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Viagra competition Have  I lost my mind? Nope it’s time to make a BOLD move and by trading for Jimmy Rollins is as BOLD a move as you can make. Viagra competition See my rational below. Viagra competition  

Viagra competition It’s been pretty lackluster spring training for the Mets. Viagra competition Aside from watching the bumper crops of young pitching prosper and which organization is going to hand over a big league shortstop, viagra competition the position battles we anticipated just haven’t happened.

Viagra competition The first baseman fight to the finish between Ike Davis and the new and improved Body by Lake Michigan, viagra competition Lucas Duda has been non-existent. Viagra competition Both players have gone down with injury for most of the spring with Ike dragging a walking boot around to ease his calf injury and Duda resting a cranky hamstring. Viagra competition  So instead of who has the best at bats winning the first base job, viagra competition the player who can walk to the batter box without a medical appliance will win that job.

Viagra competition We were all sold a bill of goods about the shortstop position as well. Viagra competition Ruben Tejada was also sent to Michigan boot camp and so far it seems like that was a big waste of time and money. Viagra competition Tejeda looks as bad as he did last season even with Grandpa Terry telling him how marvelous he is. Viagra competition While Grandpa Terry is trying to inflate Tejada’s self-esteem, viagra competition Big Daddy Sandy is dangling young virile pitchers to any team with a shortstop who can move laterally and at least bat .250

Viagra competition The best move to fill the shortstop spot would be to sign Stephen Drew but Drew doesn’t want to play baseball he wants to be paid millions and then play baseball. Viagra competition It’s easy to kill Drew’s agent Scott Boras but doesn’t the agent work for the player? If Drew really had the hot desire to play baseball he would have told Agent Boras to get him the best deal out there. Viagra competition  There is no market for Drew except for one team, viagra competition our beloved Mets, viagra competition so if the GM should offer a face saving 1 yr for $14 mil to Drew/Boras and if they balk, viagra competition lose their number. Viagra competition Then go into the contacts on your phone and dial Ruben Armaro Jr. Viagra competition and ask what it would take to deal Jimmy Rollins to the Mets.

Viagra competition Yeah you read that right, viagra competition I want to bring Jimmy Rollins to the Mets as their everyday shortstop. Viagra competition I could care less that he’s a Phillie and that he’s rub our noses in the big stink of defeat for years, viagra competition that’s exactly why I want him on the Mets. Viagra competition We need an everyday bad ass and since our every fifth day bad ass, viagra competition Matt Harvey is out for the season. Viagra competition With  Rollins we get an everyday shortstop who has been told by his rookie manager that “he ain’t the ballplayer he used to be” and will be doing everything he can to prove him wrong.

Viagra competition Rollins makes $11 mil for this season and has very reachable clause in his deal to guarantee him $11 mil for 2015. Viagra competition That’s $22 mil the geriatric Phillies could use to get a player or two under 35 years old. Viagra competition  Since our owners declare they have cash to spend why not spend it on a guy who has a World Series ring an MVP and a prickly attitude?

Viagra competition I’m not saying I’d expect the Jimmy Rollins of 2007 his MVP year but if the Mets get Jimmy Rollins of the 2012 vintage it would make the season a lot more interesting .

Viagra competition Now for all of you, viagra competition who are against this move remember not a single young stud pitcher will be moved in this transaction. Viagra competition That alone should get you on board the J-Roll Train.

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Prescription viagra It was a rough weekend for the NY Mets. Prescription viagra The bats and pitching arms have gone stale, prescription viagra the petulant utility player affectionately known by Mets fans as JV1, prescription viagra who it seems the front office, prescription viagra manager and players have run out of patience with while waiting for him to act like a big boy, prescription viagra reached out to the Pittsburgh Pirates for help in the form of a baseball thrown at him in anger over his “look at me, prescription viagra I’m El Hombre” slow dance after hitting a home run with the Mets down 7 runs. Prescription viagra Then there was Banner Day in which only 99 banners were on display.

Prescription viagra The Mets front office has a plan and contending in 2013 for the NL is not part of it. Prescription viagra But we knew that coming into the season, prescription viagra right? So why is everyone up in arms about the abysmal play of this Mets team? Many Mets fans had the Mets pegged for a 90+ loss team and that is what they are right now. Prescription viagra So why is everyone so upset about the recent awful play of this team?

