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Cialis brand One of the worst kept secrets surrounding the Mets was the fact that Chip Hale was ready to head back home to Northern California to join his buddy Bob Melvin as bench coach for the A’s. Cialis brand What was surprising was the domino effect Hale’s departure had on the rest of the coaching staff.

Cialis brand Mookie Wilson was let go with the old “we’ll reassign you in the organization” which is like when a cop sucks at fighting crime, cialis brand the NYPD sticks them in the property clerk’s office. Cialis brand But where does Mookie get reassigned to?  Word is he didn’t work well with Lucas Duada in getting him acclimated to right field and he wasn’t very good at positioning the outfielders or working with base runners  during games. Cialis brand Wilson also hasn’t fared too well as a minor league manager and since he had trouble coaching the outfield with the big club, cialis brand roving minor league instructor seems out as well. Cialis brand What’s left?

Cialis brand Jon DeBus got the boot from the bullpen it seems because he was a catcher and the club would rather have Buffalo pitching coach Rickey Bones, cialis brand a former pitcher, cialis brand in the pen to work with the relievers. Cialis brand DeBus was also in charge of working with Josh Thole and Ronnie Paulino and supposedly wasn’t helping Thole with his defense and was negligent in getting Paulino to show a better work ethic.

Cialis brand It’s a shame that Ken Oberkfell got the ax as Obie did what he was assigned to do, cialis brand be the yin to Terry Collins’ yang. Cialis brand Obie was brought in the be Collins bench coach because he was calm, cialis brand cool and collected a contrast to Collins “makes coffee nervous” persona. Cialis brand Obie is one of those good solid baseball men who did everything he was asked by the organization and now is shown the door. Cialis brand I hope he lands with a team that makes the post season and gets to cash one of the nice winner’s checks.

Cialis brand Tim Teufel gets the prize job as 3rd base coach/obligatory 1986 World Champ for 2012. Cialis brand Gotta meet that quota of 86ers ya know.

Cialis brand The job for Collins’ consigliore it seems is between Larry Bowa and Jim Ringgleman. Cialis brand Both are close confidants of Collins but I will be really pissed off if Riggleman gets the job as the Mets should be looking to stay away from quitters.

Cialis brand Once upon a time, cialis brand Murray Chass was one of the best baseball writers around. Cialis brand His coverage of baseball labor disputes was unparalleled due to his close relationship with former MLBPA President Don Fehr and his mouthpiece Gene Orza but after Chass was let go by the NY Times he became a bitter nasty old man and started a website (he’s refused to call himself what he really is, cialis brand a blogger) where he could spout his bitter nasty old man bullshit. Cialis brand Today he posted about Jeffey Skill Sets and how he is known around baseball as the most disliked executive in baseball. Cialis brand Of course, cialis brand Old Man Murray rails for most of the post about the Mets blocking the Highlanders Triple A team from playing in Newark next year (oh yeah I forgot, cialis brand Chass is an unabashed Highlander ball licker an older version of Ian O’Connor) but at the end of his piece he stated something that I have heard as well so that’s why I’ve included it in my post:

Cialis brand Sandy Alderson, cialis brand Minaya’s successor, cialis brand is completing his first season in the job, cialis brand and I have already heard that he is growing tired of Wilpon’s suffocating presence.

Cialis brand Now if this was just Murray being Murray I’d laugh it off but I have heard the same thing from folks whose take on things around the club I respect and stories they have told me have turned out very reliable. Cialis brand I’ve always said I’m a Mets fan for life but I’ll tell you this, cialis brand If Sandy Alderson leaves the Mets because of dealing with Jeffey is getting in the way of his work then I’d have to seriously think of stopping my support of the team until a new owner takes over. Cialis brand    

