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Where can i buy real viagra This was in the comments section from my post yesterday where I mentioned this Day of Fan Outrage at Citi Field to let management know they do not want Jose Reyes to be traded:

Where can i buy real viagra I am the organizer of the above referenced event for JOSE REYES…so I must write to defend the people who are attending this with me…WE ARE NOT THE UNIFORMED EVIL TWITS that have been tweeting bad stuff about our players nor are we the ones who turn on our players the second they are doing poorly. Where can i buy real viagra Yes we all get cranky when the boys are sucking but we are not ignorant or hypictites (sp) SO please do not generalize those that you do not know…HAVE A NICE DAY. Where can i buy real viagra Donna

Where can i buy real viagra First off, where can i buy real viagra thank you Donna I did have a nice day yesterday, where can i buy real viagra second, where can i buy real viagra I didn’t mean to lump you in with uninformed evil twits who kill the Mets pitch by pitch on Twitter and besides it’s one of the great functions of our democracy to protest what we feel is a wrong that should be righted but I must say holding a SAVE JOSE REYES Rally is silly.

Where can i buy real viagra It’s pretty simplistic thinking that mean old Sandy Alderson wants to dump Jose Reyes, where can i buy real viagra in fact I bet Alderson wishes he didn’t have to deal with this issued this early in his stewardship as GM of the Mets but the reality is, where can i buy real viagra he does and it’s his job to do what is best for the NY Mets organization.

Where can i buy real viagra Most Mets fans would love to have Reyes here for years to come and give Jose credit, where can i buy real viagra he’s staying healthy and he is doing exactly what you need to do on the field in a walk year and he has put the pressure on the organization to make what could be a franchise changing decision. Where can i buy real viagra No one wants to deal Reyes or Beltran at the trade deadline because that means the Mets are also ran’s for another season. Where can i buy real viagra If the Mets are in the Wild Card hunt (look at the records of the NL teams in the hunt. Where can i buy real viagra There is not much difference, where can i buy real viagra in fact the Mets by going 14-8 since that awful 5-13 start have jumped 7 spots in the Wild Card standings. Where can i buy real viagra What, where can i buy real viagra too soon?) the question will be can the Skill Sets and the Minority Owner To Be Named Later, where can i buy real viagra  afford to let Alderson be a buyer.

Where can i buy real viagra Instead of getting involved with a fans “look at me moment” I prefer sitting back and watching what will unfold with this ball club over the next month and a half. Where can i buy real viagra Let’s enjoy this nice run the team is on now, where can i buy real viagra let’s hope the offense can figure out a way to get some hits off the very stingy Josh Johnson tonight and that Ronnie Paulino can do Big Pelf’s thinking for him and take a very important game from the Fish.

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Cheapest generic viagra I wonder if Theo Epstein in the privacy of his domicile, cheapest generic viagra switches his Extra Innings package over to SNY to root for the Mets ? The Mets right now are playing the way Epstein had hoped his Red Sox would when he ran all his statistical analysis that told him pitching and defense is the way to go. Cheapest generic viagra Right now the Mets are fueled on that formula.

Cheapest generic viagra When you compare the Mets up the middle versus the Red Sox up the middle the only position the Mets lose out on is second base. Cheapest generic viagra Even with a healthy Mike Cameron would you take him over Angel Pagan? Forget a healthy Beltran (I won’t link to the Munchkin’s story but he thinks that the Beltran contract is bad for the Mets, cheapest generic viagra this from a guy who has been mailing it in for the past ten years, cheapest generic viagra who stopped attending the events he writes about, cheapest generic viagra and treats his colleagues like shit. Cheapest generic viagra If anything Mike Lupica has been stealing from Mort Zuckerman for years ) and the catchers spot, cheapest generic viagra Theo would be beaming if he had the tandem of Barajas/Blanco behind the plate.

Cheapest generic viagra With all the fun and frolic over the last week or so of Mets baseball, cheapest generic viagra when was the last time we saw a Braves team this bad? Maybe back when Ted Turner started they games on TBS at 7:35PM ? I have never seen a Bobby Cox team play so badly, cheapest generic viagra I ain’t complaining, cheapest generic viagra just a bit taken back.

Cheapest generic viagra I agree with Christopher Guy of Mets Minor League Blog, cheapest generic viagra it’s time to bring up Dillon Gee and let him start over John Maine.  Not only is Maine hurting physically but these interviews with him are painful to watch, cheapest generic viagra the guy is a mess physically and emotionally . Cheapest generic viagra Put him on the 15 day DL and send him to St Lonesome to get his game and head in order and as for the spot on the 40 man roster for Gee, cheapest generic viagra I think it safe to say the Mets can put Kelvin Escobar on the 60 day DL to free up a spot.