Prescription viagra We knew the outfield wasn’t Major League quality, prescription viagra we knew that back end of the rotation was weak. Prescription viagra What we didn’t know was that Ike Davis would be this bad and Lucas Duda would morph into a little leaguer at the plate taking the walk is as good as a hit advice to new heights and that Daniel Murphy would be better with a glove than a bat. Prescription viagra  We did know one thing, prescription viagra Sandy Alderson has a plan, prescription viagra what we didn’t know was part of the plan was do nothing in 2013.

Prescription viagra Part of the problem is there is no worry on any offensive player on this team that there is someone within the organization to take their place. Prescription viagra Last year when Ike Davis was slumping so bad it was a miracle he wasn’t shunned to Buffalo. Prescription viagra  The reason Ike wasn’t sent away to Triple A wasn’t that the team wanted to show confidence in Davis it was a someone in the Mets front office told me “what’s the alternative” ? This season Ike is being Ike, prescription viagra looking awful at the plate, prescription viagra and again the question is “what do you about a problem named Ike Davis”? There is none that is if you feel Lucas Duda should be moved to first base and Jordany Valdespin goes to left field is a solid solution and either send Davis to Vegas (ooh that rhymes) or trade him. Prescription viagra A trip to Triple A could happened this time as that scenario I laid out is a real option, prescription viagra as for trading him, prescription viagra quite frankly what team would want him?

Prescription viagra The point is as much as Sandy Alderson is sticking to his plan it would behoove the GM to do something of a personnel move dealing with the offense just to send the fan base a signal that he is still interested in running this team and that he is as fed up with the suckitude of play as the fan base is. Prescription viagra   

Prescription viagra Right now there are four players who should be untouchable in any trade talks, prescription viagra D-Wright, prescription viagra Matt Harvey, prescription viagra Bobby Parnell and John Buck. Prescription viagra Anyone else should be put on the market and moved for the right price. Prescription viagra But again what kind of return would you get for an Ike, prescription viagra Duda, prescription viagra Murphy or even Tejada? At least with a broken down car you can strip it for parts, prescription viagra not so for broken down baseball players.

Prescription viagra On the Jordany Valdespin hit by pitch on Saturday I’ve heard or read everyone from Terry Collins to Mets players to Jay Horwitz , prescription viagra well maybe not Jay, prescription viagra chastised for allowing Valdespin to get plunked and not rushing to his aid. Prescription viagra The one guy who hasn’t been called on out on this and is the number one culprit in all this muck and mire is Jordany Valdespin. Prescription viagra JV1 as the kids like to call him, prescription viagra has been spoken too, prescription viagra punished, prescription viagra had his clothing ripped to shreds and been call out by teammates mangers coaches and front office folks as a first class horse’s ass to no avail. Prescription viagra People associated with the Mets that I’ve talked to who have a good word for everyone associated with the team make that face like a stink bomb went off when you ask about Jordany Valdespin. Prescription viagra  So if you want to blame Terry Collins, prescription viagra Sandy Alderson or the Mets players about leaving Valdespin out to dry, prescription viagra you’re blame and anger is misdirected.

Prescription viagra Here’s the problem with having Banner Day in 2013, prescription viagra no one cares. Prescription viagra Banner Day in 1964 was great because the team still had the new team smell to it, prescription viagra as the Mets were Casey’s Amazin’ Mets our lovable losers. Prescription viagra In 2014 there is no such thing as a loveable loser in fact even after you win the next question you get after handed the trophy is, prescription viagra “Can you repeat”? The fan mindset is totally different than in the past. Prescription viagra Fans don’t care how hard you try, prescription viagra how much your hurt, prescription viagra or if you’re going through some kind of personal problem all fans care about is entertain me and goddamnit WIN!

