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Viagra in canada pfizer Outstanding job by Chris Capuano last night with his only flaw the three run home run he gave up to Espinosa in the second inning. Viagra in canada pfizer 8K’s and 1 BB in 6 innings pitched with a 71/26 spilt of strikes to balls is as good as it gets.

Viagra in canada pfizer Carlos Beltran just can win with some folks. Viagra in canada pfizer Instead of celebrating the fact he hit 2 home runs and is looking very comfortable at the plate, viagra in canada pfizer there will be critics who will bash him for the off day today and those in the media saying he will be excellent trade bait. Viagra in canada pfizer I love to see some of the critics wear a knee brace all day and say they feel great.

Viagra in canada pfizer Ike-Ike Baby, viagra in canada pfizer Vanilla Ike, viagra in canada pfizer Ike-nstein whatever you want to call him add big time in front of that. Viagra in canada pfizer So far so good on no sophomore jinx.

Viagra in canada pfizer Alderson has a big decision to make as it pertains to the bullpen. Viagra in canada pfizer Izzy is ready and able to go at the big league level, viagra in canada pfizer so the Mets need to decide who is cut to make room for Izzy. Viagra in canada pfizer Tell you the truth, viagra in canada pfizer with the way the starting pitching has not giving many innings, viagra in canada pfizer I’d demote Lucas Duda, viagra in canada pfizer since Collins is in love with Willie Harris and Duda is rotting on the bench and buy some time with an 8 man pen until Jason Bay comes back. Viagra in canada pfizer By that time Alderson, viagra in canada pfizer Collins and Warthen might have a better idea on who to keep.

Viagra in canada pfizer Chris Young on the mound today so if Mets take this game and series that will be two out of three series the Mets have won. Viagra in canada pfizer Take that haters.

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Pfizer mexico viagra Someone needs to get Howie Rose one of those Queens Real Estate handouts they have at the supermarket, pfizer mexico viagra as it might be easier to move back to the boro of his birth as none other than Mr. Pfizer mexico viagra Islander, pfizer mexico viagra Chris Bota says the Skill Sets are ready to build an arena in the Iron Triangle and the Icelanders will move down the L I E and call it home:

Pfizer mexico viagra   Jones Lang LaSalle, pfizer mexico viagra the project management company for the upcoming $500 million renovation of Madison Square Garden, pfizer mexico viagra has begun work on a feasibility study for an Islanders arena at Willets Point — the property surrounding Citi Field, pfizer mexico viagra the second-year home of the Mets.

Pfizer mexico viagra “This is beyond the preliminary stage, pfizer mexico viagra” said the source. Pfizer mexico viagra “You don’t bring in a big hitter like JLL unless you’re serious. Pfizer mexico viagra This tells me the Islanders and Mets have made progress in a partnership to take the hockey team to Queens. Pfizer mexico viagra If Charles Wang and Nassau can’t cut a deal, pfizer mexico viagra this will be a great option.”

Pfizer mexico viagra It’s a bit puzzling why the Skill Sets would get involved in building an arena if they were not looking to either buy the Icelnaders from Charles Wang or just become a partner.  There is always the the idea of the Icelanders becoming much needed winter programing for SNY but I believe the team has a big time contract with MSG so that my or my not be tough to break.

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Buying generic cialis I want to thank Jerry Manuel and David Wright for throwing me under the bus last night. Buying generic cialis Yesterday I posted on NYB Blogs telling Mets fans to relax and not give up on this team and especially on Wright who I defended big time. Buying generic cialis So how do they repay me?

Buying generic cialis Well J-Man had a managerial night that makes you wonder just how long he has as the leader of the Mets. Buying generic cialis It’s one thing to be hard headed and not see the experiment to bat Jose Reyes third in the lineup is an out and out failure, buying generic cialis but then to have him bunt in the 9th inning with Luis Castillo the go ahead run on 2nd base was just stupid baseball. Buying generic cialis If you put Reyes in that spot in the order, buying generic cialis you’re saying you have total faith in him as a hitter as the 3 hitter is usually the teams’ best hitter. Buying generic cialis So why would you make Reyes bunt in an obvious RBI situation. Buying generic cialis Reyes barely can bunt for a base hit never mind a sac bunt but also what message are you sending him? I’m batting you 3 but I don’t have faith in you to get a big hit, buying generic cialis just move Castillo to third and let someone else get the job done.

Buying generic cialis Wright didn’t help me either with his two K’s, buying generic cialis the biggest one in the 9th inning. Buying generic cialis Maybe I’m just not seeing or maybe I don’t want to see the decline in David Wright but when I look at his digits they are right there with all the league leaders but it just seems like the big spot is a tough spot for DW. Buying generic cialis I’m not jumping ship though, buying generic cialis I’m still loyal to D-Wright      

Buying generic cialis Manuel said in his post game presser that he’s thinking of making some lineup changes, buying generic cialis gee ya think Jerry? It seems the only one who favors Reyes in the 3 spot is Manuel. Buying generic cialis As Ralph Kiner said the other day, buying generic cialis Reyes belongs as a leadoff man. Buying generic cialis When Gary Cohen asked who should bat third, buying generic cialis Kiner replied “The Mets don’t have a 3 hitter” He’s 100 % right. Buying generic cialis The Mets 3 hitter is jogging in St Lonesome. Buying generic cialis They have a leadoff hitter but he bats third. Buying generic cialis If Manuel doesn’t bat Reyes leadoff tonight and bench Frenchy for The Animal then he’s just telling Mets fans and management he wants to be fired.   

