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Purchasing cialis Been away for a couple a days so trying to get on track with some Mets news and other minutia:


Purchasing cialis You know what, purchasing cialis  if this is true then Bernie Madoff did a real half assed job of stealing. If you’re going to rip off rich people then damn it leave them fucking destitute. Purchasing cialis First I’m calling bullshit to all this “the Skill Sets are in good shape financially and the Mets are not for sale” Yeah right, purchasing cialis that’s why they are selling off players and taking back cash like they were empty Budweiser cans. Purchasing cialis That’s why they would rather trade off Billy Wagner as to not have him take arbitration and then get stuck with him for millions of dollars. Purchasing cialis That’s why the payroll will go DOWN next season. Purchasing cialis That’s why Omar Minaya is now a “cheaper to keep her” rather than divorce her GM and the whole inept front office will be back for the same reason. Purchasing cialis Hire Bobby Valentine? Are you nuts? He would want to be paid in American currency not Mr. Purchasing cialis Mets bucks. Purchasing cialis So you will get another season of Jerry Manuel’ stand up act and the Bingo Traveling All Stars in 2010. Purchasing cialis Oh yeah , purchasing cialis please get your season ticket renewals in soon or Freddy Skill Sets will have to hitch hike home from Aspen.


Purchasing cialis The shocking part of this story is the Mets medical staff found out now and not the night before opening day 2010. Purchasing cialis Around here that’s called progress.


Purchasing cialis Look, purchasing cialis it was the right move for the Highlanders as it forces the Red Sox to keep Carter on the 40 man roster and not free up a space for another pitcher (Paul Byrd?) but it’s still a scumbag move by the home office of scumbags, purchasing cialis the Highlanders. Purchasing cialis It doesn’t change the Billy Wagner deal but it does hurt the Mets as they wanted to see what they have in Carter as either a first baseman or an outfielder. Purchasing cialis I’m sure Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan just became big Highlander fans.


Purchasing cialis Finally a bright light in this dismal season as Pat Misch pitched a beauty at Wrigley yesterday. Purchasing cialis Misch pounded the shit out the strike zone and got groundball out after groundball out. Purchasing cialis He only struck out two batters but he threw strikes and pitched to contact and let his fielders do the work, purchasing cialis outstanding job. Purchasing cialis But of course this being the Mets of 2009 a good job gone bad is the norm but it’s tough to get on Brain Stokes who has be terrific at the back end of the pen that last few weeks but I guess when you’re used nearly everyday this will happen.


Purchasing cialis I’m starting to wonder why friends are offering me Mets ticket for free.


Purchasing cialis So now what do I do with my RAYS KAZMIR 19 t-shirt? I’m thinking of having a week where I wear all the shirts and jerseys of players no longer on those teams. Purchasing cialis For the Mets I have ALOMAR 12, purchasing cialis VAUGHN 42, purchasing cialis ALPHONSO 13. Purchasing cialis Then I have Giants jersey SHOCKEY 80 Rangers JAGER 68 it’s like my own little old timers day.

Purchasing cialis The trade of Kazmir is not a shock as the rumblings have been there that Kaz and pitching coach Jim Hickey did not see eye to eye and that was proven when Kaz went to Rick Peterson for help after his shoulder injury. Purchasing cialis No one claimed Kazmir as his contract and injury record make it a prohibited claim but that never stops Artie Moreno of the Angels, purchasing cialis now there is an owner committed to winning.


Purchasing cialis Well, purchasing cialis maybe. Purchasing cialis The Mets are 12 games behind the Nats for the worst record in baseball and 11 back of KC for the next spot. Purchasing cialis After that there are seven teams all jockeying for a spot in the 2010 First Year Player Draft Jamboree. Purchasing cialis I don’t see either Washington or KC giving the big bucks to Harper. Purchasing cialis The one team that would worry me is Baltimore who if the standings finish like they are today, purchasing cialis would pick 3rd and might meet the demands of Harper. Purchasing cialis So we have to root for more loses Mets fans so new owner Jay-Z can make his big splash at his new job of Mets CEO.

