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Viagra without a prescription Dennis Ribant has nothing to to do with this post. Viagra without a prescription I just felt like posting his baseball card. Viagra without a prescription For some reason I was thinking about Ribant and why his Mets career was so short. Viagra without a prescription Yes, viagra without a prescription I need to go out and get some fresh air. Viagra without a prescription   

Viagra without a prescription So we are a mere 10 days away from opening day and the questions at the start of spring training are still questions as we hit the training camp home stretch. Viagra without a prescription  Who’s on first? What’s on second and at shortstop? I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!

Viagra without a prescription Let’s peruse the Mets roster that could debut at Citi Field a week from Monday in front a lot of empty seats:

Viagra without a prescription The much anticipated battle of the stiffs never materialized as both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda went down with leg injuries.  That gave us a chance to see Eric Campbell and Josh Satin play the bulk of the spring games. Viagra without a prescription Both players looked to be much better choices than either Ike or Duda but only one of them will make the 25 man roster and looks to be Satin. Viagra without a prescription The shame of it is Campbell will not make it north because he hits from the right side, viagra without a prescription and Ike, viagra without a prescription Satin and most likely Duda will make the club. Viagra without a prescription That’s a damn shame.

Viagra without a prescription Daniel Murphy will be the everyday 2nd baseman until Ike Davis and Lucas Duda flop then he would shift over to 1st base and Terry Collins favorite Eric Young Jr would become the regular 2nd baseman that is unless Wilmer Flores takes that spot and EYJ keeps a spot as a super sub. Viagra without a prescription Whew! Where for art thou Edgardo Alfonzo?

Viagra without a prescription None of the in house candidates to play shortstop, viagra without a prescription Ruben Tejada, viagra without a prescription Omar Quintanilla or Wilmer Flores are much with the glove so why not take the best bat out of the three which would be Flores and start him at short? Let Ruben be what he was born to be a utility infielder and let Quintanilla be what he was destined to be, viagra without a prescription a former big league player.

Viagra without a prescription David Wright 3rd base. Viagra without a prescription Nuff’ said

Viagra without a prescription It seems as if long time minor league journeyman and Jersey boy Anthony Seratelli will make this club as a super-sub. Viagra without a prescription His ability to switch hit and get on base makes him an asset.

Viagra without a prescription Chris Young has picked up his offense lately this spring so let’s hope that translates into the season. Viagra without a prescription $7.25 mil for a player whose offensive game has declined the last three seasons seems like a huge gamble for a team that has to scrape and scrimp to come up with that kind of scratch. Viagra without a prescription Got to hope this is not the offensive version of Frank Frank  .

Viagra without a prescription There is no way in hell Terry Collins cannot write Juan Lagares name in the everyday lineup. Viagra without a prescription   Not just Collins but no one in the organization can make a rational argument as to why Lagares will not be in centerfield just about every day.  Here’s a newsflash, viagra without a prescription the Washing ton Nationals are going to win the division by about 20 games so let’s play Lagares every day and let him grow as a big leaguer .

Viagra without a prescription Can Curtis Granderson give the Mets an average Granderson season? Would you sign on for .261/.340/.488 with 30 HR 80 RBI? Oh hell yeah!

Viagra without a prescription The training wheels are off Travis d’Arnaud, viagra without a prescription it’s not only his pitching staff but he has to contribute offensively as well. Viagra without a prescription TDA’s bat could be the X factor in this season’ run to respectability.  Yes that is Kevin Pawlicki in the rear view mirror

Viagra without a prescription Jon Niese starts the season on the DL but could be activated by the first weekend series against the Cincinnati Red Legs. Viagra without a prescription With Niese out, viagra without a prescription Dillion Gee has been given the honor of starting the first game of the season. Viagra without a prescription Good for Gee who was solid the last half of last season and has paid his dues in the organization. Viagra without a prescription Gee will be followed by Zack Wheeler, viagra without a prescription Bartolo Colon and Dice-K. Viagra without a prescription That’s a solid starting staff and with Raphael Montero and the Mighty Thor waiting in the wings, viagra without a prescription the club is flush with stellar pitching arms.

