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Cialis overnight Join Steve Keane and Joe McDonald tonight at 9PM ET for another edition of PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Cialis overnight We will dissect the latest snubs by Bengi Molina and Joel Pineiro of the Mets and we will discuss which way the Mets will turn to solidify their starting pitching and a front line catcher. Cialis overnight We will look at which Mets prospects could rise from a spring training to make the final 25 man roster and a host of other Mets and baseball news, cialis overnight

Cialis overnight You can join in as well with comments and question by calling in at (646) 595-4462.

Cialis overnight If you can’t join us live you can download the podcast at The Eddie Kranepool Society, cialis overnight BlogTalkRadio or at our PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL site.

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Brand buy from name usa viagra Thank you Bengi Molina for NOT signing with the NY Mets and thank you Brian Sabean for bailing out the Mets with your offer to Bengi Molina.

Brand buy from name usa viagra Now that the Mets have $5 mil lying around they can either put that money towards giving Ben Sheets and incentive filled deal and strike before some other team grabs him or they could put that money towards a buyout of Rogers (Hornsby) Castillo or keep Castillo and use the money towards giving Orlando Hudson a deal and left Castillo be a part time player/groundskeeper. Brand buy from name usa viagra I know it’s a pipe dream that the Mets would buyout Castillo and sign O-Dog so please Jeffey Baby, brand buy from name usa viagra let’s give the cast to Sheets!!!!!!

Brand buy from name usa viagra More good news, brand buy from name usa viagra Jeff Francouer signed for just 1 year. Brand buy from name usa viagra Rumor is that Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul Katz made a deal Richard Heene for one of his balloons and Jeffey and Omar are now orbiting around the skies of Corona.

Brand buy from name usa viagra Metsgrrl just received a framed picture from opening day at $iti field for being a loyal season ticket subscriber. Brand buy from name usa viagra The note that came with it wished her a HAPPY HOLIDAY. Brand buy from name usa viagra Obviously the Skill Sets waited until all holiday items were at 90 % off to buy the frames the pics came with.

Brand buy from name usa viagra As much as I feel the Mets need to go full force for at least 2 starting pitchers, brand buy from name usa viagra they still need a catcher. Brand buy from name usa viagra I like Omir Santos but his presences behind the plate has been questioned within the organization. Brand buy from name usa viagra I’m fine with Henry Blanco as a one half of a catching tandem as he is strong defensively. Brand buy from name usa viagra I can’t see going after Yorvit Torrealba with a lawsuit against the Mets still awaiting trial so the guy who makes the most sense would be Rod Barajas. Brand buy from name usa viagra Barajas is nothing at the plate but he’s very good behind it and the Mets need a very good defensive catcher.

Brand buy from name usa viagra Yes it is outstanding that the Mets have announced that Darryl Strawberry, brand buy from name usa viagra Dwight Gooden, brand buy from name usa viagra Davey Johnson and Frank Cashen will be inducted into the NY Mets Hall of Fame this summer. Brand buy from name usa viagra But isn’t it remarkable that all four of these gentlemen are not in there already. Brand buy from name usa viagra In fact the last player to be inducted into the Mets HOF was Tommie Agee in 2002. Brand buy from name usa viagra  Induction day will be August 1st, brand buy from name usa viagra  so far that’s the first “must game to be at” for 2010.

Brand buy from name usa viagra Sad news from the NY Rangers. Brand buy from name usa viagra John Haligan the teams long time PR man and top Rangers and NHL historian passed away today at age of 68. Brand buy from name usa viagra For years I sat in Section 432 of Madison Square Garden watching the Rangers and Halligan and his wife Janet were the two of the great people at MSG. Brand buy from name usa viagra John always had time to talk to us between periods and he would bring us the score sheets and any news on injuries. Brand buy from name usa viagra He respected us as people and as Ranger fans. Brand buy from name usa viagra This is a very sad day indeed.

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Viagra india shout out to The Ropolitans for this pic

Viagra india Sorry for no posts this morning but it’s been a busy day. Viagra india So busy that I forget all about the David Wright sit down with the Sports Bloviator. Viagra india I caught the tail end of the sit down as I traveled back from Brooklyn and I guess you could say it was typical David Wright. Viagra india All positives and nothing controversial.

