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Viagra canadian scam Lucas Duda is one very large enigma to Mets fans. Viagra canadian scam We see a strapping young man who stands 6’4” 250+ lbs and wonder, viagra canadian scam when will it all come together for Duda, viagra canadian scam when will we see 30+ HR’s and 90+ RBI. Viagra canadian scam Well at 27 years old if it doesn’t come this year it mostly likely will never happen for Duda.

Viagra canadian scam 27 years of age is a great age to be unless you are an unproven big league baseball player. Viagra canadian scam It’s an age where you are hitting your playing prime, viagra canadian scam where if you are a quality baseball player, viagra canadian scam everything comes together, viagra canadian scam it all starts to click, viagra canadian scam you have a good read on the opposing pitching staffs, viagra canadian scam you have a good idea of your hitting zone, viagra canadian scam you know when to be aggressive and when to lay off the breaking balls you chased as a greenhorn. Viagra canadian scam It’s when the game starts to slow down just a bit for you to manage it effectively.  This is the season for all of this to come to Lucas Duda at the plate, viagra canadian scam if it doesn’t the Mets are in for a long season and Duda could be one in a long line of young Mets outfielders to be discarded on the side of the road.

Viagra canadian scam I’ve looked a few of the projections for Duda for the coming season and while there seems to be a bit of an uptick in his power numbers by some, viagra canadian scam is it enough t to keep him as a big league starter?:

Viagra canadian scam PECOTA .251/.333/.430  15 HR 54 RBI

Viagra canadian scam ZiPS  .248/.330/.418  18HR  74 RBI

Viagra canadian scam Bill James  .268/.356/.454   18HR  69 RBI

Viagra canadian scam  

Viagra canadian scam James projects Duda with a better on base and slugging percentage and I kind of agree with that. Viagra canadian scam Duda has improved his eye at the plate, viagra canadian scam swinging at fewer pitches outside the strike zone (30.1, viagra canadian scam 29.8 and 35.3 last season) and his base on balls rate has gone up each season as well. Viagra canadian scam But it’s the power numbers that give me pause on Duda as his Isolated Power Average dropped from .189 in 2011 to a pedestrian .150 last season. Viagra canadian scam Being that the Mets lineup is still in flux-I don’t think Terry Collins knows who will be his 1-2 in the lineup yet-where Duda bats will determine how many RBI opportunities he gets, viagra canadian scam I figure Duda to bat 6th so the opportunity to drive in runs will be there for him.

Viagra canadian scam Hitting just 15-18 home runs will not be acceptable this season from Duda, viagra canadian scam the Mets have to see an increase to at least mid-twenty’s if the team is going to make any noise this season and again at 27 years old, viagra canadian scam it’s time for Lucas to bust out.

Viagra canadian scam The dilemma is for Duda to stay in the lineup he has got to hit and be a run producer as his defense is, viagra canadian scam and there is no way to sugar coat it, viagra canadian scamdreadful. Viagra canadian scam The Mets do not need Duda to be Barry Bonds-like in left field but he needs to be able to get a good initial jump on balls and just make the routine play. Viagra canadian scam In Duda’s defense (no pun intended) he is a first baseman by trade who is still learning a new position, viagra canadian scam so I have to cut him some slack.

Viagra canadian scam The intangible in the whole Lucas Duda equation is his mind set. Viagra canadian scam When Duda first came up to the Mets, viagra canadian scam it took a while for him to become comfortable in the major league/NYC setting. Viagra canadian scam Terry Collins has mentioned that Duda has to get a grasp of being a big leaguer and now as one of the young vets on this Mets team, viagra canadian scam he has to be a leader. Viagra canadian scam That doesn’t mean he has to be vocal or a rah-rah type, viagra canadian scam which is not his nature but Duda has to step up this season and be a difference maker so the club and Mets fans don’t have to suffer through another disappointing season.

Viagra canadian scam Let’s all hope that 2013 becomes The Summer of Duda.      