Cialis brand  

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Generic viagra lowest prices Last night I had the privilege to be invited to a Mets bloggers conference call with New York Mets V.P. Generic viagra lowest prices of Player Development and Amateur Scouting, generic viagra lowest prices Paul DePodesta. Generic viagra lowest prices The conference call was to start at 6:30PM and the problem I had was I had a game at that time with my Babe Ruth League team. Generic viagra lowest prices Thankfully I have a great bench coach to run the dugout and make moves and one of the parents who is a coach as well helped out while I headed to the car to call in on the conference call, generic viagra lowest prices by the way, generic viagra lowest prices we won 5-4 to keep our first place lead at two games. Generic viagra lowest prices  

Generic viagra lowest prices When I do one of these calls I always like to write down about 5 or 6 questions just in case someone asks a similar question. Generic viagra lowest prices For this call I had 8 questions for DePodesta, generic viagra lowest prices but when it came to my turn I decided to go with this:

Generic viagra lowest prices “Looking at the recent draft, generic viagra lowest prices the breakdown of picks was nearly even between pitchers and position players. Generic viagra lowest prices Was that the plan going into the draft? Looking at the complete draft, generic viagra lowest prices it seemed like there were clusters of picks that went especially towards pitching. Generic viagra lowest prices Was this done because they were the best pick available at that time, generic viagra lowest prices or was this something that was planned ahead — targeting pitching especially towards the middle and late rounds of the draft?”

Generic viagra lowest prices DePo’s response was:

Generic viagra lowest prices “To answer the first question about the 50/50 split — to be honest I didn’t even know that, generic viagra lowest prices so that wasn’t necessarily our plan going in. Generic viagra lowest prices I think that’s generally how it falls, generic viagra lowest prices even with our rosters. Generic viagra lowest prices Most of our minor league clubs are going to be about 50/50 between pitchers and position players. Generic viagra lowest prices In terms of clustering some of the picks around a certain position or around pitching, generic viagra lowest prices that certainly was planned. Generic viagra lowest prices We felt there was a particular depth – an unusual depth – of pitching in this year’s draft. Generic viagra lowest prices There were some moments where we wanted to take position players, generic viagra lowest prices where we felt like if we were going to get the position player we wanted we needed to take them now. Generic viagra lowest prices And after that we felt there was going to be a pool of pitching to choose from. Generic viagra lowest prices We attacked that pool aggressively and when that pool was exhausted we re-evaluated where we were and went back to some position players. Generic viagra lowest prices One of the things you’ll probably see is that rounds two through five were all college pitching. Generic viagra lowest prices Once we got to round ten it was mainly high school pitching. Generic viagra lowest prices That was certainly a calculated decision made before the draft.”

Generic viagra lowest prices The one thing you read about this past entry draft was it that it was deep in pitching and the Mets took advantage of that depth.

Generic viagra lowest prices I was going to ask about how the negotiations were going with Brandon Nimmo and if we will see Michael Fulmer, generic viagra lowest prices Cory Mazzoni or Jack Leathersich on the MCU Park mound this summer. Generic viagra lowest prices I really wanted to ask if the team has thought about hiring Rick Peterson as a system wide pitching czar using Peterson’s expertise in the physics of pitching and his working relationship with Dr. Generic viagra lowest prices Glenn Fleisig of American Sports Medicine Institute. Generic viagra lowest prices To me this is a perfect match since Peterson, generic viagra lowest prices Sandy Alderson and DePodesta all have a working relationship going back to their Oakland days.

Generic viagra lowest prices I’m pretty sure I can speak for all the Mets bloggers who have been invited to these conference calls and to the events at Citi Field that we have gotten more insight into how this organization operates and are thank full for the opportunities the Mets have given us. Generic viagra lowest prices The new front office has a great deal of respect for us and for the Mets fans and they seem to enjoy these conference calls as much as we do.

Generic viagra lowest prices A big thank you to Shannon Forde and Danielle Parillo of the Mets for arranging the calls and events at Citi Field.

Generic viagra lowest prices Thanks also to Michael Baron of Mets Blog and James Kannengieser and Alex Nelson of Amazin’ Avenue for putting together transcripts of the conference call.