Viagra without a prescription The front office has had a tough time putting together a solid bullpen. Viagra without a prescription It doesn’t help that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen are not the best late inning pitching strategists  either but in order to be the 90 win team Alderson thinks he has here, viagra without a prescription he’s going to need a bullpen that ranks in the top ten , viagra without a prescription something that has eluded the Mets for a few years now.

Viagra without a prescription There has to be trepidation over the lack of velocity coming from the right arm of Bobby Parnell and the lack of command shown by Vic Black.  Jose Valverde looks like he’s made the team and could step in to close when needed as well as Jeurys Familia who has had a spectacular spring. Viagra without a prescription Scott Rice comes back as the LOOGY with Carlos Torres and John Lannan as long men/spot starters. Viagra without a prescription This could be the year the Mets have a pen to believe in.

Viagra without a prescription Jeremy Gibson of the Blue Jays blog 500 Level Fan asked me for my take on the NL East race this season by the way seems the Jays fans are still hurting from the trade last year.

Viagra without a prescription  

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Stores that sell viagra                                                                                 The Ol’ Perfesser

Stores that sell viagra As promised in my last post, stores that sell viagra it’s time for the 2013 NY Mets first half report card.  Unlike years past there is room for optimism even though the team has not had a winning monthly record since June of 2012, stores that sell viagra that’s seven consecutive months of losing, stores that sell viagra but the tide seems to be turning.  There is optimism in that the young arms are starting to emerge as we see today with Matt Harvey being named the starter for tomorrow nights All Star Game. Stores that sell viagra Zack Wheeler has shown some growing pains but he should figure it out and Noah Syndergarrd talk is all the rage.

Stores that sell viagra But the club needs bats and needs them badly but that’s a post for another day. Stores that sell viagra On to the grades:

Stores that sell viagra John Buck Grade C

Stores that sell viagra Took off like a rocket in April with the bat hitting 9 HR and driving in 23 runs. Stores that sell viagra From months May thru July, stores that sell viagra Buck has hit 5 HR and knocked in 23 runs. Stores that sell viagra The biggest aspect of catching is defense, stores that sell viagra while Buck is not a great catcher; he is a vast improvement over what the Mets have had the last two years. Stores that sell viagra He’s holding the seat warm until Travis D’Arnaud gets himself healthy and ready for the big leagues, stores that sell viagra most likely next season.

Stores that sell viagra Ike Davis Grade F

Stores that sell viagra UGH! What a mess Ike is. Stores that sell viagra So far the great re-invention of Ike Davis approach at the plate has been a failure.  His first couple games when Ike came back from Las Vegas there was a bit of an improvement but the last week he’s back to his ass going one way and his arms going the other. Stores that sell viagra UGH! I sense Sandy Alderson’ patience are wearing thin with Ike and with Davis arbitration eligible next season  Ike looks like a lock for non-tender status.

Stores that sell viagra Daniel Murphy Grade D

Stores that sell viagra Who doesn’t love Murph? He plays his ass off, stores that sell viagra worked very hard to be a serviceable 2nd baseman and has battled serious injury to come back strong.  But Murphy like Ike is at a crossroads in his career. Stores that sell viagra He’s making just a shade under $3mil this season and would be looking for a raise towards the $5mil mark in 2014. Stores that sell viagra He’s 28 years old he doesn’t draw walks and he hits with little power and is not a solid fielder. Stores that sell viagra Add 2nd base as another position the Mets will need to upgrade in 2014.

Stores that sell viagra Ruben Tejada Grade F

Stores that sell viagra I’ve never been a fan of Tejada’s and never understood what some baseball people saw in him. Stores that sell viagra He’s in Las Vegas now and will most likely be there until September. Stores that sell viagra Call this addition by subtraction.

Stores that sell viagra David Wright Grade A+

Stores that sell viagra Just put a decent bat behind Wright and he’ll put up numbers like have never been seen in Flushing. Stores that sell viagra Just having a decent bat like Marlon Byrd protecting him has allowed Wright to put up solid numbers. Stores that sell viagra His defense has also improved to where you might as well give him the Gold Glove now. Stores that sell viagra He has also embraced the role of Captain showing more leadership on the field than we’ve ever seen. Stores that sell viagra David Wright is one of the top 10 players in baseball and we are damn lucky to have him on our team.

