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Viagra gel It’s amazing that Uncle Saul Katz  didn ‘t end up like Maurie Kessler (a/k/a Maurie’s Wigs) in Goodfella’s. Viagra gel The crew, viagra gel especially Jimmy The Gent couldn’t take Maurie’s constant talking and ball breaking so they had him snuffed.

Viagra gel It seems Bernie Madoff  felt the same way about Uncle Saul who it seems just couldn’t shut the fuck up about the windfall profits he and his bother in law Freddy Skill Sets were making investing with Madoff. Viagra gel Bernie got a little nervous with Uncle Saul as he worried that some real honest to goodness financial advisers would hear big mouth Saul chirping at the Mahjong table.

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Free viagra As a NY Football Giants fan, free viagra my main enjoyment this past weekend should be that the Dallas Cowgirls choked again in the NFL post season (how about a great big Kranepool Society  FUCK YOU to Jerry  Jones the owner of the Cowgirls and how about that fat fuck Flozell Adams, free viagra left a playoff game with a boo-boo on his calf, free viagra fucking coward!) but in fact I am actually happy with the Jets winning yesterday in San Diego.

Free viagra The Giants fans-Jets fan relationship is strange by New York sports fan standards. Free viagra As a NY Ranger fan, free viagra I hate the Icelanders immensely (da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!)  and as most local hockey fans, free viagra I’m blasé about the K.C. Free viagra Scouts/Colorado Rockies/NJ Devils. Free viagra They only player well known in Newark is their over weight and overrated goaltender. Free viagra As a Boston Cletics fan the good thing about having the Knicks and Nets around is I get to see the C’s in person four times a year. Free viagra As for the Bronx Bastards, free viagra the hatred between us and them is well documented. Free viagra But as far as Giants-Jets fans go, free viagra we just go about our business come football season.

Free viagra I got wrapped up the Jets game yesterday because the style of football they play is the antithesis of what the NFL is all about these days and a style I love. Free viagra It’s all about spread offenses and quarterbacks throwing 35 times a game Wildcat formation (which is a basic Pop Warner offense) and high flying wide outs and games in domes under controlled climates but then here come the Jets with a page out of” simple still works” playbook. Free viagra Pound the ball on offense, free viagra control the clock, free viagra have your QB mange the game and not have to make a big play, free viagra then on defense attack the line of scrimmage like a jail break and make the QB as uncomfortable in the pocket as you can, free viagra hit the wide outs hard early to get them out of their rhythm  . Free viagra Add in a few turnovers and you have a wining formula.

Free viagra During the season Jets coach Rex Ryan annoyed me with his big mouth and bluster. Free viagra The reason being I was so used to the Same Old Jets who are great in April on Draft Day and then again in August in games that don’t count in the standings but then come the regular season, free viagra well Same Old Jets. Free viagra But Ryan has taken that Same Old Jets stigma and turned it into a positive, free viagra a rallying cry. Free viagra Last night on the SNY Jets Post Game show the played a clip of Ryan and his team in their jubilant locker room. Free viagra Ryan gathered his team around him and said something that has converted me to be a Rex Ryan fan:

Free viagra “ok fella’s listen up, free viagra great game today, free viagra great effort and you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Free viagra But tomorrow the headline in the papers will be THREE FIRST PLACE TEAM ADVANCE……..AND THE FUCKIN’ JETS”

Free viagra With that his players roared in delight. Free viagra This is Rex Ryan’ team  and the story of the Jets season so far is an unbelievable one and as crazy as this sounds from a Giants fan, free viagra I hope they win the Fuckin’ Super Bowl.

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Viagra buy now pay later Who the fuck is Brian Bruney and who gave him permission to speak? How about waiting until you’ve done something in th ebig leagues besides hold Mariano Rivera’ wam up jacket before you open your pie hole about another player, viagra buy now pay later especially a guy who could pitch better with his left arm than you do with your right. Viagra buy now pay later Bruney is still an understudy and he has the brass balls to comment on Frankie Rodriguez a bona fide All Star reliever. Viagra buy now pay later I like how Frankie handled it when he said if Bruney had something to say then when the Highlander’s come to $iti Field say it to his face. Viagra buy now pay later Yeah , viagra buy now pay later like that will ever happen Bruney will probley find a way to go back to his favorite spot the DL. Viagra buy now pay later Now go help A J Burnett make whip cream pies douche bag!

Viagra buy now pay later I should thank Brunet and the Highlanders though because with all the injuries and bad play of late my enthusiasm is running a bit low but with the win yesterday and Bruney’s big mouth and the team rallying around Castillo and David Wright kicking ass, viagra buy now pay later I’m one stoke Mets fan and from reading stories n the fish wraps this morning a win today with Johan and the Mets could just become the darlings of New York.

Viagra buy now pay later As I type this checking out Twitter, viagra buy now pay later David Lennon reports that Frankie Rodriguez just went after Brian Bruney to give him an ass kicking Now we got something here. Viagra buy now pay later With Johan pitching could we see a bench clearer?

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Busy busy day as we have our  Christmas Party today at work so I’m knocking out something quick  as the Salsa music will be full blast soon  but remember tonight at 9PM its’ Pro Baseball Central with myself and Joe McDonald and we have plenty to talk about in the world of Mets especially that it looks like I’m not the only who has question the Skill Sets cash flow troubles as Jeffey had to answer a ton of questions yesterday as the Mets were showing off their latest acquisition Frankie Rodriguez.


I love this quote from Prince Jeffey about the cash on hand and whether the Skill Sets are broke:


[“How is that possible? We have other money. Does generic cialis work Just because you guys don’t know how much money we have, does generic cialis work we have other money and other funds outside of (the Mets). Does generic cialis work


“It’s called diversification.”]


So according to Jeffey, does generic cialis work losing a half billion ain’t shit as long as the new ballpark has turnstiles and we Mets fans line up for tickets the Skill Sets will still be farting through silk. Does generic cialis work Now the follow up question should have been “Do you have enough coin to improve your team”? Ok big mouth put up or shut up. Does generic cialis work I’ve come to grips that Manny will not be wearing a Mets uni but the big need is two starting pitchers so I expect to see a press conference soon to announce the signing of Derek Lowe. Does generic cialis work If it takes 4yr/60-65 mil then do it! Then get Randy Wolf for the 5th starter spot and I swear I’ll lay off my ball breaking ways for at least a week. Does generic cialis work In fact I’ll volunteer to run a 50/50 raffle at all homes games to raise more capital. Does generic cialis work


Meet the challenge Jeffey, does generic cialis work prove to me that you can walk the walk!!!!!!


Again tonight at 9PM PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL will be live so join us and call in (646) 595-4462

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