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Viagra for sale I’m here today to praise the Skill Sets not burry them especially Freddy and Uncle Saul who I feel are the ones that have finally figured out that Little Jeffey needs a timeout and it’s time to let the smart guys run this franchise. Viagra for sale Listen, viagra for sale Jeffey doesn’t need to be totally out of the picture, viagra for sale he can still do inventory at the Team Store, viagra for sale or help cut up the peppers and onions for the sausage concession as long as he is out of the baseball ops I’m a happy Mets fan.

Viagra for sale With all this new found happiness with the new and improved front office will Mets fans be happy with whoever is chosen to be the Mets manager? It seems Wally Backman is the fans favorite but if all the reports are true, viagra for sale it looks like Terry Collins could be the leader in the clubhouse with his ties to DePo and Sandy Koufax but maybe Backman would be given the choice to be third base or bench coach? Same with Chip Hale. Viagra for sale  What about Old School Werthen? Maybe a return of The Jacket? Stay tuned!

Viagra for sale Rusty Staub has been named on the Hall of Fame ballot to be voted on by the Veterans Committee which has Ed Marcus leading the charge for enshrinement for Le Grand Orange.

Viagra for sale I agree 100 % that as soon as the Justice League of Flushing finds a field manager, viagra for sale the next move is to boot Ray Ramirez and his staff and hire some real honest to goodness physical trainers. Viagra for sale  Now that Omar (Rub A Little Dirt On It ) Minaya is gone and that scoundrel Charlie (Blackie) Samuels has been shunned, viagra for sale how is that Ramirez and his voodoo gets to stay?  

Viagra for sale The ESPN team of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are no more. Viagra for sale I never had a problem with Miller although he is much better as a radio announcer than a TV head and Morgan I won’t disparage as he is one of the best baseball players I ever saw (not so good at analyzing on TV though) ESPN has a chance to put two guys that employed by the WWL that would be a must listen for any baseball fan, viagra for sale put John “Boog” Sciambi and Bobby Valentine together in the Sunday Night Booth. Viagra for sale That would be downright entertaining.

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Best viagra Now that the GM is in place, best viagra the next move to be made for field manager. Best viagra Besides bombarding Sandy Alderson with inquires about his A’s team and PED usage, best viagra the next big discussion by the MSM will be who and how Alderson will pick a manager. Best viagra There seems to be no shortage of candidates. Best viagra Let’s look over a few of the candidates:

Best viagra Wally Backman- The fans choice to be manager is Backman. Best viagra But is this a wise choice? Fans love the fact that Backman has a Mets championship ring and has a Billy Martin feel to him. Best viagra Fans love Backman so much that they disregard the baggage he brings with him. Best viagra His stewardship of the Brooklyn Cyclones was a positive for Wally and when asked about the Mets job he made it clear that he would work with the GM and carry out the organizations plan. Best viagra Backman doesn’t just pine to be a big league manger he wants to be the Mets manager. Best viagra He will definitely get an interview but I’m not sure he’ll get the job.

Best viagra Chip Hale-Very well regarded in baseball and was a bright spot on the 2010 coaching staff. Best viagra An organization favorite, best viagra Hale comes from a strong fundamentals background with the Twins. Best viagra I don’t know how much Alderson knows of Hale but the Skill Sets like him

Best viagra Ken Oberkfell-A loyal organization man. Best viagra Has success in the Mets system and in the Winter Leagues. Best viagra The thing is I don’t know if Alderson wants to go with an organizational guy or bring in his own man.

Best viagra Terry Collins-Well regarded as a coach and met with Alderson when he worked in the Mets Dominican Academy and has managerial experience. Best viagra If not manager, best viagra Collins could find himself as Mets bench coach.

Best viagra Lee Mazzilli- This one I don’t get at all. Best viagra Supporters say he got a raw deal in Baltimore under the Angelos reign of terror. Best viagra Still I don’t get this one at all.

Best viagra Clint Hurdle- Had a nice little run in Denver and he seems to be media friendly and now that he’s on the Texas staff he has some exposure.

Best viagra Bob Melvin-Uhhhhhhh NO!