Stores that sell viagra Lucas Duda Grade C

Stores that sell viagra Duda and Josh Satin could be the demise of Ike Davis. Stores that sell viagra Duda will never see left field again as a Met and that’s a major plus. Stores that sell viagra It’s not Duda’s fault that he was a lousy outfielder, stores that sell viagra he never played outfield and when he was moved back to his natural position of 1st base he looked like a new man. Stores that sell viagra But then he went down with a strained intercostal muscle pull and hasn’t be heard from since. Stores that sell viagra  Duda’s 14 % BB rate and .204 ISO is what has me not quitting on him, stores that sell viagra I’d love to see him get back soon healthy and coupled with Satin as a very productive 1st base platoon. Stores that sell viagra Sorry Ike.

Stores that sell viagra Juan Lagares Grade D

Stores that sell viagra Tough grade for the young center fielder but when you break it down his offense is an F and his defense is an A. Stores that sell viagra Thought of giving him a C but he lost his job to Kirk Nuienhuis so that dropped it to a D

Stores that sell viagra Marlon Byrd Grade A

Stores that sell viagra All the Sandy Alderson critics were screaming “where’s the bargain signing that pays off” well here you have him in Marlon Byrd. Stores that sell viagra Now no one, stores that sell viagra even the Mets GM , stores that sell viagrathought Byrd would contribute as much as he has. Stores that sell viagra Byrd leads the team in HR’s (15) and Rib Eyes with 51 his wOBA is solid .346 and his play in right field has been stellar. Stores that sell viagra So where do you fall? Keep Byrd, stores that sell viagra Trade Byrd? I get the feeling Byrd will stay as the Mets GM is sick of his team sucking in the second half and is looking for a strong finish to build on for 2014. Stores that sell viagra Byrd stays.

Stores that sell viagra Omar Quintanilla Grade D

Stores that sell viagra Best part of Q’s game is he takes a walk as in base on balls with an 11% BB rate. Stores that sell viagra His defense is plausible and he’s 31 years old so he’s not the future. Stores that sell viagra Mets have a big ? at shortstop

Stores that sell viagra Jordany Valdespin Grade F

Stores that sell viagra Good bye and good riddance.  If Valdespin had called John Buck the name he called Terry Collins, stores that sell viagra he’d be getting fit for dentures today.

Stores that sell viagra Mike Baxter Grade D

Stores that sell viagra Still can’t understand why he had to go to Las Vegas and JV1 got to stay big big mistake. Stores that sell viagra Baxter better lefty bat off the bench than Vladespin.

Stores that sell viagra Justin Turner Grade D

Stores that sell viagra Teammates love him and his pies but where does he fit on this team on the field? Isn’t Josh Satin Justin Turner but with talent?

Stores that sell viagra Kirk Nieuwenhuis Grade C

Stores that sell viagra Looks like Kirk has won the CF job and the last couple of weeks his bat has come alive and his play in centerfield has been solid. Stores that sell viagra A C grade may be a bit generous but Kirk gets a little more love due to grit.

Stores that sell viagra Anthony Recker Grade Incomplete

Stores that sell viagra Poor guy doesn’t play enough but when he does he hits with pop with a .237 ISO but it’s a very limited sample. Stores that sell viagra He could find his way as a Sunday catcher with Mets when Travis d’Arnuad makes his debut

Stores that sell viagra Josh Satin Grade Incomplete

Stores that sell viagra Again small sample size but he has forced Terry Collins hand as Ike Davis regresses and the team looking to win games and stop the loser mentality Satin has played his way into the lineup. Stores that sell viagra Easy guy to root for.

Stores that sell viagra Terry Collins Grade C

Stores that sell viagra Some days I’m pro-Collins some days I’m looking for his replacement. Stores that sell viagra Collins handles the press and his clubhouse as well as anyone in the game but when it comes to in game strategy and handling his bullpen, stores that sell viagra Collins is playing checkers while the opposing manger is playing chess. Stores that sell viagra Second half of the season will determine if Collins is the Mets skipper in 2014

Stores that sell viagra Tomorrow the pitching staff.

