing staff headed by Jonah Kerri. Viagra prescription drug A worthwhile investment in my opinion if you’re a big time fantasy baseball player and or a hardcore baseball fan.

Viagra prescription drug Pro Application

Viagra prescription drug If the Draft Kit/Draft Tool site wasn’t intense enough, viagra prescription drug after a delicious lunch, viagra prescription drug the Bloomberg Sports team of Bo Moon and Stephen Orban, viagra prescription drug put the presentation into overdrive as we got to see what has been pitched to all 30 MLB teams to help there front office’s work a lot more efficiently.

Viagra prescription drug The Pro App was the one most of the bloggers in attendance were drooling over. Viagra prescription drug It had every stat and parcel of player information you could think of (One of the most asked questions to the Bloomberg staff was about adding more intense sabermetic formulas to the app and they said that will be done, viagra prescription drug hopefully by next year.) including service time Rule 5 eligibility and options to minor leagues. Viagra prescription drug Also Pitch F/X, viagra prescription drug pitch counts and pitcher/batter tendencies. Viagra prescription drug Examples were of what certain pitchers throw in different counts and what pitches they go to certain batters. Viagra prescription drug In one way this could be a boon to managers making in game decisions or a bane of their existence as the second guessing could be overwhelming (this info in the hands of bloggers could be like a third world country obtaining a Nuclear weapon) in fact, viagra prescription drug it was told to us that as much as some teams have bought the program and have embraced it, viagra prescription drug many felt the facts and figures were “overwhelming” I tried to see which category our beloved Metropolitans fell, viagra prescription drug but mum was the word.

Viagra prescription drug As much as I was impressed by this product and I was more impressed by the presentation and the hospitality by the Bloomberg Sports and staff. Viagra prescription drug They are first rate people with a first rate product.

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The whole steroid stigma won’t be lifted until there is some kind of amnesty for the “Roid Ragers. Cialis brand name Kind of like the cities do for illegal guns have the players hand in all their syringes and unused PED’s with no questions asked.  Then the rank and file of the Players Association must take back there union. Cialis brand name I know most of the members of the MLBPA have never worked a day in their lives so as someone who is a union member let explain to you fellows that even the cleanest of the clean are all painted with broad brush of taint. Cialis brand name A large segment of the baseball fans feel you are all a bunch of dirty cheaters and I know if I were cleaner than the Board of Health I would be on my union reps ass to uphold my reputation. Cialis brand name Remember the union works for you not the other way around.


Enough with Chemical Alex lets talk Mets.


Baseball Prospectus one of the best sites for baseball info has using their PECOTA system tabbed the Mets to win the NL East at a record of 93-69. Cialis brand name PECOTA also has the Mets giving up 713 runs, cialis brand name the lowest in the NL and their offense scoring 833 runs (only the Cubs @ 865 and the Phillies @ 837 scoring more).  PECOTA projects big years for the BIG 3 but also a solid season for Carlos Delgado (.277/.355/.486 26 HR 96 RBI)


I’m happy to see Johan Santana turn down an invite to the WBC, cialis brand name a tournament baseball needs like more drug test leaks  


The usual suspects are in Mets camp already. Cialis brand name I swear D-Wright has a key to the place and it looks like Dan Murphy is following in his foot steps. Cialis brand name I’m falling in line with a vast majority of Mets fans as I feel if the Mets are not getting Manny then let Murphy have the everyday LF job. Cialis brand name Say no to Bobby Abreu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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