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Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra I think we are all beyond the point of being shocked when another player is stamped defective but in the case of Johan Santana the question is who in the organization knew his elbow was hurting and when did they know it?

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra Jerry Manuel claims that since the All Star break Santana had an issue with the elbow, bad side effects of viagra if this is true, bad side effects of viagra this makes the organization more inept than we ever imagined. Bad side effects of viagra As much as we fans give the team doctors and training staff holy hell for the injuries maybe our wrath is misguide and this is just another case of the front office being clueless once again ?

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra Did Santana go to Dan Werthen or Manuel and tell either one that his elbow was not right? Let’s say he did. Bad side effects of viagra Now wouldn’t they then go to Omar and tell him we have a problem and in turn wouldn’t Minaya send Santana straight to the doctor for an examination? At that point wouldn’t an MRI be ordered to see what was causing the discomfort in the elbow? This problem didn‘t happen yesterday or last week it seems the Mets have allowed Santana to pitch with a bum wing. Bad side effects of viagra Again who is in charge here?

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra We can all joke and laugh about who’s next to get hurt and sit and lament about us poor little Mets fans suffering through a lousy season but in all seriousness this organization is a total embarrassment from the owner to the GM to the coaches manager and players.

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra My biggest fear is not who will be injured next but it’s that the Mets are becoming the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra Adding to my confused state is one Billy Wagner. Bad side effects of viagra What the fuck does this guy want? He has been praised here and every where on his hard work and perseverance at coming back from surgery to get back to the big leagues. Bad side effects of viagra The Mets tired to help him and themselves by placing him on waivers and letting him go to a contending team. Bad side effects of viagra Now he’s making all kinds of demands and looking to pitch close to his Virginia home. Bad side effects of viagra Well, bad side effects of viagra where does he want to go? DC? Baltimore? Atlanta? Miami? Not one of those teams will pay him the kind of money he wants in the off season. Bad side effects of viagra It seems this will work in the Mets favor. Bad side effects of viagra As long as the offer him arbitration they either get a very good set up man or two more draft picks. Bad side effects of viagra Since Wagner is more worried about getting 400 saves than pitching in a post season it seems he will turn down arbitration sign with the Marlins and the Mets get two draft picks. Bad side effects of viagra Advantage Mets.

Bad side effects of viagra  

Bad side effects of viagra I don’t know what’s sadder that Santana is not starting tonight or that the best the Mets can come up with to take his spot is Nelly Figs?

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Statistics on viagra The Mets have annouced Livan Herndez has been released and Billy Wagner has been activated for tonights game. Statistics on viagra No word on who replaces Hernandez in the rotation but here is a look at the people lined up at $iti Field for the pitching audition

Statistics on viagra

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Viagra viagra nude

Viagra viagra nude  

Viagra viagra nude  

Viagra viagra nude Talk about a buzz kill, viagra viagra nude after Thursday ‘ game and the fact that the Mets took 3 of 4 from the Cards to pull within a half game of first place in the division, viagra viagra nude I was starting to wonder could this team play just good enough to stay in the race until August when we’re told the walking wounded should all be back in the lineup plus a chance that Billy Wagner could make his way back to the pen. Viagra viagra nude Could it happen? Well, viagra viagra nude after last night’s cold water in the face, viagra viagra nude bringing me back to this awful place performance, viagra viagra nude it’s  going to be mighty tough.

Viagra viagra nude This one was over in the second inning as the Mets decided that the lineup they trotted out on the field wasn’t enough of a handicap that they had to help the Highlanders more by playing shitty defense to leave Big Pelf out to dry. Viagra viagra nude The combination of bad D and having his nuts squeezed by home plate ump Tony Randazzo had Pelfrey close to meltdown mode.  As Ron Darling pointed out on the telecast Pelf was showing emotion but he was still in control and after that awful second inning, viagra viagra nude pitched well but at 93 pitches through 5 innings and with two on and two out, viagra viagra nude and Pelfrey due up, viagra viagra nude Manuel sent up a pinch hitter which was the right call, viagra viagra nude the batter he sent up was Argenis Reyes and that was the wrong call.