Stores that sell viagra  

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Cheap generic viagra I admit I have some bad traits not many I want to get into here but two I will talk about is my inability to organize and that I am a world class procrastinator. Cheap generic viagra  I think my lack of organizing skill comes from my hatred for the telephone. Cheap generic viagra I rarely answer the phone at home (thank you FiOS for the ability to have caller ID come up in HD on my TV giving me The Power of Francesa to hand wave those interrupting my ball game watching) which runs in all the males of my family, cheap generic viagra if it weren’t for our spouses we would never speak to one another, cheap generic viagra that goes for texts as well, cheap generic viagra in fact if it weren’t for the women in my life I don’t think I’d do much communicating. Cheap generic viagra   

Cheap generic viagra I admit that I relay on the ladies of my life for more of my daily routine than I should. Cheap generic viagra I went from a mother who took care of me to a wife who takes care of me to a daughter who fawns over me to the ladies I work with who help me all day every day with work. Cheap generic viagra I love women. Cheap generic viagra The dilemma I have though now is the ladies of my life don’t know much about baseball.

Cheap generic viagra See for the first time in 12 years of coaching youth baseball, cheap generic viagra I have to register my team, cheap generic viagra collect registrations fees from them and recruit players to fill out my roster and order uniforms. Cheap generic viagra This has become an unorganized procrastinator’s nightmare. Cheap generic viagra  Well, cheap generic viagra not a total nightmare as I have designated my son as my Paul DePodesta, cheap generic viagra not only as my right hand man but my starting 2nd baseman and 2 hole hitter (he’s cut from the Alderson/Dave Hudgens cloth, cheap generic viagra work the count and a walk is as good as a hit, cheap generic viagra he’s so good at it, cheap generic viagra that when we get certain umpires who do the plate they will give him benefit of the doubt when he takes a 2 strike pitch) he does all my contacting of the players via Facebook and text for me but I shouldn’t really burden him with my tasks as he’s preparing to take the SAT’s and that’s more important than putting a baseball team together but he’s such a good son he knows when dad is in distress.

Cheap generic viagra So I’m hoping today to get my shit together and find out how many definites I have to play and figure out the cost per player and give the league the dates we want to play. Cheap generic viagra In fact I should have started on this already and had it all done but first I had to read the game stories on last night’s Rangers-Senators game (no panic in this Rangers fan but I will say this the Rangers need to put the Sens away when they have a lead, cheap generic viagra stay aggressive in the offensive end. Cheap generic viagra Last night the Blueshirts looked exhausted in the 3rd period that worries me a bit but coming back to MSG should revitalize them.) then read the Mets stories (more on them in a minute) and last but not least the hanging on in procrastinators nirvana, cheap generic viagra Twitter.

Cheap generic viagra But before I really, cheap generic viagra really go and push myself to get this work done, cheap generic viagra a few words on the Mets:

Cheap generic viagra The true test of the mettle of this team will come now that they lost this series to the Braves and their two best pitchers got pounded. Cheap generic viagra With the Giants coming in for 4 games (coming off a classic 1-0 old time pitcher duel last night as Cliff Lee want 10 innings and Matt Cain 9 scoreless) Jon Niese gets to match up with Barry Zito, cheap generic viagra I like the matchup in the Mets favor.

Cheap generic viagra Terry Collins has said that Kirk Nieuwenhuis will start tomorrow night against the lefty Zito. Cheap generic viagra  TC had also mentioned that when Andres` Torres is of sound mind and calf muscle, cheap generic viagra he will return as the starting CF and Capt Kirk will go back to Buffalo. Cheap generic viagra Yeah right! With a .375/.444/.531 batting line the only way Capt Kirk is going back to Buffalo is when they retire his number.

Cheap generic viagra I can’t get too angry over losing 2 of 3 to the Braves but I’m a little uncomfortable with using the weather as an excuse for the loss. Cheap generic viagra I understand R.A. Cheap generic viagra Dickey saying his throwing of the knuckleball was like throw a “wet water balloon” but TC saying it wasn’t up to him to play, cheap generic viagra the conditions as I watched on TV weren’t that bad, cheap generic viagra it didn’t hurt the Braves hitter that’s for sure.

Cheap generic viagra David Wright is playing some of the best baseball of his career right now and it’s great to see but let’s take it easy on the contract extension talk. Cheap generic viagra I hope Wright has a tremendous season and I’m rooting hard for him, cheap generic viagra if has a big year, cheap generic viagra  his contract will take care of itself.

Cheap generic viagra That’s it I got to get this baseball stuff done…..oooooh look The People’s Court is on……I love me some Judge Milian.