Best viagra Now you have to figure Alderson has a list of candidates from his days in the A’s and Padres front office and the big relief I have is the confidence that Alderson will make the right choice who ever he chooses. Best viagra When was the last time we could say that about a Mets GM?

Best viagra I’m a Backman supporter as I saw him in action this summer in Brooklyn and his teams were very aggressive offensively kind of like what we’ve seen from the Texas Rangers this post season. Best viagra Backman had the rep of protecting his players which in turn garners respect of his players giving him a good handle on the clubhouse. Best viagra The bigger issue with Backman would be how he handles the media. Best viagra For all the fun and games of Jerry Manuel’ pre and post game pressers he really told us nothing. Best viagra But he had a nice smile and made people happy just like Jeff Francoeur another Flushing failure.

Best viagra If Oberfell got the job I’d be on board with that as well. Best viagra Talk about paying your dues, best viagra Obie has done that with the Mets and he shouldn’t be overlooked for the job. Best viagra Same for Chip Hale. Best viagra I love the fact that Hale has a Minnesota pedigree and I’d have to believe he would be a manager that would stress the fundi’s big time and also play an aggressive brand of ball.

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Buy generic viagra from india Kudos to Paul Lukas and the great Uni-Watch site for calling bullshit on these so called retro uni’s the Mets are hawking. Buy generic viagra from india As Lukas so eloquently states, buy generic viagra from india these are the same pinstriped uniforms the Mets never wear only in a darker shade of white. Buy generic viagra from india Plus they still have the name on the back and of course the ugly ass black shadow. Buy generic viagra from india I guess the black is appropriate though as Mets fans we are always in mourning.

Buy generic viagra from india If the Blue Jays are dumb enough to trade Roy Halliday to either the Highlanders or Red Sox then Jeffey Skill Sets may have competition for the dopiest executive in baseball. Buy generic viagra from india Trading Halliday to their AL East biggest competitors would be like the Mets trading Johan Santana to the Phillies or Braves  Oh shit, buy generic viagra from india I hope I didn’t give Jeffey an idea?

Buy generic viagra from india Even though this doesn’t make sense because it’s the right move to make and the Mets the last couple of years haven’t made many right moves, buy generic viagra from india I still feel the Mets will be a major player in the Halladay Sweepstakes.

Buy generic viagra from india Mets Lifers are selling some great t-shirts that depict Keith Hernandez’ 17 and Mike Piazza’ 31 as retired numbers and shirts commemorating Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Buy generic viagra from india The Mets made it official naming their new and improved coaching staff for 2010. Razor Shines leaves the third base coaches box after a horrendous season there and will be relegated to first base where we can do limited damage.

Buy generic viagra from india Third base will be manned by Chip Hale who worked for the Minnesota Twins during the successful Tom Kelly era. Buy generic viagra from india (How great would it be to have Tom Kelly step in as Mets manager? In fact I may post Kelly’s picture and managerial stats once a week to get the drums beating)

Buy generic viagra from india Dave Jauss will be Jerry Manuel’ new bench coach but his real claim to fame is he is the son of legendary Chicago sporst writer Bill Jauss. Buy generic viagra from india Papa Jauss was a member of one of favorite all time TV shows The Sportswriters on TV which used to play here on the old SportsChannel network.

Buy generic viagra from india Back and hopefully better are Old School Dan Warthen and Randy Niemann  and of course HoJo .

Buy generic viagra from india The most important and some what puzzling hire was that of Terry Collins as the Minor League Field Coordinator. Buy generic viagra from india From reading his resume I can’t figure out what Collins qualifications are to get such an important job? It’s not like he is coming in with and championship pelts on his belt or a list of players that were developed under his rein plus last year he was managing in something called the Northwoods Summer League. Buy generic viagra from india When you look at his body of work hw sure has held a lot of jobs in baseball and not too many with success. Buy generic viagra from india I guess as long as he doesn’t curse out the bushers and take his shirt off he’ll be ok.

