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Vigor 2000 Last night on Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast, vigor 2000 I went on a bit of rant over my distaste for the way the Mets have been playing this second half. Vigor 2000 Last night’s game may have been mine and Terry Collins breaking point as the phrase “given up” was used in how this team approached last night’s game.

Vigor 2000 Part of my rant was my opinion that Wally Backman may have to take over as manager of the Mets in 2013. Vigor 2000 In no way am I going in the Collins Must Go direction as the last two seasons I’ve grown to respect Collins a lot for his work ethic and for taking bullets for his players (sometimes too many bullets) but in my opinion I’d like to see Collins given a position in the player development department, vigor 2000 maybe as the head of minor league instruction with an extra year on his current contract and a bump in (combat) pay. Vigor 2000 I just feel at this point in the organization rebuild, vigor 2000 with Sandy Alderson committed to build this team through the minor league system why not bring in the guy that the majority of the young players have dealt with and that’s Wally Backman. Vigor 2000  The players who are the future of the Mets have all played under Backman whether it was at Brooklyn or Binghamton or Buffalo so why not have him tutor them at the big league level as well.

Vigor 2000 Again this is no knock on Terry Collins who has vindicated himself for his past failures as a big league manager but this organization needs a major wake up call. Vigor 2000 In a perfect world The Skill Sets would sell the team to Mikhail “The Big Man” Prokhorov  who would tell Sandy Alderson here is your checkbook there is $500 million go buy some players, vigor 2000 but that’s not happening. Vigor 2000 Something has got to give here; you cannot bring back the same group that’s here now back next season that goes from coaches and players. Vigor 2000 Right now on the current roster the only players I’d keep would be Wright, vigor 2000 Tejada, vigor 2000 Niese, vigor 2000 Dickey, vigor 2000 Santana, vigor 2000 Harvey, vigor 2000 Rauch, vigor 2000 Parnell and Edgin, vigor 2000 everyone else can shipped out, vigor 2000 released, vigor 2000 bought out eradicated  whatever.

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How long will viagra last So the Mets are a win away from closing out a 5-3 West Coast road trip. How long will viagra last Not bad for a team that most Mets fans felt threw in the towel because the GM failed to make a trade deadline deal.

How long will viagra last Chris Young goes for the Mets and hopefully he can bounce back from his poor showing in his last start against the Snakes. How long will viagra last  A win today would be a huge boost to the team after such a dismal start to the second half. How long will viagra last Again the resilience of this team is to be admired.

How long will viagra last So Jordany Valdespin got his first taste of veteran wrath yesterday in San Fran. How long will viagra last Seems Mets have a rule that collared shirts must be worn on the road. How long will viagra last JV1 must have thought that rule wasn’t meant for him so he wore a white t-shirt to the ballpark. How long will viagra last Someone in the clubhouse decided it was time for a little rough justice and the Valdy’ tee was destroyed. How long will viagra last I love the fact that whoever gave out the punishment wrote El Hombre on the shirt because Valdespin does walk around like he is “THE MAN” and I bet he embraces that nickname unlike the original El Hombre who despises it. How long will viagra last  Seems after first getting pissed off, how long will viagra last Valdy realized the error in his ways and laughed it off to the point he wore the shirt during batting practice.

How long will viagra last The big knock on Valdespin is his maturity in fact it was such a problem in Binghamton that Wally Backman told the Mets brass that if Valdy kept it up he was going to ring his neck. How long will viagra last  Valdespin still irks some in the Mets clubhouse but hopefully yesterday was just another chapter in the Big League Education of Jordany Vladespin.