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Research on viagra  Jason Bay hit a home run last night. Research on viagra No, research on viagra seriously Bay hit a home run last night. Research on viagra Yes, research on viagra Jason Bay of the NY Mets

Research on viagra

Research on viagra Oh well, research on viagra my positive spinning of the Mets was good while it lasted. Research on viagra As great as last night’s win was over the Phuck Phaces and as enjoyable as it was watching The Dickster , research on viagra Bobby Parnell and Frankie Firsco dominate. Research on viagra I have some issues with Terry Collins and more importantly a couple of players who I am very fond of.

Research on viagra First the manager, research on viagra TC can spin it as much as he wants that he felt batting Justin Turner third was a the correct move as to not disrupt the rest of the lineup but let’s be real here, research on viagra Turner is no 3 hole hitter. Research on viagra I understand the premise of not bunching lefty bats against Cliff Lee but Turner replacing Wright in the 3 spot? That’s a Jerry Manuel move. Research on viagra If TC had put Jason Bay in the third spot of the lineup I’d have defended that move. Research on viagra But Justin Turner? Please!

Research on viagra Look I am now and forever a proud member of the #IMWITH28 Club (I have the t-shirt to prove it) but for Christ sake Murph you have to make the routine play and 2nd base. Research on viagra That was the second time this week that a routine ground ball went under Danny Boys glove and it has to be the last.

Research on viagra Speaking of Murphy, research on viagra TC and Sandy Alderson cannot put Murphy at 3rd base if (when?) David Wright goes on the DL with his fractured pinky (speaking of DW’s pinkie, research on viagra there were some on Twitter questioning Wright and his threshold of pain for not playing last night and looking at the DL until he recovers. Research on viagra If you are questioning Wright’s toughness or his fight to get back on the field, research on viagra then you’re an idiot) I agree 100 % with Toby Hyde that Zach Lutz should be promoted from Buffalo and planted at 3rd base until Wright gets back. For better or worse, research on viagra Murphy is the 2012 2nd baseman and if the TC/Alderson go back on that, research on viagra it shows real indecisiveness on their part and doesn’t help Murphy with his comfort level at 2nd. Research on viagra DW, research on viagra if he hits the DL, research on viagra will most likely be out just the minimum 15 days, research on viagra so moving Murph makes no sense.

Research on viagra Its plays like Josh Thole made on the bases last night that infuriates the living shit out of me. Research on viagra Since the Mets won last night everyone can chuckle at that bone head base running blunder by Thole, research on viagra put its plays like that, research on viagra that this team cannot afford to make. Research on viagra Between Murphy’ ground ball through the legs and Thole getting duped by Jimmy Rollins, research on viagra (and by the way Jon Niese better put a fast ball under J-Rolls fucking chin in his first at bat just to send him a message) that can sink this team as the Mets are not good enough to fuck up like that.

Research on viagra Just think the Mets won the game last night and are 5-2 after the first seven games and I’m still agitated. Research on viagra Just look at it as some tough love.

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Viagra purchase

Viagra purchase  

Viagra purchase I got to see 2011 15th round pick Phil Evans make his Brooklyn Cyclones debut last night and came away very much impressed by the soon to be 19 year old. Viagra purchase  Evans went 1 for 5 at the plate but even his outs were well hit with two of them “hang with em’s” as they were great defensive plays on soild hit balls. Viagra purchase In the field Evans and 2nd baseman Ismael Tijeina had a bit of communication breakdown as to who was to cover 2nd base if the runner on first was to attempt a steal, viagra purchase but in the 9th inning Evans made two great leaping plays for the 2nd and 3rd outs of the inning to end the game.

Viagra purchase I watched the end of the Mets-Nats game this morning and while I agree with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez on questioning walking Roger Bernadina to pitch to Ryan Zimmerman I feel if this were a game that really mattered Bobby Parmell would have been pulled as Bernadina came to the plate but Collins wants Parnell to show him why he should be the Mets closer in 2012. Viagra purchase So far Parnell has been ineffective and I hate to say it, viagra purchase looks scared in these pressure spots. Viagra purchase His inability to command his slider has been his biggest downfall. Viagra purchase He falls behind in counts and has to come in with his fastball that is all but telegraphed to the batter.

