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Purchasing viagra in canada I’ve always felt that once you sign on to be a fan of a sports team, purchasing viagra in canada you’re a fan for life. Purchasing viagra in canada Like a marriage, purchasing viagra in canada good times and bad, purchasing viagra in canada and till death do us part. Purchasing viagra in canada  Fan support has been a big topic this weekend as for the first that I can remember a professional post season sporting event in NYC was played before a lot of empty seats, purchasing viagra in canada and in all places, purchasing viagra in canada Highlanders Stadium.

Purchasing viagra in canada I was very surprised to see so many tickets available for Games 1 and 2 of the ALCS games in the Bronx. Purchasing viagra in canada The tickets that were available on Stub Hub were way under face value as well so what the hell happened?

Purchasing viagra in canada Myself and Mike Silva discussed this last night on our Sports Media Watchdog Podcast going over many different reasons from cost of tickets, purchasing viagra in canada commuting, purchasing viagra in canada and traffic all play a part but the feeling I get is many Highlanders fans just have no faith at all in their team and with Derek Jeter done for the remainder of the post season, purchasing viagra in canada it seems the fans have packed it in for the year just like the Highlanders offense.

Purchasing viagra in canada It was discussed a lot during the season as the Bronx Bastards were hitting home run after home run many fans and media types had concern that this club was not built for the post season where most game runs are at a premium. Purchasing viagra in canada  The Highlanders look at playing small ball like it’s an affront on their manhood, purchasing viagra in canada but a bunt here, purchasing viagra in canada a stolen base there, purchasing viagra in canada a little hit and run might be how they have to go after the Tigers. Purchasing viagra in canada The Highlander pitching has been superb to the point where I feel C.C. Purchasing viagra in canada Sabathia is underrated as a pitcher and big game performer and you cannot say enough about the job Hiroki Kuroda did on 3 days’ rest. Purchasing viagra in canada Problem is I can’t find a Highlander fan who shares my feelings, purchasing viagra in canada all they see is an impotent offense and their Captain lying prone on the infield dirt.

Purchasing viagra in canada The Highlander fans have really turned to heels when it comes to their team, purchasing viagra in canada the players, purchasing viagra in canada especially Nick Swisher are having a tough time accepting the taunts and cat calls from a fan base that has “if we don’t win the World Series the season is a failure” mentality that management and the teams PR department has branded into their heads. Purchasing viagra in canada  This is what happens when you promote ad nausea that you are the 27 Time World Champions, purchasing viagra in canada and put up billboards like this around the city and sell obnoxious t –shirts and generally act like no other team in baseball is worthy of being in the same league as you. Purchasing viagra in canada Even your fans stop buying that bullshit.

Purchasing viagra in canada Problem for the Highlanders is their fan base is not prepared for failure. Purchasing viagra in canada The Highlander fan of my generation who remembers when attendance figures of 3, purchasing viagra in canada000 or less at the REAL Highlander Stadium were the norm and how the Mets were the darlings of New York, purchasing viagra in canada knows that as great as the winning feels, purchasing viagra in canada the cycle does bring you to hard times as well, purchasing viagra in canada but you stick with your team thick or thin. Purchasing viagra in canada The new Generation of Highlander fan that jumped on the bandwagon the last 20 to 25 years doesn’t have the heart to support a losing team. Purchasing viagra in canada  Let’s face it with the combination of age, purchasing viagra in canada Hal Steinbrenner looking to cut payroll, purchasing viagra in canada a barren farm system and the teams in their division not only getting better but they also smell Highlander blood in the water knowing that the once mighty New York Highlanders are no longer feared.

Purchasing viagra in canada It happens; the great Core players that led the Highlanders to championships are gone. Purchasing viagra in canada Bernie Williams, purchasing viagra in canada Jorge Posada, purchasing viagra in canada Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are the Four Horsemen of the great Highlander run. Purchasing viagra in canada Rivera and Jeter will be back but they are both will be coming off severe injury and an age where players decline rather than improve. Purchasing viagra in canada There could be tough times ahead for the Highlanders but just think fans you have a whole lot of Highlander Classics and Highlander-ograhpy’s  to watch on YUCK until the next cycle of winning comes along hopefully that won’t come around for a long long time.

