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Gnc viagra First time I’m putting up a post using my iPad so there may be more mistakes than usual, gnc viagra which I know is hard to believe

Gnc viagra I had no problem with the Mets not making any deals at the trade deadline. Gnc viagra Seems some fans mistake Marlon Byrd for Carlos Beltran, gnc viagra no one was giving the Mets an A prospect for Byrd and to deal Byrd  just for the sake of making a deal really made no sense

Gnc viagra I idea of using Zack Wheeler in the bullpen as a way to cut down his innings is ridiculous . Gnc viagra Put an innings limit on him, gnc viagra that’s fine but don’t take him out of the starting rotation.

Gnc viagra The more Bud Selig and MLB string out this Biogenisis mess and the A-Rod fiasco the worse Selig and baseball look and for Bill Madden to compare Rodriguez to a killer like Whitey Bulger is beyond. Gnc viagra Ignorant

Gnc viagra off to Epcot and more nasty European tourists

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Cheap quality viagra A few quick hits on a busy Friday:

Cheap quality viagra I see where Joba Chamberlain had an awful dislocation of his ankle while jumping on a trampoline with his son. Cheap quality viagra This was one of those gruesome injuries where the bone comes through the skin and with Chamberlain rehabbing from Tommy John surgery not only is this a season ending injury but his baseball career is in doubt now as well.

Cheap quality viagra Since I was away from any social media all day I wondered how this news went over on Twitter and it seems it didn’t cause too much of a stir, cheap quality viagra in fact it seems Ruben Tejada’s tight groin was bigger news as was Scott Hairston’s oblique strain. Cheap quality viagra See when a Highlander gets hurt the biased Pro-Bronx Bastard sports writers in this town go underground.

Cheap quality viagra I want to hear and read Michael Kay, cheap quality viagra Filip Bondy, cheap quality viagra Mike Francessa, cheap quality viagra Ian O’Connor, cheap quality viagra Joel Sherman, cheap quality viagra John Sterling, cheap quality viagra Suzyn Waldman and Bill Madden call Chamberlain out for be a selfish and stupid asshole for sustaining this injury. Cheap quality viagra  I’m sure you won’t hear one negative word about Joba being a dumb ass for getting hurt in this manner.

Cheap quality viagra I bring this up because, cheap quality viagra the hacks I mentioned would have had a field day with this is it were a Met. Cheap quality viagra  They all would be good for 1, cheap quality viagra000 words of ridicule and stupidity if this were a Mets player. Cheap quality viagra Instead they will all find a way to blame the trampoline. Cheap quality viagra Get well soon Joba.

Cheap quality viagra The Bitter Bill had an interesting post today about maybe the tide is turning for the Mets. Cheap quality viagra The Jets seem to be ready to take claim to the most dysfunctional pro sports team in town. Cheap quality viagra The terminally injured on the Mets are coming back day by day and the Ace of the Mets pitching staff looks to be ready, cheap quality viagra willing and quite able to regain his post shoulder surgery pitching prowess. Cheap quality viagra  Yeah, cheap quality viagra Ya Gotta Believe!!!

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Viagra online 50mgs BRING BACK BANNER DAY!!!!!!!!

Viagra online 50mgs Even with a day off yesterday, viagra online 50mgs there is still no shortage of negative Mets stories in the daily fish wraps.

Viagra online 50mgs The NY Times just discovered that no one is buying Mets tickets and the fans that are, viagra online 50mgs are going through the secondary ticket market at huge discounts instead of buying directly from the team. Viagra online 50mgs I guess the next investigative report will be that the LIRR and Metro North rarely run on time. Viagra online 50mgs Duh!