Cheapest generic viagra I am really starting to worry about David Wright. Cheapest generic viagra Forget the home runs he’s not hitting doubles either and the one thing he was doing, cheapest generic viagra getting on base via walks, cheapest generic viagra has dried up as well.  Maybe it time to move him to the 2 hole with Castillo leading off (if the Reyes in the 3rd spot continues) some kind of shake up with Wright is needed as a lot of Mets fan are starting to feel he’s not the go to guy on this team anymore.

Cheapest generic viagra Mets management should do everyone a favor and call tonight’s game now. Cheapest generic viagra Not only is raining but it’s cold and the forecast for tonight is for rain and 50 degrees. Cheapest generic viagra Folks have to go to work and school tomorrow and if it was a comfortable night you wouldn’t mind but to be cold and wet, cheapest generic viagra I don’t think so. Cheapest generic viagra So if you do play the game tonight, cheapest generic viagra be prepared for the national audience to see 25, cheapest generic viagra000 or so empty seats at $iti Field.

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Herbal alternative viagra The worst part of the Reyes Thyroid melodrama is not the illness as it appears with rest and proper diet, herbal alternative viagra Reyes can get his overactive Thyroid under control, herbal alternative viagra it’s the fact that the front office now has to make some very important personnel moves and that alone should set all our Thyroids into overdrive.

Herbal alternative viagra As a fan I’m petrified about Jerry Manuel getting his way, herbal alternative viagra having Jenry Mejia thrust into the set up role, herbal alternative viagra and of Alex Cora becoming the everyday shortstop, herbal alternative viagra and Cora can crow with all his bravado about grabbing the shortstop job until Reyes comes back but in the words of Harry Callahan, herbal alternative viagra “A man’s got to know his limitations” you are what you are an overpaid backup. Herbal alternative viagra Now Manuel has another problem, herbal alternative viagra trying to put together a lineup without two major pieces, herbal alternative viagra a leadoff hitter and three- hole hitter.

Herbal alternative viagra The way it looks now the lineup for opening day would be this:

Herbal alternative viagra Pagan

Herbal alternative viagra Castillo

Herbal alternative viagra Wright

Herbal alternative viagra Bay

Herbal alternative viagra Murphy

Herbal alternative viagra Francouer

Herbal alternative viagra Barajas

Herbal alternative viagra Tejada

Herbal alternative viagra However, herbal alternative viagra with the current situation the Mets find themselves in now and the way Ike Davis is hitting, herbal alternative viagra the Mets may be forced into brining Davis up and letting him be the everyday first baseman. Herbal alternative viagra Now you may be saying, herbal alternative viagra “Aren’t you the big time Murphy Fanboy” yes, herbal alternative viagra yes I am, herbal alternative viagra the problem is though, herbal alternative viagra Murphy is not a 5 hole hitter, herbal alternative viagra he is more a 2 or a 7 but with Wright and Bay both hitting from the right side, herbal alternative viagra to have Frenchy got to 5, herbal alternative viagra I would not be comfortable with three consecutive right handed batters plus Davis is showing that he could be ready and having that lefty power bat early on not only would boost the lineup but it would re-invigorate the fan base.

Herbal alternative viagra Murphy early on would be a lefty bat off the bench and by the time Beltran comes back (talk about a guy who has fallen off the radar screen, herbal alternative viagra is Beltran working out in camp? at home?, herbal alternative viagra at the mall ? where’s Carlos B ?)   along with Cora and either GMJ (switch-hitter) or Frank Catalanotto or Chris Carter with Fernando Tatis and Henry Blanco ready from the right side.  Then when Beltran and Reyes do come back, herbal alternative viagra reassess the situation and move accordingly.

Herbal alternative viagra The biggest gripe I have and most Mets fans have is the lack of a strong leader in management. Herbal alternative viagra There is no one in the Mets organization that can stepped to a podium that makes me feel like they are in control of any situation. Herbal alternative viagra It’s sad. Herbal alternative viagra Every time a situation arises with this team it turns into embarrassment, herbal alternative viagra we want to believe, herbal alternative viagra we want to look at the ownership with confidence that there is a plan, herbal alternative viagra we want to see the manager and players hold their heads high and play tough physically and mentally but all we get is a bunch of guys with high water pants and eye glasses held together with scotch tape. Herbal alternative viagra Not very inspiring is it?

