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Uk viagra sales Most under-rated athlete in NYC

I’m soooo happy Danny Ainge didn’t my favorite Celtic RAAAAAAJJJJOOOONNN RONDOOOOOOO    

Uk viagra sales It’s tough to spend time on Mets minutia today with trying to finish up loose ends at work and get ready for what should be one of the best nights Madison Square Garden has seen in quite a while as the Rangers and Flyers meet tonight and the Giants-Jets get together tomorrow and the Knicks-Celtics start the NBA season on Christmas, uk viagra sales it’s hard to get worked up over Rob Johnson signing a minor league deal to fight for a backup catcher spot with the Mets .

Uk viagra sales I am pumped up for tonight’s Rangers-Flyers match up at MSG. Uk viagra sales Between the way the Rangers have been playing along with all the hype of HBO’s 24/7 (I need to tape Coach Tortorella’s between periods ass ripping of his team against the St Louis Blues last week  “Fucking screw it on straight, uk viagra sales screw it on and let’s get ready to go each shift” has become my new mantra I’ve been using it at work all day the non-hockey fans think I’ve lost my mind but then again most of them don’t know what to make of me anyway)  and Winter Classic and first place (though very early in the season ) on the line, uk viagra sales I can’t wait to get to the Garden tonight.

Uk viagra sales For as long as I can remember as a NY Football Giants fan, uk viagra sales I have never given the NY Jets much thought. Uk viagra sales Sure I have friends who are Jets fans but there has never the animosity like I have with buddies and relatives who root for the Bronx Bastards. Uk viagra sales The Jets were…. Uk viagra sales Well just the Jets. Uk viagra sales They played in the other conference and since they played each other, uk viagra sales except for every 4 years, uk viagra sales only in the preseason there really hasn’t been any reason to have an opinion positive or negative on the Jets. Uk viagra sales Until now.

Uk viagra sales It really hurts me to write this but there are four teams in NYC that are sports royalty, uk viagra sales The Highlanders, uk viagra sales Giants, uk viagra sales Knicks and Rangers. Uk viagra sales The Mets are the closest of the underling teams that could break into the big four, uk viagra sales but not these days. Uk viagra sales For all the bluster that comes from Rex Ryan, uk viagra sales the Jets are not close to being in the same stratosphere as the NY Football Giants. Uk viagra sales I don’t dislike Rex Ryan although he really, uk viagra sales really needs to shut the fuck up, uk viagra sales I do respect his coaching acumen but it’s too bad he has to take the personality of his dad Buddy because all this hot air he spews sooner or later has to be backed up with something. Uk viagra sales Sure he has had success as HC of the Jets but he needs to mind his coaching manners.

Uk viagra sales Head coaches, uk viagra sales no matter what always show respect to one and other in public (look at the fall out from the Jim Schwatrz, uk viagra sales Jim Haurbugh brew ha ha earlier this season) it’s great that Rex thinks that he is better that Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin but when you disrespect these men who have accomplished more than you ever had in this game, uk viagra sales you come off like a fucking buffoon.

Uk viagra sales Neither team in this contest has much to crow about this season. Uk viagra sales Both teams are huge disappointments with flaws a plenty and as much as Tom Coughlin has told his players to let the Jets do the talking and keep their mouths shut, uk viagra sales when you have motor mouths like Antrell Rolle and Brandon Jacobs it’s a hard to rein them in. Uk viagra sales   

Uk viagra sales Like I say I never gave the Jets much thought but thanks to Rex’s big mouth not only do I want to see the Giants beat the living shit out them, uk viagra sales if the Jets make the playoffs, uk viagra sales I’ll be rooting hard against them. Uk viagra sales By the way, uk viagra sales all Giants fan should be thanking Rex and his players for doing what Coach Coughlin has had trouble with so far this second half of the season, uk viagra sales motivating the Giants players. Uk viagra sales Rex should have gone with the let sleeping dogs lay but after seeing how the Jets put a picture of a bleeding Eli Manning on the cover of their defensive play book, uk viagra sales I hope JPP knocks Mark Sanchez out of the game on the first offensive play from scrimmage. Uk viagra sales   Oh and Fireman Ed is an asshole.

