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Uk pharmacies cheap viagra At what point during this spring training are we as Mets fans allowed to be concerned? See there is a segment of Mets followers who feel that some of the fan base overreacts to things in the spring but as we find ourselves just a mere 16 days away from opening day there are so many questions and so many concerns about the Mets team that will open the 2012 season.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Now you can say your expectations of the 2012 Mets are not high so this spring is just par for the course. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra As I type up this post, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Mike Pelfrey is pitching like a guy who is closer to being released than sure up a spot in the starting rotation. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Pelf’s line on the day is so bad the Mets should try to get FEMA to send them disaster aid money, uk pharmacies cheap viagra 2.2 innings pitched with 8 runs scored all earned 8 hits and 4BB and oh yeah 4 K’s. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  At this point when do Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins sit down and make a baseball decision and either release Pelfrey or pursued him to take a minor league assignment. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra It’s not just today’s start  but the other two he’s made this spring weren’t any good, uk pharmacies cheap viagra add that into his lousy 2011, uk pharmacies cheap viagra how can you give him a roster spot? I’d rather see Miguel Batista or Chris Schwinden get Pelfrey’s starts until Matt Harvey is ready to take a big league turn every 5th day.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I hate to question the seriousness of a player’s injury but is Ruben Tejada coming back any time soon? Is he hurt or injured? There is a big difference. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I don’t blame Terry Collins for being a bit of a red ass over Tejada’s inability to get back on the field with what was reported as a “strained groin”. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Is it more serious than the club is letting us know? Tejada hasn’t played in 7 days so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say his groin is more than strained.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra You may not think its panic time for the Mets but I can guarantee the folks in the back offices of the team that are trying to sell tickets and advertising and secure sponsorships are concerned. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  Collins has said time and again this spring, uk pharmacies cheap viagra it is imperative that the team gets off to a good start of the season. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  There isn’t enough big league talent or depth on this team to overcome a 5-15 start. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra With the difficulty of selling tickets and the negative vibe with the fan base and media who cover the team, uk pharmacies cheap viagra even a 12-8 start would be seen as a success.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

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Cheapest prices on viagra Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, cheapest prices on viagra Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Cheapest prices on viagra But a couple of observations:

Cheapest prices on viagra WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Cheapest prices on viagra It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Cheapest prices on viagra Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, cheapest prices on viagra pitching and the big one, cheapest prices on viagra ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, cheapest prices on viagra we’ve heard this all before.

Cheapest prices on viagra I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Cheapest prices on viagra As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Cheapest prices on viagra thought otherwise, cheapest prices on viagra so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Cheapest prices on viagra By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Cheapest prices on viagra Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Cialis online without prescription I’m having some major computer issues today so that’s why this post is sooooooo late. Cialis online without prescription I’m internet (as I posted on Twitter) was as slow as Ramon Castro going first to third and has surpassed Mo Vaughn after lunch slow to Bengi Molina slow so that’s why I’m shutting everything down and going out to hang out with James Gandolfini and Steve Shrippa out here in TriBeca. 

Cialis online without prescription Before I write about the Mets today a word or two on Lawrence Taylor. Cialis online without prescription What happened yesterday with  LT is a major kick in the nuts to all NY Giants fans of my generation. Cialis online without prescription Taylor was not just the greatest Giants player of all time but arguably one of if not the greatest football player to ever approach the line of scrimmage. Cialis online without prescription I don’t know if he was set up by the girls pimp or what the whole story is with this girl who was portrayed as a runaway and now from reading the news stories this morning, cialis online without prescription had a falling out with her family and removed from her home to live with an uncle, cialis online without prescription it’s such a sordid affair and a story that will just grow as more information comes out. Cialis online without prescription But with all that the fact that the girl was 16 will be what sends LT to the slammer and if he did have sex with this girl, cialis online without prescription who allegedly was sent to LT against her will and was beat up by the pimp before hooking up with Taylor, cialis online without prescription then LT should go to prison for a long time.

Cialis online without prescription I’m not throwing my 56 jersey in the trash just yet. Cialis online without prescription I’m holding out hope that this was a frame job and that may be naive of me but LT is in my pantheon of New York sports legends so he gets the benefit of the doubt right now.

Cialis online without prescription The Hall Of The Very Good has a Q & A with ex-Met and Hall of Famer, cialis online without prescription Gary Carter. Cialis online without prescription An interesting exchange in this post is Carter’ take on Tim Raines making the Hall of Fame:

Cialis online without prescription HOVG: This July, cialis online without prescription you’ll be on that stage in Cooperstown when “The Hawk” finally makes his way to Cooperstown. Cialis online without prescription How long until Raines gets his call?

Cialis online without prescription  

Cialis online without prescription CARTER: It may be a long time or maybe never. Cialis online without prescription He has good numbers but that is a tough call.

Cialis online without prescription Interesting to say the least

Cialis online without prescription The Mets Police has a couple of interesting items today one is a photo of $iti Field with the walls painted Mets blue and the old skyline that was above the (bow heads) Shea Stadium scoreboard and is now above the Shake Shack and Blue Smoke incorporated into the new scoreboard. Cialis online without prescription This looks fabulous, cialis online without prescription absolutely fabulous. Cialis online without prescription Then Mets Police Chief Shannon Shark brings up an interesting argument, cialis online without prescription should the Mets wear either their Los Mets or a roadie made up with Nueva York when the go to Puerto Rico to play the Fish and then wear them to Phoenix when they play the Snakes ? As Shannon says I don’t want to start a political shit storm here, cialis online without prescription but I’m sure long time readers can figure out where I stand on the law passed in Arizona, cialis online without prescription I would definitely vote to wear Nueva York jersey’s as they make more sense than Los Mets.