Viagra purchase Josh Satin makes his Major League debut today at 1st base

Viagra purchase I see that the Daily Lupica has put out a 50th Anniversay Mets book with their Phillies Beat Writer as a contributor. Viagra purchase No way in hell will that book be a part of my library. Viagra purchase If you want a book that details the history of the Mets in detail and with outstanding pictures you need to purchase  New York Mets 50 Amazin’ Seasons by a true Mets fan and historian, viagra purchase Matthew Silverman.

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Cost of viagra

Cost of viagra I was so sorry I missed going out to Citi Field on Saturday and the tribute to Dana Brand at the location of where home plate of Shea Stadium was. Cost of viagra I am honored to be a contributor to a book that has been published with essays by fellow Mets bloggers titled “Mets Brand” honoring Dana. Cost of viagra All the proceeds of the book will be donated to Lynn Cohen’s Pitch for a Good Cause.

Cost of viagra There seems to be this misconception about Daniel Murphy’s defense. Cost of viagra I’m not proclaiming Murph is a solid defender but he’s not the liability some in the fan base make him out to be. Cost of viagra The media plays into this as well, cost of viagra more the national drop ins on FOX and ESPN who have a tough time doing their homework before broadcasting games, cost of viagra mostly because of their disdain for statistical analysis. Cost of viagra If you look at the numbers Murph is not a bad 1st baseman, cost of viagra he’s a serviceable 2nd baseman and an ok fill in at 3rd base. Cost of viagra His biggest problem is he doesn’t have the power that is needed to play a corner position but his production is perfect for 2nd base. Cost of viagra With David Wright ready to come back by the end of the week, cost of viagra figure Lucas Duda or Jason Pridie would have to be moved with Murph and Nick Evans holding down 1st base and Justin Turner taking over 2nd base with Ruben Tejada back to his utility role.

Cost of viagra I’d love to spy on the meetings Sandy Alderson and his staff have when the subject of Jason Bay comes up. Cost of viagra I just picture Alderson leaning back in his chair with his hands in back of his head offering a major bonus to anyone who can remotely solve this very expensive dilemma. Cost of viagra  I have no idea how the Mets get away from Bay’s declining performance at the unbelievable price of $35 mil over the next 3 years. Cost of viagra  That contract is untradeable unless the Mets were to eat at least half of that deal. Cost of viagra Bay is troubled by his lack of production and he works hard to improve but you wonder what runs through his mind when each and every day he’s asked the same questions over and over again and now that the boos are reigning from the Citi Field stands, cost of viagra I’d be  surprised if he is in the lineup tonight, cost of viagra I’d bet we see Willie Harris in LF for the makeup game with the Fish.

Cost of viagra We are in the throes of the Last Days of Mike Pelfrey. Cost of viagra If he’s not dealt, cost of viagra he’ll be DFA. Cost of viagra I’d be SHOCKED if Pelfrey is a Met in 2012.

Cost of viagra I’m ready to add Angel Pagan in that equation as well. Cost of viagra Pagan has had a tough season offensively and a lot of that has been due to injury but a decision will have to be made here as well with Pagan making $3.5 mil this year and looking at a bump in pay to $5-$5.5 mil. Cost of viagra Is Pagan worth that much? I don’t think so.

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Viagra in canada After coming home from a long weekend I found out that one of the people killed in that crash in New Jersey played baseball for me for two seasons and competed against me in  Staten Island Little League for eight years.

Viagra in canada Eric Colligan 15, viagra in canada was killed in the early morning of July 4th as he and his friends and his friends family were returning home from Atlantic City. Viagra in canada Eric played baseball and football for McKee/SI Tech. Viagra in canada He was also the ace pitcher/3rd baseman and cleanup hitter for my Babe Ruth League team up until this season. Viagra in canada The only reason he didn’t play for us this season is due to his football career was really taking off and he couldn’t commit to baseball due to football camp.

Viagra in canada I’m at a loss for words here, viagra in canada this was one terrific young man and to be taken at the age of 15 is just staggering to me. Viagra in canada As much as I wanted to write about some Mets stuff today especially about Jason Bay, viagra in canada it all means nothing to me right now.