Uk viagra sales Celtics-Knicks is a great way to start off Christmas Day and as a fan of the C’s, uk viagra sales it’s good to see the Knickerbockers relevant again. Uk viagra sales I am my Celtics have one more run left in them and a good start would be by beating up the Knicks on Sunday. Uk viagra sales   

Uk viagra sales  

Uk viagra sales  

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Viagra in canada sorry for lack of a post on this New York Highlanders Elimination Day but it’s been busy today with lot of work around the house. Viagra in canada I don’t know what has me more giddy, viagra in canada the fact that the Bronx Bastards played only 5 more games than the Mets or that Alex Rodriguez still has 6 years and $143 mil due to him on his worst contract ever, viagra in canada the tide is turning Mets fans, viagra in canada the tide is turning

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Find viagra online Take a bow Mets fans, find viagra online you did it. Find viagra online You voted and voted until you couldn’t make up any more e mail address and got Jose Reyes the starting job at short stop in the All Star Game. Find viagra online

Find viagra online In years past I’d be totally pissed off after the Mets lost 2 of 3 to the Highlanders at home, find viagra online but yesterday’s comeback win and the way it unfolded makes this years’ series  loss a little easier to take. Find viagra online This is not the same old Mets anymore.

Find viagra online Besides the fact that you can see this team actually hates to lose and I can write every clichés about toughness, find viagra online the one thing that is clear is the reputation of the Mets being a bunch of losers has all been erased. Find viagra online Sure, find viagra online they are not a championship team yet but they are creeping into “team we hate to play” status. Find viagra online Have you noticed there are no more “Replace-Met” stories or writing on and on about when the injured stars will be back? It sucks big time to lose 2 of 3 at home to the Highlanders but if the Bronx Bastards (along with the Phuck Phaces and the Sawx) are the gold standard of baseball, find viagra online the Mets a close to silver status which is a pretty good jump from last year’s given up status.

Find viagra online The biggest fallacy written about Jose Reyes is that he is injury prone. Find viagra online In 2009 the organization was much to blame for his injuries as they tried to change his running style was bad but the inept strength and conditioning staff made it worse. Find viagra online Last season he missed the start of the season due to illness more than injury  but that doesn’t stop hacks like Joel Sherman to play up to the ignorance of his readership that Reyes is injury prone. Find viagra online   Here is the breakdown of games played by Reyes since 2005 which is when he took over as the everyday shortstop after the other great idea of converting him to 2nd base so the great bust of Tokyo Kaz Matsui could be the starting shortstop:

Find viagra online 2005 161 g

Find viagra online 2006 153 g

Find viagra online 2007 160 g

Find viagra online 2008 159 g

Find viagra online Even with the illness and injury from trying to come back to soon last season, find viagra online Reyes played in 133 games. Find viagra online So far this year he’s played 80 games. Find viagra online He took off yesterday due to the tweak of his hammy (a grade 1 strain) and he may take the next few games off before the All-Star Game as well.

Find viagra online We do see that Sandy Alderson may be won over by Jose Reyes and from meeting him myself it’s hard not to be. Find viagra online Alderson seems ready to make a very competitive offer to Reyes (I think we can forget all the Don’t Trade Reyes angst he’s not getting dealt) as he sees the contribution Reyes makes on and off the field.

Find viagra online If this weekend becomes the turning point where the Mets gain respect throughout baseball for being a team to avoid and Sandy Alderson decides that Jose Reyes is worth fighting to keep, find viagra online then losing 2 of 3 to the Highlanders ain’t to tough to take.

Find viagra online Last up certainly not least, find viagra online I want to wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July. Find viagra online I have a couple of more days here in the Pocono Mountains, find viagra online surrounded by Phuckadelphians in there Phuck Phace shirts and jerseys. Find viagra online Makes me sick.

Find viagra online  

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Buy viagra 50 mg Happy Highlander Elimination Day to ya! I can’t wait to see Michael Kay’s head explode on the YUCK post game show if Bronx Bastards lose game five. Buy viagra 50 mg I hope Joe Girardi studied that binder of his and found the page where it says, buy viagra 50 mg “when a suck ass pitcher like AJ Burnett gives you five innings, buy viagra 50 mg take it an run”

Buy viagra 50 mg No Mets news today except for Frankie Rodriguez getting a mere $3mil deduction from his personal worth for his altercation and embarrassment of himself and of the Mets organization. Buy viagra 50 mg Hopefully who ever takes the reigns of the baseball operations let’s K-Rod know his days as a Mets closer are done. Buy viagra 50 mg Welcome to a setup role K-Rod.

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Non prescription viagra You know what? I’m glad Terry Ryan said he wasn’t interested in interviewing for the Mets GM job, non prescription viagra I’d want nothing to do with anyone from the Minnesota Twins organization.  It’s one thing to lose a series to the Bronx Bastards but the Twinkies laid down like dogs. Non prescription viagra No fight whatsoever.