Prescription viagra This past week while at a Mets blogger event at Citi Field I brought up the 1973 Pennant winners and how this is the 40th anniversary of the Mets team that went on a tear and had to pass five teams just to win the division and then go on to beat one the iconic teams in baseball history in The Big Red Machine, prescription viagra so would there be a day at Citi Field to honor them?   The answer I received on why there will not be day for the team is that the cost to run that event is prohibited and who would show up for it? After my blood pressure subsided and we discussed the pros and cons of the Mets having a day for the ’73 NL Champs, prescription viagra it made sense to me. Prescription viagra The 55 year old Mets fan would love to see George Theodore , prescription viagra Ron Hodges and Harry Parker , prescription viagra the 30 year old Mets fan doesn’t care. Prescription viagra So why go to all the time and expense to throw a party and have no one come. Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra I didn’t go to Banner Day. Prescription viagra  I don’t think it’s a crime. Prescription viagra I spent the day watching my daughter play soccer and returning a bunch of tuxedos for my son and his friends that they dropped off after their high school prom while they took off to a day of amusement park fun with their girlfriends. Prescription viagra Then I dropped my daughter off at the mall with her friends because teen age girls love to shop. Prescription viagra Then I was able to spend a great afternoon just me and my wife because now that our kids are older and don’t need to be with mommy and daddy, prescription viagra mommy and daddy can go off and do what they want to do, prescription viagra like eat at restaurant with cloth napkins and no coloring books at the table and catch a movie that isn’t animated. Prescription viagra Life is good. Prescription viagra So I’m sorry I wasn’t there to carry a banner professing my love for the NY Mets but even so, prescription viagra I know how much I love the Mets and the Mets know how much I love the team, prescription viagra so as I said Life is good.

Prescription viagra  

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Viagra propranolol  

Viagra propranolol Lucas Duda is one very large enigma to Mets fans. Viagra propranolol We see a strapping young man who stands 6’4” 250+ lbs and wonder, viagra propranolol when will it all come together for Duda, viagra propranolol when will we see 30+ HR’s and 90+ RBI. Viagra propranolol Well at 27 years old if it doesn’t come this year it mostly likely will never happen for Duda.

Viagra propranolol 27 years of age is a great age to be unless you are an unproven big league baseball player. Viagra propranolol It’s an age where you are hitting your playing prime, viagra propranolol where if you are a quality baseball player, viagra propranolol everything comes together, viagra propranolol it all starts to click, viagra propranolol you have a good read on the opposing pitching staffs, viagra propranolol you have a good idea of your hitting zone, viagra propranolol you know when to be aggressive and when to lay off the breaking balls you chased as a greenhorn. Viagra propranolol It’s when the game starts to slow down just a bit for you to manage it effectively.  This is the season for all of this to come to Lucas Duda at the plate, viagra propranolol if it doesn’t the Mets are in for a long season and Duda could be one in a long line of young Mets outfielders to be discarded on the side of the road.

Viagra propranolol I’ve looked a few of the projections for Duda for the coming season and while there seems to be a bit of an uptick in his power numbers by some, viagra propranolol is it enough t to keep him as a big league starter?:

Viagra propranolol PECOTA .251/.333/.430  15 HR 54 RBI

Viagra propranolol ZiPS  .248/.330/.418  18HR  74 RBI

Viagra propranolol Bill James  .268/.356/.454   18HR  69 RBI

Viagra propranolol  

Viagra propranolol James projects Duda with a better on base and slugging percentage and I kind of agree with that. Viagra propranolol Duda has improved his eye at the plate, viagra propranolol swinging at fewer pitches outside the strike zone (30.1, viagra propranolol 29.8 and 35.3 last season) and his base on balls rate has gone up each season as well. Viagra propranolol But it’s the power numbers that give me pause on Duda as his Isolated Power Average dropped from .189 in 2011 to a pedestrian .150 last season. Viagra propranolol Being that the Mets lineup is still in flux-I don’t think Terry Collins knows who will be his 1-2 in the lineup yet-where Duda bats will determine how many RBI opportunities he gets, viagra propranolol I figure Duda to bat 6th so the opportunity to drive in runs will be there for him.

Viagra propranolol Hitting just 15-18 home runs will not be acceptable this season from Duda, viagra propranolol the Mets have to see an increase to at least mid-twenty’s if the team is going to make any noise this season and again at 27 years old, viagra propranolol it’s time for Lucas to bust out.

