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Natural viagra Thankfully Mets baseball is back tonight after what seems like an interminable break with the club headed to Atlanta for three days with an off day and then three in DC, natural viagra six big games to start the second half push for the Pennant (why not, natural viagra a guy can dream can’t he?)

Natural viagra Seems all the Mets news is just rehashed Matt Harvey speculation (another reason to be thankful the action on the field is back) and from reading story after story it looks like the Mets are hoping beyond hope that Miguel Batista can pitch to at least league average so as to not force the front office to promote Harvey. Natural viagra It looks as though the competition for Dillon Gee’s (and we wish Gee all the best and a speedy recovery as he undergoes surgery today to repair the artery in his shoulder. Natural viagra The surgery is being performed by Dr. Natural viagra Robert Thompson who has expertise in this type of procedure) spot in the rotation is a two man race between Batista and Harvey , natural viagra may the best command of pitches win!

Natural viagra This years All Star Game was the first one I’ve watched in six years. Natural viagra Usually this week in July I’m out in the woods at the Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp but since my son has achieved his Eagle rank and has no need for merit badges anymore, natural viagra he decided to go to New Mexico for a two week camping and hiking trip, natural viagra so that spared me a week of listening to howling coyotes and drinking gallons of Goop (a form of Kool-Aid) and let me enjoy the All Star Game in the air conditioned comfort of home. Natural viagra I was really looking forward to watching the game.

Natural viagra WOW, natural viagra what a letdown. Natural viagra Of course Tony La Douchebag put me in sour mood by not starting R.A. Natural viagra Dickey, natural viagra then Justin Verlander decided to catch an early dinner and a movie by giving up five runs in the first inning and gets lifted from the game. Natural viagra  Then I had to put up with Fox’s coverage. Natural viagra If I were a Fox Sports exec, natural viagra I would really have to think about pulling Tim McFullofshit off the Game of the Week and World Series not just because he is so bad at analyzing games but he because he is entering that “old guys say crazy shit” part of his life. Natural viagra He’s done this in stages, natural viagra first he stopped dying his hair, natural viagra then he stopped caring about pronouncing players names correctly , natural viagrahe’s getting close to the piss stains on your pants stage of life. Natural viagra I’m telling you he’s a scandal waiting to happen, natural viagra when you hear McFullofshit call a player an asshole on the air or start rambling about topics that have nothing to do with what’s going on in the game, natural viagra don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Natural viagra How in the name of Coco Channel did Erin Andrews allow herself to wear whatever the fuck that was she was wearing on national television?    

Natural viagra It’s sad to see this game turn into an event where fans just bash away at or are apathetic about because the game used to be a real big deal. Natural viagra Back when the leagues were ruled by League presidents, natural viagra the stories abounded on how Joe Cronin the AL President and Hall of Fame player and Chub Feeney the NL President would give impassioned speeches before the game and the players really wanted to win for League pride. Natural viagra Now with the abolition of League Presidents and inter-league play and so many player’s changing not just teams but leagues, natural viagra the game has lost a ton of its luster. Natural viagra  It’s gone from being the Mid-Summer Classic to an outdated annoyance. Natural viagra Sad.

Natural viagra  

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Purchase cialis next day delivery  

Purchase cialis next day delivery  

Purchase cialis next day delivery Trying hard to put up a post today as I replay a tough loss over and over in my mind, purchase cialis next day delivery no not the All Star Game, purchase cialis next day delivery I gave up on that at 10PM when RESCUE ME came on, purchase cialis next day delivery no I’m talking about my Babe Ruth team losing 8-0 to the top seed last night.

Purchase cialis next day delivery Don’t let the score fool you it was a closer game than that. Purchase cialis next day delivery We had one bad inning (the 3rd) letting in 4 runs on a couple of errors and a some solid base hits. Purchase cialis next day delivery But the biggest obstacle was the pitcher we were facing a 13 year old with a big time yellow hammer that buckled my guys knees. Purchase cialis next day delivery We could only muster two hits on the night and three base runners total (my son accounting for two of the base runners with a walk, purchase cialis next day delivery reaching first on a strike out/passed ball and two stolen bases) and now we face an elimination game on Sunday. Purchase cialis next day delivery Not much to say to the kids but “Hang with ‘em.

Purchase cialis next day delivery After the game we went home to watch the All Star Game and the first thing my son told me was “Dad, purchase cialis next day delivery let’s get all the when I was a kid stuff out early so we can just watch the game” I guess like how the All Star Game was played during the day and how the two leagues played the game like it was a World Series game and how the NL had all the stars and always won and because of that the AL couldn’t draw fans so they sullied the sport with the DH, purchase cialis next day delivery and how I miss Curt Gowdy calling the big games and that’s when I get the hand and “that’s enough old timer” and I quiet down.

Purchase cialis next day delivery I was listening to Joe (Bada Bing Bada Boom) Beningno and Evan Roberts yesterday and I agree with Joe that there is so much baseball available for us to watch that the All Star Game is no big deal, purchase cialis next day delivery as it used to be a chance for fans to see players they never get to see much but with the Extra Innings package and ESPN and MLB Network and Mets and Highlander games on every night there isn’t a team or a player I haven’t seen add in that there is no more rivalry between the NL and AL with so much player movement and the fact that both leagues are not run as separate entities (remember when there were League Presidents ?) That has made the All Star Game hum drum.

Purchase cialis next day delivery Admit it you were hoping that President Obama would have brought Artie Lang with him to the game to hang with Doofus Joe Buck. Purchase cialis next day delivery Now that would have been riveting TV.