Viagra viagra nude When your lone right handed bat on the bench is Argenis Reyes he doesn’t see the batters box until the game goes to the bottom of 145th inning. Viagra viagra nude Manuel does not have the luxury of matching lefty righty with  this cut rate roster you have to go with your best hitter on that bench so in that spot you have to have Daniel Murphy hit for Pelfrey. Viagra viagra nude   I wonder if there was some subliminal message that Manuel was sending to the front office with that move?

Viagra viagra nude If ever there was a game to close the clubhouse door and air out your team it was last night but J-Man didn’t do it. Viagra viagra nude  Last night in Toronto, viagra viagra nude after the Phillies lost to the Blue Jays, viagra viagra nude Charlie Manuel closed the clubhouse and laced into his club to get its head out of its ass. Viagra viagra nude After the tongue lashing C-Man refused to speak to the media most likely going back to his hotel room with a big bottle of Canadian Club to wash away his frustrations. Viagra viagra nude So which Manuel do you think is GANSTA’?

Viagra viagra nude J-Man mentioned his roster depletion due to injury in his post game talk and it’s pissing me off that he keeps using that excuse as he needs to add a little Belichick to his game.

Viagra viagra nude So now John Maine is getting a cortisone shot and will be shut down as he still has “discomfort” in his shoulder. Viagra viagra nude Can we just send him to Birmingham to Dr Andrews already and get it over with? The Mets med staff is embarrassed one more time and the sad part is it’ll happen again.

Viagra viagra nude The doctor who shot Michael Jackson with so much dope it killed him shouldn’t worry about a job I’m sure the Mets would gladly take him on their staff.

Viagra viagra nude I agree with Gary Cohen, viagra viagra nude F-Mart is up here to play as a showcase for a trade.

Viagra viagra nude MLB Trade Rumors had a link at deal with the Nats to send Nyjer Morgan to the Nats for Lastings Milledge. Viagra viagra nude  I wouldn’t mind going after Morgan if I’m the Mets.

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As great as it was to watch are darling boy, over night delivery of cialis online D-Wright get an opposite field base hit to beat Puerto Rico, over night delivery of cialis online it all went to shit with the news that he fouled a ball off his big toe in game that meant NOTHING!!!!!! To make it worse, over night delivery of cialis online Wright is the lone 3rd baseman left on Team America so he stayed in the game –clearly in pain- and has made it known that no matter what the Mets say, over night delivery of cialis online he will play this weekend in the semi-finals, over night delivery of cialis online even with only nine toes. Over night delivery of cialis online Add that to OP and his mid season pitch count and that the returning Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are exhausted from this bullshit tournament, over night delivery of cialis online we of the Flushing Faithful are holding our breath that the Mets won’t have to add injury to the list of enemies to start the season.


You know you’re a red neck when…………………..


Anyone have Mackey Sasser’ phone number?


The Mets do not want to see Billy Wagner ever again. Over night delivery of cialis online Forget about him coming back in September to fortified the bullpen it’s not happening. Over night delivery of cialis online Remember how Wagner bitched and moaned about coming into non-save situations and not starting innings and not coming in for 4 outs saves so where exactly does he fit in here? He’s not going to close or set up a save hell, over night delivery of cialis online he isn’t even going to be the bridge to the set up man (that looks to be Bobby Parnell) so he doesn’t fit here anymore. Over night delivery of cialis online It’s not personal, over night delivery of cialis online it’s business.


Au revior Chief, over night delivery of cialis online unfortunately your time has come as Livan Hernandez has won the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation. Over night delivery of cialis online The back ups for the starting rotation are Tim Redding, over night delivery of cialis online Jon Niese, over night delivery of cialis online and Nelson Figueroa and if it goes any deeper than that it won’t matter anymore as we will all be looking for the start of NFL training camp if it comes to that.