Non prescription viagra If your a Twins fan and what I’m saying here pisses you off and you say that my Mets suck , non prescription viagra so who am I to call out a team for failure, non prescription viagra remember this, non prescription viagra the Mets at least split their six game this season with the Highlanders and there are only two teams the Pinstriped Pricks  fear the Mets and the Red Sox.

Non prescription viagra Oh so Phil Hughes is now a great pitcher after last night’s performance. Non prescription viagra As I said in the comments section to our resident Highlander contributor, non prescription viagra Michael all Highlander fans were shitting themselves silly over their starting rotation and now after playing a team that gave up, non prescription viagra they think they have three Cy Young candidates. Non prescription viagra They’ve all but forgotten their bastard child AJ Burnett, non prescription viagra who will have to pitch in the ALCS  and kicked to the curb Javier Lopez, non prescription viagra who is awaiting deportation to the National League.

Non prescription viagra Oh yeah I got my Highlander Hate on in full glory!!!!!

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Buy cialis online   9 days until pitchers and catchers

Buy cialis online I’ve had it uptohere with everyone panicking over the impending snow storm heading to NYC by tonight. Buy cialis online Yes it is going to snow and snow a lot, buy cialis online about a foot and yes all the assholes will attack the local supermarket to buy 10 gallons of milk and 15 loaves of bread because we all know a snowstorm in NYC is worse than an earthquake in Port A Prince. 

Buy cialis online Its fucking incredible how people shit themselves when they here of a snow storm coming. Buy cialis online It snows, buy cialis online you shovel, buy cialis online it piles up and guess what? IT GOES AWAY!!!!!!! In the fifty-one years I’ve been breathing and living in NYC THIS HAPPENS EVERY WINTER. Buy cialis online DDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL WWIIIIIITTTTHHHHH IIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !

Buy cialis online Now that I got that out of system, buy cialis online The Mets will now slice the center field wall in half to a new height of 8 ft. Buy cialis online Also the player’s moms will be responsible on a rotating basis to provide orange slice for each home game.

Buy cialis online Marcus Thames (as pointed out by our resident Highlander fan Michael) has signed a minor league deal with the Bronx Bastards. Buy cialis online I called Omar Minaya for to ask about the Mets having any interested in Thames or any other free agent still on the market. Buy cialis online Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Buy cialis online EKS: Omar, buy cialis online with the team not making many moves this off season and basically going with the same starting pitching staff that was dreadful last season, buy cialis online is there any interest in a pitcher like Jarrod Washburn?

Buy cialis online Omar Minaya: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Buy cialis online EKS: Marcus Thames signed a minor league deal with the team in the Bronx. Buy cialis online A pretty good righty bat who can play outfield and first base, buy cialis online did you have any interested in bringing Thames into the Mets fold?

Buy cialis online Minaya: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Buy cialis online EKS:  Thanks for your time Omar.

Buy cialis online Sorry I got to go now and head to Shop Rite before all the olive loaf and liverwurst is gone. Buy cialis online I don’t know if you heard but a BIG FUCKING SNOW STORM IS COMING!!!!!!!

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Cheapest prices on viagra No one is talking baseball in NYC today as the Jets have taken over this town as they ready themselves  for the AFC Title game against the Colts.

Cheapest prices on viagra Even though I’m a die hard NY Football Giants fan, cheapest prices on viagra I hope the Jets win today as I know too many Jets fans who have never seen thier team win a cahmpionship and that’s sad.

Cheapest prices on viagra What I can do without and it is one of the biggest flaws that NYC has are the front running bandwagoners.Every local news cast is full of these assholes who all of a sudden discovered football and are Jets fans. Cheapest prices on viagra They were Highlander fans in October and now Jets fans in January. Cheapest prices on viagra Must be nice to pick and choose who and when to root for a team.

Cheapest prices on viagra As much as I rant against the Mets here, cheapest prices on viagra I love this team more than an grown up should. Cheapest prices on viagra In fact it scares me a bit how much I care about the NY Mets.  Sure I’d love to see them win championships and be the talk of the town like the Jets are now and the Bronx Bastards seem to always be but right now I’d settle for a team and organization that is respected and plays good hard fundamental baseball.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask for is it?