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Cialis woman Rumors were flying again yesterday that Jose Reyes signed with the Flamboyant Fish but those rumors seem premature but it looks like the Mets are going forward in the post-Reyes era by letting it known that #Imwith28 will be given the 2nd base job and team with Ruben Tejeda to secure the middle infield. Cialis woman In the name of the father…… The major problem with #Imwith28 is his two best spots on defense are filled by I Like Ike at 1B and D-Wright at 3rd. Cialis woman Too bad #Imwith28 wasn’t a catcher, cialis woman hummmmm there’s an idea.

Cialis woman Chris Jaffe informs us this morning that today is the 25th Anniversary of Freddy Skill Sets becoming the sole owner of the New York Mets buying the rest of Nelson (make mine a) Doubleday controlling interest. Cialis woman In his column, cialis woman Jaffe, cialis woman informs us that the Mets have played just a tad over .500 ball since Freddy’s takeover (2, cialis woman017-1, cialis woman962 1962? Oh the irony) but have an overall losing record since 1989. Cialis woman Enjoy your Monday.

Cialis woman You load sixteen tons, cialis woman  what do you get?

Cialis woman  Another day older and deeper in debt

Cialis woman   Saint Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go

Cialis woman    I owe my soul to the company store

Cialis woman  

Cialis woman Look, cialis woman I’m a fan of the New York Football Giants and you’re a fan of the NY Jets and we’re both upset today after how our teams fared yesterday but my question to you today is would you be surprised if the Patriots won the Super Bowl? I wouldn’t unless of course their played the Giants in the big game ‘cause the G-Men got the Pats number. Cialis woman Oh and how about BB HC of NEP telling the J-E-T-S defense to felaite him? Oh my!

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There is nothing more deflating than working all day and rushing home to watch your favorite sports team play in a big game and then see them get their ass handed to them. Generic viagra in canada The good thing about last nights Mets loss to the Fish was it was in March instead of the customary Marlins mauling in September.


Another positive was watching Johan Santana, generic viagra in canada who I may add is a much more relaxed and animated Johan Santana in year two of his Mets career (Santana was running around the clubhouse before the game yelling “You got your tickets for tonight”? “get your tickets” kind of a T.O. Generic viagra in canada Get your popcorn ready scenario) showing that his arm is sound and his command is close as well and he is right on track for April 6 in Cinncy


The uneasy part of the night was watching the train wreck that is Tim Redding take a beating. Generic viagra in canada After the inning I envisioned Sandy Alomar jumpping out of the dugout with water and stool for Redding and Old School Dan Warthen, generic viagra in canada with Vaseline covered Q-Tips in his mouth, generic viagra in canada rubbing Redding’s eyes with a cold compress and J-Man in a fedora and a towel around his neck trying to will his pitcher through another inning but Redding never responded and that point Manuel should have just thrown in the towel. Generic viagra in canada Forget the 5th spot in the rotation Redding will be lucky if he breaks camp with the Mets as I’m sure they can finagle around keeping him in extended spring training due to the toe surgery he had in the off season. Generic viagra in canada J- Man made a claim early in the spring that he doesn’t mange by how much money a player makes well Tim Redding will test that salvo soon.



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We have this new system at work to sign in and out via computer and you have to be on time as the punch in clock is no joke, fake generic viagra  so since I like to walk from the ferry to work every day (about a mile) I’ve been getting up at 5:15 in the AM. Fake generic viagra Then last night, fake generic viagra since my  kids had  a couple of after school activities, fake generic viagra by the time my wife drives them and picks them up it usually means it’s a take out night so last night was Chinese. Fake generic viagra Now add  those two elements  to watching the World Series in a reclining chair, fake generic viagra I have to come clean and say I saw about three innings of last nights game before I was comatose. Fake generic viagra If it wasn’t for the cat looking for a late night snack and sitting on my head I might still be sleeping but I woke up in time to hear Doofus Joe tell me not to forget to join him and Mc Fullofshit on Saturday for Game 3.