Viagra propranolol The dilemma is for Duda to stay in the lineup he has got to hit and be a run producer as his defense is, viagra propranolol and there is no way to sugar coat it, viagra propranololdreadful. Viagra propranolol The Mets do not need Duda to be Barry Bonds-like in left field but he needs to be able to get a good initial jump on balls and just make the routine play. Viagra propranolol In Duda’s defense (no pun intended) he is a first baseman by trade who is still learning a new position, viagra propranolol so I have to cut him some slack.

Viagra propranolol The intangible in the whole Lucas Duda equation is his mind set. Viagra propranolol When Duda first came up to the Mets, viagra propranolol it took a while for him to become comfortable in the major league/NYC setting. Viagra propranolol Terry Collins has mentioned that Duda has to get a grasp of being a big leaguer and now as one of the young vets on this Mets team, viagra propranolol he has to be a leader. Viagra propranolol That doesn’t mean he has to be vocal or a rah-rah type, viagra propranolol which is not his nature but Duda has to step up this season and be a difference maker so the club and Mets fans don’t have to suffer through another disappointing season.

Viagra propranolol Let’s all hope that 2013 becomes The Summer of Duda.      

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Buy cialis next day delivery Remember back about a month ago when the Mets were proving the critics wrong by playing hard nose balls to the wall baseball that translated into winning games and had the beaten down fan base thinking of crisp cool evenings in October at Citi Field ? What happen?
It’s hard to pinpoint but this Mets team that looked to be tougher and more resilient that in the past has lost its mojo. Buy cialis next day delivery Or has it? Are the Mets like water and have found their level?
The level of frustration with the Mets is not just relegated to the fan base. Buy cialis next day delivery The more I see Ron Darling on SNY the more frustration with this team I see. Buy cialis next day delivery Keith Hernandez is almost there but Darling, buy cialis next day delivery he’s arrived. Buy cialis next day delivery It started with watching the Mets relievers just kill the enthusiasm of the season with poor performance and poor performance. Buy cialis next day delivery It intensified when Andres Torres with a chance to pay back Roger Bernadina for spiking Ruben Tejada bailed out, buy cialis next day delivery a play Darling called Torres out on and a few days later was still pissed about the nonpayment by Torres.
My frustration is with Terry Collins and his nightly “we have to give Jason Bay at bats to get him going” Terry, buy cialis next day delivery Please stop! My leg is full of piss! I don’t know whose call it is that Bay stays in the lineup, buy cialis next day delivery but someone in authority has to say stop already, buy cialis next day delivery and I’ll tell you this, buy cialis next day delivery Bay has not gotten anything close to venom spewed on Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez by the Mets fan base. Buy cialis next day delivery What he gets booed? Big deal! Yes, buy cialis next day delivery I know Bay is a swell guy and is loved by all who meet him, buy cialis next day delivery and I’m not advocating the fan base go all asshole on him but I’m just pointing out the criticism of Bay is tame to what other non-performers in Flushing have endured.
Ike Davis knocks three baseballs out of the park and the Mets still loses. Buy cialis next day delivery I’m speechless!

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Viagra pfizer canada  Jason Bay hit a home run last night. Viagra pfizer canada No, viagra pfizer canada seriously Bay hit a home run last night. Viagra pfizer canada Yes, viagra pfizer canada Jason Bay of the NY Mets

Viagra pfizer canada

Viagra pfizer canada Oh well, viagra pfizer canada my positive spinning of the Mets was good while it lasted. Viagra pfizer canada As great as last night’s win was over the Phuck Phaces and as enjoyable as it was watching The Dickster , viagra pfizer canada Bobby Parnell and Frankie Firsco dominate. Viagra pfizer canada I have some issues with Terry Collins and more importantly a couple of players who I am very fond of.

Viagra pfizer canada First the manager, viagra pfizer canada TC can spin it as much as he wants that he felt batting Justin Turner third was a the correct move as to not disrupt the rest of the lineup but let’s be real here, viagra pfizer canada Turner is no 3 hole hitter. Viagra pfizer canada I understand the premise of not bunching lefty bats against Cliff Lee but Turner replacing Wright in the 3 spot? That’s a Jerry Manuel move. Viagra pfizer canada If TC had put Jason Bay in the third spot of the lineup I’d have defended that move. Viagra pfizer canada But Justin Turner? Please!