Viagra in canada My heartfelt condolences to Eric’s family for their tragic loss

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Discount phentermine viagra

Discount phentermine viagra I was fortunate to be invited to a conference call last night with Sandy Alderson and my fellow Mets bloggers. Discount phentermine viagra This is the second cc Alderson has done with bloggers and he seems genuinely happy to talk to us and values our input about the team. Discount phentermine viagra As great as it was talking to the Mets GM, discount phentermine viagra the biggest kick for me was reading all the Tweets from other baseball bloggers who were soooooooooooooo jealous that we were granted access to Alderson and reading how they wish the head of the team they root for would give the same courtesy. Discount phentermine viagra Imagine that, discount phentermine viagra the same wise ass’ who like to joke and make sarcastic remarks about the Mets, discount phentermine viagra are envious of Mets bloggers.

Discount phentermine viagra I’m slowly getting used to the frank and honest way Alderson does business, discount phentermine viagra whereas in the past, discount phentermine viagra I’ve always felt you had to read between the lines to find the truth out of anything coming out of Flushing , discount phentermine viagra but now it seems we’re getting the straight skinny from the Mets GM.

Discount phentermine viagra On the release of Castillo and Perez, discount phentermine viagra Alderson said that to some extent fan sentiment was a factor in releasing both players, discount phentermine viagra more so in Castillo’s case as the front office had hoped that Perez could make some kind of contribution. Discount phentermine viagra Alderson felt it was only fair that the new regime look at both players first hand instead of relying on hearsay. Discount phentermine viagra  

Discount phentermine viagra With Emaus winning the 2nd base job, discount phentermine viagra it’s clear his Rule 5 status helped him in winning the job over Justin Turner who had options. Discount phentermine viagra Alderson said that Emaus would only make the team as a starting baseman and not a bench player. Discount phentermine viagra  Alderson said he was happy that Emaus has come around with the bat and has shown signs of being effective turning the DP.

Discount phentermine viagra My question to Alderson was about the fight for the last spot in the bullpen, discount phentermine viagra but first I added a bit of editorializing:

Discount phentermine viagra “Between the offseason and spring, discount phentermine viagra it seems that there’s a minority in the fan base and a majority of the mainstream media that likes to dwell on the negative things that go on with the organization. Discount phentermine viagra They seem not to want to talk about that the team offensively has been terrific this spring, discount phentermine viagra it seems that batters have been taking to Dave Hudgens’s way of hitting, discount phentermine viagra a lot of walks, discount phentermine viagra a lot of doubles, discount phentermine viagra and the defense has been pretty good, discount phentermine viagra too, discount phentermine viagra maybe very good this spring, discount phentermine viagra but the big thing is the pitching. Discount phentermine viagra The pitching has been outstanding this spring and hopefully it will carry over to the season. Discount phentermine viagra Now you spoke about the bullpen, discount phentermine viagra and you do have decisions to make. Discount phentermine viagra How close is it in that seventh spot? It seems that we kind of figured the first six guys are in that pen, discount phentermine viagra and that last spot, discount phentermine viagra that seventh spot, discount phentermine viagra seems to be the one that’s up in the air. Discount phentermine viagra How are you going back and forth on that decision?”

Discount phentermine viagra Here is Alderson’ reply:

Discount phentermine viagra “That’s a very good question. Discount phentermine viagra If you look at the guys who are competing for the last two or three spots. Discount phentermine viagra You’ve got a young kid, discount phentermine viagra a Rule 5 pick who is untested, discount phentermine viagra who has improved, discount phentermine viagra we think, discount phentermine viagra greatly since the beginning of camp, discount phentermine viagra at least mechanically, discount phentermine viagra has shown a lot of command, discount phentermine viagra has shown good velocity, discount phentermine viagra and we think has real upside. Discount phentermine viagra As compared to somebody like Jason Isringhausen, discount phentermine viagra who is a veteran presence and not only because of what he can do on the mound but how he might influence the rest of that bullpen, discount phentermine viagra is an attraction for us. Discount phentermine viagra Then you’ve got a couple of guys, discount phentermine viagra [Blaine] Boyer, discount phentermine viagra Manny Acosta, discount phentermine viagra who are very, discount phentermine viagra very close in terms of overall results, discount phentermine viagra but they get there in different ways. Discount phentermine viagra Boyer is basically a ground ball pitcher. Discount phentermine viagra Acosta has the livelier fastball and is more of a strikeout guy, discount phentermine viagra maybe a little more command, discount phentermine viagra but occasionally gives up a three-run homer as he did yesterday. Discount phentermine viagra So not only is it a close competition, discount phentermine viagra but interestingly, discount phentermine viagra each of those guys represents a very different choice beyond how they perform, discount phentermine viagra and that’s what we’re trying to balance right now is the desire to win, discount phentermine viagra the feel-good story of somebody like Jason Isringhausen, discount phentermine viagra who has also performed well, discount phentermine viagra against the potential of somebody like Pedro Beato, discount phentermine viagra and then the two guys that we brought in. Discount phentermine viagra And we haven’t resolve those yet. Discount phentermine viagra We just had a meeting today with some of the front office people here with the coaches and Terry Collins and we resolved a few things but the bullpen is still unresolved.”