Viagra online 50mgs I really hope the team is not rushing Jason Bay back into action as that oblique rib thingy he has could be tricky. Viagra online 50mgs The plan was to have J-Bay play in Buffalo but with the snow (yes, viagra online 50mgs SNOW) and cold, viagra online 50mgs the brain trust felt it’s better to go back to St. Viagra online 50mgs Lonesome for two more games. Viagra online 50mgs What I don’t get is, viagra online 50mgs why fly him up from Florida, viagra online 50mgs evaluate him to the point where he is just about ready to play but fly him back down to Florida for two days and then fly back to NYC to play on Thursday. Viagra online 50mgs Unless Bay is getting those frequent flyer miles, viagra online 50mgs I can’t see him be too happy with the back and forth back and forth plane rides. Viagra online 50mgs If the doctors feel Bay is A-OK  and it’s just a matter for getting at bats and rounding into baseball shape, viagra online 50mgs why not just leave him here and take batting practice on the field and then in the cage and shag fly balls all in the vast valley of Citi Field? Two games in St Lonesome is going to make that much difference?      

Viagra online 50mgs Out of ideas, viagra online 50mgs Bill Madden decides to write about the Mets farm system, viagra online 50mgs saved for a couple of pitchers, viagra online 50mgs is barren of talent. Viagra online 50mgs Either Madden thinks the Minor League system consists of only Buffalo and Binghamton or he failed to renew his subscription to Baseball America.

Viagra online 50mgs So far Brad Emaus has been playing like, viagra online 50mgs well……a Rule V player, viagra online 50mgs but I side here with Eric Seidman about leaving Emaus in the lineup for at least 300 PA and if he still is as stagnant at bat and in the field then give him a seat cushion and a spot on the bench handing out bubble gum and sunflower seeds. Viagra online 50mgs  Not every Rule V pans out but after 42 PA I’m not ready to pull the plug either.

Viagra online 50mgs There are certain things that separate the Mets for other sports team in this town. Viagra online 50mgs  Even when the team was bad back in the day a day at Shea was always fun. Viagra online 50mgs Jane Jarvis and her Thomas Organ always entertained unlike the moronic shell game/ 3 card Monty ball under the Mets cap video between innings or pass the pizza box to win a pizza that contains no mozzarella (Cassarino’s is the absolute worst concession at Citi Field a slice of pizza the size of a” horses doovers” with no cheese for $6 bucks? Fuck that!) but the one event that was pure Mets was banner day and over at Faith and Fear in Flushing Greg Prince makes the point that a return to banner day  in 2012 as an old fashion double header should be brought back. Viagra online 50mgs I am on board with this 1, viagra online 50mgs000 %. Viagra online 50mgs Back in the day a bed sheet s with rally cries for the Mets used to hang in the upper deck just about every home game. Viagra online 50mgs Those that weren’t hanging we’re paraded through the field level with regularity. Viagra online 50mgs When it came to imagination and humorous prose on a bed sheet, viagra online 50mgs no one matched the Mets fans. Viagra online 50mgs It wasn’t just at the ballpark either.

Viagra online 50mgs When the Mets went to their first post season in 1969, viagra online 50mgs I took a white bed sheet and with a can of blue and a can of orange spray paint went into the alley way of the apartment building we lived in and sprayed in alternate blue and orange LET’S GO METS KRANEPOOL  7 SEAVER 41. Viagra online 50mgs I left it to dry and then brought it upstairs and hung it across our fire escape. Viagra online 50mgs Mine was just one of the hundreds of banners draped on fire escapes in Boro Park Brooklyn. Viagra online 50mgs It was truly an AMAZIN’ sight.

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Cheap quality viagra There was no bigger enigma in the sports worldlike George Steinbrenner. Cheap quality viagra As much as he treated people like dirt, cheap quality viagra he also was extremely charitable. Cheap quality viagra For all the money and power he had, cheap quality viagra his childhood was kind of sad as his he could never seem to do anything that pleased his father whose love he craved but never seem to have gotten. Cheap quality viagra   

Cheap quality viagra From reading Bill Madden’ book he was in a loveless marriage and his daughters seemed to always find Mr. Cheap quality viagra Wrong when it came to marriage.  But when it came to running a baseball team you can not denniy his success.

