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Viagra next day delivery It seems that the second base position for the Mets has become the black hole 3rd base had once been. Viagra next day delivery None of the four competitors for the job have stepped up to make it clear he is worthy of the job. Viagra next day delivery Brad Emaus has yet to hit this spring but has shown a pretty good glove. Viagra next day delivery Justin Turner seems to be the odd man out due to his two minor league options in his pocket  (I don’t see Turner’s name on either travel list for today) and Daniel Murphy has hit and shown some decent footwork at 2nd base but turning the double play has been what Terry Collins wants to see before he anoints Murph the opening day Mets second sacker. Viagra next day delivery  That leaves the incumbent at the spot, viagra next day delivery Luis Castillo and from reading John Harper’s piece in the Daily News today, viagra next day delivery I sure if it were up to Terry Collins he would love to rid himself of Slappy :

Viagra next day delivery Furthermore, viagra next day delivery Castillo, viagra next day delivery the incumbent of sorts, viagra next day delivery has annoyed Terry Collins by moping around in apparent protest of being forced to compete for the job, viagra next day delivery to the point where the manager called him into his office a couple of days ago to tell him he better start working harder if he wanted any shot at all.

Viagra next day delivery Castillo didn’t even take pregame ground balls one day last week when he was in the lineup as the DH, viagra next day delivery as Collins has had to juggle playing time to get looks at all four second-base candidates. Viagra next day delivery And that didn’t sit well with the new manager, viagra next day delivery who is not going to tolerate the laissez-faire attitude that permeated the clubhouse in recent years.

Viagra next day delivery Since meeting with Collins, viagra next day delivery who promised to try to get him more playing time, viagra next day delivery Castillo seems to have raised his energy level, viagra next day delivery and he had a solid game Wednesday with two walks, viagra next day delivery a bloop single to left, viagra next day delivery and a nice play going toward the hole on a ball that went off Ike Davis’ glove.

Viagra next day delivery This is the Castillo M.O. Viagra next day delivery when things don’t go his way or the way he wants it to, viagra next day delivery he mopes, viagra next day delivery in fact is there a bigger mope than Castillo? His attitude has sucked for a couple of years now and unless he is the starting 2nd baseman Luis will mope and be an all-out fucking malcontent. Viagra next day delivery  Why keep him around? Like Oliver Perez, viagra next day delivery he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Viagra next day delivery Just by looking at the starting lineups for today’s spilt squad games you can see the manager wants no part of this slap hitting, viagra next day delivery diminished range, viagra next day delivery piss poor attitude has been. Viagra next day delivery Castillo will start today in Viera against the Nats but as the DH. Viagra next day delivery Murphy will start at 2nd base. Viagra next day delivery Over in Jupiter, viagra next day delivery Brad Emaus will start against the Fish and with Luis Hernandez on the roster in Jupiter he will most likely spell Emaus at 2nd as Hernandez has made himself a dark horse candidate in the this position race.

Viagra next day delivery Meanwhile over in the minor league backfields of St. Viagra next day delivery Lonesome , viagra next day delivery Reese Havens works out and hopes he can stay healthy because if he does he will be the Mets 2nd baseman by Memorial Day. Viagra next day delivery   

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Ah!!!!! why can‘t they all be like last nights game. Viagra cheap prescription No irritable bowels. Viagra cheap prescription No wretching. Viagra cheap prescription Just pleasure watching your ACE take car of business. Viagra cheap prescription Oh and muchas gracias to Geovany Soto for that three run bomb in the 9th yesterday. Viagra cheap prescription The cuchifritos are on me baby.


I read a lot of stuff and I write down a lot of stuff and stuff just flies into my spacious head so here is some of that stuff in no order or no rhyme or reason:


The Mets are scaring the living shit out me with their treatment of John Maine. Viagra cheap prescription The more I keep hearing that he can’t do further damage to his shoulder the more I feel he will be making a trip to Dr Andrews office in the near future. Viagra cheap prescription Just goes to show that the fans, viagra cheap prescription manager and front office have no faith at all in the bullpen. Viagra cheap prescription


Now don’t tell me that you won’t go after K-Rod because it may cost too much. Viagra cheap prescription Don’t lay that bullshit excuse on me. Viagra cheap prescription I’m not totally sold on signing K-Rod but it has nothing to do with money, viagra cheap prescription as the Skill Sets are making enough money to bail out a bunch of mortgage lenders. Viagra cheap prescription Even if you think the money K-Rod will be asking is outlandish please for once blow a little smoke up my ass, viagra cheap prescription and tell me the bullpen will be upgraded by any means necessary.