Buying generic cialis I didn’t watch all of this game as I spent most of my evening watching the Boston Celtics send LeBron James and the Cavs packing (more on that in a minute) but couldn’t Manuel have given Johan Santana another inning of work? I know he batted second in the top of the 8th but he seemed to be pitching his best game of the season and was far from tired (just 98 pitches) and even though Fernando Nieve got a DP to get out the 8th how many days can Manuel go to him or Feliciano or Takahashi? Those three have become everyday players.

Buying generic cialis I still stand by my the Mets are still in this stance but I’m starting to feel a shake up in the mangers office needs to be made. Buying generic cialis The Royals, buying generic cialis who are going no where, buying generic cialis fired Trey Hillman so you would think a team that is in a playoff hunt should be looking around as well. Buying generic cialis Something is missing here. Buying generic cialis When the team is 0-6 in rubber games of series and the same stale lineup gets trotted out there every day and the bullpen is getting run into the ground, buying generic cialis maybe the Mets have reached that fork in the road and as Yogi said “when you get to the fork in the road, buying generic cialis take it” It may be time to stick the fork in Jerry Manuel.

Buying generic cialis A big tip of my Celtics cap to Bill Simmons who started a Celtics Chant account on Twitter which got that “NEW YORK KNICKS” chant going at the TD Garden was the best fan participation since the days of the C’s fans telling the 76 ers in 1982 Conference Final to “Beat LA”. Buying generic cialis Get ready Knicks fans the LeBron era is coming.

Buying generic cialis To all the Celtic haters on Twitter who right after the C’s beat the Cavs were crowing that the Celtics will be buried by the Magic. Buying generic cialis First you all can kiss my green, buying generic cialis white and 17 NBA Champiosnship banner ass. Buying generic cialis The Celtics have done what we all say can’t be done in sports, buying generic cialis they turn the on switch on when the playoffs started and now are in full UBUNTU mode.

Buying generic cialis Metsradamus has what is now the Post of The Year dealing with that fell off the turnip truck turd, buying generic cialis Cholly Manuel who has dragged the Mets into this sign stealing brouhaha with the Colorado Rockies, buying generic cialis Metstradamus also reflects on the Skill Sets looking to by the Fishsticks and moved them to the brand new Chop Shop Arena. Buying generic cialis Not only does Metstradamus invoke the New York Amerks but when was the last time you heard about Newsy Lalonde?

Buying generic cialis So all of a sudden the Skill Sets are flush with cash that they can talk about buying the Fishsticks and build a new arena in Queens but the can’t release Oliver Perez and eat his deal.

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Can i take viagra shout out to The Ropolitans for this pic

Can i take viagra Sorry for no posts this morning but it’s been a busy day. Can i take viagra So busy that I forget all about the David Wright sit down with the Sports Bloviator. Can i take viagra I caught the tail end of the sit down as I traveled back from Brooklyn and I guess you could say it was typical David Wright. Can i take viagra All positives and nothing controversial.

Can i take viagra It looks like it’s a foregone conclusion that Bengi Molina will be the Mets #1 catcher this coming season. Can i take viagra Again this looks to be another move where Omar was told to sit in the corner as the way the Mets have made Molina sit and stew is very un-Mets like. Can i take viagra Same with Carlos Delgado who I think the Mets brain trust only went to Puerto Rico to see just to get away from freezing cold weather in NYC. Can i take viagra Think about it, can i take viagra if the Mets were strictly an Omar Minaya Production, can i take viagra Molina, can i take viagra Delgado and Joel Piniero would be celebrating their multi year deals by now. Can i take viagra Looks like those days are over.

Can i take viagra I was saddened to hear of the passing of Art Rust Jr. Can i take viagra who was sportstalk radio in this town back in the 1980’s. Can i take viagra Rust hosted a three hour call in show on WABC and unlike WFAN he actually talked ALL sports. Can i take viagra In fact I had called in to his show because a young Mark Messier came on to talk hockey and agreed to take calls from fans. Can i take viagra Rust was a great baseball historian and a huge Highlander fan but his real passion was for The Sweet Science and he had all the big time boxers on his show.  R.I.P. Can i take viagra Arthur George.

Can i take viagra

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Canadain viagra india For as bad as the NY Football Giants season has been, canadain viagra india yesterday took some of the sting out of the painful failure, canadain viagra india as team owner John Mara, canadain viagra india stepped up big time by calling out his coaches and players for a lack of mental and physical toughness and lack of effort. Canadain viagra india WOW, canadain viagra india how strong are those words? Sure the cynic in me says, canadain viagra india “John Mara needs to sell his Private Seat Licenses, canadain viagra india so this is all a business move” but the Mara family have owned this team since it’s inception in 1925 and Giants have been one of the top teams in the NFL this decade and watching and listening to him he looked legitimately pissed off. 