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Viagra line Another solid start by Jon Niese  and his ever improving curve ball led the Mets to a series win over the Brewski’s . Viagra line The same Brewski’s who have the best home record in baseball were a late inning Mets collapse away from being swept at home.

Viagra line These Mets are perplexing to say the least. Viagra line As much as the rash of late inning collapses infuriate us, viagra line this is not the same old Mets. Viagra line Lose a four run lead and lose a game you should have won? No problem, viagra line come back the next day, viagra line forget yesterday and win the next game. Viagra line  A post season berth this season is pie in the sky I know but the renovation of the mind set of this organization is progressing very nicely. Viagra line The culture of the “woe is me attitude” had been eradicated, viagra line replaced with “keep plugging along”. Viagra line It’s very refreshing.

Viagra line Jason Bay seems to be a very nice guy who is working his ass off to get his bat back to where it should be. Viagra line He knows what’s at stake and he has been a team guy when Terry Collins has approached him to either drop him in the order or to put him on the bench. Viagra line His team first attitude is great. Viagra line But this is big league baseball where winning and losing are paramount to what is to be accomplished and if Bay has to sit or be platooned or relegated to rehab in St Lonesome with a “wink-wink” DL stint, viagra line then so be it. Viagra line Sandy Alderson said during the off season that salary will not determine who plays and we’ve seen that with the moves he’s made so far this season. Viagra line Now comes word that Lucas Duda will be called up from Buffalo and Nick Evans will be DFA. Viagra line Duda is not here to ride the pine; he will play some LF and 1B. Viagra line Not sure if TC will go strict platoon with Bay/Duda or give Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada some days off and move Murph to 3rd with Duda playing 1st but what bringing up Duda does is give TC more flexibility and some much needed production from a corner position.

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Cialis medication Com’on you didn’t think the Mets would lose every game this season did you?  And what a game it was, cialis medication give credit to Terry Collins for going radical by using Chris Capuano and R.A. Cialis medication Dickey on their throw days in relief. Cialis medication Why waste those pitches in the pen. Cialis medication  Collins checked the data available to him that revealed Larry Jones going 1-7 against Capuano which I guess was foreign to Freddi Gonzalez who batter Larry for Freddie Freeman (whenever I hear the name Freddie Freeman I think of Freddy Cannon and the song Palisades Park) then having R.A. Cialis medication Dickey come in for quick inning in the 7th followed by Izzy and K-Rod.  I’m sure Tony LaRussa is distraught over not coming up with this strategy when he invented baseball.

Cialis medication Dillon Gee showed up at the Ted like a homeless man with no glove, cialis medication no spikes but was ready for service. Cialis medication Gee’s bags were lost between Providence R.I. Cialis medication and Philadelphia and to make things worse Gee did not arrive in the ATL until 1AM. Cialis medication So with Bobby Parnell’s glove and Josh Thole’s spikes and a spare suit of Mike Nickeas (who will need that suit for the next profession he has because he ain’t cut out for big league baseball)  in his locker, cialis medication but forth one of the better starts by a Mets starter this season. Cialis medication Gee will get at least one more start as a fill in for Chris Young and Collins has said that Gee will most likely go back to Buffalo so he can continue to pitch on a regular basis but if he has another strong outing like yesterday, cialis medication with the shape this pitching staff is in, cialis medication how do you send him back to Triple A ?

Cialis medication Matt Harvey had another strong outing for St Lonesome yesterday going 5 innings in the Baby Mets 4-1 win over Ft. Cialis medication Myers. Cialis medication In 16 innings pitched so far this season Harvey has not given up an earned run while striking out 20 and walking just 6. Cialis medication It will quite interesting to see how the front office handles the 24 year old first round pick in the 2009 entry draft. Cialis medication  A couple of more of these solid starts and Harvey could see himself fast tracked to Binghamton by late May.