There has to be more to the release of Al Reyes than saying it was loss of velocity.


Looks like Gimp Castillo will be the getting the bulk of the playing time at 2nd base. Viagra cheap prescription I love Argenis Reyes’ glove and his pluck but Castillo is league average in the field and he’s a better bat. Viagra cheap prescription Even though Brain Schneider hit two bombs last night, viagra cheap prescription the 7-8-9 in the Mets line up is a black hole, viagra cheap prescription and puts tons of pressure on the guys ahead of them and that’s a big part of the Mets late inning offensive woes.


I told you this week during my morning walk to work as I got to Wall St, viagra cheap prescription  Boulevard of Broken Dreams was on my iPod. Viagra cheap prescription Today when I passed there my iPod died. Viagra cheap prescription I need to find a new route to work.


How much will it bother you if the Mets make the post season as the Wild Card rather than NL East Champs? Last week it bugged me but the more I look at to paraphrase that Crazy Old Bastard who runs the Oakland Raiders, viagra cheap prescription “Just Make The Post Season Baby”.


Shout out to Kathy Foronjy. Viagra cheap prescription I swear to God I am going to take fucking hostages at the Dunkin’ Dounts on Murray St some day. Viagra cheap prescription First I was shocked as there were only two people ahead of me on line there this morning as the incompetent staff is so fucking slow that the line is always out the door. Viagra cheap prescription Then a woman in front of me spoke limited English as did the worker behind the counter. Viagra cheap prescription The customer wanted one of those unappetizing sandwich on flat bread that she could not pronounce and the worker could not understand what she wanted so me, viagra cheap prescription  speaker of two languages Brooklynese and Profanity, viagra cheap prescription  is trying to interpret for this duo while trying to order a simple Extra Large Coffee just milk. Viagra cheap prescription  “Fucking flat bread with vegetable spread” got lost in the translation.


I don’t get all this weepy stuff over Highlander Stadium closing and I really don’t get what the picture on the front of the NY Post today has to do with it either as that stadium has been gone for 35 years . Viagra cheap prescription As far as I’m concerned the House That  the Womanizing Boozing Home Run Hitter Built closed on September 30 1973. Viagra cheap prescription This edifice that’s closing in the South Bronx, viagra cheap prescription The House That The Costra Nostra Made A Killing On, viagra cheap prescription is a shell of it’s former self.


There are guys like me who rant and rave and then there are sane guys like Howard Megdal who make tremendous statements quick and to the point. Even I feel better after seeing this.


Even with my baseball team in the heat of a pennant race, viagra cheap prescription I am looking forward to watching Rangers-Senators hockey tomorrow night on MSG


Also Manchester United-Chelsea on Sunday morning FSC.


Com’on folks broaden your horizons.


I usually look at Phil Mushnick as a “Get off my lawn” kind of guy but today he was dead spot on with his critique of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo. Viagra cheap prescription I felt sad for Francesa in away, viagra cheap prescription as he is tired of fans of his show and others saying how bad he is as a solo artist. Viagra cheap prescription His rant about having three number one shows and how he’s been very successful just comes off as Mike being extremely jealous and petty of the attention that Russo is getting with his new gig at Sirius.  Francesa can be a big blow hard but I guess out of habit I turn the radio on at 1:05PM to his show but I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t feel he needs desperately needs and injection of youth and enthusiasm to his show fast. Viagra cheap prescription


I have no ambition to do any work today. Viagra cheap prescription It’s sunny and cool out so it is definitley a walking day so it’s pizza at Ben’s on Thompson St for lunch. Viagra cheap prescription Later, viagra cheap prescription kids

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