Cheap quality viagra The Highlanders were a joke of a franchise under CBS ownership and Mike Burke’ stewardship but all that turned around when Steinbrenner took over. Cheap quality viagra Give the man credit he took over NYC and the Highlanders became more important than any time in their history under Boss George.

Cheap quality viagra So now what happens to the Highlanders? My guess is the Steinbrenner children sell the team. Cheap quality viagra I bet James Dolan and his Cablevison bucks will come calling soon

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Who should not take viagra  

Who should not take viagra One the great mysteries of the 201 0season is the astonishing difference between the Mets playing at home and what happens to them away from Queens. Who should not take viagra At home the Mets are the best team in baseball winning 22 of 31 in the spacious confines on $iti Field but away from home they’re as homesick as a first time summer camper going 8-18. Who should not take viagra Just think, who should not take viagra if the Mets went 12-14 on the road their record would be 34-23 and in first place in the NL East. Who should not take viagra If they went 14-12 on the road that would have put them at 36-21 and not only in first place in the NL East but the best record in the NL. Who should not take viagra Go figure?

Who should not take viagra Why is this? Well, who should not take viagra last night I had the pleasure of joining Pat Nestor on NYB Blog Live on Blog Talk Radio and one of the subjects we discussed was why is it that the Mets are studs at home and duds on the road. Who should not take viagra Pat and I both felt that Mets batters when they go into places like Cincinnati or Philly see the smaller dimensions and feel they can get their swing on in those hitters ball parks, who should not take viagra where as at home the batters have come to the realization that hitting to the gaps are the way to go so maybe it’s the radical change in hitting philosophy that hurts them on the road. Who should not take viagra Just a theory. 

Who should not take viagra While on the subject of radio, who should not take viagra tomorrow night at 10PM ET on This Call To The Bullpen on Blog Talk Radio my guest will be Shannon Shark of The Mets Police. Who should not take viagra No black caps or jerseys allowed, who should not take viagra proper Blue and Orange attire only.

Who should not take viagra You know worlds are colliding when I agree with Bill Madden who took Fredi Gonzalez to task for some curious in game managing yesterday and then pointing out that one time around the block with Hisanori Takahashi is good the second and third time not good at all, who should not take viagra back to the pen with you Mr. Who should not take viagra T.

Who should not take viagra I have no idea who the Mets will draft tonight in the First-Year Player Draft but I just hope with the 7th pick the club takes the best player available slotting, who should not take viagra be damned. Who should not take viagra I’m just hoping the Skill Sets with the cozy friendship with the Used Car Salesman don’t have a deal in place where they do not go over slot in exchange for a sign off from the Commissioners Office on the Ollie Perez “injury” (ouch! Something in my eye) The consensus pick for the Mets by the way is Zack Cox a solid hitting infielder from Arkansas.

Who should not take viagra With all the talk about finding an 8th inning reliever how about calling the Astros to deal Matt Lindstrom to the Mets?  Lindstrom’s been closing for the ‘Stros which is waste of his talent and that fastball/slider would be a fine compliment to Frankie Rodriguez and his 1, who should not take viagra001 variations of pitches.

Who should not take viagra I spent the day at Coney Island yesterday eating food I have no business eating but the strangest sight of the day (and on Coney Island it takes a super human effort to be strange) were four people sitting next to us at Nathan’s (I need to know if they serve Nathan’s fries with cheese and bacon in heaven or hell so I know to either clean up my act if they’re served in heaven or continue my evil ways if they’re served in hell) were four the ugliest looking family of white trash decked out in Philadelphia Flyers garb. Who should not take viagra I wanted to ask them what the fuck they were doing here in Coney Island but I didn’t want to ruin my appetite.

Who should not take viagra What is it about a baseball that makes people lose their mind? I’ve been going to baseball games since I’m 6 years old and I have never caught a foul ball at a game, who should not take viagra and I couldn’t care less if I ever did. Who should not take viagra Same thing with the stupid t-shirt toss, who should not take viagra I have more t-shirts than an adult middle aged man should own so why would I risk breaking an arm or a leg for a t-shirt that reads Pepsi Party Patrol on it but people do.