Viagra pfizer canada Look I am now and forever a proud member of the #IMWITH28 Club (I have the t-shirt to prove it) but for Christ sake Murph you have to make the routine play and 2nd base. Viagra pfizer canada That was the second time this week that a routine ground ball went under Danny Boys glove and it has to be the last.

Viagra pfizer canada Speaking of Murphy, viagra pfizer canada TC and Sandy Alderson cannot put Murphy at 3rd base if (when?) David Wright goes on the DL with his fractured pinky (speaking of DW’s pinkie, viagra pfizer canada there were some on Twitter questioning Wright and his threshold of pain for not playing last night and looking at the DL until he recovers. Viagra pfizer canada If you are questioning Wright’s toughness or his fight to get back on the field, viagra pfizer canada then you’re an idiot) I agree 100 % with Toby Hyde that Zach Lutz should be promoted from Buffalo and planted at 3rd base until Wright gets back. For better or worse, viagra pfizer canada Murphy is the 2012 2nd baseman and if the TC/Alderson go back on that, viagra pfizer canada it shows real indecisiveness on their part and doesn’t help Murphy with his comfort level at 2nd. Viagra pfizer canada DW, viagra pfizer canada if he hits the DL, viagra pfizer canada will most likely be out just the minimum 15 days, viagra pfizer canada so moving Murph makes no sense.

Viagra pfizer canada Its plays like Josh Thole made on the bases last night that infuriates the living shit out of me. Viagra pfizer canada Since the Mets won last night everyone can chuckle at that bone head base running blunder by Thole, viagra pfizer canada put its plays like that, viagra pfizer canada that this team cannot afford to make. Viagra pfizer canada Between Murphy’ ground ball through the legs and Thole getting duped by Jimmy Rollins, viagra pfizer canada (and by the way Jon Niese better put a fast ball under J-Rolls fucking chin in his first at bat just to send him a message) that can sink this team as the Mets are not good enough to fuck up like that.

Viagra pfizer canada Just think the Mets won the game last night and are 5-2 after the first seven games and I’m still agitated. Viagra pfizer canada Just look at it as some tough love.

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Hysterectomy libido viagra So what do you do with that REYES 7 you won’t be wearing to Citi Field anymore? Well, hysterectomy libido viagra you can bring it to Foley’s NY and exchange it for a beer or an appetizer (or champagne if your happy he’s gone) Here is the info :

Hysterectomy libido viagra Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant (18 W. Hysterectomy libido viagra 33rdSt.) offers New York Mets fans the opportunity to bid adios to former shortstop Jose Reyes, hysterectomy libido viagra who has signed with the Miami Marlins.   The popular baseball bar will allow customers to exchange their Mets #7 Reyes jerseys for a free beer (to drown their sorrows), hysterectomy libido viagra champagne (to celebrate his departure) or free appetizer (for fans who do not drink).

Hysterectomy libido viagra  

Hysterectomy libido viagra  “New York baseball is feeling a swirl of emotions as Jose Reyes heads south this winter, hysterectomy libido viagra  We’re giving Mets fans a chance to drown their sorrows — or celebrate — and bid adios to Jose, hysterectomy libido viagra one of the best and most popular Mets players ever, hysterectomy libido viagra” said Shaun Clancy, hysterectomy libido viagra owner of Foley’s, hysterectomy libido viagra which features 2, hysterectomy libido viagra500 autographed balls, hysterectomy libido viagra bats and other baseball memorabilia.  “By doing this, hysterectomy libido viagra we can have a little fun and donate to clothing drives for people who are less fortunate.”

Hysterectomy libido viagra  

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Discount viagra sales online Last night was one of those games that even the witty repartee of Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez couldn’t keep me interested. Discount viagra sales online  I read the paper and trolled Twitter while waiting for my favorite pawn shop owners to come on at 9PM. Discount viagra sales online  That doesn’t mean there isn’t meaningful Mets news (as opposed to meaningful games) to peruse.

Discount viagra sales online Ike Davis is running, discount viagra sales online hitting and fielding, discount viagra sales online not pain free but feeling much better than he has since what is still the most ridiculous Mets injury I’ve ever seen. Discount viagra sales online  Davis is trying very hard to stay away from the surgeon’s scalpel as he claims the ankle while not 100%, discount viagra sales online feels much better. Discount viagra sales online Ike will stay with the team in Miami and then return with them to NY to see team doctors, discount viagra sales online at which time the decision will be made on whether surgery is needed. Discount viagra sales online Again, discount viagra sales online how Davis has gone from what looked like a non-injury, discount viagra sales online to what now will be something that will affect Davis for the rest of his career is stunning.