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Vgx-viagra Don’t forget tonight at 10PM ET I will be hosting THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO. Vgx-viagra My guest will be Steve Slowinski of DRAYSBAY. Vgx-viagra Steve and I will talk about the Tampa Bay Rays and the AL East race. Vgx-viagra I’ll also recap the Mets-Dodgers doubleheader and also look at the upcoming weekend series between the Mets and Phillies in Philadelphia. Vgx-viagra If you can’t listen live, vgx-viagra you can hear the replay right here at Kranepool Society (check out the lower left hand side bar) or at my show page on BLOG TALK RADIO.

Vgx-viagra The only thing missing from tonight’s twi-nighter at $iti Field is a Banner Day procession between games. Vgx-viagra With the way Mets management has all of a sudden become “fan-friendly” I’m surprised they haven’t green lighted that event already.

Vgx-viagra This is one of the perks of having a ton of tickets available for every game. Vgx-viagra It makes management humble. Vgx-viagra I know the word was there were a lot of fans at Sunday night’s game walking around the concourses and watching the game either under the stands or in McFaddens but the bottom line for the Mets, vgx-viagra MLB and ESPN is empty seats are not very photogenic. Vgx-viagra Give the Mets credit, vgx-viagra not only did they encourage the hardy fans who sat in the rain in the Promenade to move down and sit with the swells in high rent district (those of the silk stocking ilk who did show up Sunday must have been in the single digits) but all ticket holders for Sunday’s game were offered a freebie for another game. Vgx-viagra I’ll give the Skill Sets the benefit of the doubt here but something tells me that a call by MLB was placed to Freddy and Jeffey during the game to find as many seat fillers as they can to  make $iti Field look like the place to be on a rainy Sunday night.

Vgx-viagra The best part of Frenchy’s, vgx-viagra  One on One with Pope Francesa on his daily snoozcast was D-Wright, vgx-viagra Rod Barajas and Jason Bay screaming at Francouer during his interview. Vgx-viagra Pope Mikey I was not thrilled by this which is what made all the more fun to listen too. Vgx-viagra Also another awkward moment on the Francesa Time Warp Machine radio show (“Charlie un da car phone, vgx-viagra whazz up” ) was another of those mind numbing Brad Benson car commercials where Benson talks about his “40 foot erection”.  It seems Benson, vgx-viagra the one time NY Giants OL, vgx-viagra bought one of the goal posts from Giants Stadium and had it “erected” it on his car dealership property. Vgx-viagra He asks everyone to come down to Brad Benson Hyundai to see his erection. Vgx-viagra As soon as the spot was done Francesa comes on and says “Steve Phillips will join us at 5:05” It made me wonder if Philips was bringing his erection along with him as well.

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Just add another chapter in the Used Car Salesman’s Rein (Rain?) of Error. Cheap viagra uk I was ready to give Not my Bud, cheap viagra uk the benefit of the doubt when he came on TV and said the weather forecasters told him their would be just 1/10th of an inch of rain last night and of course there was enough rain that there were pairs of animals qued up in the right field corner of CBP. Cheap viagra uk But then I read Philly Phats column today and he blew the Used Car Salesman’s beard:



{Phillies fan and climatologist extraordinary Joe Bastardi had fired off an angry 6:30 p.m. Cheap viagra uk update to his blog on AccuWeather’s professional site under the headline: “Cancel the Game Tonight.”


Bastardi wrote there was no way in hell or Sea World the rain would let up. Cheap viagra uk Indeed, cheap viagra uk a rapidly developing coastal storm off the Mid-Atlantic States had slowed the progress of a massive upper low funneling cold air across the Great Lakes. Cheap viagra uk Result: The worst weather fiasco in World Series history and another stain on the boobs who run the cash-obsessed national pastime.


Bastardi’s take: “Cancel the game tonight, cheap viagra uk and even tomorrow, cheap viagra uk and then play this when it’s warmer, cheap viagra uk less windy and there is not precip in the air. Cheap viagra uk It’s the World Series, cheap viagra uk for goodness sakes . Cheap viagra uk . Cheap viagra uk . Cheap viagra uk “}


All wisecracks aside, cheap viagra uk MLB and Buddy S. Cheap viagra uk would have had more than explaining cold fronts and rain squalls if B J Upton had broken his ankle sliding in the muck of a baseline between 1st and 2nd base, cheap viagra uk if you look at the replay, cheap viagra uk his lead leg just about made it to the base but he stopped awkwardly into the base. Cheap viagra uk When you see puddles on the infield to me that would constitute unplayable conditions right? But this umpiring crew has been an embarrassment the whole series with no leadership and loads of incompetence just like the executive branch of MLB.


Can someone get FOX’s Chris Myers as baseball rule book? When Myers interviewed Bob DuPay about the options on continuing play, cheap viagra uk DuPay said if the rain continues as they think it will, cheap viagra uk the game would be suspended. Cheap viagra uk Myers then said, cheap viagra uk “You mean you will replay the game”? DuPay, cheap viagra uk smirked and said “no, cheap viagra uk it will be picked up right where we left off” Stunning.


I figure right around Christmas, cheap viagra uk Carlos Pena will be getting a beautiful gift basket sent to his house as a token of Commissioner Inept’s appreciation for the game tying base hit.





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