Who should not take viagra Oh yeah, who should not take viagra I want this with my Nathan’s Fries with cheese and bacon. Who should not take viagra I hope that goes on in hell too

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Viagra message board

Viagra message board The Mets get hammered in this town for a multitude of offenses and in most instances, viagra message board the bludgeoning is warranted but when it comes to the decision by J-Man to work Jose Reyes into the 3 spot of the lineup, viagra message board the criticism is not only unwarranted but it’s also senseless.

Viagra message board In today’s NY Post, viagra message board avid Mets hater Joel Sherman (there are lot’s of Mets haters in MSM, viagra message board Jon Heyman, viagra message board Bill Madden, viagra message board Tom Verducci and of course their Emperor Mike Francesa) has a full page column today take the Met to task for batting Reyes third, viagra message board even though he admits it’s out of necessity and just something Manuel pulled out of his ass:

Viagra message board  The shift is a reaction to Carlos Beltran’s knee surgery, viagra message board which will cost him at least a month of the season. Viagra message board Without Beltran to hit third, viagra message board Manuel fears the lineup lacks length if he simply has David Wright bat third and Jason Bay fourth. Viagra message board The order would dip precipitously at No. Viagra message board 5, viagra message board likely with Daniel Murphy. Viagra message board In addition, viagra message board Manuel wants to preserve Reyes’ legs and feels batting him third will translate to fewer steal attempts to limit the risk of having runners thrown out in front of your best RBI men, viagra message board Wright and Bay.

Viagra message board Sherman goes on in the article to give his hypothesis on why this is bad idea, viagra message board but gives no solution, viagra message board which of course there isn’t any. Viagra message board If Carlos Beltran were of sound mind and knee, viagra message board this would not even be an issue but as we know the best laid plans of mice and Mets never go as planed and so they have this situation to make the best of the lineup until Beltran gets back.

Viagra message board Sherman lays out the answer to the why part of Reyes hitting third when he mentions Daniel Murphy hitting fifth. Viagra message board Murphy is not a #5 hitter. Viagra message board He’s a perfect #2 but the problem is Luis Castillo is also a perfect #2. Viagra message board And there is the problem; the Mets have two #2 and two #1 in Reyes and Angel Pagan.

Viagra message board From the rumbling’s from St. Viagra message board Lonesome, viagra message board Beltran is progressing nicely and should just miss just the first month of the season (I know, viagra message board I know you’ll believe it when you see it) so when he comes back Reyes moves back to the #1 spot and Beltran back to #3 and the team will live happily ever after. Viagra message board I hope.

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Dangers of viagra

Dangers of viagra If what I’m reading in the local fish wraps is correct, dangers of viagra it seems the Mets have been mathematically eliminated (Hey Kathy and Joe is it time for a sequel? ) for the 2010 season.

Dangers of viagra It doesn’t look like any big ticket items will be on Jeffey’s credit card this winter, dangers of viagra so the question is why go half assed? Why not just blow the whole team up?

Dangers of viagra As it stands now, dangers of viagra only the Nationals stand in the way of the Mets of the Mets hitting rock bottom in the NL East (for the first Stephen Strasburg-Big Pelf match up, dangers of viagra I will be going into solitary confinement) so unless Jeffey (Omar is GM emeritus by the way, dangers of viagra as he is earning his million a year as being the Skill Sets “Spider”) decides to empty the more bountiful than they lead us to believe, dangers of viagra Mets coffers, dangers of viagra the only thing we’ll have to look forward to is Alex Cora  player/interim manager bobble head day.

Dangers of viagra I leave you with this from Bill Madden’ Daily News column:

Dangers of viagra Mets? Did somebody say the Mets? They won’t spend the money for Holliday, dangers of viagra Bay or Lackey and apparently, dangers of viagra they’re only interested in signing low-budget Latin players, dangers of viagra having shown little or no interest in Byrd, dangers of viagra Figgins, dangers of viagra DeRosa, dangers of viagra Wolf or even Staten Island’s Jason Marquis, dangers of viagra while waiting for their markets to come to them. Dangers of viagra At the same time, dangers of viagra the Phillies and Braves wasted no time in addressing their needs. Dangers of viagra Sad.