How long will viagra last So the hot rumor is the Mets offered Jason Bay to the Fish for Heath Bell and John Buck. How long will viagra last All three stink and all three are overpaid but all three are in dire need of change of scenery. How long will viagra last I voted in favor of this deal as I’d wager that Bell will bounce back from this season of suckitude much more than Bay by the way, how long will viagra last have you ever seen a player with as bad of body language as Bay recently?  I actually feel sorry for him as he knows he’s at the end of the line not just with Mets but with playing major league baseball, how long will viagra last and Buck as bad as he’s been this year would automatically become the best catcher in the Mets organization. How long will viagra last Not saying much I know. How long will viagra last   

How long will viagra last When you look at the money involved in this deal starting in 2013 Bay would cost $19 mil while Bell and Buck are due $24 mil. How long will viagra last I can’t see the Mets making this deal man for man, how long will viagra last they would insist in the Fish sending both players to them along with a check for the $5 mil difference. How long will viagra last      

How long will viagra last Anyway the deal never happened but the end of the line for Bay is close like this weekend close. How long will viagra last The Mets won’t cut Bay this season but this off season they will either sit down with him to work out a buy out or they will try very hard to trade him. How long will viagra last Bet on the buyout release.

How long will viagra last A Wall-Mart next to Citi Field? Forget that. How long will viagra last Now a Costco with their $1.50 hot dog/soda combo? OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Easter to one and all. Viagra india It’s a great day to head to Citi Field to watch the suddenly hot NY Mets. Viagra india I have a bunch of family coming over or else I’d head to the ballpark. I’d sneak out but with my luck I’d end up on TV like George Costanza with chocolate ice cream all over my face.

Viagra india You hear the rumblings, viagra india how can the Mets send Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. Viagra india In fact Ron Darling said during the telecast yesterday that Gee has nothing to prove at Triple A that he belongs in the big leagues and I concur. Viagra india But if he stays, viagra india who goes to either the pen or Buffalo?

Viagra india The names Chris Young and Chris Capuano come up as bullpen squatters which I think is ridiculous. Viagra india One of the traits you need to be a reliever is the ability to warm up quickly and sometimes as in Tim Brydak’s case, viagra india often. Viagra india With the pedigree and injury history neither pitcher fits the profile of a reliever.

Viagra india For some reason today’s starter, viagra india Jon Niese’ name doesn’t come up when it comes to removal from the rotation or bullpen relegation and I can’t understand why it doesn’t?

Viagra india Since a fine start on April 2nd against the Marlins, viagra india Niese has not been very effective getting blown up by the Phillies and Rockies and allowing 7 hits and 5 BB in 6 innings to the Astros in his last start a 6-1 Mets loss. Viagra india I hope Niese throws a gem today at Citi Field but if he has another of these more hits than innings pitched along with 4 or 5 BB, viagra india then maybe Gee takes Niese’ spot in the rotation and Jon take a turn or two or three in Buffalo.

Viagra india The St. Viagra india Lonesome Mets of the FSL are 15-2 after another win last night and another outstanding pitching performance. Viagra india After rising star Matt Harvey pitched himself closer to Binghamton on Friday, viagra india RHP Jeurys Familia tossed 7 outstanding innings for the baby Mets.

Viagra india I know the strikeouts make fans crazy but really, viagra india how in the world do some Mets fans hate David Wright? There are some of you who think Wright is a JAG (just another guy) but with Bay back in the lineup and Ike on fire and Beltran back to being a solid everyday mainstay in the lineup, viagra india Wright will have the protection in the lineup that will make him not only more productive but getting it out of his head that he needs to hit 6 run home runs to get the Mets a win. Viagra india It just seems to me all the Wright haters are just lazy louts who parrot what they hear on talk radio.

Viagra india The Murph giveith and the Murph takeith away. Viagra india Daniel Murphy is a work in progress at 2nd base to say the least but the boy can swing a baseball bat.

Viagra india It’s tough to say anything bad about R.A. Viagra india Dickey but Bobby Ojeda went off on The Dickster for his interview with Matt Vagisil and Tim McFullofshit last Saturday. Viagra india Dickey was asked about his trip to Mt. Viagra india Kilimanjaro that he will partake in in the off season. Viagra india Bobby O filliped his rug  about R.A. Viagra india talking about an off season endeavor in April. Viagra india I can see Ojeda’s point, viagra india in fact I hate all these in game interviews and I’m sure the players and managers dislike them as well but Dickey was asked specifically about the trip and it is for charity so what was The Dickster to do?