So what did I miss? Well the Phillies taking a page out of the Mets book of failure by leaving ducks on the pond at an alarming rate. Fake generic viagra BIG GAME James doing another fine job. Fake generic viagra Rocco Baldeli slamming into Carlos Ruiz at the plate and the next inning resting on one knee during play stoppage as he fights fatigue; something that has ailed him all season and I missed the biggest story of the post season David Price’s coming out party. Fake generic viagra


We are supposed to go out for dinner on Saturday night so I’ll be sure to stop off at Starbucks on the way home for some high octain java to keep me awake for Game 3.


I’m pretty happy with the configuration of the new Mets coaching staff. Fake generic viagra I like Randy Niemann in the bullpen and with the departure of Guy Conti that closes the book on Petey’s return. Fake generic viagra I think the tandem of Neiman/Warthem will be a real plus for the Mets. Fake generic viagra The Alomars, fake generic viagra and HOJO coming back is good news as well. Fake generic viagra Luis Aguyo goes back to player personnel as he was sorely miscast as a 3rd base coach and  I feel sorry for Ken Oberkfell who looks to be re-assigned to manage the Buffalo Bisons after making it up to the big club. Fake generic viagra As for Razor Shines, fake generic viagra he’s a J-Man ally which helps out the Warlord and he managed in the bushes so he gets a chance to command the third base coach’s box but I think more importantly he gives J-Man and sounding board.


All the speculation about which way Omar will go to reconstruct the Mets for ’09 is giving me a head ache already. Fake generic viagra  Obviously the most important add/subtract is in the pen. Fake generic viagra Next is a back of  the rotation starter, fake generic viagra then 2nd base (I’m a supporter of signing Orlando Hudson ) then the corner outfielders ( It’s not all his fault due to the concussions but the Milledge/Church-Schnieder deal sure doesn’t look like a steal now does it?) and then I’d bring in a new first string catcher. Fake generic viagra My first call would be to Ken Williams on the South Side and ask about AJ Pierzynski (I know I’ve gone over this earlier) and Bobby Jenks. Fake generic viagra  Make a package of Schenider/Heilman/Castilo/  and cash to pay the bulk of Gimps contract for the pair of Sox.


Randy Newsom is a minor leaguer playing winter ball in Venezuela and he writes about his experiences there on Dugout Central. Fake generic viagra It’s a worth while read.


Ron Darling will join Mike the Bloviator as guest listener as no one but the Great Bloviator gets to speak on his show. Fake generic viagra Yesterday Francesa went into a rant condemning Congressman Dennis Kucinich for looking into allegations that the Highlanders and the City of NY of undervaluing the value of the land the new Highlander Stadium is built on to pay less property tax. Fake generic viagra Francesa threw a fit questioning Kucinich for sticking his nose into this and saying who cares what the Highlanders and the City did to get this stadium built. Fake generic viagra So in the world of Mike Francesa, fake generic viagra rich people cheating the government out of tax revenue is fine and anyone who questions it is a commie rat bastard. Fake generic viagra Spoken like a true Republican that he is.


Big League Stew has a post on what to do with Doofus Joe and Tim McFullofshit as now it seems the rest of the blogesphre is finally hip to what I’ve been saying for a few years not only does has this duo reached the peak of suckitude and in the case of Doofus Joe, fake generic viagra become so disinterested in broadcasting baseball that it looks like it’s time to for both to step away from the broadcast booth. Fake generic viagra I think this will be the last of these two smug assholes after the World Series I’d be shocked, fake generic viagra SHOCKED if FOX didn’t shakeup its awful baseball coverage. Fake generic viagra


More on the shake down of the Cape Cod League by MLB Properties this from the New York Times. Fake generic viagra Looks like my Chatham Athletics t-shirt, fake generic viagra cap and sweatshirt are collector’s items.


Mike Silva plays the “Hate Card” with the Mets and their rivals. Fake generic viagra Hey, fake generic viagra Mike the fan base ain’t exactly in love with the team either. Fake generic viagra Not me though, fake generic viagra I usually keep a level head when it comes to the Mets <whoa, fake generic viagra that lighting bolt nearly hit me!>

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