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Herbal vigor This past Saturday I spent the afternoon at Bloomberg Headquarters watching a demonstration of the Bloomberg Sports launch of Front Office 2011. Herbal vigor There are two forms of Front Office, herbal vigor one for the fan/fantasy player and the Pro application that is becoming a staple in MLB front offices for its “leave no pitch or hit behind” usage of the application. Herbal vigor Before we look at the Pro version of Front Office, herbal vigor let’s look what this application has for the fantasy baseball owner’.

Herbal vigor The Draft Kit

Herbal vigor With the Draft Kit gives you the ability to draft the strongest possible fantasy team by using what Bloomberg Sports calls its “B-Rank” which is a statistical secret sauce that ranks players based on the scoring system used by your league. Herbal vigor You set up your draft list by best players available, herbal vigor by position or by more intense, herbal vigor players you should be targeting and the one’s you need to pass by.

Herbal vigor There is also a Fantasy Factor section that list pros and cons of all players to help to make the right choice for your team. Herbal vigor Target Round gives you Bloomberg’s take on what round players in your draft should go. Herbal vigor This again is based on your leagues scoring system. Herbal vigor  

Herbal vigor What Front Office does as well is, herbal vigor it integrates your fantasy league (Yahoo, herbal vigor MLB, herbal vigor ESPN, herbal vigor CBS etc.) into the application.

Herbal vigor So now your draft is over and you look over the team you’ve assembled and you’re not happy, herbal vigor you shorted yourself on pitching or a day after the draft you read the middle infielder you draft has a torn ACL and is gone for the season, herbal vigor what do you do, herbal vigor besides bang your head against the wall? You go to Front Office Free Agent finder and you look for the middle infielders  still out there who can give you some power numbers you need or if stolen bases are used as a scoring category, herbal vigor you can find that as a specific stat as well. Herbal vigor You can also find that diamond in the rough you’ve read about and no one in your league pounced on yet.

Herbal vigor Front Office also has a Lineup Manager to help with suggestions on who to start and who needs to grab some pine. Herbal vigor Whether it’s a starting pitcher on his off day or the outfielder that is slumping, herbal vigor Lineup Manager gives the statistical information you need to make the lineup switch to up your league point total. Herbal vigor You can also match your lineup with your opponents and Front Office will compare the two as your league can be synched into Front Office.

Herbal vigor Front Office 2011 goes on sale in a week for $19.95 for the season. Herbal vigor Besides all the stats and graphs you get baseball news on your favorite team and players on your fantasy team as well. Herbal vigor It’s your one stop for all you baseball news and needs.

Herbal vigor As impressive as the Fantasy version of Front Office 2011 is, herbal vigor the Pro version was close to jaw dropping. Herbal vigor One of the informative and entertaining portions of the presentation was when former Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson, herbal vigor now a consultant of Bloomberg Sports as well as his own 3Psports pitching site, herbal vigor gave a mesmerizing demonstration on the use of the pitch f/x of the Pro Front Office. Herbal vigor One of the pitchers that Peterson used was John Axford who Peterson mentored as pitching coach of the Milwaukee Brewers last season.

Herbal vigor After bringing up Axford’s pitch f/x numbers on the screen, herbal vigor Peterson then clicked on from the drop to show the type of pitches that Axford threw during the season, herbal vigor the location of the pitches, herbal vigor what pitches were balls, herbal vigor strikes taken and swinging. Herbal vigor If that wasn’t enough info for you, herbal vigor you can click on the pitches and you get game video of the pitcher/hitter confrontation. Herbal vigor Peterson also pointed out to us how he used the data and video from Front Office to fix a defect in Axford’s delivery. Herbal vigor From watching his delivery, herbal vigor Peterson had Axford move slightly to the right of the pitching rubber as he saw his arm angle was not where it should be when his front foot lands. Herbal vigor By going over this video with Axford he saw the problem, herbal vigor made the adjustment and was successful in getting Axford to be a very effective closer. Herbal vigor  

Herbal vigor As If that wasn’t enough to impress you there was a “but wait there’s more” moment when the demonstration turned to having the Front Office App on an iPad.

Herbal vigor All game information can be downloaded into this program 20 minutes after the last out of a game. Herbal vigor  So say the Mets have just finished a game at Citi Field and are enroute to St. Herbal vigor Louis to face the Cardinals the next day. Herbal vigor By the time the players have given post game comments, herbal vigor get showered and dressed and board the bus for LaGuardia, herbal vigor the next days starting pitcher can load his iPad with video of the Cardinals game that night and get a detailed statistical analysis of his history versus Cardinal hitters complete with video of the at bats. Herbal vigor The same holds for the hitters. Herbal vigor They can get analysis right at their fingertips as to how they hit the next days starting pitchers or how he got them out.

Herbal vigor If you are a fantasy baseball player or even if you’re just an ordinary everyday baseball fan, herbal vigor this application is well worth the $19.95 investment. Herbal vigor Take a brown bag lunch to work for a couple three days to defray the cost if you have to.

Herbal vigor By the way, herbal vigor Sandy Alderson should be proud, herbal vigor the Mets bloggers were in full force at this event as I was honored to share a table with Kerel Cooper of On The Black (Kerel has video of Peterson’s presentation) Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest, herbal vigor Jon Levin of Subway Squawkers, herbal vigor Mark Healy of Gotham Baseball. Herbal vigor I also got to chat with Ted Berg and James Kannengieser of Amazin’ Avenue who heard my distinct Brooklynese over the speakers when I had the floor to ask Rick Peterson a question, herbal vigor and at the break located me  and said “I heard that voice and I knew who it was”  it was a fun and informative day at Bloomberg Sports.

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