Viagra india It looks like it’s a foregone conclusion that Bengi Molina will be the Mets #1 catcher this coming season. Viagra india Again this looks to be another move where Omar was told to sit in the corner as the way the Mets have made Molina sit and stew is very un-Mets like. Viagra india Same with Carlos Delgado who I think the Mets brain trust only went to Puerto Rico to see just to get away from freezing cold weather in NYC. Viagra india Think about it, viagra india if the Mets were strictly an Omar Minaya Production, viagra india Molina, viagra india Delgado and Joel Piniero would be celebrating their multi year deals by now. Viagra india Looks like those days are over.

Viagra india I was saddened to hear of the passing of Art Rust Jr. Viagra india who was sportstalk radio in this town back in the 1980’s. Viagra india Rust hosted a three hour call in show on WABC and unlike WFAN he actually talked ALL sports. Viagra india In fact I had called in to his show because a young Mark Messier came on to talk hockey and agreed to take calls from fans. Viagra india Rust was a great baseball historian and a huge Highlander fan but his real passion was for The Sweet Science and he had all the big time boxers on his show.  R.I.P. Viagra india Arthur George.

Viagra india

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Viagra discussions

Viagra discussions It’s time to tell Jason Bay and Bengi Molina we’re not interested. Viagra discussions Call both their bluffs in fact just tell Bay’s agent “sorry we’ve had second thoughts” then call Molina’s guy and Rod Barajas guy and the first one to say yes to a 2yr incentive laden deal gets that deal.

Viagra discussions The reason I’m ready to “Bay-O, viagra discussions Bayyyyyyyyyyyy-O we’ve got no deal so you gotta go home”, viagra discussions is I want the Mets to sign Johnny Damon to play LF in 2010 and 2011

Viagra discussions Now I’m not saying that Damon is better than Bay, viagra discussions he’s not, viagra discussions but the drop off is not so fierce that you could get Damon for half the money you’d spend on Bay and with less commitment. Viagra discussions Then of course there is the all important intangibles. Viagra discussions Damon is a dynamic presences in the clubhouse, viagra discussions he has dissed publicly by the Highlanders so you know he is going to come to camp ready to make a big statement, viagra discussions and he wears two world championship rings from two of the highest profile team sin sports. Viagra discussions Not to mention the good will you would build up with Scott Boras for making his client look good after he (Boras) dropped the ball with the Highlander negotiations.

Viagra discussions I’ve come to the conclusion that the last team Jason Bay wants to be a part of is the New York Mets. Viagra discussions There is no mystery team, viagra discussions there is no competition for his services, viagra discussions now would be the time to tell Bay and his agent we’re going in another direction and announce the signing of Johnny Damon to a 2yr/18 mil deal with incentives to get the money over $20 mil. Viagra discussions Damon is a winner and those types of players are in short supply I Queens.

Viagra discussions Enjoy Camden Yards Jason.

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China viagra I’m home today still sick but I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow just in time to shovel about 7 inches of snow that’s supposed to hit NYC.

China viagra After waking up from a Nyquil stupor I was perusing the ‘net for Mets stories and of course my first stop was Mathew Cerrone’s Metsblog, china viagra in which a few posts had me thinking:

China viagra It’s about time for the Mets and Omar Minaya to call Jason Bay’ bluff. China viagra Tell him and his agent “here’s the deal 4yrs/$68-70mil take it or leave it” then give him 48 hrs to decide. China viagra If he can get more from this mystery team that’s out there, china viagra so be it. China viagra Time for the Mets to man up and let Bay take them for assholes.

China viagra Same thing with Bengi Molina. China viagra There is no team in any baseball league-MLB, china viagra Japanese League, china viagra Little League, china viagra or Men’s Sunday softball league , china viagra that will give Bengi a 3 yr deal. China viagra Again Omar needs to make a take it or leave it 2yr deal an if Molina balks then go to Rod Barajas or Miguel Olivo (two better choices ) or go with the Blanco/Santos later in the year Josh Thole catching troika. China viagra 3 yrs for Bengi Moilina? Keep dreaming

China viagra Good to see that the Mets are taking my advice and speaking to the Cincinnati Red Stockings about Aaron Harang and or Bronson Arroyo. China viagra This wanna be GM’ing is tough so how about a finders fee to me Jeffey?