Herbal alternative viagra I’d go into the pitching situation but my Morphine drip is almost empty.

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How quick does a cialis work My head is spinning from all the Beltran v. How quick does a cialis work Mets stories. How quick does a cialis work There are some who blame Beltran, how quick does a cialis work some blame Mets management, how quick does a cialis work some blame the doctors, how quick does a cialis work some blame the agent and some blame the fans (just Jeffey Skill Sets feels that way) but the one thing all the groups have in common is the belief that we root for one fucked up organization.

How quick does a cialis work After sifting through all the stories and conversations and comments, how quick does a cialis work I can say I am definitely on Carlos Beltan’ side in this mess. How quick does a cialis work I believe Beltran when he said he spoke to Dr Altchek who in turn spoke to Dr Steadman who told Beltran his knee was not getting any better and surgery is required to clean out the fragments floating in the knee. How quick does a cialis work But the real document that tells me the Beltran/Boras version of the events are true, how quick does a cialis work is the fact that Dr. How quick does a cialis work Steadman sent the Mets Workers Comp  and insurance forms in ordered to be PAID for conducting surgery. How quick does a cialis work Without those papers signed off by the team, how quick does a cialis work no surgery would have been done.

How quick does a cialis work Now here is where everything comes back to the obvious. How quick does a cialis work The Mets front office is such a cluster fuck that I expect Krusty the Clown to be named to a VP position soon. How quick does a cialis work Jeffey Skill Sets claims that Dr.Altchek and Ray Ramirez are not authorized to ok a player to undergo a medical procedure, how quick does a cialis work and why should they? Just because Dr. How quick does a cialis work Altchek has a medical degree and Ramirez is a licensed physical trainer what makes them think they know more that Jeffey and his running mate David Howard?

How quick does a cialis work So Beltran goes to Dr Steadman, how quick does a cialis work one of the most renowned orthopedic doctors in the country, how quick does a cialis work and his diagnosis is to have arthroscopic surgery to clean out Beltran’s knee. How quick does a cialis work Beltran tells Dr. How quick does a cialis work Steadman to consult with Dr. How quick does a cialis work Altchek , how quick does a cialis work which he does. How quick does a cialis work Altchek agrees with Steadman to do the surgery. How quick does a cialis work Steadman though before doing the procedure needs the Workman’s Comp and all insurance forms to be filled out and verified because this ain’t no charity case, how quick does a cialis work he wants to be paid. How quick does a cialis work The forms are faxed to Queens. How quick does a cialis work The medical people Altchek and Ramirez look them over, how quick does a cialis work everything is cool, how quick does a cialis work send them back to Steadman, how quick does a cialis work he’s cool with it, how quick does a cialis work then he checks his calendar and tells Beltran, how quick does a cialis work you’re a lucky guy, how quick does a cialis work I’m free tomorrow at 7AM. How quick does a cialis work Beltran then claims he calls Omar Minaya (remember him?) who wishes Beltran luck and speedy recovery. How quick does a cialis work So where does this story turn for the worst?

How quick does a cialis work Jeffey Skill Sets was not consulted, how quick does a cialis work and he is pissed off because “nobody puts Baby Jeffey in the corner” Instead of letting the people he hired to run such things do their jobs, how quick does a cialis work  Jeffey says “hold the anesthesia” “we need a third opinion” uhhhhhhhhhh a little late there Junior, how quick does a cialis work Beltran is already in recovery after successful surgery on his knee. How quick does a cialis work But instead of keeping his pie hole shut, how quick does a cialis work Jeffey goes off that this is not acceptable and decides this would be a good time to embarrass the organization again and piss off one of his best players and because it’s been about a whole two weeks since any dumb shit has come out of Flushing.

How quick does a cialis work If you were Carols Beltran would you wait for a third opinion? If you worked for a competent employer, how quick does a cialis work who actually gave a shit about your well being you would. How quick does a cialis work But Beltran works for a bunch of assholes. How quick does a cialis work Assholes who put a concussed Ryan Church on an air plane to Denver and then treated him like an outcast. How quick does a cialis work Assholes who kept telling Jose Reyes to play through and injured calf and forced him to come back for meaningless games in September because maybe 100 people may buy tickets for a game at $iti Field to see him play and then he tears a hammy in the process. How quick does a cialis work Assholes who did the same thing to Beltran and have now put the team in the jackpot they are in now. How quick does a cialis work If anything Beltran and (I hope your sitting down and not drinking anything if not please sit and do not sip that coffee) and Scott Boras are heroes as someone with clout has finally told Jeffey Skill Sets to fuck himself.