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Cheap link suggest viagra In the latest missive from the WWL, cheap link suggest viagra Peter Gammons is trying to sell the fact that the Skill Sets are not swimming in cash as it appears:

Cheap link suggest viagra {The Mets don’t have the kind of money everyone thinks, cheap link suggest viagra especially having to pay Billy Wagner $10M next season. Cheap link suggest viagra They will spend to get a starter, cheap link suggest viagra a reliever and a bat to supplement Ryan Church in right and the Daniel Murphy/Fernando Tatis platoon in left.

Cheap link suggest viagra  

Cheap link suggest viagra No one knows what impact the economy will have on baseball, cheap link suggest viagra especially in New York, cheap link suggest viagra but someone is going to pay a price for the national debt increasing by $450B in October. Cheap link suggest viagra The Mets are not going to jump over the luxury tax threshold, cheap link suggest viagra so they will continue to build around David Wright, cheap link suggest viagra Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, cheap link suggest viagra figure Mike Pelfrey will continue his quantum leap forward, cheap link suggest viagra and do their best to fill in around them.}

Cheap link suggest viagra So a team that owns a television station, cheap link suggest viagra has a brand new ball park in the most populous city in the country and has sold all his suites and will draw a minimum of 3.5 mil fans has no money to improve the team? And tell me what the National debt has to do with the Mets finances? Sorry Gammo I’m not buying it. Cheap link suggest viagra I’m not ready to go out and buy a pennant because I don’t think building through free agency is the answer but don’t you dare insult the Mets fan base and cry poverty. Cheap link suggest viagra By the way to read the whole article you have to pay to read it.

Cheap link suggest viagra  

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You can’t help it; it’s just an affliction of watching a lot of Mets games. Purchase cialis overnight delivery People who never utter a curse word in their life say it. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Rabbi’s in Williamsburg who are so strict to their religion that the site of the young hipsters who have taken over their neighborhood, purchase cialis overnight delivery riding bikes and putting up billborads of sexy people that cause them outrage say it. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Little kids say it and the one the holiest man it the world said it to via telephone last night.




Caller:  How are you my son it’s Benedict


KS:  POPE BENIDCIT???????????? How are you your holiest?


Pope: I am good my son I’m checking on you.


KS: One me? Why? Did you have a vision?  Am I in danger?


Pope: Well when I saw you at Highlander Stadium you know you stood out to me.


KS: <chuckling> Yes I know, purchase cialis overnight delivery it’s not everyday you get asked to bless a Billy Wagner Bobble head <chuckling>


Pope: <laughing> very true my son and I am sorry about that blessing I think it was the Deer Park water I used as I usually go with the Pellegrino water for blessings.


KS : Hey you make do with what ya got but again why are you checking on me?


Pope: We got a new DirecTV system here in the Vatican and it came with the Extra Innings package and I must say I have grown found of the NY Mets. Purchase cialis overnight delivery I remembered you as a Mets blogger and I figured you would be the one to ask?


KS: What is your question your Holy Father?


Pope: The bullpen. Purchase cialis overnight delivery WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There you have it even a holy man like Benny 16 can’t control himself. Purchase cialis overnight delivery


It’s not so much What the Fuck there are a few Where the Fucks in there as well. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Like where the fuck is Al Reyes and Ricardo Rincon and Bobby Parnell? It looks like Brain Stokes and Luis Ayala have lost a bit of the magic dust that was on them when  the bullpen went on it best streak of the year a few weeks ago so I’m just wondering why Al Reyes and Ricardo Rincon have not been used as of yet? J-Man? Anything?


Have you seen the list of items up for sale as the going out of business sale at Shea rolls on?  Anything from sacred artifacts like World Series Banners and the retired numbers to napkin holders to men’s rooms signs are for sale but as I pursued the list and a few things I was looking for were not listed like:


The still that Casey Stengel had to make his moonshine in the manager’s office.


The alleged secret sex tape showing M. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Donald Grant all over Joan Whitney Payson’ assets.