China viagra It’s amazing that the Jose Reyes/Mike Francesa sit down from Wednesday is still getting so much buzz. China viagra Reyes handled himself beautifully with the FAN Bloviator as he let his personality and passion show thru. China viagra Instead of hearing from second and third sources we heard right from the shortstops mouth that he never had a problem with Willie Randolph and understood full why he was benched for non-hustle and the fact that he wanted to come back to play so badly last year that he injured himself more. China viagra Reyes also said his personality is what it is and he’s not about to change and he told it like it is about the handshakes and celebrating, china viagra how what he does is tame to what other teams do. China viagra The sad part of the interview was Francesa telling the audience that he had to plead with the Mets to let Reyes come on with him. China viagra It just shows how out of touch management is. China viagra Reyes and Jeff Francouer have done more for goodwill amongst the fan base this week that even the incompetent Jeffey Skill Sets should be able to see that but I may be asking for too much.

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Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian No one kills Mets management as much as I do, generic viagra canadian in fact I love calling out the clueless Jeffey Skill Sets and that shyster David Howard, generic viagra canadian but I’m kind of puzzled with the reaction of some Mets fans to the offers the club has made to Jason Bay and Bengi Molina.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian Most of the criticism goes to the fact the Mets made just a $5 mil bump in monies to Bay. Generic viagra canadian It’s a first offer, generic viagra canadian it’s a start, generic viagra canadian it now gets the negotiation going. Generic viagra canadian The front office has concluded that Bay fits the club better than Matt Hoilday and I agree. Generic viagra canadian The Mets even used (are you ready for this?) STATISTICAL  ANALYSIS to show how many fly balls Bay has hit last season would translate to $iti Field and it’s safe to say Bay would send many a souvenir baseball into the left field seats.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian The big knock on Bay is his defense which I feel is a fallacy. Generic viagra canadian The guy did have 15 outfield assists last year and his fielding number are better than league average plus with Carlos Beltran in CF I’m willing to bank on his ability to cover the ground that Bay can’t with the trade off of 30+HR and 100+ RBI.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian So the Mets first offer is 4yr/$65mil. Generic viagra canadian Bay’ counter off will be more years and of course more money. Generic viagra canadian The thing to watch is who besides the Mets are in the running for Bay’s services. Generic viagra canadian His former team the Red Sox are not known for giving out big deals to 30 year olds and have a track record of not getting personal with the help. Generic viagra canadian Theo Epstein is all business. Generic viagra canadian We’ve also seen that Bay is not giving the Sox a home team discount.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian The Highlanders now with Curtis Granderson are not players for Bay. Generic viagra canadian The Mariners? As bad as we feel the Mets are with dough they won’t be out spent by the M’s. Generic viagra canadian The one team that could come in and make it interesting is the Angels.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian It looks like the Mets want Bay and most likely will get him. Generic viagra canadian For all the criticism of Omar he usually gets the guy he wants, generic viagra canadian it doesn’t always work out but count me as on board for Bay.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian With all the jokes about the Mets cornering the market on backup catchers they still need a legit #1 backstop and if it takes 2yrs for Bengi Molina, generic viagra canadian then sign him. Generic viagra canadian Sure he’s long in the tooth and as Joe Mc Donald said last night on our PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show, generic viagra canadian you run the risk of Brian Schneider revisited but for 2yrs/$18 mil I’ll take a shot that Bengi is still on his game this year and is at worse a backup to Josh Thole in 2011. Generic viagra canadian The one concern I have about Molina (and it’s not his speed on the bases ) is last year when the Giants brought up uber catching prospect Buster Posey to add some more pop in the G’ints flaccid offense, generic viagra canadian Bengi Baby didn’t ‘t respond well to having a pocket full of Posey, generic viagra canadian staring at him on the bench, generic viagra canadian so attitude is a bit of a red flag.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian But like Casey Stengel said, generic viagra canadian You have to have a catcher because if you don’t you’re likely to have a lot of passed balls.”