How quick does a cialis work The bottom line, how quick does a cialis work maybe it’s time for a 3rd baseball team to play in NYC because I’ getting close to filing for a baseball divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty.

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Cialis dosagem After cooking breakfast and getting everyone off to merit badge class I finally get to take a shower and then go to the scout masters lodge to read my e mails and check out what calamities have befallen on the Mets.

Cialis dosagem Usually I go to the shower and no one says much but today I had on my BELTRAN 15 t-shirt, cialis dosagem and my Mets Beach towel, cialis dosagem along with my SANTANA 57 sling bag is I kind of put it out there that my allegiances lies with the Mets.

Cialis dosagem Now I love that I never know what has happen in Flushing until I hit the scout master lounge but today as I was shaving another scout leader comes in and sees my Mets regalia laid out on the bench and ruins my morning “Hey howa ’bout those Mets winning last night” UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Cialis dosagem I’m very happy the MEts won and that Ollie P is back to being Ollie P with all the walks and all the drama and again adding to the lore of his by beating a top team in the league. Cialis dosagem I’m also giddy that Danny Murphy got a start and not only hit two doubles but made an incredible play at 1st Base. Cialis dosagem Please tell me Keith said that he i simpressed with Murph at 1st? Maybe now J-Man will let 28 play everyday. Cialis dosagem But my one pleasure while I scratch my mosquito bites, cialis dosagem being suprised on the results of last nights game was ruined.

Cialis dosagem I hope that guy is in a kyack on the lake later so I can tip him over.

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Guess what? It’s raining again. Buy in vancouver viagra That’s all it does around here lately but it doesn’t look like it will be an all day rain just thunderstorms this morning and afternoon but foggy and overall shitty tonight as Johan Santana takes his perfect 3-0 mark on the line against the Phucking Phillies at $iti Field.


Santana will go up against J.A. Buy in vancouver viagra Happ who is helping the Phillies forget Brett Myers by stepping up and going 3-0 in his lat 7 outings and in his 4 no decisions Happ was very effective.


It wil be interesting to see the lineup J-Man puts out there tonight. Buy in vancouver viagra You would hope he goes with his best 8 guys:


Castillo 2b

Cora SS

Beltran CF

Wright 3B

Sheffield LF

Church RF

Murphy 1B

Santos C

Santana P


What a contest they have over at Oh Murph. Buy in vancouver viagra As much as the thought of “getting with” Julia Alexandria would be on my bucket list, buy in vancouver viagra the price is much too steep. Buy in vancouver viagra


Today is the MLB Draft and I really should have looked at the landscape of players out there to be taken. Buy in vancouver viagra I’ll have to take out my Baseball America at lunch time to brush up on what amateurs that are out there. Buy in vancouver viagra The Mets first pick is a number 72 and unlike other sports, buy in vancouver viagra the first round picks in baseball are usually overrated. Buy in vancouver viagra In fact I feel sorry for the Washington Nationals as they have no choice but to pick Stephen Strasburg because of all the hype and then they have to go through holy hell with Scott Boras to get him signed and hope he lives up to his advanced billing and pray to God he’s not another first round flop.



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Last night was a tough one but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook (which is very very difficult) as Livan Hernandez was outstanding throwing strikes in a great bounce back start of his stinker in SF. Cialis vs levitra Wright and Beltran are still carrying the team on their offensive shoulders and lo and behold Daniel Murphy was Gold Glove caliber at first base (just makes J-Man putting Jeremy Reed at first look more stupid) I didn’t see the bot of 8th as I passed out and when I woke up at 1AM saw the results and turned over for four hours of sleep but from looking at the Gameday charts it looks like JJ Putz was throwing hard as his fastball was low mid 90’s so that is encouraging but when your offense is lacking protection for your big boys your pitching walks a slender tight rope. Cialis vs levitra Add in the fact that the Hollywood Bums are a good baseball team that has not lost a step from the loss of Manny and are tough to beat at home. Cialis vs levitra That being said I don’t have a good feeling about going into Boston this weekend. Cialis vs levitra It didn’t take much for my positive outlook to turn to shit. Cialis vs levitra


One area that I will roast the front office is another in the many episode of not getting injured players looked at and put on the DL. Cialis vs levitra Reyes should have been sent for tests while in SF or LA as I know those two major cities have competent doctors and MRI machines that work very well. Cialis vs levitra From Church’s mishandling from concussion to Delgado being flown across the country with a hip that needed surgery to the newest fuck up with Jose Reyes now looking like a DL candidate makes the Mets look amateurish and is one of the reasons fans have no faith in Omar Minaya and his board of directors. Cialis vs levitra


On that note with Reyes looking like he will be gone for awhile and Alex Cora gone for a couple of months as well, cialis vs levitra how about going after Jeff Keppinger or even Ramon Santiago of the Tigers? Or Nick Green on the Red Sox it’s time for Omar to get to work.