Nelson Doubleday’s liver


The leftover programs from Richie Hebner Appreciation Night


The Lorne Brown Memorial Bathroom Stall Door


The mummified corpse of Art Howe


Rick Petersons bong


Gregg Jefferies diaper bag


The mirror that Dallas Green told his players to look in


The 5 year contract the Mets were ready to give Mac Scarce


Steve Phillips’ condom stash


Fran Healy’ can of corn


Vince Coleman’ Good Guy Award


Jay Horowitz little black book of super models phone numbers he’s dated


SPOLIER ALERT: I know the ending of tonight’s Mets-Nats game STOP READING IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









The bullpen blows it. Purchase cialis overnight delivery



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Purchase sildenafil citrate Even though the 12-0 and 9-3 games that the Mets have won this week are a welcome respite from the nail biters and “Please God Let Aaron Heilman Turn Into Dennis Eckersley” games we have been subjected to this season nothing is a better gauge of what your team is made of than when it gets down and dirty in a one run game and last night even with it’s scary moments the Mets had a (gulp!) Championship look to them. Purchase sildenafil citrate The Reyes Boys (Memo to Mark Malusis: When it comes to breaking down baseball personnel you’re clueless if you think Gimp Castillo at this point is better on the Mets than the A. Purchase sildenafil citrate Reyes/Damien Easley platoon then you’ve watch way too much of Robinson Cano) and Carlos Beltran flashed leather and arm in big D plays and Big Pelf had a bounce back game. Purchase sildenafil citrate Yes I know it was the Pirates and I swore I wouldn’t let myself get all pumped again about this team but when they do the little things that you need to win, purchase sildenafil citrate I just can’t help myself.

Purchase sildenafil citrate I’ve thrown some stones at Billy Wagner here but you have admire the guy for saying screw minor league rehab and is forcing his way back as the closer. Purchase sildenafil citrate Wags knows the team needs him and as long as the medical staff clears him and Old School Dean Warthen gives the seal of approval then Wags will be activated on Monday. Purchase sildenafil citrate Then it looks like Eddie Kunz will go down for a couple of weeks but would come back on Sept 1.

Purchase sildenafil citrate Speaking of coming back, purchase sildenafil citrate Ryan Church is playing in the GCL as a DH and hopefully by tomorrow will be in the outfield, purchase sildenafil citrate same with Gimp Castillo who the rumor mill has it has been dealing with some medical issues with his wife. Purchase sildenafil citrate  I’m sure there is some kind of rule that both players have to be activated at a certain time but as it stands now there is no rush for either guy to come back before Sept. Purchase sildenafil citrate 1. Purchase sildenafil citrate As vital as Church’s bat has been early in the year with Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis both swinging potent bats (and don’t forget Nick Evans who has platooned with Murphy and started to hit) and Carlos Delgado’s deal with the devil still paying off, purchase sildenafil citrate the Mets have the luxuary to let Church and Castillo take their time getting back. Purchase sildenafil citrate Depth it’s a good thing.

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Viagra pay after delivery The big debate in our section today at Shea (Section 40 of the Upper Deck) was where was everyone ? It seems it wasn’t just our section asking the question? Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of fans at the game but not 54, viagra pay after delivery000 plus as was reported maybe 45, viagra pay after delivery000 or so which is a healthy number and a sell out at $iti Field but the lack of full house made me look like a idiot. Viagra pay after delivery I had my family up and out of the house by 10 AM “Hey, viagra pay after delivery it’s Billy Wagner Bobble Head day  and the game is sold out (so said the Mets web site) and you want to stop to get lunch (SUBWAY on 108 St four sandwiches for the price of one at SUBWAY in the RF food court) and then <HORROR> WE HAVE TO FIND PARKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if it’s all those “Take Mass Transit to Shea” ads or just the fact that one day we got to the stadium late and had to park near the tennis center that has me soiling my boxers over parking.