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian Mets Police has a great post where Detective Dan had an actual conversation with an employee in the Mets office. Generic viagra canadian Dan sent back his season ticket invoice, generic viagra canadian not with a check but with a “no thank you” note. Generic viagra canadian It looks like the Mets are getting a lot of these no thanks notes from season ticket subscribers so they are now burning the phone lines to ask why and boy oh boy, generic viagra canadian did Dan tell them why.

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian Maybe, generic viagra canadian just maybe, generic viagra canadian there has been a revelation in management that the Mets fans are not mad anymore, generic viagra canadian but worse, generic viagra canadian they are apathetic. Generic viagra canadian At least with hate there is still passion. Generic viagra canadian Remember it’s a thin line between love and hate but once apathy sets in you’re fucked.

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Is viagra dangerous So now Josh Thole is the apple of Mets fans eye as his call up last September was love at first sight. Is viagra dangerous Because of the lack of any Mets news of substance, is viagra dangerous Mets fans and bloggers are left to play GM and try to find ways to improve a team that not only is short on talent but lacking in brains and brawn as well, is viagra dangerous so a young buck like Thole is the baseball equivalent to Megan Fox. Is viagra dangerous At one time Daniel Murphy was the hottest piece of tail to hit Flushing in awhile but now Mets fans treat him like he’s a used up Swedish nanny.  You folks are real love ‘em and leave ‘em types.

Is viagra dangerous Of all the talk of who should be the Mets catcher for 2010 until Thole morphs into Jerry Grote/Johnny Bench, is viagra dangerous the names of Bengi Molina, is viagra dangerous Rod Barajas and Jason Vartiek make Mets fans react like they found out Jeffey Skill Sets has a long lost twin brother.

Is viagra dangerous Everything I ‘ve read focuses on the offensive production of the catching position when that’s the last aspect of the position I look at. Is viagra dangerous Give me a guy who can call a game in concert with the pitcher, is viagra dangerous block balls in the dirt, is viagra dangerous and throw runners out to the point they think twice about running on them and I’ll say “name your price man”

Is viagra dangerous I’m not saying that young Thole is not a blue ribbon farm hand but let’s let the kid learn the trade of the tools of ignorance first. Is viagra dangerous Let him play as much as possible in Buffalo and as we all know you never get through a whole season with just two catchers, is viagra dangerous so you will see him at $iti Field in 2010. Is viagra dangerous But the best thing to do for the Mets is go after a vet backstop to match up with Omir Santos to start the 2010 season.

Is viagra dangerous With $6.25 mil due him in 2010, is viagra dangerous the White Sox AJ Pierzynski could be had for a song or Eddie Kunz, is viagra dangerous let Kenny Williams choose. Is viagra dangerous Pierzynski, is viagra dangerous just for the entertainment factor alone is worth bringing here but he also brings a decent bat with some pop, is viagra dangerous he is an above average defender and he’s bat shit crazy with just one year left on his deal, is viagra dangerous what’s not to like?

Is viagra dangerous Bengi Molina wants at least 2 years so that sends up a red flag right there. Is viagra dangerous Same for Rod Barajas. Is viagra dangerous If you can get either guy for a year or a year plus an option, is viagra dangerous I’m fine with that. Is viagra dangerous Jason Varitek for a one year deal? I think I’d rather bring back Paul LoDuca for a year, is viagra dangerous that is if he can get away from hanging with the cast of High School Musical. Is viagra dangerous Henry Blanco anyone? Anyone? No one? Oh well, is viagra dangerous he can still throw out runners at a single bound and sure he’s 38 years old (which is 25 in Omar years) and he is Venezuelan and I believe on page 147, is viagra dangerous Section 2, is viagra dangerous  paragraph 4, is viagra dangerous Line 7 of Johan Santana’s contract it states that when a Venezuelan catcher is available the Mets are obligated to sign him.

Is viagra dangerous So you see there are options out there for a catcher while young Thole grazes on the farm for awhile long until he’s ready for slaughter, is viagra dangerous errrrr…………. Is viagra dangerous I mean Flushing.