Buy generic viagra from india {UPDATE: Mark Harrington of The Buffalo News thinks Collins is not only a great hire but the guy to step in if (when) J-Man gets the ax this season.}

Buy generic viagra from india

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Cheapest online viagra The off season is not even 24 hours old and I want to rip someone throat out in the Mets front  office. Cheapest online viagra The shit heads in charge have made their big announcement on the changes in the coaching staff.  Sandy Alomar Sr and Luis Alicea get the ax and Hojo, cheapest online viagra Razor Shines and Old School Dan Warthen  get to stay.

Cheapest online viagra Sandy Sr. Cheapest online viagra will be reassigned to another job in the organization most likely tending bar in the Aclea Club, cheapest online viagra Alicea will be reassigned to body and fender work across the street at Minaya’s Auto Repairs.

Cheapest online viagra Hojo stays because David Wright says he stays, cheapest online viagra and Wright is the highest ranking Caucasian in the clubhouse so he gets to make a minority hire . Cheapest online viagra You wouldn’t have to be an online betting specialist to know that was going to happen.

Cheapest online viagra Razor Shines stays because he and Jerry are tight which makes Shines, cheapest online viagra Jerry’s Art Fowler with the cirosess of the liver of course. Cheapest online viagra Thankfully Razor will be assigned to bench coach job so no more innocent base runners get injured. Cheapest online viagra Look for Obie One Oberkfell named as third base traffic cop.

Cheapest online viagra Old School Dan Warthen stays because he has threatened to go public with stories of Jeffey Skill Sets, cheapest online viagra Mr. Cheapest online viagra Met and Charlie Samuels hooking up at the Holiday Inn on Roosevelt Ave for an erotic adventure. Cheapest online viagra My sources tell me there is a picture of all three involved in a ménage au trois while wearing black Mets uniform tops and black Mets caps with blue bills. Cheapest online viagra Mr Met now answers to the name “Lucky Pierre.” NFL Odds weren’t even taken on this one.

Cheapest online viagra Sandy Alomar Jr and Randy Niemann are staying as well because there is no definitive proof that Sandy Alomar Jr or Randy Niemann actually exists.

Cheapest online viagra So far the off season is off to a less than rousing start.

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Sure it sucked seeing Scott Kazmir on the mound for the Famous Rays last night but to be honest, buy cialis viagra  as much as I’m a Kazmir fanboy I thought he stunk last night. Buy cialis viagra How the hell do you walk Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz for God sake you have to let those two swing the bat CHALLENGE THEM DAMIT! Kaz was lucky that Upton made a strong throw to nail the little prick Victorino at the plate for an inning ending DP as that at least let the Rays stay in the game.


I though the 3rd inning was the turning point in the game as the Rays had a chance to make Cole Hamels life difficult with the bases juiced and 1 out with hot hitting BJ Upton at bat. Buy cialis viagra Upton this past season hit a robust .353 in a bases loaded situation, buy cialis viagra so the odds looked good that even a fly ball would at least get the Rays on the board but Upton hit into an inning ending DP something he did only 13 times all season. 


Add that to Kazmir having runners on base every inning he pitched four of them via the base on balls and this game wasn’t as close as the score board showed. Buy cialis viagra It’s up to James Shields to get the Pizza Guys even in the series. Buy cialis viagra In my mind Game 2 is a must win for the Rays.


Who knew Wee Willie Randolph was such a catch? The Rockies and Nats want him to be a   bench coach and the Brewski’s are looking at him as a skipper. Buy cialis viagra I still think Randolph best position is as an infield coach/instructor as a bench coach you’re involved in strategy which we know too well is not Willie’s strong suit.


With the economic climate in this country and newspapers facing extinction why in the world did the NY Daily News waste money by sending Bill Madden to the World Series to write about how all the team in the NL East hate the Mets. Buy cialis viagra Not exactly ground breaking there Billy Pinstripes. Buy cialis viagra You almost nailed a good column as you wrote about Pat Gillick turning around the Phillies and the Mariners but you missed the boat on the big story as Gillick was the Skill Sets choice to take over the Mets after the Steve Phillips disaster era but turned them down due to Jeffey Skill Sets meddling ways.



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