Canadain viagra india The way John Mara handled the day after the season is the way an owner of a team that not only disappoints but embarrasses themselves by quitting, canadain viagra india and make no mistake the NY Football Giants quit, canadain viagra india should. Canadain viagra india He stood up like a man and articulated that, canadain viagra india yes his team suffered injuries but they were not an excuse for not showing up the last half of the season. Canadain viagra india He acted swiftly by axing way over his head offensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and put every player and coach on notice that if you don’t or  you can’t give him what he wants, canadain viagra india then he will go out and find personnel that will. Canadain viagra india As a Giants fan, canadain viagra india I appreciate Mara’s words and action very much.

Canadain viagra india Contrast John Mara’s words and actions to the stumbling, canadain viagra india fumbling, canadain viagra india mumble-oid of an owner like Jeffey Skill Sets who acted mealy mouthed and clueless in his season post-mortem of the season to forget. Canadain viagra india There is a reason why the Mets brand is laughed at through out baseball and it starts at the top.

Canadain viagra india Speaking of our favorite baseball team, canadain viagra india I brought out my pinstripe uni top for toady’s Bay Day celebration. Canadain viagra india In fact my co-workers have wished me happy Bay Day when I reported for duty. Canadain viagra india I’ve become a charity case, canadain viagra india as even the Highlander fans have stop teasing me and feel sorry for me. Canadain viagra india I hate being a charity case or a baby face, canadain viagra india I’d rather be a heel.

Canadain viagra india There are rumors that the Mets could trade Rogers Castillo for Mike Lowell. Canadain viagra india What would the Bosox want with Rogers Castillo when they have Dustin Pedroia and Marco Scutaro? Lowell would be a nice fit for the Mets, canadain viagra india as he’s a respected vet with 2 World Series rings ( as you know I’m a major proponent of bringing in winners to this team)  I just wonder if he can play some 1st base and spell David Wright sat 3rd base.

Canadain viagra india From reading some of the stories, canadain viagra india if Carlos Delgado can stand up straight, canadain viagra india the Mets would love to bring him back for a 1 year incentive laden deal. Canadain viagra india That’s why it seems the Mike Lowell talk is interesting as a platoon of Lowell/ Delgado could be what the Mets are looking at for 1st base in 2010.

Canadain viagra india The details of the Jason Bay contract are as follows:

Canadain viagra india $8.5 mil bonus and $6.5 mil salary for 2010

Canadain viagra india $16mil for the next 3 years + 4th yr option

Canadain viagra india Full No Trade Clause.

Canadain viagra india Not a killer contract, canadain viagra india now the question is this. Canadain viagra india I have a MILLEDGE 44 pro uni top. Canadain viagra india Do I go and have the MILLEDGE taken off and add BAY? Your thoughts please?

Canadain viagra india Waiting on the Bay presser. Canadain viagra india I’ll be commenting on Twitter during the presser.

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Pfizer viagra According to Jason Stark at The Dodgers are ready to talk with the agent for Adam Dunn which if he signs with the Hollywood Bums would knock them out of the Manny Sweepstakes and if that does happen will put big time pressure on the Skill Sets to loosen up the purse strings and make Jeffey Skill Set put or shut up as to how the Mets have plenty of Dead Presidents to spend. Pfizer viagra Well walk the walk Jeffey Boy walk the walk.

Pfizer viagra Big tip of the Mets cap tap to long time Kranepool Society reader Nik for the Manny pic.

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Viagra tablets How much does this Madoff Securites scam really hurt the Mets? From the report I read on, viagra tablets Sterling Equities may have lost over $300 mil in this big time rip off of investors by Bernard Madoff who is so much a big scumbag that his own sons turned him in. Viagra tablets Beside ripping off private investors he stole money from charities as well.

Viagra tablets So what does this mean for the Mets, viagra tablets Brooklyn Cyclones and SNY all of which fall under the Sterling Equities corporate umbrella? Does it mean that the Skill Sets have to bring in a partner a la Nellie D or worse put the team up for sale? How much does this effect the payroll and the pursuit of other free agents?

Viagra tablets This looks to become a huge story  as it would be a shocker if the Skill Sets had to sell even a 50 % share of the club and they just might if they have to make up for their loses.

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Cialis online canada Jame Preller is a big time Mets fan and and an author  of children’s books.  His latest book is Six Innings which intertwines a Little League championship game with Game 6 of the 1986 NLCS. Cialis online canada If you’re a parent, cialis online canada grandparent or aunt or uncle or if you are looking for a gift for a child this Christmas put down the video game and  buy them a book. Cialis online canada They will be pissed off at first but later on they’ll thank you down the line  as there is no more important skill in life than reading and it is a shame that there are kids in this country that have reading problems or are apathetic to reading that it is a damn shame.  One book that would make a terrific gift this season would be Six Innings.

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