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I still don’t know what to make of the sslllllllllowwwwwww cooking hot stove but all this idle time has me making up deals in my head. Viagra in india Some of course are ridiculous like how about Aaron Heilman for Luis Puljos? Or Gimp Castillo and prospects for Roy Halliday (I came up with those after I ate some odd looking mushrooms) but one I came up could fly at least in my simple mind:


Gimp Castillo, viagra in india Aaron Heilman, viagra in india Brian Schneider a prospect and money (half of Castillo’s ill gotten gains) to the San Fransisco Giants for Bengi Molina and Randy Winn. Viagra in india The Giants get a second baseman for half price, viagra in india plus a back end of rotation pitcher in Heilman and choice of a B level prospect (from a list the Mets provide) and they get relived of close to $15 mil in salary relief. Viagra in india  The Mets get a big upgrade at catcher plus a switch hitting bat for RF which in turn makes Ryan Church a bargaining chip for pitching.


Go ahead and flame away!


Saw these pics on Dom’ D’s Mets info laden site of Bailout Park. Viagra in india There is one shot of the bullpen that I hope is still under construction because I don’t see the Kevlar roof that will be needed to protect the relievers from the angry mob of Mets fans.


Mike Silva has a great post on his site on the 2nd base black hole and the lack of leadership that is needed on the Mets. Viagra in india When we think of leaders we always go with fiery types like guys Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter but sometimes leaders are guys like Eli Manning who is far from being a spitfire in the personality department but he has stepped up and become the leader of the New York Football Giants by stepping up his game and remaining clam when tough and tense times occur. Viagra in india It also helped him immensely that two of his biggest critics and the biggest wash women on the team Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey were gone from the team and in turn Manning flourished. Viagra in india That’s why I would have loved to see Omar deal off Carlos Delgado to get not only max return off his stellar half season but them maybe David Wright would feel more comfortable to exert his leadership to the team. Viagra in india There is a part of that feels a team with mostly younger players would be more beneficial to the Mets winning than having older players. Viagra in india Maybe it’s still the hangover from the Famous Rays season but I like watching young guys bust their ass day after day than old ones drag their saggy butts around all season.


The Angels look like they are gearing up to offer C C Sabathia a Johan Santana like contract. Viagra in india I really don’t care where Sabathia goes but as long as he doesn’t end up in the Bronx just watching Mike Francesa look like more of a horse’s ass than usual will be a great holiday gift.


How come no one talks about Nick Evans? Talk about a forgotten man. Viagra in india Another reason why I’d move Delgado as a platoon of Dan Murphy and Evans at first would be more than adequate and then if the Mets made my Giants deal you could keep Church and Winn together with Endy Chavez and Fernando Tatis leading a strong bench (Omar go get Willie Bloomquist please)


Check out Toby Hyde’s Mets Minor League Blog as he has a post on Tigers catcher James Skelton who could be available as a Rule 5 draftee. Viagra in india Skelton is very slight in built especially for a catcher (5’11” 165lbs) but he has a good batting eye and could be converted to a 2nd baseman a la Craig Biggio. Viagra in india It never ceases to amaze me how progressive thinking the Mets bloggers are compared to the organization which sometimes is stuck in the old time baseball mentality.


Do you think the message has sunk in to the Mets brain trust’ heads that there is no way on earth Mets fans want to see Gimp Castillo at 2nd base on opening day 2009?




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Generic drug for viagra It’s safe to say, generic drug for viagra that Omar Minaya is not enamored with the play of Brian Schneider and as well he shouldn’t. Generic drug for viagra It’s not so much his offense as the front office knew that Schneider was not much of a batsman but his defense to me and most likely to the Mets brain trust was not as advertised. Generic drug for viagra Schneider came to the team with a good glove rep and as an a good pitch caller but those attributes were not on display much last season. Generic drug for viagra Schneider had nagging injuries but to me he looked a little lazy with the glove and his pitchers (especially Petey) shook over his signals a lot of times in big spots.

Generic drug for viagra On Metsblog there is a link to the SI story but read the comments section and where they are on to something where if Omar could land both Molina and Aaron Rowand that would be a major coup

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