I’ll have a lot more to talk about tonight on Pro Baseball Central so join us at 9PM EDST live and call in with your rants and raves at (646) 595-4462 If you can’t join us then listen to the podcast on our PBC site or on the upper right on this page. Cialis vs levitra   

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Great win to start the road trip last night. Adviser finance order viagra John Maine steeled in nicely after a shaky first innings and he and Big Pelf have impresses be with their maturation on the mound this season by bouncing back after rough innings and pitching deeper into games.


I guess sore calf is a euphemism for benched for bone headed base running.


Mets Geek has a great piece on J-Man’s use (over use? miss use?) of the bullpen so far this season. Adviser finance order viagra One of the commentators made a good point that the Mets play so many close games that it dictates more bullpen moves than usual. Adviser finance order viagra


I stopped trying to figure out what management is thinking about with Carlos Delgado’ hip. Adviser finance order viagra It has cone from stiff, adviser finance order viagra to sore, adviser finance order viagra to a rip in a ligament , adviser finance order viagra to arthritis, adviser finance order viagra to total hip replacement okay we’re not at hip replacement yet but you know if he did need a new hip the Mets would still list him as day to day. Adviser finance order viagra Same with JJ Putz. Adviser finance order viagra The rumors were true that his was hurting for certain and now we find he has a bone spur on his elbow. Adviser finance order viagra No surgery is needed say the Mets which means the elbow was be hanging by a string. Adviser finance order viagra Not good not good at all. Adviser finance order viagra How can you start a 10 games road trip with just 23 players? Call up Baltimore or DC and see what the price is for Aubry Huff or Nick Johnson oh wait that would be a ballsy move by the GM gee I forget what team I root for a second.


This would be my lineup for tonight


Reyes SS

Castillo 2B

Beltran CF

Sheffield LF

Wright 3B

Murphy 1B

Santos C

Church RF

Hernandez P


Only reason I bat Church 8 is the lefty/righty scenario. Adviser finance order viagra Time to let Murphy play so 1st if he can handel it and start to hit leave him there as I am getting ready for the word that Delgado is done for the season. Adviser finance order viagra Of course I’m a pessimist there is no such thing as an optimistic Mets fan. Adviser finance order viagra If you think your one then you’re to damn young to understand it.




Don’t forget tonight PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL tonight at 9PM EDST and on the pod cast afterwards as Joe McDonald and I preview tonight Mets-Giants game and look at Tim Lincicum-Livan Hernandez tale of the tape. Adviser finance order viagra Plus I get to vent on all things Mets for this week Listen live here or on the podcast later here.


Also this Sunday night at 7PM EDST I will be a guest on Seven Train to Shea radio show so tune in and turn on!!!!!!


Get ready for an ass whipping on Sunday Orlando you will need more than “Magic” to beat the C’s in Boston in a Game 7.




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I’ll be honest here I watched very little of last nights Mets game. Viagra sale The game of the night was at The World’s Most Famous Arena that was a loud as I’ve heard it in years. Viagra sale When the Garden Faithful are in full voice it is one of the most intimidating buildings to play in kind of like Shea Stadium in the 80’s. Viagra sale I’m sure $iti Field will be that way in 30 years when it’s falling apart and the Board of Health closes the Shake Shack.


From switching back and forth during between periods and commercials of the Rangers-Caps game it just seems that every game that is not a Johan Santana start are all the same. Viagra sale Starting pitching stinks, viagra sale no one can get a big hit, viagra sale and a miscue or two in the field. Viagra sale So I guess I really didn’t miss much last night.