Cheapest prices on viagra Jets 19

Cheapest prices on viagra Colts 17

Cheapest prices on viagra Lito Sheppard with the game winning TD with .30 seconds left in game

Cheapest prices on viagra Saints 35

Cheapest prices on viagra Vikings 17

Cheapest prices on viagra The Who Dat’s vs. Cheapest prices on viagra Gang Green in South New York City Fl.

Cheapest prices on viagra who is that player in the pic? and don’t cheat

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Sometimes I can be mean and nasty( in case you’re new to this blog) and not just when it comes to Jeffey Skill Sets. Viagra no prescription  I’m enjoying the pain that Highlander fans are going through with their $275 mil dollar albatross of a third baseman, viagra no prescription just knowing they have 9 more years of Alex Rodriguez and the fact that Captain Craptastic hates his guts and could be that could be the reason he bolts the Bronx when his contract is up is the bitch to the payback. Viagra no prescription But I think I have to stop picking on poor defenseless Highlander fans.


Yesterday before my son’s basketball game, viagra no prescription I sat in the stands with a couple of other fathers who are fans of the Bronx Bastards. Viagra no prescription Some are the typical fans that think it’s their god given right to have a parade down Broadway every year, viagra no prescription and one or two are somewhat reasonable to the point where they can complement the Mets for fixing the biggest need the back of the pen. Viagra no prescription So any way, viagra no prescription my first question to the group was “WOW, viagra no prescription what do you think of A-Rod”  as soon as I got the Rod part out, viagra no prescription I sat back and watched the fireworks display. Viagra no prescription Mr. Viagra no prescription “the only baseball is Highlander baseball” was enraged not that a confidential test was leaked to a reporter or that Rodriguez has told three different stories or even what the effects will be on Rodriguez health , viagra no prescriptionno his main concern was “this was done to sabotage the Highlander season”  he went on to rant about how all the teams in baseball were “out to get “ the Highlanders and the Red Sox and Mets were two of the teams that are the most jealous of their success and just stupid comment after stupid comment. Viagra no prescription

It was at that point it dawned on me that has there ever been a more perfect marriage than Highlander fans and Alex Rodriguez? They are two of the same. Viagra no prescription They are both “me first” types, viagra no prescription they never give credit to the opposition, viagra no prescription and they believe they should always get what they want. Viagra no prescription Is there more of a douche than a Highlander fan who says “Anything short of a World Series Championship is unacceptable”?

See I kind of like hanging around Highlander fans as it makes me appreciate being a Mets fan. Viagra no prescription Our team and organization is far from perfect but it sure beats the shit out the alternative. Viagra no prescription         


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Female viagra response

Female viagra response

Female viagra response You mean, female viagra response let me understand this cause, female viagra response ya know maybe it’s me, female viagra response I’m a little fucked up maybe, female viagra response but I’m funny how, female viagra response I mean funny like I’m a clown, female viagra response I amuse you? I make you laugh, female viagra response I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, female viagra response funny how? How am I funny?

Female viagra response The fallout from the awful Inaugural Season at Paupers Field patch just gets more embarrassing everyday as Stephen Colbert now weighs in on what is now known as the Pizza Patch as Domino’s Pizza is getting more exposure over the patch than those deadbeats over at Citi Group.

Female viagra response Last night during my diatribe on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL I asked the questions (one of many and Manny) who is running the show in Flushing, female viagra response The Skill Sets or these thieving unimaginaitive bastards from Citi Group?

Female viagra response Of course our pals at the 700 Level have posted the video of Colbert mocking the Mets (Mock the Mets, female viagra response Mock the Mets, female viagra response Step right up and Mock the Mets) and it just makes me wonder if anyone in the Skill Sets Circle jerk gives a shit or are they happy wearing a “Kick Me” sign on there back all the time.

Female viagra response Check out PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL from last night by clicking here.

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Buy viagra now online I knew the rip off of the Skill Sets (along with other unlucky bastards) would get murkier as the NY Times lays out the fact that Freddy Skill Sets not only lost a lot of his personal  dough but he has investors he has to pay out from his Sterling Equities corporation and one of the guys with a debt due is none other than Nellie D former Skill Sets partner in the Mets. Buy viagra now online Could it be that Nellie (Make mine a) Doubleday gets back in the baseball business as part owner of the Mets? I doubt it as DD is up there in age but what is intriguing to me is he despises Jeffy Skill Sets immensely so maybe he finds a way to get back in the game or have one of his operatives get into Citi Field and concoct an over throw of the Skill Set regime. Buy viagra now online I feel bad for Freddy but the idea of seeing Jeffy squirm brings me joy.

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