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Fake generic viagra Com’on you didn’t think the Mets would lose every game this season did you?  And what a game it was, fake generic viagra give credit to Terry Collins for going radical by using Chris Capuano and R.A. Fake generic viagra Dickey on their throw days in relief. Fake generic viagra Why waste those pitches in the pen. Fake generic viagra  Collins checked the data available to him that revealed Larry Jones going 1-7 against Capuano which I guess was foreign to Freddi Gonzalez who batter Larry for Freddie Freeman (whenever I hear the name Freddie Freeman I think of Freddy Cannon and the song Palisades Park) then having R.A. Fake generic viagra Dickey come in for quick inning in the 7th followed by Izzy and K-Rod.  I’m sure Tony LaRussa is distraught over not coming up with this strategy when he invented baseball.

Fake generic viagra Dillon Gee showed up at the Ted like a homeless man with no glove, fake generic viagra no spikes but was ready for service. Fake generic viagra Gee’s bags were lost between Providence R.I. Fake generic viagra and Philadelphia and to make things worse Gee did not arrive in the ATL until 1AM. Fake generic viagra So with Bobby Parnell’s glove and Josh Thole’s spikes and a spare suit of Mike Nickeas (who will need that suit for the next profession he has because he ain’t cut out for big league baseball)  in his locker, fake generic viagra but forth one of the better starts by a Mets starter this season. Fake generic viagra Gee will get at least one more start as a fill in for Chris Young and Collins has said that Gee will most likely go back to Buffalo so he can continue to pitch on a regular basis but if he has another strong outing like yesterday, fake generic viagra with the shape this pitching staff is in, fake generic viagra how do you send him back to Triple A ?

Fake generic viagra Matt Harvey had another strong outing for St Lonesome yesterday going 5 innings in the Baby Mets 4-1 win over Ft. Fake generic viagra Myers. Fake generic viagra In 16 innings pitched so far this season Harvey has not given up an earned run while striking out 20 and walking just 6. Fake generic viagra It will quite interesting to see how the front office handles the 24 year old first round pick in the 2009 entry draft. Fake generic viagra  A couple of more of these solid starts and Harvey could see himself fast tracked to Binghamton by late May.

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Canadian generic cialis I figure sooner or later the bill on R.A. Canadian generic cialis Dickey’s career resurgence will come due, canadian generic cialis so until then let’s just enjoy his knuckler and the fact that he’s been rock solid in his five starts, canadian generic cialis the anti-Ollie so to speak.

Canadian generic cialis Rod Barajas had a tough night behind the plate trying to catch those floaters by Dickey saying as much after the game as he claimed it was his toughest night as a catcher but as bad as it looks on Barajas’ stat sheet it looks better for Dickey as it means his knuckler was getting’ jiggy with it all night.

Canadian generic cialis One of the story lines of the last month or so has been that this year’s Mets are very easy to root for and no one player personifies that trait like Chris Carter. Canadian generic cialis Finally getting a chance to play a full game The Animal hit his first big league home run and look very pleased about it as were his teammates, canadian generic cialis the same teammates who respect the hell out him for his work ethic. Canadian generic cialis I’d love to see The Animal get a few more starts.

Canadian generic cialis Bingo (and NY Mets future) 2nd baseman Reese Havens had a bit of a set back as he was scratched from the Binghamton lineup for soreness. Canadian generic cialis It could be an aggravation of an oblique injury Havens has been nagged with but I sure hope not as Havens is showing signs of being a power bat at 2nd base that would be a boon to the Mets

Canadian generic cialis Jerry Manuel is nuts if he thinks the Mets will activate Carlos Beltran next week so he can use him as a DH in Highlander Park. Canadian generic cialis De-Facto GM John Ricco said as much when informed by the Daily News of Manuel’ thinking out loud scheme. Canadian generic cialis  The most optimistic view of when we will see Beltran in a big league game, canadian generic cialis August 1st is my guess.

Canadian generic cialis Anyone have a 2013 calendar?

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