Discount viagra sales online Even with or without surgery, discount viagra sales online Davis claims his ankle will never be the same. Discount viagra sales online He talked about it becoming arthritic but he feels it will not hurt his plate production. Discount viagra sales online That remains to be seen. Discount viagra sales online What about his defense? Davis was ready to blossom into a perennial Gold Glove first baseman who know how this affect his play around the bag, discount viagra sales online as first base is all about foot work. Discount viagra sales online From what looked like an innocent trip and tumble on an infield fly has turn out to be maybe a career changer for Ike.

Discount viagra sales online As much as my stomach churns watching Jason Bay’ at bats, discount viagra sales online I’m starting to really feel bad for him even with the knowledge that the team is on the hook for two more seasons and $35 mil. Discount viagra sales online Bay has played a better left field than we all thought; he hustles (last night he ran out a ball that was clearly going into the first base stands foul) and from the scuttlebutt around Citi Field, discount viagra sales online he works to the point of being obsessive compulsive in finding his hitting stroke. Discount viagra sales online You can see after every unproductive at bat, discount viagra sales online it is eating him up that he has not stepped up and provided the big veteran bat this team sorely needs. Discount viagra sales online It would be best for both Bay and the Mets to part company but the $35 mil price tag hanging his toe makes moving to a new team almost impossible. Discount viagra sales online ALMOST. Discount viagra sales online Maybe I have too much faith in the power of Sandy Alderson since the trade of Frankie Rodriguez and his unsightly option that no one thought the Mets could get out from under. Discount viagra sales online  Maybe there is a team out there (West Coast? SF, discount viagra sales online Seattle, discount viagra sales online Angels maybe) that sees Bay’s work ethic and thinks a change could do him good if the Mets eat half or little more of the deal? Never say never.

Discount viagra sales online Welcome back to the big leagues Val Pascucci. Discount viagra sales online Pascuicci’ 21 HR and 91 RBI at Buffalo earned him a promotion, discount viagra sales online perhaps for the last time, discount viagra sales online to the big leagues. Discount viagra sales online Don’t think the promotion of Passcuicci will go unnoticed in the Mets clubhouse and throughout the Mets minor league system along with the call up of RHP Chris Schwinden, discount viagra sales online it shows that this front office will promote and reward players who produce. Discount viagra sales online Not only that, discount viagra sales online with all the talk about the Mets money woes, discount viagra sales online all the players the Mets have added to the list of call ups have to be paid on a pro rated basis on the ML minimum. Discount viagra sales online Schwinden looks like he will get to start one of the games of Thursday’s DH vs. Discount viagra sales online the Braves, discount viagra sales online I bet Valentino gets a start in one of those games as well.

Discount viagra sales online Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest mentioned that the Highlanders Triple A team in Scranton/Wilkes Barre will need a place to play in 2012 as the ball park will be undergoing a big renovation project. Discount viagra sales online One of the spots they are looking at is Staten Island, discount viagra sales online home of the Baby Highlanders. Discount viagra sales online The move to SI makes sense as the Bronx Bastards own the stadium in St. Discount viagra sales online George and the team, discount viagra sales online as well as owning the Wilkes/Barre team. Discount viagra sales online The problem they will have besides getting the Mets to allow them to do this (like a scene out of Goodfella’s I can see Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul listening to Randy Levine’s pitch for this project and Uncle Saul interrupting “Yeah, discount viagra sales online Yeah, discount viagra sales online Yeah, discount viagra sales online Fuck you pay me”) is finding a better management team to run the stadium that will have two tenants.