Discount phentermine viagra The problem is Boyer , discount phentermine viagrawho has had a great spring, discount phentermine viagra has an out clause in his contract to become a free agent if he doesn’t make the OD 25 man roster. Discount phentermine viagra In a perfect world I believe Alderson would take Izzy north and hope Boyer doesn’t get a ML contract from another team and he signs him to a minor league deal. Discount phentermine viagra The odds of that are slim.

Discount phentermine viagra There were great  questions  from all who participated and to read the entire transcript check out the post Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue   put together in detail of the conference call.

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Viagra blog

Viagra blog The Mets wrapped up a fine weekend in Baltimore with a three game sweep in front of a friendly crowd of Mets fans who made the trip down I-95 to Camden Yards, viagra blog I’d love to get on the Orioles but I feel for ex-Met Juan Samuel and recently axed manager Dave Trembley because my youth baseball team is having an Oriole-like season so I just want to say misery lovers company fellas’

Viagra blog It’s games like today that show the huge step that Big Pelf has made this season. Viagra blog Last yer he would have fell apart as his command was off and he just did not look very comfortable on the mound but Pelfrey proved how important the mental side of pitching is. Viagra blog There are days when your physical tools are on auto-pilot and then there are days like to day where you physically misfire but you have enough savvy to make adjustments and keep yourself and your team afloat. Viagra blog Sure we all love those 3 hit 10K shutouts but sometimes watching a guy keep his team in a game on brains is a real museum piece as well.

Viagra blog I’m usually not one to vote for the All-Star Game but after the surge that David Wright is on I feel it’s my duty as a Mets fan to stuff the ballot box. David Wright deserves to be the starting 3rd baseman for the National League in Anaheim.

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Buying cialis online I figure sooner or later the bill on R.A. Buying cialis online Dickey’s career resurgence will come due, buying cialis online so until then let’s just enjoy his knuckler and the fact that he’s been rock solid in his five starts, buying cialis online the anti-Ollie so to speak.

Buying cialis online Rod Barajas had a tough night behind the plate trying to catch those floaters by Dickey saying as much after the game as he claimed it was his toughest night as a catcher but as bad as it looks on Barajas’ stat sheet it looks better for Dickey as it means his knuckler was getting’ jiggy with it all night.

Buying cialis online One of the story lines of the last month or so has been that this year’s Mets are very easy to root for and no one player personifies that trait like Chris Carter. Buying cialis online Finally getting a chance to play a full game The Animal hit his first big league home run and look very pleased about it as were his teammates, buying cialis online the same teammates who respect the hell out him for his work ethic. Buying cialis online I’d love to see The Animal get a few more starts.

Buying cialis online Bingo (and NY Mets future) 2nd baseman Reese Havens had a bit of a set back as he was scratched from the Binghamton lineup for soreness. Buying cialis online It could be an aggravation of an oblique injury Havens has been nagged with but I sure hope not as Havens is showing signs of being a power bat at 2nd base that would be a boon to the Mets

Buying cialis online Jerry Manuel is nuts if he thinks the Mets will activate Carlos Beltran next week so he can use him as a DH in Highlander Park. Buying cialis online De-Facto GM John Ricco said as much when informed by the Daily News of Manuel’ thinking out loud scheme. Buying cialis online  The most optimistic view of when we will see Beltran in a big league game, buying cialis online August 1st is my guess.

Buying cialis online Anyone have a 2013 calendar?

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