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Discount brand name cialis One good thing out here in the wilderness is my little portable radio picks up WFAN so I’m looking forward to listening to Mets-Giants tonight.

Discount brand name cialis As I’ve said computer time is at a premium here so I had to send up up a plate of Ziti w/meatballs to office manager in order to get som time to crusie the internet. Discount brand name cialis I’m telling this camp is combonation prison/military life.  I’m exhausted from shmoozing the counselors for ice and toliet paper too big ticket items around here.

Discount brand name cialis The head of the camp is from South Philly and I’m enjoying breaking his balls most days. Discount brand name cialis The councilers ears are hurting from the back and forth of one guy with a heavy South Philly accent and myself and my Brooklynese. Discount brand name cialis We make this act on the road.

Discount brand name cialis I can’t believe there is even a discussion about Angel Pagan playing everyday over Frenchy. Discount brand name cialis Just shows what a nice smile can do for some guys.

Discount brand name cialis Gotta go my cheesesatke eating buddy is back, discount brand name cialis time to annoy him

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Canadian generic viagra online If what I’m reading in the local fish wraps is correct, canadian generic viagra online it seems the Mets have been mathematically eliminated (Hey Kathy and Joe is it time for a sequel? ) for the 2010 season.

Canadian generic viagra online It doesn’t look like any big ticket items will be on Jeffey’s credit card this winter, canadian generic viagra online so the question is why go half assed? Why not just blow the whole team up?

Canadian generic viagra online As it stands now, canadian generic viagra online only the Nationals stand in the way of the Mets of the Mets hitting rock bottom in the NL East (for the first Stephen Strasburg-Big Pelf match up, canadian generic viagra online I will be going into solitary confinement) so unless Jeffey (Omar is GM emeritus by the way, canadian generic viagra online as he is earning his million a year as being the Skill Sets “Spider”) decides to empty the more bountiful than they lead us to believe, canadian generic viagra online Mets coffers, canadian generic viagra online the only thing we’ll have to look forward to is Alex Cora  player/interim manager bobble head day.

Canadian generic viagra online I leave you with this from Bill Madden’ Daily News column:

Canadian generic viagra online Mets? Did somebody say the Mets? They won’t spend the money for Holliday, canadian generic viagra online Bay or Lackey and apparently, canadian generic viagra online they’re only interested in signing low-budget Latin players, canadian generic viagra online having shown little or no interest in Byrd, canadian generic viagra online Figgins, canadian generic viagra online DeRosa, canadian generic viagra online Wolf or even Staten Island’s Jason Marquis, canadian generic viagra online while waiting for their markets to come to them. Canadian generic viagra online At the same time, canadian generic viagra online the Phillies and Braves wasted no time in addressing their needs. Canadian generic viagra online Sad.

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