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Looks like I didn’t miss much this weekend as it pertains to the Mets. Womens viagra I didn’t find out until Saturday morning that Big Pelf and Murph had big games to help the Mets beat the Phillies and with the help of another Scoutmasters Black Berry (one of the things about camping on a military installation is you get cell service in the woods) we followed the Mets, womens viagra Ollie P collapse while cooking dinner that almost spoiled my appetite (but not quite as I hiked about 4 miles around Lake Fredrick so I was starving) but one thing we learned this weekend is if you want to know the state of the Mets, womens viagra just ask a Mets fan.


What Mets fans have been crying in despair about since the called third strike that Carlos Beltan took in the 9th inning of  Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has finally been realized by the teams architect Omar Minaya that his team is not exactly a group of manly men. Womens viagra Minaya has finally realized that his team is a bunch of Fluffer-Nuters” :


    “We have good guys, womens viagra solid professionals, womens viagra” Minaya says. Womens viagra “There is a smile on David Wright’s face, womens viagra a smile on Jose Reyes’s face. Womens viagra But there is not an edge to them. Womens viagra


“Some people see edge as leadership. Womens viagra Sometimes, womens viagra you need a little meanness to your game. Womens viagra Some people perceive leadership as meanness. Womens viagra


“I couldn’t tell you that we have that type of guy. Womens viagra We have leaders. Womens viagra But everyone’s perception of leadership is different.”


Minaya says that Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado possess a makeup similar to those of Wright and Reyes. Womens viagra He adds that two new Mets, womens viagra outfielder Gary Sheffield and infielder Alex Cora, womens viagra provide more of an edge. Womens viagra


The problem here is both Sheffield and Cora are bench players so their edge is kept on the pine most days. Womens viagra This the same problem the 90’s Mets had when their guy with the edge was John Franco you have to have an everyday guy that has the ball sack to get in guys faces and tell the oppositions to kiss his ass. Womens viagra David Wright, womens viagra Jose Reyes, womens viagra Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado are very proper gentlemen in fact the one ornery guy in that bunch (Reyes) gets reprimanded when he tries to fire up his team and is told “Tisk, womens viagra tisk young man that dancing and prancing will not be tolerated here”


So there may be only one solution here and that means one or two of this core would have to go. Womens viagra Don’t look at it as Mike Francesa being right but more the Bill Simmons ‘Ewing Theory” coming true once again. Womens viagra If I had to make the call I’d be shopping Beltran and Delgado today. Womens viagra Nothing against them especially Beltran as I feel he is an outstanding player but by dealing him you would get back multiple players that just might ignite this team and get it back on track. Womens viagra Think the Red Sox, womens viagra Giants or even the Highlanders would be buyers in a Beltran market ? Hell yeah! So go ahead and call me all the assholes you want to to think about trading Beltran and Delgado but someone has to go and both guys make the most sense to deal or hope the Mets sit pat and finish out of the money once again. Womens viagra It’s time for Omar to react and shake this team up and get this fan base talking about what’s on the field on at $iti Field instead what to eat at the food court.    



So after shiting the bed on Saturday in Philly, womens viagra Ollie P said he was embarrassed by his performance and would go to the bushes if the Mets felt that was the best way to get his mojo back, womens viagra Well I guess Scott Bora$ got wind of the comment and told OP you will do no such thing. Womens viagra So OP, womens viagra with the silicon chip inside his head, womens viagra says now he won’t go to Buffalo, womens viagra Bingo or any other low level league to get himself right. Womens viagra So my feelings went from “Way to go, womens viagra Olllie get your mechanics straight atta boy” to “You over paid douche bag, womens viagra give back the money you thief” Great job doing what’s best for your client Scott.


Part of the Bora$ missive to OP was to make Perez wrap his knee in an ice pack and tell everyone that his knee has been bothering all year. Womens viagra That makes OP nothing but a fucking coward.


Mike Silva at NYBD calls out Omar and the Mets management as well in a great post at his site.


Dave Singer tells us to avert our eyes for a moment from the Ollie Perez / Sean Green pile up on the side of the road to look at the freak show that is Jose Reyes season so far.





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Viagra discount Different day some ol’ Mets news which means there is nothing to talk about. Viagra discount If not for the Rodriguez signing and the Putz trade this would be the worst off season since I started writing this blog which is going on seven years.

Viagra discount Derek Lowe is still on the ‘Ho Stroll, viagra discount Petey wants to come back (I love you Petey but no, viagra discount no , viagra discountno- time to move on with the Mets life and yours)  and there is still is a big need for a right handed corner outfielder but today and the next three days I am putting all that to the side as it’s time ot concentrate on football as the New York Football Giants get to defend their Super Bowl Championship with a play off game Sunday against the Philadelphia Pigeons.

Viagra discount Here’s is what we know about the Pigeons, viagra discount they are Philly’s answer to the Mets as they never fulfill their fans desire with a Championship and know this too about Philadelphians They would trade 20 Phillies World Series Championships for One Pigeons Super Bowl Trophy. Viagra discount Philliy is a Pigeons Town first and foremost (with the Flyers second) but it’s too bad that Philly is running into the One NY team that has balls in the Football Giants.

Viagra discount Key to the game is Brandon Jacobs establishing his ball running prowess and the G-Men D-Line harassing the living shit out D-McMahon to the point he pukes (which he seems to do in big games)

Viagra discount This is a REAL NY-Philly rivalry and this time NY will come out on top

Viagra discount NY Football Giants 28

Viagra discount Philly Pigeons 17

Viagra discount GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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