Discount viagra sales online The SI Highlanders are very poorly run. Discount viagra sales online The team has no sponsors and the majority of their tickets are sold to groups with the added attraction of all you can eat concessions. Discount viagra sales online My wife bought tickets for every game SI played Brooklyn as a Fathers Day gift for me and those games draw the most fans, discount viagra sales online the majority rooting for the Cyclones. Discount viagra sales online I’ve noticed that the fans that attend games on SI are there for social reasons, discount viagra sales online not many people pay attention to the game they are more involved in the all you can eat buffet and how unfair it is that they cannot grab a burger, discount viagra sales online hot dog and chicken sandwich all at the same time. Discount viagra sales online  Staten Islanders are not fond of walking and taking stairs so to take just one item and then go back again is a huge crimp in their lifestyle.

Discount viagra sales online There are ushers and security people employed by the team and it is a great job as you get to see a ball game, discount viagra sales online do absolutely nothing and get paid. Discount viagra sales online  No one sits in his or her assigned seat. Discount viagra sales online If there is a seat open behind home plate you can mosey on down and sit in it. Discount viagra sales online If you see friend or neighbor at the game just go a sit in the seat next to them, discount viagra sales online no problem. Discount viagra sales online “Oh wait, discount viagra sales online this is your seat? And what you wanna sit here?” “Uhh yeah” with that you get the eye roll and the nasty look.

Discount viagra sales online If the SWB Highlanders were to call SI home for 2012 I would definitely  go to their games, discount viagra sales online especially when they play Buffalo but I don’t know how many Highlander fans would support the team, discount viagra sales online in fact I don’t think many Highlander fans know who the Triple A team is. Discount viagra sales online If they do play here and want to draw fans just make sure you have an all you can eat plan and add delivery to your seat as an option, discount viagra sales online you’ll sell the place out every game.

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Overnight delivery cialis Ed “RustyJr” Marcus posts to day that Ed Kranepool has finished in his Top 50 Mets of All Time Series. Overnight delivery cialis While Ed is my top Mets player of all time I knew he wouldn’t crack the top 5 but I was hoping for a top 10 finish.

Overnight delivery cialis Kranepool still leads the club all time in games played as a Met (1853) At Bats (5436) Hits (1418) and Total Bases (2047) and many Mets fans today have either never seen him play or really know who he is so I guess a 13th place finish is quite good for an original Met who played his whole career in blue and orange.

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Super viagra Bob Feller passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Super viagra Of course we all know that Feller was one of the greatest players to ever pitch a baseball, super viagra and if you didn’t, super viagra  don’t worry he’d tell you. Super viagra The man lived a full life as a baseball player and a baseball entrepreneur, super viagra selling what else but Bob Feller.

Super viagra What does sadden me about Feller’s death is he is one of the last of his greatest generation, super viagra who put down their bats, super viagra balls and gloves to do something much nobler, super viagra volunteering to serve his country by joining the military during war time. Super viagra No two words get thrown around so cavalierly in sports like “hero” and “Warrior” for athletes who really do nothing but compete in an athletic completion, super viagra which cheapen those words. Super viagra Bob Feller was a hero and a Warrior and he earned both those descriptions the hard way.

Super viagra As usual Joe Posanaski has all the right words about Bob Feller, super viagra so take some time out today and read this post by Joe Pos.

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Viagra generic availability india There was something different about the Mets last night, viagra generic availability india not just the great pitching performance by Jon Neise or the bombs away hitting of Daivd Wright, viagra generic availability india Rod Barajas or Frenchy there was a confidence displayed by the team that has been missing for awhile. Viagra generic availability india When you look at Jason Bay the guy never seems to get rattled. Viagra generic availability india  Ike Davis is the same way it feels like Davis has been here for a couple of years instead of a couple of weeks. Viagra generic availability india The players all said during spring training that they knew they had a good team and that they’ll prove once the season starts, viagra generic availability india I for one didn’t believe it. Viagra generic availability india I’m not going over board just yet although beating the Phillies like they did and shutting up the louts that inhabit Citizen’s Bank Park has we ready to go overboard.

Viagra generic availability india It’s easy to go crazy during this hot streak and hopeful Big Pelf works his magic to day against Roy Haliday but the test of the makeup of this team to me will be how they react when they hit a bump in the road. Viagra generic availability india They’ve already hi one early in the year and have shown for guts than last years team ever did but at some point the pitching is going to struggle and the bats will slump a bit and how the team reacts to that adversity will be the test .

Viagra generic availability india I don’t want to dwell on that now though I just want to see the Mets kick Roy Halliday and the Phillies ass this afternoon.

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