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Odds are that tonight will be the finale of the 2008  baseball season as Cole Hamels should make quick work  of the Famous Rays who were losers as soon the pulled in to Cheesesteak City wearing  those baseball caps for pussies as so there little ears wouldn’t get frost bit in the fridged 55 degrees temps. Sildenafil plant Just like their football cousins the Famous Rays can’t take the mild.


Seems the gas lines in the Philadelphia area and long from Camden NJ to Central City as Phillie fans fill up their empty beer bottles and concoct their celebratory Molotov Cocktails in preparation of burning down the city in honor of the Phillies World Series Championship. Sildenafil plant Let’s play a little guessing game, sildenafil plant how many cars will be destroyed by fire in the CBP parking lot tonight? I’ll say 10. Sildenafil plant How many fans will suffer gunshot wounds? I’ll say 6. Sildenafil plant How many arrests altogether following the game will the Philly PD make? Put me down for 150. Sildenafil plant Or will the settle for just a good old fashion subway beat down?


Dan Graziano has a good “keep the core” column on the Mets and what they need to build around “the Core”


Bill Madden with the lowdown on Jake Peavey and the Florida Marlins closeout sale. Sildenafil plant You’d have to think that Kevin Gregg is on Omar’s winter shopping list.


Get your popcorn ready Icelander fans; the Broadway Blueshirts are coming to the Mausoleum tonight. Sildenafil plant I love seeing all those Ranger sweaters in the front row seats behind the Icelander bench.


Check out this video I found via the outstanding Uni Watch site, sildenafil plant it’s a 1965 Mets highlight film and I use the word “highlight” very loosely as that 65 Mets added to the franchise start of futility by posting a 50-112 record, sildenafil plant the fourth straight 100+ losing season. Sildenafil plant Also that season saw the end of the managerial reign of the Old Perfesser as a broken hip not only ended Casey Stengel’s Mets managerial career but his career in baseball period. Sildenafil plant Former Giants catcher Wes Westrum took over as manager (Westrum got the job over Yogi Berra who was on the coaching staff and had 9 AB’s that season ). Sildenafil plant Also on the 1965 roster was the immortal Warren Spahn and Tug McGraw and Ron Swoboda made their big league debuts. Sildenafil plant Again a tip of the blue and orange Mets cap to Uni Watch for the link. 

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Sure it sucked seeing Scott Kazmir on the mound for the Famous Rays last night but to be honest, when will viagra be generic  as much as I’m a Kazmir fanboy I thought he stunk last night. When will viagra be generic How the hell do you walk Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz for God sake you have to let those two swing the bat CHALLENGE THEM DAMIT! Kaz was lucky that Upton made a strong throw to nail the little prick Victorino at the plate for an inning ending DP as that at least let the Rays stay in the game.


I though the 3rd inning was the turning point in the game as the Rays had a chance to make Cole Hamels life difficult with the bases juiced and 1 out with hot hitting BJ Upton at bat. When will viagra be generic Upton this past season hit a robust .353 in a bases loaded situation, when will viagra be generic so the odds looked good that even a fly ball would at least get the Rays on the board but Upton hit into an inning ending DP something he did only 13 times all season. 


Add that to Kazmir having runners on base every inning he pitched four of them via the base on balls and this game wasn’t as close as the score board showed. When will viagra be generic It’s up to James Shields to get the Pizza Guys even in the series. When will viagra be generic In my mind Game 2 is a must win for the Rays.


Who knew Wee Willie Randolph was such a catch? The Rockies and Nats want him to be a   bench coach and the Brewski’s are looking at him as a skipper. When will viagra be generic I still think Randolph best position is as an infield coach/instructor as a bench coach you’re involved in strategy which we know too well is not Willie’s strong suit.