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Best way to take cialis  

Best way to take cialis

Best way to take cialis  

Best way to take cialis  

Best way to take cialis After Walter O’Malley got Horace Stoneham good and drunk and persuaded Stoneham to move the New York Giants along with his Dodgers to the Left Coast a movement went through baseball to start a third Major League to be called the Continental League. Best way to take cialis This league would help NYC replace the Dodgers and Giants and allow cities like Houston, best way to take cialis Toronto, best way to take cialis Denver and Minneapolis-St Paul to join and have big league baseball.  The league would be headed by Branch Rickey. Best way to take cialis The creation of this league put pressure on MLB to expand and from this league sprang the Houston Colt 45’s (now the Astros) The LA Angels, best way to take cialis Washington Senators and our beloved NY Mets.

Best way to take cialis In the Bottom Of The Ninth, best way to take cialis (published by Henry Holt and Co) Michael Shapiro lays out in detail the behind the scenes negotiations that led to the threat of a new league helping bring back National League baseball to NYC plus the drama between Bill Shea, best way to take cialis Casey Stengel and the Mahatma himself.

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You know what? All you LMillz haters out there you may be on to something. Natural viagra Check out this post from the Chico Harlan’ Washington Journal.


A part of me loves the rebellious attitude that Milledge has but a another part of me the baseball fanatic in me, natural viagra takes away from this interview that Milledge really has no passion to excel at playing big league baseball.  You read how Milledge didn’t take to being told to come out to the ball park three to four hours before a game to do game preparation. Natural viagra In fact the way Milledge prepares for a game is down right disturbing:


 LM: Because nobody else can play the game for you. Natural viagra Nobody else is going to give you the money. Natural viagra Nobody is going to give his spot up for you. Natural viagra If I was to walk away from this game today or I wasn’t able to compete at this level anymore, natural viagra then I have no regrets. Natural viagra I did it my way. Natural viagra Nobody else told me what I need to do. Natural viagra I didn’t try nobody else’s way. Natural viagra I tried my way. Natural viagra And if I just couldn’t play this game, natural viagra I can live with that. Natural viagra But I couldn’t live with failing by trying somebody else’s way.


Q: OK, natural viagra you keep talking about ‘your way, natural viagra’ but what does that mean?


LM: You know, natural viagra there’s always a thing where, natural viagra oh, natural viagra rookies have to be here 2-1/2 or three hours before stretch. Natural viagra No. Natural viagra I’m not gonna be here three hours before stretch. Natural viagra If you’re here and you get your work in, natural viagra it shouldn’t matter how early you’re at the field. Natural viagra You know what you need to do. Natural viagra That’s fine. Natural viagra You don’t have to be at the park three, natural viagra four hours before the park if you don’t want. Natural viagra You don’t see nobody clocking in three or four hours before they have to show up to work. Natural viagra So, natural viagra I mean, natural viagra some people feel like they have to get here to read the newspaper or do crossword puzzles or get their mind ready. Natural viagra I feel like I come to the park, natural viagra I have 45 minutes of stuff I have to do to get prepared for practice and get ready for the game. Natural viagra Five minutes might be watching videos. Natural viagra Fifteen minutes might be going in the cage. Natural viagra And then getting whatever other work I need.


I have always been on record here as a Milledge fan but I have to say the way Milledge portrays his pre game habits tell me he will be out of baseball in about a year or two. Natural viagra 5 minutes of video? 15 minutes in the cage? Are you fucking kidding me? Where is your passion to play baseball? Milledge has none. Natural viagra This kid (and that could be an insult to children) has more talent but is lacking the work ethic and determination to take that talent to the next level. Natural viagra The biggest crime here is there are guys toiling in the minors would do just about anything to have the talent that Milledge is wasting.


It’s shocking really when you look at Dan Murphy who would sleep at the ball park if he were allowed to and D-Wright who was Cliff Floyd’s personal man servant in his rookie year and has gained the admiration of the vets and formed a life long bond with Floyd. Natural viagra I feel sad for Milledge because unless he has an Epiphany and changes his thinking, natural viagra all he’ll turn out to be is some overweight ex-player who when Wright goes into the Hall of Fame will go around telling people that he once played on the same team as Wright and no one will believe him.


Tip of the Mets cap to Mack’s Mets and Baseball Musing for the links.  

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