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery Well even with the usual bullshit traffic jam on the Gowanus (my next car will have a fucking rocket launcher on the hood just to take out the assholes who drive allllllllllll the way down to the BQE/Brooklyn Bridge merge and cut in)  and the non-English speaking counterperson in SUBWAY (in the immortal words of the great Sheepshead Bay philosopher Andrew Dice Clay, viagra pay after delivery “If you want to live here, viagra pay after delivery LEARN THE FUCKIN’ LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the unsyncnized traffic lights, viagra pay after delivery we get to Shea, viagra pay after delivery park the car in the MTA lot across from that Stadium and get our Billy Wagner Bobblehead dolls all by 11:45AM. Viagra pay after delivery WHOOP-DEE-DOO After that the afternoon went down hill.

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery Not only did most of ticket holders not show up but neither did the Mets. Viagra pay after delivery For a team that should have been primed to put the hammer down on a team they are neck and neck with, viagra pay after delivery the Mets played like it was a late March afternoon in St. Viagra pay after delivery Lonesome. Viagra pay after delivery The only one who showed up for work was Daniel Murphy who is Dave Magadan with pop. Viagra pay after delivery So much for all the “experts” who said the Mets have a weak farm system and no depth as we have seen the last three weeks or so this team does have some players in the system and some are potential stars. Viagra pay after delivery So a tip of the Mets cap to Omar Minaya and the much maligned Tony Bernazard for that.

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery Big Pelf was rolling along until the fifth when he suddenly lost command of the strike zone. Viagra pay after delivery He got Hanley Ramirez to fly to Chavez in right but then walked “Roids Gonzalez to set up a big inning for the Fish. Viagra pay after delivery Cantu grounded out allowing Gonzo to advance to second with two out setting up a decision for Pelf and the Mets. Viagra pay after delivery Old School Dean, viagra pay after delivery Dan Warthen came out and it looked like the question would be “pick your poison” Mike Jacobs the lefty or go after Dan Uggla?  Uggla has cooled off since the All Star break so it looked as if Pelf and the Mets decided to pitch around Jacobs and go after Uggla. Viagra pay after delivery Jacobs walked and Uggla made the Mets pay with a two run double to the gap in right/center. Viagra pay after delivery Big Pelf clearly was pissed off about the what just transpired and took it out on Cody Ross by hitting him square in the back (Ross is an annoying little prick in the Shane Victorino annoying little prick mold so seeing him take one in the back was the Mets Highlight of the Day. Viagra pay after delivery Give Big Pelf a Croton watch for that)   and with the pitcher spot to come to bat next inning for the Mets, viagra pay after delivery they   needed Pelf to get out the inning but after walking Jeremy Hermidia that was it for Big Pelf and Eddie Kunz came in and gave up a walk before K’ing Josh Johnson to end the inning. Viagra pay after delivery  While most of the game the fans eyes were fixated on the sky as we all watched the weather reports this morning about the end of the world rain that was coming (it didn’t rain until the 9th inning by the way thank you local meteorologists YOU SUCK!!!) it seemed the Mets were wishing for a big gully washer to end their miserable day.

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery Two things that made me smile at Shea toady besides a great parking space:

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery While filling out my scorecard, viagra pay after delivery the Shea PA system played “Everyday is like Sunday “ by Morrissey  and then Jane Jarvis took down Number 24 on the Shea Countdown off the outfield wall.

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery The saddest thing I experienced at Shea today:

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery I was the only person in my section who not only knew who Jane Jarvis was but actually stood and applauded her. Viagra pay after delivery My kids were embarrassed (not as much as my son was when we met Jerry Remy in Hyannis as my son called me a “fan-girl” not even a fan-boy but a girl as he said I went way over the top in talking the Rem-Dog ) then when I tried to explain to them how we would clap to the Mexican Hat Dance when Lady Jane played the Thomas Organ between innings they all wanted to crawl under their seats. Viagra pay after delivery Nasty little kids! 

Viagra pay after delivery  

Viagra pay after delivery Back to work for me tomorrow after two weeks off and I am dreading the amount of work that will be on my desk. Viagra pay after delivery If I post anything tomorrow it will be in the PM or I’ll be in Central Booking for shredding government documents to lessen my work load. Viagra pay after delivery  

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