With the economic climate in this country and newspapers facing extinction why in the world did the NY Daily News waste money by sending Bill Madden to the World Series to write about how all the team in the NL East hate the Mets. When will viagra be generic Not exactly ground breaking there Billy Pinstripes. When will viagra be generic You almost nailed a good column as you wrote about Pat Gillick turning around the Phillies and the Mariners but you missed the boat on the big story as Gillick was the Skill Sets choice to take over the Mets after the Steve Phillips disaster era but turned them down due to Jeffey Skill Sets meddling ways.



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After last night Mets game I was tempted to fire up my laptop and spew about last nights ugly win but I was kind of tired and said “ah, buy discount viagra online wait until tomorrow” I figured I’d read the paper on the Ferry and then read all the online articles and then go off on Aaron Heilman, buy discount viagra online Elijah Dukes and  Doug Eddings. Buy discount viagra online


I get my paper and get ready for my trip across the bay and I’m trying to dwell on what today’s date is. Buy discount viagra online I try to avoid the realization that the 7AM ferry is much more crowed than usual and that the extra passengers are cops and firemen in dress uniforms and many people who lost love ones seven years ago today at the World Trade Center. Buy discount viagra online I dive into the game story by Adam Rubin and then Bill Madden making a case for Carlos Del-GOD-o for NL MVP and find the distraction I needed.


As I get off the ferry I make my way on my usual route up walking up Broadway towards my office on Worth St. Buy discount viagra online Most days the walk is uneventful as it usually involves me listening to my iPod while eyeing the beautiful women of NYC but today each block was tougher and tougher to walk.


First thing I noticed is the amount of police on the street and the area closed off to traffic. Buy discount viagra online Both John McCain and Barrack Obama will be here today so downtown is a frozen zone. Buy discount viagra online As I get to Wall St, buy discount viagra online all the news truck from all the city TV stations and all the National cable stations are here to cover the events of the day. Buy discount viagra online I start smiling as I envision this scene in late October as the vision and the weather have a fall feel to it like it is when a team wins a championship and they hold a ticker tape parade. Buy discount viagra online But as I walk a couple of blocks to Liberty St my mood changed drastically.


I see a bunch of little kids no more than 7 to 10 or 11 years old and they are being interviewed by someone from FOX 5 News. Buy discount viagra online As I look at these children I see that around their necks are pictures of people. Buy discount viagra online As I slow down to observe the scene it hits me and hits me very hard, buy discount viagra online those pictures are of the parents they lost seven years ago today.


I felt sick. Buy discount viagra online I stop for a moment when I get across the street and I had to compose myself for a moment. Buy discount viagra online  I still can’t get the image out of my mind of these little kids with the pictures of their dads or moms close to their hearts and how from their young ages  probably don’t remember their lost parents. Buy discount viagra online I mean I remember that day vividly as I was in Queens when the attack took place and my son was in the first grade and 7 years old and my daughter was just a toddler of 2 and how my wife had a doctors appointment that morning in Brooklyn and was in the doctors office when all hell broke loose. Buy discount viagra online Then we waited for orders from our commissioner to see if he we going to go from and administrative staff to a response unit. Buy discount viagra online We were told to stay at the agency headquarters to man the radio and phone. Buy discount viagra online I got home that night at about 11 PM and as I walked up from Hylan Blvd to my house all I saw was my wife and two kids sitting on the front steps and my wife in tears happy I was home. Buy discount viagra online My kids were really two small to know what was going on and I was grateful for that. Buy discount viagra online All that just came over me as I saw those kids and I could feel their heartache of losing the parents they never got to know.


I waited awhile to get to my office as I guess being a macho asshole I didn’t want the guys I work with see me with red eyes but when I got upstairs the office was eerily quiet. Buy discount viagra online No yelling, buy discount viagra online no usual ball breaking that we do every morning, buy discount viagra online no name calling just 15 guys sitting and remembering what happen seven years ago with a lot of red eyes. Buy discount viagra online

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