What more is there to say? J-Man will alter his lineup today with Dan Murphy getting a day off (WOW how the fan base has turned on this kid. Viagra sale Folks it’s not his fault ) in favor of Sheffield, viagra sale Omir Santos gets the start behind the plate (take your time getting back Brian Schneider) and Beltran will go to the 3 hole with Rob Deer, viagra sale I mean David Wright going down to 5. Viagra sale But really who cares? Unless Livan Hernadez goes 7 innings today odds are the Mets will lose again today. Viagra sale


The worst part here is I’m not even mad anymore. Viagra sale It’s three weeks into the season and I’m borderline apathetic about this team. Viagra sale You know how they say a team takes on the personality of its manager ? Well I’m close to becoming a fan taking on the personality of my favorite baseball team by not giving a shit if they win or lose.


Let’s face it sure it’s April but what have we seen so far that says this season won’t end like the last two? The last two editions of the NY Mets talked the talked but could never walk the walk and this one looks headed in the same direction.


The good thing about a complete failure of this team is all of the Anti-Omar contingent (and the numbers of loyalist to this group grows with every uninspiring loss) will get their pound of flesh as anything less than a Wild Card berth would have to trigger a total house cleaning.


I can’t believe I just wrote that. Viagra sale It’s April and I’m contemplating cleaning house in Flushing but how else can you think as this Mets team is so uninspiring.


You must check out Dave Singer’s NY Sportsdog for his Keith Hernandez “Slumpbuster” I want one to wear this weekend at $iti Field.


Check out Brooklyn Mets Fan as he has video of his interview with former Mets star and graffiti artist Dwight Gooden and also check out the pilot of a show he’s pitching to SNY called “Stars and Fans of the NY Mets”


Don’t forget tonight Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio.





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I’ve been consumed by all the Rangers news this morning that I haven’t scratched the surface on the news out of St Lonesome but I am starting to think that Warlord Jerry spent the off season studying psychology  books as early in this camp of ’09 it seems it’s all about the mental prep work as much as the physical.


Just from the early dispatches, viagra message board it looks as though J-Man feels since I have the same cast of characters that ended the season save for the two studs at the back end of the pen, viagra message board there has to be a different way to motivate this group by going after their weak points (in case you haven’t heard, viagra message board the Mets choked the last two years, viagra message board just ask Cole Hamels he’ll tell you)


With the bullpen fortified with Putz and Rodriguez, viagra message board the other big reason for the two season collapse has been the lack of situational hitting and not scoring runs late in the game. Viagra message board The Mets biggest scoring inning last year was the first and the lowest was the ninth, viagra message board so Manuel has put an emphasis on hitting behind the runner and giving oneself up for the team. Viagra message board It’s clear that J-Man felt the team he took over was a selfish bunch and he wants that mind set erased and he came right out a pointed the finger at the guys he felt fit that category.


The player Manuel went after first was Jose Reyes, viagra message board who it seems was more worried about stealing bases just to pad his stats and was the least grown up of the Big Three of Wright-Beltran-Reyes so saying it was time for Jose to take a little more responsibility around the team really meant time to grow up . Viagra message board So to see what Reyes was made of J-Man declares the Reyes could be the #3 hitter and we all waited for the fallout. Viagra message board Well, viagra message board we’re still waiting as Reyes came in and said all the right things just like a grown up. Viagra message board


Manuel then went on to Gimp Castillo but took a different tact, viagra message board as everyone associated with the team from the fans, viagra message board front office, viagra message board ushers, viagra message board $iti Field construction workers all felt Castillo needed to shipped out. Viagra message board So Manuel went the opposite praising the second baseman for coming into camp 10 lbs lighter and with a better attitude that moved Manuel to say that Castillo looked like his old Marlins self and would be used in the top spot of the order and so far everyday Manuel finds a way to get a positive quote about Castillo into the Mets news of the day. Viagra message board That makes Gimp a happy camper


I guess after watching the baseball version of a gym rat in Daniel Murphy, viagra message board Manuel knew that even with ordaining Murph as the left fielder the kid would still continue to work his ass off and Murphy’ response of I have to keep working like my job is on the line, viagra message board proved that Manuel made the right read.


Now it’s on to Ryan Church who has the carrot out in front of him by J-Man who stated that Murph was a better hitter than Church and of course that pissed off Church big time. Viagra message board Exactly what Manuel wanted to do, viagra message board Sometime guys get a bit complacent and need a little nudge but instead of a nudge Manuel gave Church a shove.


What coaching comes down to his knowing the personalities of your players as fans we get a bit to wrapped up in the in game strategy when in reality when the game starts there is only so much a coach or manager can do as you can’t hit, viagra message board pitch or field for your guys. Viagra message board I like what Manuel is trying to do here as he is looking to motivate each player individually to get them to come together collectively as a total team. Viagra message board This game plan might just work.

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